Help remarkable people
achieve their goals

Lend directly to entrepreneurs
in developing countries.

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Direct communication

Entrepreneurs share their stories, photos and progress updates.

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Cost-efficient loans

Profits from the loans go to the entrepreneurs, not to banks.

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Funds recycle to new projects

$50 funds $750 worth of loan projects in five years!

How it works

Esther was lent $150 to expand her grocery shop.

"With Zidisha on my side, I will attain my dream of providing a secure future for my family."

"This type of lending is possible in Africa now because many people have access to the internet."

"By eliminating intermediaries, Zidisha has been able to reduce cost to the borrower."

"Peer-to-peer microlending has the ability to have an enormous impact — on a global scale."

Connect with remarkable people around the world and help them reach their goals.

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