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Inventory of pedicure & manicure product for my beauty palor

Is your loan that help me to get all that I have in my business place and I give all Glory to lenders of Zidisha for their loan that i got , and that have really brought much improvement in to my business and my living life, Thank you all.

Laptop, screens, and screen-separation machines

Hi lenders.i would like to let you know that i have managed to get a second lady technician to help ease job in my office as i look forward to open a new workshop within the town centre soon,though she is on trials i hope she will be ready for the challenges ahead.without zidisha,i would not have managed to change someone's life like that.
The profits has helped me to save some cash to be able to add to another loan am yet to request to add more stock.Thanks in advance because now im doing wiring at my homestead in Siaya county ready for electrification coming few months.with this my family will enjoy the fruits of zidisha team.

Power connection to my residential house

Hallo lenders am here happy seeing my business going high each month this is just of you zidisha team.Surely am happy to say that you have take my life to another high level thanks alot am proude of you lenders.

Loan to expand my stock by buy more sandals to sell

I thank the lenders so much for the previous loan they offered me. With the loan, I was able to buy some few sandals that I sold. This gave me some capital and more importantly widened my business knowledge. I therefore made a temporal wooden skeleton structure that I display some few sandals. This gave me the opportunity of displaying to people who did not know the business I was into. Once again I really thank you.

Loan for business expansion !

A BIG thanks to lenders of Zidisha for their loan that they gave me. It has helped me in various ways which I would like to tell them of some major ones.
First of all, I was able to raise a profit of 20% at the end which is far from the profit I had made previously before the loan. Also I have been able to buy new products for my business with the help of the loan and lots more. I really appreciate the effort of the lenders of Zidisha.

Inventory of photo printing rolls for photo prodution

Hey good lenders ,i am so much great full for the support you provided to much business,the loan you gave me i purchased photo printing papers for my business and this helped me alot and an increase of 15% percent was realized to my income,i restocked the goods and this has made my studio to be a one stop studio for the locals,also the earnings helped me alot at the time i lost my mother with transport and contributions towards the burial.Thank you.

Selling fruit & selling meat

Hi lenders,am so much glad for the great support that you have towards my success.With the loan you gave i managed to add stock of new varieties in the business, which in return has enabled me yield more profit and enabled me think of something in the business.I can comfortably afford to pay for my younger brother school fees at the university without struggle.The profit margin in my business ,courtesy of your support ,has raised from 50% to almost a 100%.Thank you so much for your support.

Mobile phones, school fees & home improvements

Hello Zidisha family, I hope everybody is as happy as I am for zidisha, this is a great programme touching many lives. Zidisha has helped me so much to grow my business, thanks to you lenders for the good work, now I can cater for my business and basic needs without straining so much , my business has grown and my income has increased by 40%.This could not have been possible without your kind and generous lending, I am one installment short of finishing paying my second loan, I can't thank you enough!

Wholesale supply of kitchenware for my shop

I got nothing else to say but to give all my thanks to all lenders and the whole group of zidisha for your good work you have been doing as my business has improved in large percentage.I have been learning my business without rushing as I have enough stock,my income has increased and also have enough free time.also am planning to move further with zidisha

Procurement of bottled drinking water stock

Dear lender, I inform you that the business is increasing, the house that I use as shops increasingly no longer possible to accommodate the goods, with the narrowness of my place so this time I was building a house at the back of the store so I could store expanded again. Venture capital loan that I use had been providing tremendous change, from the sale of this as well, I had dared to build a separate house that had been home that I occupy as well as shops. And I am also grateful that these loans are very useful in my business continuity. These loans are very helpful to me so that I more motivated in trying, I hope the lender continues to give credence to me, because my goal was to continue to develop a business that is a source of revenue and income for my family, I am committed to continue to maintain the trust of lenders ,

