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John Kibii

Nyeri, Kenya

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John Kibii

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October 2018

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About Me

My name is John. John has Farming related business ideas which requires capital to venture but I have recently graduated and have not had employment. I have chosen cabbage farming to start with and am in pursuit of a piece o land 1-3 acres for a start.

My Business

Sale of after a successful short season growing cabbages,, local community buy directly from the farm. Traders too will be welcome in the farm for start because transport to the Market requires some modern means of transportation. In Meru county Kenya and my farm is 6km away from a town market of Timau.

Loan Proposal

when i get a loan. i intend to repair my cart in the yard, the two wheels so that it can be functional. my are is a little bit arid and many people rely on ferried water since tap water may go dry for Up to a month or more. so this water is for house use, livestock feeding, flower garden watering etc. a jerrican goes for 20 shillings and the cart can carry 17 of them that is 340 per round. the water is free 2 km away in sagana river so no paying for me. i would make many rounds as many as 5 or so. so kindly offer me a loan of 2000
.thank you





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Classic Loan

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Oct 17, 2018

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2 weeks

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Warren Shen

United States

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Jun 3, 2022


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