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Langat Robert Kipngeno

Tendwet Village, Kenya

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Langat Robert Kipngeno

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September 2013

On-time repayments

248 installments  •  16%

About Me

I am 23 years old amd an undergraduate student at Kisii University College where i will graduate next year 2014. I am from a Village called Tendwet Village and we live with my loving parents. I am a second born of 5 children in our family. My elder brother graduated last year and he is still looking for a job. My other young siblings are in Secondary school and one boy is in primary school at local primary school. Last year December i started a business project where i opened a cafe in home village. The proceeds from this cafe has been suporting me alot especially in meeting my college fees and also as a pocket money. The profit is consistently growing over time. I hope to expand and open a restaurant in future.

My Business

It is 8 months since i started a profitable business at nearby trading centre. I am operating cafeteria where i serve various delicious food to my customers. I realized this idea when i saw many customers dont have a place to have a meal or to take coffee. I tape this opportunity and take a chance in venturing in this profitable business. I have employed 2 employees to help me in preparing meals and serving customers in rthe cafeteria. I prepare chapatis, coffee, mandazi, cofee and roast and fried meat among other delicious meals. I make a profit of 1500 per day ,and upto 2000 when the customers are many. This i deductksh600 to pay workers whereby each take ksh300 per day as a daily labour wage. This has realy helped me alot and the profit i get from this cafeteria i save for future expansion. I have been payng school fees and getting pocket money from this business. I am focusing to opening another branch in the nearby town in near future. If i get support from anybody willing to support i will boost this business to its expected level. I want in the next one year time i am hoping to open a restaurant.

My business was affected but the pandemic and election period but at the moment things have normalize.

Loan Proposal

will buy the following;
1.increase the variety of food i will be offering for sell,e.g pilau,fried meat and chips.
2.employ more people to help in the restaurant.
3buy a bigger water tank.

benefit it will create; me to increase my profit.
2improve the quality of service in the restaurant
.3create employment.

. why lenders should support; business is viable and promising
2 i did not default my previous loan.. relation with lenders is good,thanks.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jan 26, 2014

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

56 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $308.11 at 5.00% annual rate over 56 months = $71.10

Service fee: $50.19




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