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Yth pemberi pinjaman, saya informasikan bahwa usaha semakin meningkat, rumah yang saya gunakan sebagai toko semakin tidak memungkinkan lagi menampung barang, dengan sempitnya tempat saya maka saat ini saya membangun rumah pada bagian belakang toko sehingga toko saya bisa bertambah luas lagi. Pinjaman modal usaha yang saya pergunakan selama ini telah memberikan perubahan yang sangat besar, dari hasil penjualan ini pula saya sudah berani membangun rumah tersendiri yang selama ini rumah yang saya tempati sekaligus sebagai toko. Dan saya juga bersyukur karena pinjaman ini sangat bermanfaat dalam kelangsungan usaha saya. Pinjaman ini sangat membantu saya sehingga saya semakin termotivasi dalam berusaha, saya berharap para pemberi pinjaman terus memberikan kepercayaan kepada saya, karena tujuan saya adalah ingin terus mengembangkan bisnis yang merupakan sumber pendapatan dan penghasilan bagi keluarga saya, saya berkomitmen akan terus menjaga kepercayaan para pemberi pinjaman.

Garments shop

Zidisha family thank you for the strong support of financial resources. With my dairy goat I have been able to repay the loan without strain. I have also been able to meet my daily expenses in general from my farm.
I am humbly looking forward for another loan to purchase two more hybrid dairy goats. God bless you abundantly.

Increase in mpesa float in my pharmacy and mpesa business

The financial support from Zidisha I have helped my family a lot. Through the funds I have been able to venture in new area of my expertise that is invested in community pharmacy that is meant to both benefit the surrounding community and my family to have a descent lifestyle. My future plan is to empower the youths to venture in businesses that have direct impact on their society

Farming and shoes business expansion

because of the financial support I have received from Zidisha am able to save more and this has enabled me repay my loan without difficulties. I will be harvesting my potatoes by August and this will greatly improve my income. thanx Zidisha for the support. God bless you all.

Eradicating poverty through business

I purchased jackets and sweat has increased my stock thus increasing my profits.with the increased earnings have added more stock and also been able to buy my family/children some more clothes to wear and put food stock in the house to go some days.My neighborhood is made of different tribes and we make sure there is security and well being of each other.

Locally made sandals and shoes for my shop

Business is really going on well and i have use the funds to go in for more goods for my shop which has really expanded my business. I am glad to be part of this wonderful platform that has helped me improve my business. Attached are some pictures of the goods that i went in for the shop. Clients are really happy with the products and i again say thank you to my wonderful lenders who have brought me this far.


Water tanks for drip irrigation

Thank you lenders for the loan.It bought pipes that have enabled me irrigate a bigger portion of land and that has indeed raised my production and revenue margins.

Add M-Pesa service to my shop

The past loan I bought stock for my inventory, I said bye bye in buying stock in small quantities, i.e. buying one piece of a photo paper or binding materials, or one ream printing papers. I have enough stock. Through this my sales have increased because 90% of my customers are served well and satisfied. My business has advanced so much.

Through the profits I pay my brothers university fees without straining. My business bills are also paid easily.
My family get food easily, we don't strain so much as we used to. Every member of my family is grateful, Zidisha is a Savior in most of our activities we are doing.

Expansion of pig farm

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all the zidisha lenders for their Godly assistance granted me in times of need. Where i had know no place to look for help but zidisha held my hand to be on my feet again by giving me loan to buy feed , roofing sheets, cement and also helping me to buy goats to add to my livestock production.
Fortunately one of my goats has given birth to twins and the other is also pregnant.
since most people do enjoy goat meat in about a year time like this festive occasion i will end big income to pay my loan.
In addition will employ two guys to assist me in my livestock production.
Now in the farms my family(sister and grand mum ) is helping me
Thanks a lot.

Stock of bed sheets

Waoh is amazing all to the glory of God and thanks to Zidisha as I have acquired more stocks of bedsheets which has spread the business beyond the city of Accra once again thanks

Inventory for farming tools for my farm

Am very grateful to all my lenders and the entire Zidisha Team for making my dream come true.I'm so happy for this program, and I've already begun to share the news with my family, friends and neighbours. And they're like wow! They can't wait to apply for theirs. And yes, I'm soon going to start my business by the help of Zidisha.

God bless you!

Purchase inventory for my beauty salon

Am very grateful to my lenders for their patience and continued support in my business.

