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Carolyne Okoth

Kisumu, Kenya

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Carolyne Okoth

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October 2014

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About Me

Im Carolyne okoth, Kenyan citizen , who grew up in a remote area in Uyoma. i did my primary school in Kagwa primary, went to Nyakongo girls high school in Rarieda county.I pursued a diploma in Applied biology then later i pursued Degree in Public health and i'll be graduating on the 27th may, 2016. The most hardship i ever encountered was when my parents had differences and i was between them. though i was a child but i had to sit them down and talked to them and this helped them up to date they are still together, whenever they are in problems they remember my words and sought out there differences.
During my high school years i had this great desire to for business. I used to admire my friends operating businesses. The desire for business was so great that i looked for every opportunity to go for free business seminars. When i joined college, my ambition for business continued and this led me to start saving from my small pocket money i was given by my parents and that was how i started my small business of clothes, came and sold them and got my interest continued with the business. On the 28th April, 2016 i attended a Young Entrepreneurship forum and was issued with a certificate. I also did an online course in Entrepreneurship organised by Young African Leaders Initiative ( YALI).
My children are very motivated the way i do things, they always say that when they grow up they want to be as aggressive as me. I like socialising, cooking and making new friends.

My Business

Iam a business woman. The owner of Carol's Entreprises that deals with poultry farming, run a beauty shop and at the same time sell peanut butter.. Broilers are really in demand both in the hotels and to the individual customers. Peanut butter is also much in demand, since its natural without any additives so many people prefers it. i choose to rear chicken because i saw the way people could hustle around my Estate looking for broilers , this really motivated me and i started it. The profit i use both to pay school fees and reinvest in growing the business. I have also been running a cybercafe for the last one year. I started the cybercafe with two computers and now its grown until now i have four of them. Due to the big demand i would wish to expand it abit more.
Kenya has been ranked third in a global survey of economies projected to register the fastest growth this year, placing the country ahead of other emerging markets in Africa.This mean more investors, companies and job opportunities that will help young entrepreneurs. For this , they need competent entrepreneurs which i 100% believe i am.
20 tins of groundnut gives me 50tins of peanut butter when processed. 1tin of peanut butter costs 3 dollars so 50 tins of peanut butter will give 150 dollars in 2 days sales. After taking out the expenses i will have 75 dollars as my profit in 2 days sales
I chose to venture into businee since first of all it gives me satisfaction, secondly i get to meet people's needs and help them come up with applicable solutions and lastly it puts food on my table.

Loan Proposal

Im going to pay tuition for the course im undertaking. the course costs kshs. 65,000 that is 8.125 dollars. the loan of 2.261 dollars will help me top up the fees balance and remaining i put on the peanut butter making.






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Classic Loan

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Apr 7, 2015

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2 months

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