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Kipkirui Wesley

Bomet, Kenya

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Kipkirui Wesley

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March 2019

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About Me

I'm a Kenyan citizen aged 25 years and live in Bomet County. I grew up in the farm and went to primary school within our location named Bukunye primary. I studied B. commerce in the University of Nairobi and is currently working as an intern at the Barclays Queens way branch in Nairobi. Ours is a large family and I'm the first one to attain the University education. Being the first born I have the responsibility of helping my parents to educate my siblings. I also mentor our neighborhood children since they look up to me. I am a Christian and due to my discipline and hardworking I was sponsored by my local church throughout my primary education and was picked up by the Equity Bank for my high school education. This is because I came from a struggling family. I have learnt throughout my life and through the support i received that it's important to support the needy. I have been inspired to help those that are less previlleged hence the main reason I started my dairy farm.

My Business

I have a well established dairy farm in my rural home where I and my family live. I keep Eight dairy cattle and one heifer. I am also working as an accountant in Barclays bank as an intern.

I get at least 24 litres of milk from each cow which I sell in the milk deport in a price of Ksh. 40 per litre. This adds upto equivalent of $ 537 per week and spent at least $ 170. The business is quite stable and the prizes rarely change.

The profit from this business which is around $ 366 is used to keep my siblings in school and help my parents and neighbors. I also have a small family of three which I support. My family relies on me since they have no other source of income. They help me provide the much needed labour.

I am requesting to have my business expanded. Were it possible for me to get Five more cattle then I will really appreciate. My immediate community needs help and I am one of those looked upon.

Thanks for the far you have supported me in purchasing the dairy licks.

Loan Proposal

I currently have a dairy farm where I keep dairy cattle for milk which I then sell in the Milk deport which we locally call Cooler. I have five such cows and one heifer and I would like to increase the number to eight and to buy their feeds. I have a large area and so I have no problem as far as exansion is concerned. My farm also produces sufficient napier grass and what we normally called koma road grass which can feed even upto ten cattles. My concern is the feeds to suplement what I cannot produce and also to increase the number to meet the increasing demand. I support my parents to educate my siblings with the income and also to support them since they have no source of income. They normally help me provide the labour as I am employed and work full time. One dairy cattle cost ksh. 20,000 ($ 199.88) and if I can get such three I will really appreciate for it will boost my bussiness. About the suplementary feeds I will request for ksh. 10,000 ($99.94) to start with. Hence the total will be Ksh. 70,000 ($ 699.6). The investment will enable my siblings to comlete school and also my nedy neighbours since I normally support them also. I normally make upto Ksh. 60,000 ( $600) a month from the farm but all I save is normally less than ($ 320) since I have many depentance.From my calculations if I increase the cattles by three then I will make $ 350 more and even help those around me more.I promise to clear my loan within three months. Thanks.





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Classic Loan

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Mar 6, 2019

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On Time

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1 week

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Paul Buchheit

Mountain View, United States

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