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Yelaakyekpi Vincent     Aug 16, 2017

Business is doing well. Demands for my laboratorry sevices keep on increasing. I am hoping to inject more capital to meet those demands. I am so much indebted to my lenders and the Zidisha community. May the Almghty richly bless you all. Thank you.

Malaria Rapid-Diagnostic Kits (RDTs) for my clinic
Berekum, Ghana

Linet Atieno     Aug 15, 2017

I thank God the elections were free and fair we got the results though not everyone was satisfied,we as a nation are determined to move on and that is good for business and our economy when schools reopen I maintain a silent prayer that peace shall prevail please pray for us Kenya.

Money to build a classroom
Mariwa, Kenya

Joseph Karimi     Aug 14, 2017

Thanks for the loan. I will use the money to re-stock my business so as to increase my sales. thanks once more!

Inventory of nails
Mombasa, Kenya

Lidyawati Zubaidah     Aug 14, 2017

This is one example of my selling at home and marketed online grateful to be able to recognize zidisha so can increase stock and alhamdulillah selling well. Thanks zidisha

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Ini salah satu contoh jualan saya di rumah dan dipasarkan secara online bersyukur sekali bisa mengenal zidisha jadi bisa menambah stok dan alhamdulillah laris manis. Terima kasih zidisha

Stock of household utensils to sell
Ogan Komering Ilir, Indonesia

Rio Dahlil     Aug 13, 2017

I've just bought two seeds of durian musangking for trial. The cost of the seeds and the delivery are 21 USD.

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I've just bought two seeds of durian musangking for trial. The cost of the seeds and the delivery are 21 USD.

Plant seeds
Kampar, Indonesia

Getrude Kimani     Aug 13, 2017

Hi lenders,

Loan for material to create new fashions
Kasarani, Kenya

Maurice Ochieng     Aug 13, 2017

179, 550 KES has been received in full as per yesterday.thanks be to lenders who made sure that my loan application is funded in time.I will be buying the two machines for separating phone screens, laptop for the workshop and more accessories related to mobile phone as stated in my loan application. THANKS ONCE AGAIN

Laptop, screens, and screen-separation machines
Embakasi, Nairobi, Kenya

Erick Ndwiga     Aug 13, 2017

The loan i just finished to pay i bought a Sugar Cane Juice machine, The business has made a difference in that it made my Taxi business run smoothly even with delayed payments, i had some difficulties some times because of the new location i moved to but still i could manage to pay the store rent cater for other expenses and still have some money to run my credit trips by fueling the car,i have been able to give my younger brother who has been in internship for 5 months now some up keep money,i live in Nairobi and as you know am in the Tourism and Transport industry we have a lot to visit around Nairobi and the surroundings.

Top-up money to buy a new taxi for Uber and my bookings
Nairobi, Kenya

BernadetteV     Aug 13, 2017

Delighted for you that your business is doing so well because of your hard work. Hope this loan continues to help you succeed.

Rice and maize flour for my hotel
Mazeras Mission, Kenya

Flipmore     Aug 12, 2017

Congratulations on getting the loan!

Counter medicines & lab equipment for my pharmacy
Brodi,brong Ahafo,ghana, Ghana