How It Works

Borrowers Apply

A borrower logs into Zidisha and posts a loan request to help fund his/her business.

Lenders Choose

A lender selects an available loan and bids to provide all or part of the funding.

Set the Interest

Lenders propose their own interest rate for the funds that they offer to loan.

Direct Payment

100% of the lender's loan is disbursed directly to the borrower's business.

Direct Communication

Lenders and borrowers can stay in touch on the impact of the loan.

Virtuous Cycle

Loans are repaid in regular installments and can be reinvested immediately.


For lenders, the process begins by signing up for a free membership on our website. Once you've created your account, you can then browse listings of available loan opportunities, choosing one or more that you would like to fund. You make a bid for any portion of the loan (including proposing your own interest rate) and if the borrower accepts your bid, you're in business!

The repayment of your loan occurs in weekly or monthly installments. As soon as the borrower makes a repayment, we credit the funds back to your lender account. The repaid funds can be withdrawn at any time, or you can reinvest the money in new loans to other borrowers.

Next Steps

Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more. Or go directly to our Lend page to browse available loan applications and lend to an entrepreneur.