Washing machine for hotel/apartment guests

Vondonnel Njoki

Mombasa, Kenya

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Vondonnel Njoki

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May 2019

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About Me

Hey Am Vondonnel a young growing business lady from Mombasa. Wel, it hasn't been plate of roses for me. I grew up in Mombasa after my mother died of kidney and liver failure from the stress and pressure of life and i was left
with my aunt, uncle and grandmother. Who took me over my lower class, upper class and now almost joining my university this year.

My Business

We're business minded or oriented family, But like all we also have our challenges. My aunt first started in 2016 when she had lost everything after been conned and lost alot all her properties, she went into depression and after some months got up.. went out, hired a car on hire purchase and started a taxi business (At the time the new fast train build by the Chinese was on the go, everyone was using it. Business was good, actually great, she took her first apartment at the beach.

It was a 2 bedroom. But as soon as she had paid for it, he back started having issues with the muscle spasm, she couldn't drive anymore, couldnt walk straight, felt better when she was laying on the floor. mostly she was in pain, so laying on the floor but still in alot of pain. She was asked to go on physio therapy but bills here had to be paid.

So thats when i took a bed, mattress, 2 plastic seats and a small one ring cooker stove and kitchen utensils from my grandmothers house to the beach house to rent the place out.. i was abit scared at first because they was nothing much, but i just believed. I posted it in the sites and got my first client.. the money i got from them, i bought more stuff for the house. And the second one i bout more stuff and paid the rent. But the management for the place did not like the idea of me renting out the place.

I move out and get cheaper area and places that were safe as well... i took 2 apartments. Of which some months they do good and others months..it can get so bad. But atleast i get something to help my aunt with her physio and gym since she was asked to exercise alot and swim. And i believe i can help my grandmother in my pocket money for my university as she pays for school fees.

Loan Proposal

I would love to purchase a washing machine for business for my new Hotel/Apartment for guest laundry... since the laundry is becoming to much for manual worker.





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Classic Loan

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Jul 10, 2019

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7 weeks

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $6.99

Credit risk payment: $34.97



Oregon, United States


Tokyo, Japan


United Kingdom

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Aug 28, 2019


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