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Business of purchase and sale of electrical and electronics

I wanted to take a minute to thank you again for the loan you gave me. My family rests more assured of a better tomorrow. Thank you Julia Kurnia, Zidisha team and all lenders for this platform.

Making skincare products from natural oils

Thanks Emma your words has encouraged me to persevere as there is always a risk in business. I will do my best to make repayment on time despite the situation

To buy phones and accessories for re-sale.

Thank you all very much hope you are all doing very well. Just want to say how grateful I am with this family. God bless and its good people.

Stock of shoes for clothing shop

thanks so much for your assistance.

Restock existing store & open a new branch

I will adjust upwards later when my business starts generating more income.

University tuition for my brother

Another excellent application, Benjamin, and it’s great to hear how you are helping your family members to study and enter valuable professions. Kindly allow me a week or two before I make another loan to you. I’ll certainly do so.


Stock addition for my clothes shop

wish you luck, do your best and slowly you can grow in both business and borrowing

Restocking of my new shop

Thank you so much dear lenders!I received my loan and will be going to purchase handbags and school bags for my shop which will increase my revenue.

Photography and video service

In addition to camera and photo business, I will purchase camera accessories for sale in my shop. Camera accessories such as Camera Bags, Tripods, Batteries, Battery Chargers, Screen Protectors, Flashes etc for sale.
This would help me serve more customers at a fee and therefore increase my revenue. This would help me take pay my bills and take good care of my family.
To you my lenders I really appreciate you your effort and sacrifice toward me. I can't thank you enough for your support. God richly bless you all

Materials for photocopy and printing service

i thanks all my lenders for the great support

Kamaa wa comp games and computer software's.

Thanks alot lenders.

Buying stocks for my shop

With the loan granted to me, i was able to get some stocks which i sold out at an affordable price and this has brought up a grate improvement to my business.

Thanks to all my lenders and Zidisha.

Restocking of my new shop

Thank you so much dear lender..this will help me to in buying of handbags and school bags especially during this season when children are going back to school and will improve my revenue...Thank you si much God bless.

Making supplies to a client

I wish to thank our amiable loan lenders for this opportunity avail me to grow and expand my business beyond this current level. Thanks a million.

Photography and video service

With the support from Zidisha lenders, I'm gradually becoming an entrepreneur and the future seems good for me and my family.
What else can I say to Zidisha lenders, God bless you abundantly for your love, care and support.

Hair dresser

Thank you ZIDISHA for your Loans it has really made my business so lite. The last loan l got l used it order products and wigs for the salon and lm so happy that sells are doin awesome.
My next Loan proposal l want to buy a popcorn machine and to open a car wash.
Thank you ZIDISHA .

Laptop computer for work; and a vision check-up

Hello, Joshi!

So good to see you here and happy new year too!
Yeah, it's been awhile hearing news from those two. I wish I could talk to Mimin, too.
How's everything on your side? The global weather is unpredictable lately. Thankfully my family and I are fine and safe over here. Hopefully you & your Family, Joost, Mimin and all other Zidisha lenders are fine and safe wherever they are. :)

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Hello, Joshi!

So good to see you here and happy new year too!
Yeah, it's been awhile hearing news from those two. I wish I could talk to Mimin, too.
How's everything on your side? The global weather is unpredictable lately. Thankfully my family and I are fine and safe over here. Hopefully you & your Family, Joost, Mimin and all other Zidisha lenders are fine and safe wherever they are. :)

Distributing provisions to retail shops

I have received my loan and I thank you for helping me for going up my business but I hope you are going to help me more and more to go out my business and also lend me for future

Cybercafe equipment

I want to take this moment to pass my sincere gratitude to my lenders who gave me the loan. I was able to purchase the printer with the loan that i was given. I thank you so much for the opportunity that you gave me. The machine is helpful to my business and will help me get extra income. Thankyou so much

Tea farming.

God bless for support.

Laptops for sale and other merchandise

Thank you for your attention Joshi, be careful too :)

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Terimakasih atas perhatiannya Joshi, berhati-hatilah juga :)

To purchase foodstuff to sell

I will use it to purchase foodstuffs and other goods. It will really help me grow my business. Thank you my lenders.

Distributing solar lights to wholesalers

Thank you all so much for your help for the past year and hope you will extend same help this year. God bless you all and I pray for a successful year.

Laptops for sale and other merchandise

uh oh, this is serious! I am glad to read below that it didn't enter your house. Must have been a scary experience :-( . Looks like weather is being erratic all over the world.

All the best in your search for your daughter's next school! "Junior high school" - that is a milestone for both of you :-) Take care.

Buying and reselling of affordable solar lights and kits

Thank you all so much and happy new year.

Kananest provision store

Please leaders thank you very much for funded my loan for me. God bless you all.

School fee.

Good luck with your projects.