My business has continued performing well and my daily income has increased greatly.

I am glad I have made my final installment payment today. this should reflect anytime tomorow.

I would like to ask my lenders to assist me in raising my next loan of which i am preparing my proposal. God bless and Thank you.


Income to buy university application form

I would like to extend a hand of gratitude to all zidisha lenders for the good they did me some months back. I would like to say confidently that everything is going well since the Zidisha loan really made me get the stuff I needed academically.

Thank you .

Motorbike to supply my eggs to retailers

I am more than grateful for the support accorded in funding my loan 100%. This is a dream come true for me after days of waiting. Finally i can purchase my laptop and take my online business to a whole new level. With the laptop, i can manage my work in a more flexible way and increase my work turnover tremendously, will be uploading the picture of the same as soon as i purchase it. Thank you once again Paul Graham and cheers!!!!

Buying exercises books, textbooks, chalk, pens and pencils

Hallo lenders!
Am grateful for all your support ,your love to Me and my family.Am happy to share with you this day despite the many challenges your fundings has helped alot towards the growth of my Business,lately i got an online plat form at JUMIA where i sell variety of my african tradinional bags which you can view them jumia online Kenya.Thank you again and blessings!

Mpesa shop, soft drinks and refreshments

I will buy a few chairs and makeshift tables. this will enable the clients taking refreshments be at ease.
an umbrella shade will also come in handy. this advancement will enable me increase my revenues
last but not least is to thank the zidisha team for their trust and unending support to people that they have never met, please make a forum for borrowers to meet lenders and have an exchange program

Health-supplements business

Additional creative works

Health-supplements business

Creative Designs

Health-supplements business

There are my original graphics works, this is a computer generated artwork for shirts to be embroidered for an international company.

Local gas refiling business

I wish to thank all my lenders for my first project that was funded by Zidisha.I am grateful to all of you.It was a nice experience getting a loan online from people you don't know neither do they know me but were willing to help.I learned a lesson in this great and humbling experience.I will embrace this and one time when I will have my cash enough to make a sacrifice,I will participate in this philanthropic act.I am still repaying the previous loan with a hope of finishing soon and consider another loan,To the Zidisha team,you mean a lot to many going through financial challenges.You are great.Wish all borrowers and lenders success in their endeavors.
Kind Regads

Purchase of incubator

You will notice that the photos attached are for mkunde (bean plant) and not amaranthus.
I had planned to plant amaranthus (mchicha). I actually planted almost 4 times different sections of the farm but it refused to germinate. So I decided to plant mkunde which is doing pretty good.
The pics you are seeing now are for 1 and 1/2 months mkunde.
If you visit the farm now there is no where to step.
I am so grateful to God and to the Zidisha family.

Purchase of incubator

More vegetable photos.

Hepatitis B Vaccines Needed for Community

I can now study more with the aid of my medical reference books. no more hectic times when I really need to get clarifications on what treatment to give to my client, I only need to refer from my books when I'm in doubt, no guess work!
I can now give a holistic care to my clients

more thanks to all my lenders

Stock of clothing for my store

Dear Lenders;

Please I am very graceful for the opportunity given me I wish to promise my Lenders I will fulfill my weekly contribution and the loan repayment .
Thank you may God blesses you.

Tuition for computer packages in education

I would like to sincerely thank the lenders, I have enrolled for my computer classes. The classes will commence on this coming Monday.

Am so excited and thrilled about it my upcoming computer classes. Once again thank you and be blessed.

Add stock of foodstuff to my store

Dear lenders, I even don’t know how I can express myself in words. I’m really happy when I see your souls concerned with my plans. Assisting- something that is absolutely rare in Kenya today. I’m really glad, thankful and and equally happy.
The loan, as I had stated earlier, it has reached a state where I’m not the only one benefiting but my family and now I’ll add one person to make my operations and daily activates run smoothly.
As far as my business is concerned, I will add stock, bring more modernity to the business and also actually find more room for expansion. If you let me share my vision, I am dreaming to have two more business in other towns where I have identified the gap. But before reaching there, I must manage this first but I see brighter future on my way. Thank you and god bless.

