5 Things You Can do to Help Zidisha!

So, you’re a long time Zidisha supporter. You have financed businesses, changed communities, and altered lives. Now what? Why not help Zidisha using some alternative methods! They are easy, free (well, most of them are), and they will help us out a bunch!
1. Spread the word! 
Did you know that we are on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest? By liking or following us you help us spread the message to your friends and family. See an interesting Tweet? Share it! Think that we posed a great picture? Like it! These simple actions help us create awareness, and increase our overall impact.
2. Use a search engine!
What, you already do that? Great! If you switch your default search engine to GoodSearch you can earn Zidisha 1¢ for every search you perform. Sure it’s not a lot, but it can add up fast, especially with everyone’s support! 
3. Shop online!
I don’t know about you, but I have an addiction to Amazon! It just so happens that if you shop with Amazon by using GoodSearch you can generate us a 1.5% donation. Don’t use Amazon? No problem! GoodSearch has thousands of online retailers who donate up to 4% of the total sale to your nonprofit of choice (Zidisha of course). There are even exclusive coupons for you to take advantage of.
4. Buy Zidisha gift cards!

Ok, this one will cost you money. However, buying a Zidisha gift card for a friend or family member will introduce them to the world of microfinance and the life changing impact that Zidisha has. Every dollar that we lend will benefit a needy entrepreneur

5. Share your ideas with us!
We have been around since 2009, but we are still growing and always learning. If you have a good idea to help us raise money or awareness, let me know

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