For home renovation (fallen house)

Amos Shutu

Mtwapa, Kenya

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Amos Shutu

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November 2012

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About Me

My name is Amos Shutu I stay with my wife and children here at mtwapa. I have been in business for years and I feel much humbled by the way Zidisha family is doing to me ...I have benefited seven times from Zidisha and as I post this other loan its the eighth time which i know it will also be a success to me and Zidisha family and my community at large.

My Business

Thanks zidisha lenders DUE to the emergency of my fallen House I have no option but to give a priority to renovate my matrimonial house..I intend to spend 1200 US Dollars for roofing material and labour according to the quotation .. I will lease a power saw to cut palm trees at home for roofing .The other amount I will build one classroom at Mtwapa to help strret children who move in the streets without getting education..
Lenders the heart of assisting is a result of this rainning season where I intend to help educate them during the day and offering them shelter during the night.. I have a feeling that feeding will come from well wishers..What to me is importart is the starting point..
Lenders Kindly assist urgently funding my loan because the moment rains start pouring heavily I Will loose the whole house that will later cost a fortune as we say Prevention is always better than cure..

Loan Proposal

Dear Lenders am very thankful again for reaching this far . The renovation of my fallen house will be of great significance to my family ..More so will bring happiness to my family because they are now stranded and alarmed because the moment we miscalculate the cost goes high as I will be required to build the full house..THE Wise said prevention is always better than cure..Lenders this is the time I need you help most more than ever..Thanks in advance






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

May 16, 2018

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Projected term

6 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $72.66

Credit risk payment: $217.99



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United States


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Dortmund, Germany

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