Tuition fee for my academic writing classes

Peter Njuguna

Nakuru(kiti), Kenya

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Peter Njuguna

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July 2013

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68 installments  •  38%

About Me

I am a Kenyan citizen holding a diploma in computing science. I have 5 yrs hand on experience in information management,basic computing skills,Network maintenance,data analysis and interpretation. I have strong analytical and statistical computing skills. my professional experience includes data entry and analysis,report writing and public relations.
I am competent in the following computer analytical and statistical packages MS office suite(ms word,MS excel and access). I have strong communication and interpretation skills. I also participated in community based program as a volunteer

My Business

I am a strong believer in handwork, resilience and patience in pursuit of my dream ambitions and implementation of set objectives. With the experience I have acquired I started a cyber business where people come to surf. I also offer other services such as photocopying, type setting,printing,coaching as well as on line article and academic writing jobs. I therefore wish to expand the business by adding more computers but am struggling with financing the idea.Therefore a loan will go along way in financing the business as well as helping me achieve my dreams.

Loan Proposal

I will use the money to raise the fee for my academic writing course. This cause will be of great help for me to make extra cash at my cyber cafe by offering such service to my customers as well as doing online jobs. I also intend to help others by teaching them the same idea for them be independent in the society. The course fee is 130 US Dollars but I have been able to raise 80 US Dollars. Your help will go a long way in igniting my ambition. May God bless you. Thank you.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Sep 22, 2014

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

3 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $49.99 at 8.20% annual rate over 3 months = $1.18

Service fee: $0.52



Sarasota, Fl, United States

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Sterling, United States


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Duisburg, Germany



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