Upgrade from a4 printer to a3 printer(epson)

Dancun Kamau

Nakuru Town, Kenya

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Dancun Kamau

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January 2015

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34 installments  •  3%

About Me

My names are Dancun Kamau from Nakuru Kenya am a husband and a father of two daughters aged three and one years old.I was born and brought up in Nakuru. to a single mum my upbringing was tough as we were three of us and our mother struggled to see us through school. i have schooled up to college level.my goal was to have my own business this was not easy at first because i had to be employed so as to be able to raise some capital.But this was difficult as i had to help my mum with the other siblings.also the pay was not much so i would spend all of it.By the time my contract was over i had no savings,thats when it hit me that i had to seek other ways of raising my capital.I aproached a few friends and one who had a computer at home donated it to me and another one gave me a printer and also he had a big room he gave me a place to start.Thats how my computer and printing business started. Land in Nakuru is available and there are so many building that are coming up and because am in town i have rented a room that am using to do my jobs although here people have different economic capabilities so we in business are very careful when dealing with our customers so as not to disappoint them.My kinds are very young at this point but i would love when they grow up to do business not to rely on formal employment because its very disappointing when one loses his job and has a family to take care of.When not doing by work i love swimming and watching football am a fun of English premier league and my team is the blues (chealsea).

My Business

My business is called Ryance Computer and Printing works.i deal with photocopying,printing and design work.I do printing of receipt books,business cards, t-shirts,caps,and even large format(mostly used in advertising)the services are in demand we do deals mostly with advertisement ,no business can strive without advertising it the most sure way of retaining customers and making more.The reason for doing this kind of business was the fact that i had done computers in school and i love designing.With designing of lets say logo you come up with an original thing that nobody else has.This business takes very little money for you to achieve what you intend to do but it takes alot of time to develop whatever one intends to develop.So the costs is not that much interms of money but manhours is much.The income is substancial am able to meet my needs and that of the business.iIhave realised that providing a service is easier than dealing with stock.My profits are largely being spend on value addition/investment,i have a plough back plan of the profits whereby i have been paying for printers (epson A3 machine) so us to upgrade from what i have and a little help will go along way in helping me finish on paying for the printer.of course alittle of my profits is used in improving the living standards of my family.

Loan Proposal

The printer that i intend to buy prints A3 paper size and it costs Ksh 35000 (385.250 USD) and had started paying for it and i have paid Ksh 18500 (203.632 USD) all this i have been doing with the profits that i make because i cannot get a lender who can give this kind of money.its been a journey.This i have been doing for the last one year (12 months).a balance of Ksh 17000 (187.122 USD) is required and your help would come in handy to buy it so that the printer can work and help repay the loan. This will affect my business positively as this days i give out those jobs to my competitors at a price and this reduces the income.Mostly posters used this days because of bulk printing we use A3 papers instead of A4 papers as this reduces the number that the customers are to carry when using A4 papers in posters for advertising.Also the printed A3 posters are legible from a distance compared to A4 size posters.Also we do calenders printing this will also help to a great deal.with this A3 printer my profits will improve significantly by one since this kind of jobs i was taking to other people, now what i pay to them will be retained in my business.Also several of those whom we do the same business i will try and poach them to be bringing their jobs in my premises for printing this also will help increase my profits.





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Classic Loan

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Jan 14, 2015

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7 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Lender interest: $100.16 at 9.16% annual rate over 7 months = $6.10

Service fee: $2.59




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