To purchase drinkers and feeders, more chicken and feeds

Samuel Onyango

Got Osimbo, Kenya

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Samuel Onyango

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April 2017

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About Me

Onyango Sangalo Samuel aged 21 years hardworking, ambitious, enthusiastic young man born and raised in Got Osimbo sub location, Hathala village, Ugunja district, Siaya county.
I studied from Got Osimbo primary school and proceeded to Ambira high school where I graduated with a form four kcse certificate.
I am a second born in a family of four and the only boy. I live with my mother and two sisters Esther and Pamela as my eldest sister Caro is married. My childhood was good and I enjoyed growing up in the rural setting on my fathers farm but when he passed on life changed but we are picking up slowly together as a family and we all working hard to make things work out for us.
As the only boy I happened to be the inheritor of the land which my father left one and half acres which we use as the family for mainly subcitance farming till I started to look at commercializing the use of the land. Being the only boy the rest of my young sisters and mother look upon me for bread, since she is a house wife without proper income but we try hard.
Right now the struggle is to bring my little sisters to form four as well.
Within the land I have been able to spear head the farming of mainly crops which are sold off to take care of family need including tuition for little sisters, but the profits ain't so great and some times unknown climate pattern has heavily discouraged me from doing crop farming.
I work with a local welding firm but the returns have also never been great but nevertheless I am enthusiastic and work hard or harder.
In 2016 October an old friend from school told me about chicken farming and well it seemed a lucrative business to try out. After a lot of research and finding advice with my savings I set out to do the project.
My passions lie with helping others and I would like to study nursing in a year or since I passed my form four well.
My dream is to one day have a big home for orphans, widows, widowers and less advantaged people in society.
I love agriculture and highly believe in it since everybody in the world eats food from the farm, I believe my contribution to people's plates would make me happy.
I love reading the Bible, motivational books and helping my sisters with assignments in my free time. I love to sing in the local church choir on Sunday and after spend time with my mother debating on many issues in life and listening to her wise words!

My Business

My business is indigenous chicken rearing.
Having started out in October with the chicken project and found out that my passion lies in owning a successful farm one day to supply the people with chicken and eggs and also offer job opportunities to the less advantaged people around me.
Currently I have been able to construct a chicken house and have 42 birds and growth is good . The birds are currently on free range and security for the chicks is worrying that brings me to the current mission of fencing off an ⅛ of an acre of land so that I can monitor the growth of my chicken and raise them to 100 birds in a few months.
From October last year I had been selling off the eggs to support the farm buying feeds medication and as well as some money for the family but when I did some reading on poultry farming in the tropics and how to start small I discovered that a few birds if left to breed can take one to heights. I have then set out to breed my birds and luckily another relative of ours told me about zidisha and if all goes well I see my life and my family changing for the better.
My source of income comes from my small job at the welders though its more like part time since not everyday customers. and also from the farm selling eggs and one month old chicks. I use the profits from my business to support my younger sisters in school,buying them personal requirements and pocket money! I also save money as I have a saving goal that I am working on! The little that remains I give to my mother to supplement the running of the home..

Loan Proposal

With the loan I will purchase drinkers and feeders for the chicken.This will enable the chicken to drink easily and to feed well without hindrance.I will also purchase additional hens for laying and feeds to take care of the chicken.The drinkers will cost $20 ,the feeders will cost $15 additional hens will cost $25 and the feeds will cost $18.
The benefit this will create is an expansion of the project in terms of equipment, feeds and the birds which will lay more eggs hence an increase in income from eggs.
I expect my income to improve by between 15% and 25%.The additional income will help in educating my younger siblings and for further expansion of the chicken project.





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Classic Loan

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Jan 5, 2018

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5 months



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