Buy a public address sound system and speakers for hire

Hello Zidisha the stock turn over ratings are improving anticipating to raise the repayments for now a slight percentage from the previous will benchmark with my business . Best regards

Laptops for sale and other merchandise


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Add beehives to my honey farm

With the current loan, I will be able to buy additional beehives for my farm project.
This will increase my income and hence improve my living standards together with my family.
Thanks so much for the loan.

To purchase sanitary pads, detergent and toiletries for sale

Hello Joshi,
Many thanks to you. Wishing you many happy returns and stay bless always.

Kananest provision store

Thanks to all my leaders for starting funding my loan to me . God bless you all. Thanks a lot

Laptops for sale and other merchandise

Dear Joshi, happy new year too, hopefully this year can be more successful than the previous year, and also health is paramount. Earlier this year, in my home area in Tangerang, it was flooded, fortunately the flood did not enter the house, only in front of the street of the house, the flood water level reached the height of an adult"s calf, which caused electricity to go out for 24 hours, so that all activities were interrupted. Right now my sales are slowing down a little, because I"m busy with meetings at my daughter"s school in order to find a school for the next stage in junior high school. Thank you Joshi, always healthy.

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Dear Joshi,

selamat tahun baru juga, semoga di tahun ini dapat lebih sukses dari tahun sebelumnya, dan juga sehat yang paling utama.

Awal tahun ini, di area rumah saya di Tangerang, mengalami banjir, untungnya banjir tidak memasuki rumah, hanya di depan jalan rumah, tinggi air banjir mencapai tinggi betis orang dewasa, yang mengakibatkan listrik padam selama 24 jam, sehingga semua aktifitas terganggu.

Saat ini penjualan saya sedang agak melambat, karena saya sedang disibukkan pertemuan-pertemuan di sekolah putri saya dalam rangka mencari sekolah untuk tahap selanjutnya di sekolah menengah pertama.

Terimakasih Joshi, sehat selalu.

Cyber cafe project loan

Dear Lenders,
I have received the loan and i really appreciate it
thanks so much

A piece of land for my home

Dear my lenders, I am among the many people who have benefited from your p2p loan. I wish to thank you a lot that opportunity. My farm had help me a lot, I have been planting potatoes which has of great help. we have got food and also sell some...

Laptops for sale and other merchandise

wish you a very happy new year! Have been busy lately so am wishing little late. Hope the holiday season was good for your business.

Purchase variety of the latest clothing

Hi Mimin,
haven't heard from you in a long time. It has been like losing a pen friend :-( Hope you are doing well. Wish you a great new year. Take care.

Business loan

A big Shout out goes to all my lender's who made my loan a success, indeed the loan has been helpful! I love you all!!


Loan received and part of it is already working
Deeply thankful for the support

University tuition for my brother

As earlier stated, the purpose of my previous loan was for the payment of tuition fees for my younger brother who gained admission to the university. I'm glad to report that I've successfully paid the first year tuition fees of my younger brother courtesy the loan I received from you my cherished lenders. I deeply appreciate your support and I'm forever grateful.

Travel/ repairs

I received 3200, I bought materials which were missing at my business.Thanks for funding me with the amount.

Loan needed to get a good car for Uber driving

Thank so very much good people for the loan. I’m most grateful and will employ it for the intended purpose. I will definitely do my best to pay up my loans on time so others can also have access to fund their business projects. Thanks a million

Upgrade farm equipment

I received a Zidisha loan of Ksh 17,561 on 24th November 2019.

The amount was timely as it enabled me to prepare and set up seedbeds for my vegetable enterprise thus enabling me to have a good basis for diversification of the produce.

I am thankful for the loan and look forward to increased yields.

Training and consultancy service

This is to confirm receipt of the sum of 102,454 NGN as my loan for the period. My intention is to use this fund and expand my publicity outreach. I wish to say Thank you very much to my lenders.

Stock of spare parts for my repair garage

Am greatifull that the last loan brought change in my entire business, i was able to work through in both seasons, i also passed through hard times but through the loan i have been able to find a way through. Thank you lenders, thank you zidisha.

Stocking cards

Hi.The loan has boosted my stocks.IAm able to satisfy my customers.

Tailoring materials

I am happy for this great new wasn't expecting it soon,well I will proceed to the Market and add my savings to zidishers money to equip my shop with latest clothing and tailoring accessories.this willsurely boost my sales for the month .Once again thanks ZIDISHA you guys Rocks

Training and consultancy service

Thank you Joshi for keeping your promise. This is greatly appreciated.

Training and consultancy service

as I said few weeks back, am pitching in for your loan! All the best for your plans to expand into more universities.

Sewing machine for made in aba business

Dear Loveth,

this sounds like a good business. Good luck with the new sewing machine.

Kind regards from Switzerland,