Tomato & vegetable farming

Joshuoa Otieno

Doho Beach , Kagak Village, Kenya

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Joshuoa Otieno

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July 2016

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About Me

I was born in our home village, " kagak". I was raised there for a while by my parents. They died when I was seven years old. Am the third born among six kids. I moved to live with my uncle for the rest of those years. I started my education in our village primary school. In 2009 I did my kcpe and passed to high school which I continued to work smart. I also passed but didnt get direct entry to the university . still have an ambition of continuing with education.. Since hardship is part of life while Persuing a goal, I just work smart and hard to achieve them.. I started farming from advice's that I was getting from friends and because it was the best opportunity for me. Most of the youth see farming as a job of old people coz it dirtify people. Am not married and I don't have a child.. I like playing football since I have talent in it. I help those who are needy to achieve in my capacity.

My Business

I grow vegetables, watermelon, onions and tomatoes which I sell to our local market. Most people depend on these for food. I saw this as the best opportunity for me. I get funds from the stuffs I grow and this is what I use to pay for the expenses. I use the profit made to improve my farming and to support those I can help grow in life. I intend to grow these crops on a large scale. Am also striving to have much that can help me grow other crops.

Loan Proposal

I'll use 90 us dollars to purchase 30 grams of fortune maker variety of tomato. 40 us dollars to purchase a land which I'll use to grow them. 10 us dollars to purchase vegetable seeds. I'll also purchase 50 kg of DAP fertilizer at 30 us dollars. 40 us dollars will be used for chemicals and 10 us dollars for ploughing the land






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Classic Loan

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Jan 25, 2017

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On Time

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7 months

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Service fee: $9.29




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