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My Story

My name is Eliud Mathu Ndiba. I a m single and very ambitious young man.
I come from karunga shopping centre from Nakuru/Nyahururu road as reach a centre called Maili Saba you branch to your right take a rough road go past St. John Secondary School then from there to Karunga Centre. I live near the centre just next to a school called Murungaru Primary School just ask Mathu Wa Mpesa home.

About My Business

I am Mpesa Agent called “Aloft Marketing” this is where I earn my living from. I get about 22000 monthly so annually I get about 264000 from the earning I am able to pay my bills ,buy food , cloths and I also help my parents to pay school fees for my sisters who are in school. I also do farming as a business where I plant crops for sale where I get income of about annual 80000 so the total annual income is 344000

My Loan Proposal

I would like to add float to my Mpesa business and also to buy phone accessories so I would need about 250000 to do so.


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Date By Feedback Rating Comment Edit
Sep 14, 2012 Aahz Positive Paid back early. Thank you!
Sep 08, 2012 investor Positive I recommend lending/borrow with M. Mathu. My experience with him was successful. Good lock with your business.



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Hi Eliud,

I hope that your new loan application gets funded this time and that people see from your previous loans that you have a stellar on-time repayment record.

Best wishes,

Hi Eliud,

I'm impressed by your business plans and I'm sorry to see your loans isn't at the moment near funding. May I suggest that you prioritise the most important things for your business from your float, phone accessories, your motorbike, computers, stationary and classes. Then having picked the most important (should your loan not fund) reapply for these.

Then your loan is more likely to fund and you will be able to focus on the core areas of your business, get them working and expand with another loan in future. For instance you may want to fund your float, phone and phone accessories and your motorbike. Then later buy your computers for a cyber cafe (perhaps stocks of drinks, snacks, USB disks, for sale too?) and stationary. Not necessarily like that, but however you think best.

This way your business will grow at a steady rate and you will be less likely to have cash flow issues as you expand. Good Luck

ELIUD MATHU   Sep 05, 2013

I want to register my appreciation to Zidisha team for not only supporting my business but also positively impacting into my comunity welfare. Through Zidisha I have able to scale up my business activities, earned more income which translates to better my living standard and purchase a better motorbike for my business. I sold one which was not up to the services my business demands now. Besides I was able to formalize ownership of two plots of land that had remained without title deeds for three years since i bought them. Kudos Zidisha team

Hi Eliud, thank you for your repayments. I have lent out the money again to another Zidisha borrower. Best wishes for your continuing success and happiness.


Hi Eliud, thank you for the opportunity to help fund your Zidisha loan, and I wish you all the best for your M-Pesa and computer cafe/college business in the upcoming year.

Beverly from Canada

ELIUD MATHU   Oct 16, 2012

Hi Beverly, Thank very much for lending me with a loan. Now I can say that my dreams have come into reality. I promise not to let you down. I will ensure that I have opened a computer collage and invites you to see it.
Eliud Mathu.
Nakuru, Kenya.

ELIUD MATHU   Sep 28, 2012

Good luck with your business mama.

ELIUD MATHU   Sep 26, 2012

I would like to thank Zidisha for lending me the previous loan. From Vivian Barbier who is a client relationship interns of Zidisha in Kenya it is apparent that the loan has a big impact on my life. Now I am offering internet services to this remote area.Now I am waiting for the second loan from Zidisha. I will buy more computers because internet services in this area are creating a huge traffic in my business.
I am still waiting hoping for the best from you.

ELIUD MATHU   Sep 06, 2012

With a computer that I bought after Zidisha's Loan, more new members are using it to join Zidisha and old members to post comments. Zidisha has help me because I am able to offer internet services in my remote area.

ELIUD MATHU   Aug 15, 2012

I am proud because Mr. Vivian Barbier client relationship interns for Zidisha in Kenya visited my business and commented about it. From him, "I was very happy to meet Eliud because it was clear that the loan had a big impact on his life". Zidisha help and uplifted my business plan. I am looking forward for more help and association in future with zidisha.

