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Robert Kikah

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April 2014

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About Me

My Story.
My name is Robert Ogembo Kikah.I come from Kisumu County but I live with my family in Nairobi City. I am married and I have a daughter who is three years. I spent most part of my life growing up in Kisumu up to and including high school. I joined JKUAT University College for Bachelor of Science majoring in Mathematics and graduated eight years ago . I have worked in a few organizations including Advisory Centre for Overseas Education, Utalii Institute and NLTC respectively until two years ago when decided to work privately on my own business of training. I Started a School called Integrity School of Management. Mainly, we train students in Information Technology. As every business must have a plan to grow and expand. We ISM also intend to do so. And because there has been mass exodus of African students to study abroad, we intend to expand in that direction training in TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT and GRE which are basic standardized tests required for admission. The department has really helped my business to grow.
Personally, I love sports; football is my best, I watch and play football whenever I get a chance to do so. To say the least, I am equally addicted to reading specifically doing research work online. Likewise, I like keeping myself updated in technological innovations online ie information about the latest equipments in the market. I thank God for this far He has brought me.

My Business

After getting the experience for all the years mentioned earlier I realized that I could venture into the business of training and attain milestones. With the little cash I managed to save from my places of work, We combined efforts with a cousin of mine called Paul and the business was born. We managed to purchase three old computers and some few furniture that we borrowed from a friend. Hard work for the last two years has taken me to where I am now after my cousin left for greener pastures .I can boast of atleast a consistent number of student whom I handle on monthly basis. With the income I get, I can be able to sustain a trainers wages, pay rent and upkeep myself being a family man.
Because the services we offer at Integrity school of Management is mainly training, it’s a personal business and I being the sole proprietor , I try to perfect the art so that I can beat my competitors in the market with several mushrooming colleges. This is the sole reason as to why I am eargerly looking forwad for an opportunity to expand and diversify my training services and making it more competive but appealing to my worthy clients. This definitely shall lead to having more customers thus high profitability. Many risks are involved for example, I have pumped a lot of money on marketing through advertising but in one or two occasions, the returns are not reflecting positively. There are other situations where there is so much work to do but being alone I really find it difficult to multitask.
I am driven to get a loan because I am assured the business can sustain itself. There is need to expand my office space which is currently only two small rooms. I need some more rooms to make a computer laboratory fully furnished by fast computers with internet streaming efficiently. This will definitely lead to an increase in rent. I as well need to recruit and employ additional trainers so that there is job specialization. In my marketing strategy, I plan to do more advertising in order to attract mere clients.I intend to start a new department which only target upmarket clients whose children intend to go abroad for further studies training, preparing and registering them for these standardized tests ie TOEFL, SAT, GMAT and GRE . This institution can make enough money to repay the loan that I intend to request.

Financial Breakdown.
My proposed breakdown is as follows:
Rent 2 extra spaces USD 880
Furniture 10 pieces USD 470
1 Printer and 5 Computers 6 Pieces USD 5OO
Stationary (Assorted) USD 235
Miscellenous ie Internet/Adverts etc USD 200

This is the amount of funds that I need in order to atleast expand my business which is currently worth approximately USD 5000.

Loan Proposal

I will use the money to buy softwares and upgrade the computer laboratory of the college to be modern






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Sep 4, 2018

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Projected term

33 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $15.89

Credit risk payment: $95.34




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