Loan for equipment & supplies for my salon

Martha Wanjiru

Nairobi, Kenya

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Martha Wanjiru

Member since

February 2015

On-time repayments

181 installments  •  69%

About Me

My mum owned a salon when i was young and anytime she went to work i could either accompany her or after leaving school i had to drop by her work place before we could all go home together.Anytime a client would come with unkempt hair after several hours after my mum work on it the outcome was always awesome.I grew with the interest of one day becoming a great stylist with a state of art salon and also owning a depot whereby i will be supplying all types of hair and cosmetic stuff.

After finishing college in hairdressing i started hunting for a job in Nairobi.It was hectic since most employers didn't want to pay a monthly income and they opted to pay me commission.It wasn't a smooth ride since the city was expensive and sometimes i could not get my hands to work due to scarcity of clients and also we were many in the salon and that means that day i couldn't earn my commission.I really prayed hard for God to open a way for me since i was really in a bad state.

In 2011 i landed in a salon where my boss loved my work and fully entrusted me with her salon.Anytime she was a way i acted as a manager.It came a time when she got green pastures and wanted to sell off the salon.Since we had created a friendship and didn't want me to suffer she recommended me to take over the place and could be paying her on a monthly basis until i clear the balance.And that's how i came about to owning a salon with equipments after repaying her after two years.

My Business

My source of income comes from providing my services of hairdressing and also i pick hairs in bulk from a wholesale cosmetic at a cheaper price and use it on my clients who pays the standard price of retail.Therefore from a client i benefit in both ways.My services include braiding,weaving, manicure, pedicure and also i do dreads.

The services are greatly in demand since the place my salon is situated most people are working class and always want to look neat when going to work and also their children anytime they go to school i make their hair.

I choose this kind of business since it has always been my passion since i was young and also i have my livelihood catered for.

My typical costs include paying rent for the premises and also buying certain hair oils.My revenue comes from the services i stated earlier and also anytime i source hair from the whole sale cosmetics i come over and sell to my client at a retail price.

I use my profits for reinvesting in my business and also home improvements.

Loan Proposal

when i get this loan,i will use to buy
gel cutex $ 72.4816
braids $142.755
blowdry $42.8266
uv lamp$57.1021
sprays& hairfoods$57.1021
Having gel cutex,braids, sprays,hairfoods etc will safe much of my time and customer's time too.This is because i will be have most of the products in the salon so i will no be wasting time going to look for what customer needs.
Am expecting double profit increment since i have most of the necessity like a source of energy(generator) and basic products like hairfoods,cutex,sprays and braids.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Feb 8, 2017

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

9 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $16.24




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