Clothing sales

Am so grateful for the loan i have just cleared ,because a can see my stock as grown by $90 and my profit has grown to $55.55 every week, am so grateful to the lender because i have also cleared this term fees for my sister.
I look forward to have another loan in future to improve more on my cloth business and to improve my family living standard.
Thank you so much God bless you

Deposit for farmland purchase

You're welcome. The world is showing their support to Kenya and I am appreciating.

At least in your hemisphere you have seasons. In Kenya, I can hardly tell winter from autumn. The changes are small.
Welfare in Kenya isn't the best. Unemployed people do not access any funds for basics. However, the entrepreneurial spirit is keeping many people with just enough money to live by. No holidays or expensive gadgets. Maybe once we have fixed our politics then the cake will become big enough for everyone.

I can't blame the Australians. Everyone wants to live like Kardashians -care free. ;-)

Thanks, Shehi.


Solar lighting for my business

I have received my loan if $100.
Thank you very much Zidisha, and Zidisha lenders. You have enabled me to be able to buy solar lighting for my small business.

Add More Tyres and Tubes to My Inventory

This is to thank zidisha team for the loan,it helped me very much for i added stock at my shop and thus gaining more profit i.e from 30%to 45%. I used the profit to pay some of my daughter's school fees. Live long zidisha team!

Need $350 to invest in a tire supplying company

Thank you my business is still growing and am very grateful to you all. I have been able to buy 3 R14 tires and 1 R20 tire. Thank you all.

To stock new fashioned shoes and men's wear for my boutique

This is to thank the zidisha team, i used the loan to purchase the new fashioned clothes and i was able to purchase them again during the time i was working with the loan i was given.
The loan made me to retain my customers and they really liked my clothes. I was also able to take my firs born daughter to private school where she should get the best foundation. The loan made my monthly income to increase from 40% to 70% and that made my family very happy .


i take this opportunity to thank the whole of Zidisha lenders and also Zidisha team for having offered me the opportunity to expand my article writing business. It really helped me alot and i was even able to recruit one person whom i taught how to write articles and he is now earning some income from it. The moderm i bought also gave me an opportunity to enroll on online education whereby am now learning online. All this happened through the help of Zidisha lenders whom assisted me alot. I am now on a missing to recruit three more youths whom i will teach how to write articles online ...THANK YOU ALOT

College fees for my sister

It my sincere appreciation for the
loan of $ 97.66 i got from my lenders. Many thanks to you all and may God grant you grace and his mercies to continue with the spirit to help young entrepreneurs like me to boost their businesses. The loan you gave me will enable me to buy office stationary i.e Photocopy papers $4.98, cartridges $17.9433,pens $2.4, pencils $3.59, exercise books $19.92 to boost the sale. The remaining amount i will clear school fees for my son. THANKS ALOT.

Buying banner printer

Hello Zidisha team. Your funds helped me to stabilize my business of cybercafe i was able to be ahead of my competitors. i was able to buy new computers and renovate my place. as shown in the picture

Open a branch and buy an extra embroidery machine

I received KES 31,855 yesterday. I am thrilled by your support. I will now go ahead and get the embroidery machine that I so much need in my business. Thank you so much and may you live long to help many other entrepreneurs.

Loan for education and to boost cyber cafe' business

Hi lenders, I appreciate your utmost support towards my cyber businesses. Indeed it has been a tremendous improvements as far as the business profit is concerned. It has increased from USD 270 to USD 320 after purchasing a computer. For real, clients are satisfied with my services. Initially before I joined zidisha, I could barely raise pocket money and pay for hostel fee. I entirely depended on my parents. But now, am totally independent and also I can pay myself part of my college fees. I thank you zidisha for the commendable work you have done towards promoting young entrepreneurs and creating an impact to the community. May God bless you!


Stock of prepaid airtime for mobile phones

This morning I met Ann Mwaniki, a wholesale phone card saleswoman and mother of two, who has used three Zidisha loans to expand her business inventory and provide extra income for her family.

