Ann Wanjiru

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My Story

I am a business lady who is dedicated to make a living from doing business. I started this business to help me independent financially and at the same time help my family get there daily bread.I also have orphans who am caring for.

I am currently living utawala estate in Githunguri location along Katani Road where my business is also located.

About My Business

The business is located at MC shopping center in embakasi- Nairobi . I mainly dealing green grocery where I sell vegetables to the community around. Since Utawala is an upcoming estate there is demand for vegetable due to the fact that the region is dry and does not support Agriculture. I buy my commodities from Nairobi and sell them to the community around.

My Loan Proposal

I thank zidisha for granting me the loan of 35, 000. In my green grocery I will boost my business by adding cerials such as maize, beans, peas, ndengus cassava, arrowroots, wheat follr maize flour and all kinds of cerials. I will also add stock to the green grocery that I was running before. In order to have more customers an add more profit to my business I will buy refreshments such as sodas juice and water. I will buy foods such as cakes and bread to sometimes refresh my customers. I will expand my business premise and this will require me to buy my own materials to build the premise.


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Mar 31, 2014 Hope2012 Neutral I would have liked some feedback on this loan but I do recognise that the lady is a grandmother who might not be able to access the Internet and is coping with her deceased daughters children. She repaid two instalments and it looks like she hasn't been able to pay more so far. I think under zidisha's tightened criteria she probably would not have been offered a loan. Perhaps she'll make a late payment ?


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September 3, 2012

Hello, my name is Traci Yoshiyama, Zidisha’s Kenya Client Relationship Manager. I am currently visiting Zidisha borrowers in and around Nairobi.

As my weeks of visiting clients quickly turn to months, I begin to see a pattern amongst many Zidisha borrowers. Their initial reaction to Zidisha’s unique microlending model is usually one of incredulity, but also curiosity, for most have never heard of peer-to-peer lending before. Upon receiving their loan, what first was skepticism quickly turns to gratitude and an eagerness to spread the word. My visit with borrower, Ann Wanjiru, was no different. As I explain the process of P2P lending in greater depth, she stares back at me with a look of disbelief on her face. “How does God think of you people, giving money to those poorer than you to raise them up? It takes a very special heart to do that. Not everyone is like that.” Soon after, I am greeted by friends of Ann who are interested in joining the Zidisha community. And like many before her, happy with her borrowing experience, Ann has made Zidisha her primary financial service.

After the tragic loss of her eldest daughter several years ago, Ann found herself with the responsibility of caring for her two grandchildren. And with the unemployment rate being a staggering 40% in Kenya, Ann’s son and daughter are without work as well, making it ever more crucial for her to run successful businesses. And that she has done! Through the selling of bananas and transporting water to the ever-growing construction sites in Utawala, Ann has been able to fulfill her role as the sole provider for her family.

It only being 9:30 in the morning, Ann has already made 1500 KES (almost $20) through her banana sales. Produce stalls appear in the thousands here in Kenya and among the most popular items to sell are bananas. Despite the high population of suppliers, Ann manages to stay on top through a combination of quality customer care and carefully chosen bananas. Currently only selling bananas and working from her home, Ann would like to see her business grow into a shop where she can sell a wide variety of produce, such as avocados, arrowroot, and sweet potato. Although her first Zidisha loan was intended for this purpose, Ann noticed the profitability of transporting and selling water. With the sprouting of many residential homes in Utawala, construction sites are in constant need of water for the mixing of cement. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Ms. Wanjiru used her Zidisha loan to purchase a donkey and a cart. This being a mobile business, I was unable to see her new donkey and cart in action, but I take it as a good sign that it was not sitting idly at home.

Today being the day Ann goes to a nearby town to replenish her banana stock, we part ways shortly after it begins. This is not before making future plans to return to Utawala to introduce Zidisha to more of her friends. While taking photos of Ann and her family, she exclaims, “Oh, it’s a beautiful day. It’s like my birthday!” On the contrary, it is Ann who surprises me with a gift, for on the bus back to the city, long after I leave Utawala, the conductor tells me Ann has paid for my fare.

Dear lenders,

My name is Traci Yoshiyama and I am Zidisha's Kenya Client Relationship Manager. I will be visiting Ann Wanjiru tomorrow in Utawala! If anyone has any questions or comments you would like me to pass along to Ms. Wanjiru, I would be more than happy to do so. Please feel free to post questions on her profile.

Traci Yoshiyama

Ann Wanjiru   Jul 04, 2012

Hi. Please activate my account. Am really in need of this loan.

Ann Wanjiru

Nairobi, Kenya

19% Repaid

About Ann Wanjiru

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About This Loan

Loan Principal Disbursed: USD 302.01
Date Disbursed: Aug 18, 2012
Repayment Period: Number of months or weeks from disbursement until loan is fully repaid 11 months
Grace Period: Number of months or weeks between disbursement and first repayment installment 1 month
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Total Amount (Including Interest and Transaction Fee) to be Repaid: Interest plus transaction fees, expressed as a total amount and as a flat annualized percentage of the loan principal amount. USD 316.73 (5.00%)

Repayment schedule

Repayments due as of Apr 17, 2014:  USD 255
Total repaid as of Apr 17, 2014:  USD 61
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  Jul 11, 20134.38
Oct 18, 201228.79Jul 11, 20138.30
  Aug 19, 201320.49
Nov 18, 201228.79Aug 19, 20133.67
Dec 18, 201228.79  
Jan 18, 201328.79  
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Total Amount Due316.73Total Paid Amount61.25