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Emmanuel Agyei Prempeh Gyan

Koforidua, Ghana

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Emmanuel Agyei Prempeh Gyan

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November 2017

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135 installments  •  81%

About Me

I am Emmanuel Agyei Prempeh and growing up in a family of four other siblings in the Gyan family was not a life on a silver plater.
Growing up with a sick mother and dad being the only breadwinner came with a lot of financial burden on him. This forced some of us to serve as an extra hand to my dad and take adult responsibilities of being the primary care giver to the younger siblings. This initiative taught me perseverance, determination, hardworking attitude and self confidence.
I learnt painting, interior decorations and other hand craft to support the families meagre income.
Currently I want to purpose higher education to do more for myself, my family and help individuals who are going through rough beginning like I did. It wasn't an experience I would want anyone to go through.
I love reading, painting and any game involving strategy or solving mysteries or puzzles.

My Business

I am a network marketer, an entrepreneur and a cryptocurrency trader.
I have started a business in fashion and items I sell are shoes, bags, shirts, belts, watches and necklaces.
Apart from this I deal in electronics too which really give me additional income.
I am into painting, interior decorations, 3D room designing, and lights. This helps my income source weekly and monthly.

Loan Proposal

I will pay tuition fees, academic materials and some miscellaneous items.

Tuition fees for this semester = $ 150
Transportation = $80
Academic materials = $120
Miscellaneous = $50

This loan will help me fund my education and will reduce the amount of money I take from my profit to foot my education bills.





  • Arjun Ram    Jul 4, 2019

    Doing a wonderful job for the community and people. Paid loan back in full. Well organized and regular updates. Keep up the great work!

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Classic Loan

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Jul 18, 2018

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On Time

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4 weeks

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Service fee: $3.92

Credit risk payment: $13.93









United States

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Aug 17, 2018


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