To purchase 5 sacks of charcoal for sale

Eunice Nyaboke Nyaribari

Kisii, Kenya

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Eunice Nyaboke Nyaribari

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January 2014

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About Me

I grew up in Kisii and i have lived there ever since.I studied in Kisii in primary level and went to college the same town and got employed as a nurse and i have worked there till my retirement and iam now a retired citizen but i have not tired from keeping myself busy.
I run my private business in charcoal supplies and poultry keeping and my dream is to see myself grow exponentially and become a bigger supplier especially now that we have the East African Community in place. I came from a business oriented family and i got an inspiration from my mother who had a chain of butcheries from where she was able to educate 9 children and was able to feed, cloth and meet the basic needs of all this children.
To me she has been a great inspiration business wise and this has given me the heart to continue propelling the wheel.I have managed to educate my children overseas and all of them are in employment. What an inspiration!
I have impacted this to my children as well who have taken the same entrepreneurial spirit and they are running small business compounding it with what they do in formal employments.

My Business

I source and supply charcoal to individuals, hotels and restaurants. As well is supply eggs, chicks and hens to the same retail/wholesale chains of clients.
I decided to start this business immediately upon my retirement from the civil service. Out of the motivation i had received from my mother, i didn't see sense in just getting back home and wait to die. I wanted to do something business wise. Charcoal is a day to day item that is used by many, secondly it is not perishable. With chicken, it is a daily delicacy in homes and hotels.This gave me the heart to start after a thorough research on market feasibility, pricing, promotion and capital to start.
The biggest challenge is of course capital. However, i have tried to do with the little i have and disciplined myself in the area of saving and less expenditure in my business.The other challenge is on price fluctuations and government policies and regulations on pricing of commodities.
I have potential customers ranging from individuals, hotels and restaurants and schools.
To empower myself economically, be self reliant in all areas and at mostly be able to meet my clients needs and services.I have passion for this business. Its what i know best and can do best. I love this business. We fail because we don't have passion in what we do. Passion is key here.

Loan Proposal

I will use the money to purchase 5 sacks of charcoal for sale at my stall. Iam deeply persuaded in my heart that this loan will add value to my business both at the individual, family and business levels.






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Classic Loan

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Mar 3, 2015

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6 weeks

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Mar 31, 2015


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