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Bilha Mbaire

Chuma, Kenya

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Bilha Mbaire

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July 2015

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About Me

My name is Bilha Mbaire the last born in the family of five started shooling in 1998 at wangige nursery and later in the same primary.i later joined rungiri high in 2008 and completed my secondary education in 2011. My both parent died.due to this life was so difficult hence I wasn’t able to further my education.luckly in 2013 I got a job at engeneer in nyandarua as a cashier in umoja salary is ksh 12000(120 dollars)per month my monthly expenses is 90 dollars hence am able to save 30 dollars per month.Am married and have a girl . my husband is a farmer in kinangop nyandarua our farm we have one grade cow which produces 10kgs, we use 2kgs for home consumption and sell the surplus.we grow a variety of crops mostly irish potatoes and cabbages.the weather in this place is very favourable for variety of crop

My Business

Am in farming business growing a variety of crops mainly Irish potatoes, carrot,cabbages and French beans.we still rear a grade cow which does which produce 10kgs of milk every day we use 2kg for the family and sell 8kgs to Muki co-operative society getting an average of100 dollars per month. In addition
We rear poultry which does very well currently I have 5 chicken but are indigenous breed. The problem is that they are not consistent in laying eggs hence need to upgrade with improved variety. This will increase productivity and make them more reliable. As at now, egg laying is an issue since they are not confined to a perch where I can feed them. The eggs they lay are popular with the locals (kienyeji) and fetches good money as compared to the others.

Loan Proposal

Am intending to buy 20 hybrid kroilers at a cost of 10 dollars per head, total usd 200 dollars.i will use the rest 50 dollars to buy 3 bags of poultry feeds at a cost of 15 dollars per projecting at least 1 tray of eggs at a cost of USD 6 , total of USD 24 per month.with this fund i can comfortably pay zidisha loan and upgrade my family life.once again thank you as you fund my loan






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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Nov 9, 2015

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On Time

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3 months

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Service fee: $10.50




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