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Ogada Oscar

Nakuru, Kenya

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Ogada Oscar

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February 2015

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About Me

I am a 28 year old Kenyan living in Nakuru, Kenya. I am lucky to be staying in Nakuru town because I was raised up in the semi arid region of Maralal in the great rift valley. Moving to this place for my studies was a milestone and I believe it’s an inspiration to many kids in the family and entire village. I moved here at the age of 25 to pursue my undergraduate degree in commerce and I am aspiring to work in a bank. I started school at the age of 9.
2012 was not the first time I visited Nakuru town because I studied in moi forces academy, Lanet. Which is in the outskirts of Nakuru. But what I remember most like it was yesterday was my first day in nakuru. My mother took me to the annual agricultural exhibition show in Nakuru and it was a great honor at first to get that opportunity. I was 10 years old then.
Once we entered the arena there were thousands of people, parents held their children close to them as they watched shows and performances. I saw kids eating ice cream and I wondered what are they eating. At some point my mother had to pull my hand because I was rooted looking at people and the way they dressed.
Around midday there was a stampede caused by gunshots after robbers attacked a minister who was heading to the arena. There was commotion and I lost sight of my mother. I cried for almost 2 hours not knowing where to go. All I knew was my mother’s name; mama as we called her. In our tradition kids are not allowed to know their mothers name at young age. People took me to the advertisement corner late in the evening where my mother found me shaken. I feared urban life and since I am the eldest child it also affected my siblings.

My Business

Starting a car wash has always been a business in my mind since I set foot in Nakuru town.
I have done my research and found out that I can actually get to start my business t low capital and build up from the profits I get. I need the loan to start up this business to supplement my income and pay part of my school fees.
I choose to put up a carwash outside Afraha stadiums parking bay because there aremany vehicles especially during match days as the stadium holds kenyan premier league side Ulinzi stars. The stadium management have allowed me to put up a semi-permanent structure to start my business. I have savings from my education funds and I will buy a 2000 litres tank and a pressure washing machine.
I intend to grow the business until it becomes the best in town and also create an image for the stadium. There is no other car wash in that part of town. That business will run on daily basis but will also be at the peak during the weekend because the stadium is actually busy.
I will repay my loan using my weekly collection an also save so that I may re invest and also live up to my dreams. I can manage the business efficiently because I reside near the stadium and the campus I study is a ten minute walk distance.

Loan Proposal

Given the loan I will buy materials to run the carwash on a day to day basis. I need water, liquid soap, rags , and also overall for my employee who will be the one working. Water from the municipal water house will cost me 2 dollars per day and a total of 20 dollars per week given the fact that the weekend will be busier. Water will cost a total of 20 dollars, liquid soap around 5 dollars per week and 7 dollars for rags. The overall coat will cost around 23 dollars and is available in local shops.
My total revenue will be around 300 dollars per month while my expenditure will be around 154 dollars per month. In the first month will be lower because I will have to market my business but as time goes I will pick up to achieve my goals.
I want to create employment and satisfy my desire for entrepreneurship. This loan will help me change lives of people by giving them a means to get income and will help me pay part of my school fees. I will re-invest the profits in the business to hold ten pumps in the near future and get ten workers. I will also have got the chance to serve my new county in a better role than residents could.
I will need a total of 56 dollars to supplement my savings and start my business and I will repay a total of ksh 600 per week.





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Feb 16, 2015

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