Hello Lenders,

My name is Vivien Barbier and I’m a client relationship interns for Zidisha in Kenya. Today, I had the chance to meet Mr Eliud Mathu and to visit his business.

Eliud is a young entrepreneur who created a multi-services boutique in a small village. He used the loan that he received a few months ago from Zidisha to buy a computer and a scanner-printer of the boutique. His business became then a cybercafé, a photocopies shop and a battery charger business.

Eliud is a new comer in the village, so during the few months his business was not very successful because villagers didn’t knew him and which services he was proposing. To understand Eliud’s services people needed to come in the store and see what was proposed. To help his business to grow in visibility, Eliud decided to become also a M-PESA agent. M-PESA is a great system that uses mobile phone to transfer money. It is a real electronic wallet. In Kenya you can pay everything with M-PESA, you just need to type in your phone the amount of money that you want to transfer and the number of the recipient. The role of the M-PESA agent is to handle cash deposit and withdrawal.

This new business generates a huge traffic in the boutique. During the hour that I spent in his boutique about 15 people came in for it. In addition of bringing more people inside the store, the M-PESA business generates approximately 8500 KES ($102) per month. Eliud plans to increase this revenue by adding new M-PESA services. He told me that some agent manage to earn 20 000 KES ($238) per month, so I think that this will be his target for the future.

Eliud studied until the age of 20, but could go to university because of lack of money. He worked then as an employee in a M-PESA kiosk for three years. Now, he is hopping that his business will grow enough to allow him to have the money for university. He is planning to hire an employee who will run the shop in his absence so that he has time to study. In the short term, Eliud objective is to find the 15000 KES ($180) to pass his driving licence and to continue to help his parent to pay the school fees of his sister.

I was very happy to meet Eliud because it was clear that the loan had a big impact on his life. It also had a positive impact on the whole village since it created a internet access point in this remote area. Now, it will be much easier for villagers to go on Internet. Maybe some of them will visit Zidisha.org and become new members.

6th August 2012
Nairobi, Kenya

ELIUD MATHU   Aug 15, 2012

Thank you Mr. Vivien Barbier for your visit to my business and to good comments about my business. I am proud and looking for a bright future as I know Zidisha will accomplish my dream and plans for my life.

Eliud Mathu Ndiba
Phone. 0720553536

Repayment Schedule Changes

ELIUD MATHU   Nov 15, 2012

Foremost is to thanks Zidisha.inc for lending me with the loan. I would like to reschedule my monthly installment loan to ensure that I will be paying on time and be able to pay my bills such as house rent and electricity. Although I will be over paying my loan, over paying will help me during days when my business will be down. Also reschedule will help me to get inclement because I will be paying my loan on time.


nakuru, Kenya

100% Repaid

About This Loan

Loan Principal Disbursed: USD 536.40
Date Disbursed: Feb 1, 2012
Repayment Period: Number of months or weeks from disbursement until loan is fully repaid 12 months
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The expression of interest rates as flat percentages of loan principal amounts is intended to make calculation of interest amounts more intuitive for borrowers and for lenders, and to facilitate comparison with other microfinance loans in borrowers' communities, the majority of which also use the flat rate methodology to express interest rates.
USD 37.45 (6.98%)
Borrower Transaction Fees: A transaction fee paid to Zidisha, expressed as a total amount and as a flat annualized percentage of the loan principal amount. USD 26.82 (5.00%)
Total Amount (Including Interest and Transaction Fee) to be Repaid: Interest plus transaction fees, expressed as a total amount and as a flat annualized percentage of the loan principal amount. USD 64.27 (11.98%)

Repayment schedule

Repayments due as of Apr 19, 2014:  USD 0
Total repaid as of Apr 19, 2014:  USD 601
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May 01, 201254.61Mar 25, 20120.43
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  Jun 03, 201253.75
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