Community Statistics

What the whole Zidisha community has achieved so far

Total amount raised: $10,288,355

Projects funded: 76,495

Total members: 132,002

  • Borrowers joined: 108,121
  • Lenders joined: 23,881

Countries represented by Zidisha members: 164

Lending Statistics

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Total amount raised: $4,264,443

Projects funded: 47,539

Amount repaid and repaying on time: $3,118,057 (73.1% of amount disbursed)

  • Amount repaid by borrowers: $1,125,518 (26.4% of amount disbursed)
  • Amount repaying on time (within 30-day threshold): $1,062,331 (24.9% of amount disbursed)
  • Amount refunded to lenders from Members Loan Fund: $930,208 (21.8% of amount disbursed)

Amount held by borrowers more than 30 days past due with scheduled repayments: $1,077,393 (25.3% of amount disbursed)

Amount that has been written off: $68,993 (1.6% of amount disbursed)

Want to dive deeper? You can see individual loan repayment reports for any country and date here.