Tuition for my brothers' short course and final examination

Gabriela Operre

Nairobi, Kenya

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Gabriela Operre

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May 2014

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79 installments  •  43%

About Me

Gabriela is a freelance filmmaker,businesswoman,an employee in a fashion company in Nairobi,Kenya.I did a course in Film technology and got exposure through working in various production houses in Nairobi.
I also involved myself in voluntary work in Kibera which enabled me to know my childhood home very well and got exposed to the day to day life.
This is how I came to see a need in my community hence started a water business which has been a joy to the people in my community.
I live in Kibera where I ventured in to business.I believe that it is worth developing a community if we care.
My hobbies are writing poems,reading novels and watching movies.My free time is dedicated to family and friends whom we share business ideas.

My Business

My source of income comes from video coverage on a freelance level whereby I do events such as weddings,school clubs ,official functions in organisations,selling water and a car wash business well.

Loan Proposal

When I get this loan i will be able to help my two brothers in one to finalize his exam that costs 150 dollars and the other in doing a short course that costs 260dollars.I will manage to save up for the balance from my small business and video coverage.I will be so grateful in that I cannot manage to pay the full amount of fees needed and I know in the end when getting this loan my brothers will be happy because of the exam fee and the short course that will be done without distractions hence I will be happy to.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Aug 19, 2014

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

9 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $415.44 at 4.37% annual rate over 9 months = $14.66

Service fee: $11.98



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  • Gabriela Operre    Dec 4, 2017

    Hello Lenders,
    I am grateful for the support given.I have managed to increase the number of chicken and also creation of more space for them am planning on investing on medication and supplies.
    Thank you.

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  • Gabriela Operre    Nov 7, 2017

    Hello Lenders,

    Thank you for the loan I received it.Many Thanks.

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  • Pierfausto    Oct 22, 2017

    Dear Gabriela,
    I completed the remaining money for your project. I am very proud of it. If you like you may communicate how the project is working, here or email [email protected]

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  • Gabriela Operre    Oct 21, 2017

    Hello Lenders,

    Thank you for the loan.
    It will enable me expand my small chicken house and buy more feeds.I highly appreciate.

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  • Gabriela Operre    Oct 19, 2017

    Hello Lenders,

    The loan I received am grateful that I managed to build a small chicken house and would like to expand it more to get more chicken and feeds,I am grateful for the support in enabling my business to grow.

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  • Wendy Emlyn    Aug 4, 2017

    Hello Gabriela. Are you able to make another payment yet?
    God bless you,

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  • Gabriela Operre    Jul 4, 2017

    Thank you lenders for the loan!

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  • Gabriela Operre    Jun 23, 2017

    Hello Lenders,
    I will purchase materials needed for the chicken business.I am grateful for the loan.Thank you.

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  • Gabriela Operre    Jun 21, 2017

    Hello Lenders am back in business with a shine and raised the fee to improve sanitation.Thanks.

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  • Gabriela Operre    Apr 16, 2017

    Hi Lenders,

    I have received the loan.Many thanks!

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  • Gabriela Operre    Apr 7, 2017

    Hi Lenders,

    Thank you for your support am happy I will be able to renovate and get the business running.

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  • Gabriela Operre    Apr 5, 2017

    I am grateful that I have managed to buy supplies for running water i.e.pipes and have bought a water tank for sustainability.

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  • Gabriela Operre    Mar 9, 2017

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your support.I have bought water supplies i.e pipes and a small tank.

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  • Gabriela Operre    Jan 5, 2017

    Hi Paul,
    I hope to buy water connection supplies for the house.
    Thank you so much for your support.

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  • Gabriela Operre    Jan 4, 2017

    Hi All,

    I am grateful for the loan I had cleared it has enabled my brother get a job and other the one to be self employed.Thank you so much.

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  • Gabriela Operre    Mar 30, 2015

    I have had a family issue on hospital bills.I was supposed to clear the whole amount this month but I have been able to fulfill this.I hope to clear in the next two months.

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  • Gabriela Operre    Mar 10, 2015

    Hi Lenders am doing great and am planning to clear the balance end of this month.
    Thank you.

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  • Gabriela Operre    Dec 22, 2014

    I am not able to complete my loan on the due date stated hence would like it to reduce reason being held up in small commitments but I am willing to complete the loan early next year given a chance.The loan has really helped me and am willing to complete it since my brother managed to sit for his exam.I am waiting up on some small businesses I have done during the holidays and I expect to finish the loan in good time.

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  • Gabriela Operre    Nov 4, 2014

    Hallo Lenders,
    I have tried my best in repaying the loan but I have had small issues here and there which I am trying to resolve and get back on track on paying back the loan.I would like if possible to be paying on a monthly basis.
    I am very grateful for your help and I cannot fail on paying back.Please consider my response .Thank you.

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  • evanderkoogh    Oct 14, 2014


    Any updates? We haven't heard from you in a while or seen repayments.. everything ok?

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