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Miriam Kasiva

Nairobi, Kenya

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Miriam Kasiva

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January 2014

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About Me

My name is Miriam Kasiva ,am a mother of two sons,i live in Nairobi Kenya Komarock Estate Mkanju Court House no 11.I went to School in the rural home at school called Mukaa Secondary School in 1970 and went up to the 4th form.I then went to Nairobi to join Insurance college of East Africa and got a certificate in Marketing I worked for insurance company since 1995 -2004 after which i joined Network marketing. Have been in different network companies since.Have earned good money in sales and traveled different countries,currently am in Organo gold a business of selling coffee,and i intend to enlarge my business and get more Profits.I intend to sell my coffee all over East Africa.

My Business

My business is Organo gold.I am in coffee business,Coffee is the second sold commodity after oil in the world.Everyone takes coffee or tea for break fast.I intend to enlarge my business All over East Africa,and since the company has not get opened its doors in most of the Africa Countries i will use the money to sent the coffee to them as samples.Also i would like to help other people who can not afford to join the business to do so,because the joining fee is close to 22,000 kenya shillings.The profit magine is good,Wholesale per box of coffee is 1500 kenya shillings while retail goes sales for 3000 kenya shillings.

I have since expanded my business thanks to my lenders in zindisha,I have invested in chicken farming and i am seing great results.i started with only few chicks and now i have over 300 dream with this new business is to became a supplier in most of the hotels around.I would request my renders and zindisha to kindly consider giving me a second loan so as to achieve my goal of 1000 chicks by september.

Loan Proposal

I would like to kindly request my lends to help me purchase poultry feeds for my chicks.currently I purchase in kilos,but if am financed I will buy at least a suck of it.a kilo of mixed protein goes for 1 dollar. and a suck of 70 KGS will cost like 50.7 dollars.Am expecting the chicks to start laying by next month and I can't wait to see the first egg.By selling the eggs I will be able to pay back the loan and also to buy the feeds.kindly consider me and lend me yet again.






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Classic Loan

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Jul 10, 2014

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On Time

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5 weeks

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Lender interest: $58.13 at 4.24% annual rate over 1 month = $0.24

Service fee: $0.21



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