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Business capital for selling foodstuffs

Oranges to sale now my business is growing

To buy inputs for my crop farm

Thank you lenders for the first fund

Computer accessories

Thank you Lenders for the support . God bless you.

Cosmetics for beauty salon

With this fund that you have funded i am going to buy item s for cosmetic such as perfume, lipsticks, powder, eyebrow pencils e.t.c. And about how it will help me, its because many women wants these things and I have seen them coming to me asking since I opened a salon that's why i am so sure that it will be helpful to me to pay my loan .Dear funders I want to thank you so much for making my project possible ,thank you for your help am looking forward when you will help me again. Thank you.

To put toward new spare tyre for my car/taxi

I thank everybody who read my profile and tried to help me. I have received GHC67 and this is going to help me buy the spare tyre I need for my car to work. I am on my way to the workshop t get this done so by tomorrow I can get back t working hard. I am very grateful and thank my backers for supporting my project. Thank you all.

To increase my stock of household goods to sell

I received 13,234 KES which I'll invest in my online household goods business. I'll repay the loan on time to build a good credit profile. Thank you for your support.

For my business of selling shoes & bags

Thank you for supporting me

Kente cloth weaving

Please İ have received 846 cedis. I will buy more threads so I can weave more kente clothes. Thank you all very much for supporting my project. I'm very excited and I am very grateful.

To help buy health supplements to sell

Am happy to inform my funders that I made a progress of a 3% in my second loan project. I thank you all for the progress made and that if it were not your support it wouldn't happen, hope for your future support. Wish your businesses well. I thank you.


Buying a refrigerator for bottled water, other drinks & biscuits for resale

Thank you for the repayments- God bless your business- Hope your business brings more joy and blessings to your community :D

Connecting my home with electricity

This is the second picture I took.

Connecting my home with electricity

Dear Lenders,
It's my joy to meet with you again on this platform.
Through your support funding I am able to pay off the materials I bought on credit before posting my loan proposal onto the platform.
I was able to buy one electricity pole that will hold the cables from the main line to the house. I am yet to get the main meter because the engineer said my details has to go through their computerised system so I should exercise patient.
I took pictures as evidence to show you what I have done so far. Thank you so so much. I am grateful.

Loan to add to other money to import car dash cameras

Hi Lenders, Just finishing parking the last stock of dash Cameras for delivery to my client, It's been amazing just how I was able to clear all stock within a month, all this was possible because of you. May God bless you. Thank you

Buying mesh wire dam fencing

It all started here.

Buying mesh wire dam fencing

Am very grateful to my lenders. Through your help I managed to buy dam liner that will be of help to harvest rain water that I will be using for farming. Once again thank you.

Mobile money and mobile phone accessories business

Let me give thanks to almighty God for his blessings and protection in all difficulty situations. My next appreciation go to all my lenders their support the have been given me since I joined this family. The loan have actually change the face of my business by God grace things are moving on will. My God bless you all.

Loan for forklift training (and transport fees to school)

This is a logo i desiged for a client. he really liked it. it all possible through the loan i was given here for an IT education. am forever gratful. just want to share my happy moments with you all and also to thank you all for how far you have brought me. there are much more success ahead and i know you won't let me down when i need help.

Internet service provider

Good morning, kindly I am glad to let you know that, the project pushed through, I couldn't have done it without your help.

In conclusion, thank you for believing in me.

kind regards,

To expand my farm land & for school fees

Thank you very much My brother. May God bless you once again thanks

To get a new sewing machine

Thank u you jochem and the rest of the lenders for your help... Iam so greatfull to you guys

To expand my farm land & for school fees

Ogbu, you are not alone my friend. Best wishes to you.

Hospital beds and medicines for health clinic

Hi zidisha team am the most grateful woman for your sincere support which has changed my life by far wish you long life & happiness towards your destiny. I love you all.

To buy pipe materials for pipe-borne water to my house

Thank you so much my lender you make my project fulfillment comes through and as I said I will use it to buy my pipe items,
May God richly bless you.

To get a new sewing machine

All the best!

To make another deposit for my deep freezer

My trusted lenders I greet you all in the name of God I hope everyone is having a great day as I am and business is moving perfectly and payment is done successfully and I added small amount to my installment so if any slow marketing or poor marketing occurs it couldn't be a problem for me because I have an outstanding balance so that adding small amount can help me to make another payment in future.
Please stay safe.


Loan to increase stock for my provisions shop

Keep going,
Never give up

Loan to increase stock for my provisions shop

Thank you zidisha community for your efforts to boost our living though loans. I used my loan to increase stock for my business

Purchase of GSM mobile phone accessories

I am very grateful for all your support.

To buy seeds and fertilizer

Thank you lenders all for funding my project

Fashion design business & mobile money services

Thanks very much brother am grateful for your help.
God bless you

To get a new sewing machine

Dear Kabwe,

all the best for your sewing business. I hop that it helps you to ultimately continue your studies.

Kind Regards from Switzerland,


To buy new clothes to sell

Wishing you luck in your business

To put toward purchasing more stock of bags & shoes

Thank you lenders

To help buy a laptop computer for business recordkeeping

Thanks members. For the funding this will help me get a laptop for my business

Purchase blackboards

Greetings from australia

To buy pipe materials for pipe-borne water to my house

My backers I greet you all,
The fund you funded me has helped me to buy the pipe materials but it couldn't complete all the materials but I hope my next offer will help me to buy the rest of the materials.

Loan for ice-block business (& for online course tuition fees)

Hi my dear lenders and supporters I have received the amount you helped fund for me. I say I thank you very much for your perpetual unfailing support.

With this amount I have been able to buy the fridge I said I would buy. Also this money has enable me pay for my online tuition fees.

I once again say than you for your time and help.


Am very grateful for zidisha love

To buy school materials

You have become one of my Greatest defenders of my business keep it and assist more and I hope our creator of universe will bless you forever.
Stay safe!!!!

To buy school materials

Best wishes for your children's education.

Supplying herbal products to shops

That's great and good news for my herbal business, more than 25 herbal shops are in demand of Large quantities of my herbal product, as am waiting for the pending cash to produce more and supply..

Inventory of electrical items, plastic wares & protective equipment

Hello my Dear Lenders,
Am doing just fine here in Central Kenya region. The weather is quite hot as we await the rain season to begin later this month. Avocado trees have already flowered and many farmers are expecting a good harvest come next year.
Business is good and am happy to have completed my loan repayment. Am really looking forward for your funding as I prepare to apply for my next loan. I thank you all for this far my business has come.
Thank you in advance.

To buy farm inputs, such as high-quality seeds

I thank you all very much

JimTech phones & accessories (and mobile money)

Am moving on well with zidisha

To get a new sewing machine

Thank you so much my lenders for helping me with this, i will be able to buy a new machine.

To buy medicine for my son

May God touch and heal your son

Barbershop (and mobile money transfer business)

I want to buy the Barbershop materisls such as;
1. The dressing mirror
2. New chairs to accommodate more customers
3. a Zinc , a blower and three barbershop machine.

4. In addition I also need to reinvest more capital in my mobile money business to allow me to have customers and do more transactions per day.

Thank you to you all my lenders for support and effort to fundraise my loan today, I will work hard to grow my business through your support.

To buy medicine for my son

May God bless you for choosing to help me...

Equipment for installing electricity in homes

Thank you all the members that have funded my project. The funds will be used according to the project plan. You people make this world better and enjoyable to live in.

Purchase farm inputs for crop farming

Thank you my good lenders for always supporting us