Uv lamp for drying gel polish and comfortable sink

Christine Wawira

Nairobi, Kenya

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Christine Wawira

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July 2015

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326 installments  •  98%

About Me

My name is Christine Wawira .I was born in Embu county,central Kenya I am a mother of two boy and a girl and I have adopted one girl .My parents practiced small scale farming and also business.They owned a dairy shop.Most of my childhood involved going to a local school and also assist my parents in household chores during the weekends.

After my high school education i attended National youth services since i wanted to join the army of Kenya.After completing the National youth services,Unfortunately i wasn't not selected to join the army due to my height.I was frustrated and disappointed since i had spent most of the time working hard to join the Army.

My parents told me that now am an adult and i should cater for myself i had to travel to Nairobi to look for a job .Luckily i was able to convince some beauty shops that i would hawk their products and we agreed on a commission.I worked hard and in two years time i saved some money and started my own shop .Then,a friend introduced me to zidisha org where i borrowed a loan for the first time, and added stock to my business .i have been borrowing up to date and I have managed to extend a salon ,start pigs project and also farming.I plant tomato.this project is on going.thanks.

My Business

My businesses deals with sale of beauty products from hair lotion,body lotion,hair extensions,earrings, salon,pigs farming whereby I sell piglets and pigs to farmers choice or any where I get buyers and tomato farming.The cosmetics products which i sell are demanding which make them move faster because they are unique and everyone wants.I choose this business because being a hairdresser and beauty has been my passion since when i was a kid and I knew I will manage it easily. Having this two businesses together ,have always saved my time and given me more profit to pay my loan and continue with the pigs & tomato project .I source from wholesalers who have imported from different nation such as Uganda,Dubai,London and china.
My typical costs in the shop include paying rent,electricity bills and business permit.my tax business and koko jikos project which I started with the last loan is also doing well hence more profit.I make a profit of $1050 monthly which i use for my daily use,buying food for my pigs,paying my workers and support my family.

Loan Proposal

When i get funded $292, i will purchase a comfortable sink for my customers at $225 so that i can increase the amount charged for wash & brow-dry.I will also purchase an UV lamp at$ 57 and start gel polish application. By doing so, my profit will double and my clients will be pleased and also come back with many customers hence large profit.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Apr 22, 2016

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

7 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $15.05




Tampa, United States

Paul Buchheit

Mountain View, United States

The Zinc Team

San Francisco, United States

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  • Christine Wawira    Apr 5, 2022

    Hello,I bought more stocks i.e braids weaves, crotchets,koko koko and purfumes designs.This is making my shop more attractive to clients hence more sales .i was also able to buy books for my kids, new back to school shoes , stationaries and also to pay half of next term school fee for the three of them.i am also happy because I was able to take them to the village to greet their grandparents.i used the car I bought with the last loan so I cut off the cost of car hire hence more savings.Thankyou.

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  • Christine Wawira    Mar 4, 2022

    Hello,I take this opportunity to thank all of you who funded me. I will add more cosmetic stocks to my cosmetic shop. ie.weaves crotchets , braids,and buy koko cookers .These will help me get more profits and savings as I wait for my limit to grow and start a bigger project.Thankyou so much for your help all through zidisha organization journey.

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  • Catherine Rimui    Mar 3, 2022

    All the best!

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  • Ronald Kimutai    Feb 24, 2022

    Good work

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  • Ren    Feb 21, 2022

    Christine, If your loan doesn't fully fund, I encourage you to try again! Sometimes this happens on Zidisha ....... good luck!

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  • John Mwangi    Feb 20, 2022

    May God expand you and give you more that you could hope for,. Blessings

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  • Rosemary Mwangi    Feb 18, 2022

    Hi Christine keep working hard and paying on time,all the best

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  • James Chege    Feb 16, 2022

    Good work

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  • Nelson Mecha    Feb 11, 2022

    Wish you the Best.

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  • Ramos Wambua    Feb 8, 2022

    May God keep blessing you christine lets keep on lifting each other

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  • Christine Wawira    Jan 25, 2022

    Hello lenders,am humblely taking this opportunity to thank each and every one for the kind heart and support you have shown me all through my zidisha journey.it has not been easy but with you all I have made it.i therefore ask the Almighty to continue blessing us all as we grow together.my last loan I bought a second hand tax.it is doing well hence making an increase in my profits. Thanks so much.

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  • Christine Wawira    Jan 18, 2022

    Hi . sometimes I look at my life style from the time my friend introduced me to zidisha organization till this moment and I see God. What can I say... I always pray for this organization because without your support I don't know what I would have done.i thank all of you as I look forward to do more.Be blessed.

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  • Christine Wawira    Jan 17, 2022

    Hello lenders .I am so grateful for every support.the fund that I have been receiving have widely improved my life and my earnings.big up zidisha team.thanks.

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  • Timothy Kinyanjui    Jan 10, 2022

    Hi lenders. Am so much grateful for your support and believing in me. The funds I received am going to try my best to make sure I utilize to make sure I achieve my goals. Long live Zidisha. Thanks again and God bless you all

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  • Christine Wawira    Sep 11, 2021

    Thanks zidisha for everything.i really appreciate your support.long live everyone in zidisha ,you have really helped me achieve so much in this life.i started borrowing from when I was a lady from college till now a mother of three.Thankyou so much.

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  • Christine Wawira    Aug 11, 2021

    Hello leaders, I purchased a taxi .He has been working with it hence more profits.it is also easy because I am delivering my cosmetics and koko cookers with ease.i am also able to pay school fee for my children.i have two children and I have adopted one hence three kids.

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  • Christine Wawira    Jul 19, 2021

    Hello members, I am very happy and humbled for the love you have given me during this time when I presented my loan for funding.when I get the money am going to boost the savings that I have and buy a taxi. During this pandemic my husband lost his job and he found a taxi driver job to help care for his family, therefore me buying our own taxi he will make more profit and he will also help me deliver my cosmetics and koko cookers to my client easily hence making more profits.i have also organized with my neighbours that I will be taking pupils in our plot to school every morning and evening and they pay.this will help me pay my loan with time.thankyou for your warm support.

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  • Toheeb Ayorinde    Jul 19, 2021

    Good luck ma

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  • Kipruto Kiptarus    Jul 17, 2021

    Christine, I wish you all the best for your next project.

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