Ann operates a delivery service in the town of Lucky Summer where she lives, supplying bodegas and groceries with the prepaid phone cards they sell to their customers. She purchases the cards each day from a bulk retailer downtown to resupply her roughly 30 customers, keeping track of their inventory and turnover to size her purchases. Ann delivers the cards personally to her clients, who choose her among competitors for her punctuality and reliability. Although as a wholesale supplier her margins are low, Ann's access to a sizable portion of business in the growing neighborhood of Lucky Summer provides a helpful supplemental income for her family.

Ann is on her third Zidisha loan and has maintained a 94% repayment rate. So far, all of her loans have been used to increase the inventory of phone cards, but within the next year she hopes to save enough to open her own retail store - selling phone cards and additional items like electricity tokens and M-PESA transactions to retail customers. Selling directly to consumers in a physical store will allow her to increase her profits and reduce the travel and delivery time that keeps her away from her family.

Ann grew up in Nyeri, a small town 250 kilometers north of Nairobi, where her parents still reside. She currently lives just off the main road in Lucky Summer with her husband Oscar and two sons: Favour Blessing, almost 5, and Trevor Mac, just 16 months. Ann's husband originally began the phone card business, which Ann took over when he started a job at a nearby factory, but Ann was the first to use Zidisha loans to expand the operations. Though Ann is a Kikuyu, Oscar is a member of the Luo tribe from the town of Busia in western Kenya. (He is the older brother of Edson Wandera, the Zidisha borrower I met a few weeks ago.) Oscar and Ann met after college, and after two years of dating their families approved the marriage though they came from two different ethnicities.

If there was any hesitation in the minds of Ann’s family about the marriage, it was put to rest four years ago when Ann gave birth to Favour. Unfortunately, the birth was a difficult one, and Ann was stricken with a severe calcium deficiency that left her barely able to feed her baby. For almost two years she was bedridden, eventually contracting tuberculosis due to her weakened immune system and needing to take a cocktail of pills each evening. Through the ordeal, Oscar supported his wife, even helping to change Favour's diapers and clean the house. Ann credits her husband immensely for staying by her side, something she feels another husband may not have done.

Now fully recovered, Ann is blessed with two healthy boys. On her way to work each morning Ann drops off Favour at a nearby preschool and Mac at his mother-in-law's house, and she collects them on her way home. The two children have opposite personalities; Favour is always smiling and eager to pose for a picture, while Mac is reserved and rarely away from his mother’s shawl. Ann is also thankful to have access to Zidisha, and she serves as a volunteer mentor for 24 other borrowers.

Ann, thank you for your hospitality today in showing me your home and neighborhood. I wish you much success with your growing business!

Greenhouse vegetables project

This is how vegetables looks now.. Thank u lender

Distributing locally produced palm oil

Hello family I wish to inform you that my activities are ongoing very well since I received my second encor prèt, I made more movement than before and realized it also makes me more profit, every two weeks I send at least 20 red oil drums in Conakry and the sale does not delay meme especially in this month of Ramadan. With that, I thank all the Zidisha lenders, me and my family proud sum all of this institution that offers this great opportunity for entrepreneurs. Thank you and god bless you!

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Bonjour la famille je tiens a vous informer que mes activités se poursuivent très bien depuis que j'ai encor reçu mon second prèt ,je fait plus de mouvement qu'avant et cela me fait realisé aussi plus de benefice, chaque deux semaine j'envoi au moins 20 bidons d'huile rouge à Conakry et la vente ne retarde mème pas surtout en ce mois de ramadan. Sur ce,je remercie tous les prèteurs de Zidisha ,moi et ma famille somme toutes fières de cette institution qui offre cette immense opportunité aux entrepreneurs. Merci et que Dieu vous benissent!

Soft drinks wholesale and mpesa business

I take this chance to inform you that my account has been credited with the loan i had applied for. I thank you once more for your services beyond borders. I have already ordered for four cartons of sodas going at ksh. 4600 and eight cartons of dasani drinking mineral water @2800 to be delivered by 9am tomorrow.