Loan to support my medical-laboratory services

Patrick Korang

Berekum, Ghana

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Patrick Korang

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July 2015

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About Me

I am Korang Patrick, a 25 year old Ghanaian. I am the first born of Mr. Korang Vasco and Mrs. Augustina Effah. I had my basic education at AKAB Complex at Berekum in Brong- Ahafo. I then proceeded to a senior High School in Kumasi called Prempeh College and then the Cape Coast University to offer Medical Laboratory Technology . At the University, I started selling recharge cards to students in order to generate some money to support the payment of school fees, buy books, make handout copies, buy laboratory coat and shoes. After graduation, I started my own medical laboratory in my community. The people in my community are humble, respectful, hardworking, generous, and the order of inheritance is matrilineal. I like reading during my leisure time.

My Business

The service I provide is to run samples in order to assist in the prognosis and diagnosis medical conditions. My services is useful in that without these tests wrong drugs would be prescribed which can be harmful to the patients. I chose to do this business to help the Doctors in my country to take good care of the patients. I want to see everyone in my community very strong and actively taking part in the nation building. For the services that I render, my cost involved is around $400 and my revenue as at now is around $950 each month. If I am given the loan, I will reinvest the profit in the business to increase services that I run and my revenue. I wish to run more laboratory tests in the laboratory to assist in the proper management of patients medical conditions.

Loan Proposal

When I get this loan, I will use the money to expand my laboratory services. I will buy new equipment and laboratory reagents that will allow me to do other tests that I have not yet started at the laboratory. Right now, we do a limited amount of laboratory work. We do just a few hematology and microbiology tests. We therefore want to expand into other sophisticated laboratory services and investigations. We want to do chemistry test hence that will require the purchase of a chemistry analyser for effective work. Also, we need to purchase reagents and other equipment that would cost about $500. Getting the reagents and the analyser will help increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the services we provide hence help cure people their diseases and other sickness. Thank you for your help.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Nov 28, 2016

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

10 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $8.23




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