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Sultana Stictches dressmaking studio

This last loan helped me acquired more sewing materials. So i was able to produce more clothes to deliver to the market and my customers. Thank you so much

Loan to provide 3050 school sports wear in contract

Thank you so much lenders for your patience and take care with this pandamic season of covid19 we are also lockdown in Ghana by our own selves though the government did not include the northern Ghana but we decide to stay at home for prevention is better than cure

Mobile phone payment service

Actually Zidisha is making impact in my business as I use the money to boost my capital in my business. I thank the staff of Zidisha and my lenders

New laptop for online freelancing

Thank you for your support. I received 16,581 KES and will top this up and purchase a new laptop. This will really help me on my daily work. Thank you.

Supplying clothing to retailers

Thanks to zidisha, I have received the loan,and I am using it to purchase shoes for my clients

Stock for my grocery shop

Just want to thank the lenders for the help they keep on assisting me and the others,this loan will really help me in keeping my business running.


Thanks for a loan of Kes 431. I bought some vegetables to keep me going

Additional computer and printer for legal document printing service

Hello LENDERS, I am thankful for standing with me in giving me loans, i am so grateful, today i have been able to complete my loan and i am grateful. i hope i can get more when i will need some

Mobile phone payment service

Am so glad to see my loan funded. Acknowledge with thanks

Equipment for beautician shop

May the good Lord bless you all for funding my loan

Selling children's clothing

Thank you dear kind lenders for fully funding my loan. I have successfully received a loan of Kshs.45,248.
Today,being a Sunday I don't work but tomorrow 06th April,2020 I will be able to do the new clothing purchase. After doing so,I will update you lenders.
Thank you and remain safe wherever you are under God's protection.
Warm regards.

Moving and public transport vehicle service

Thanks for funding the loan. I will use it to install tracking gadget on one vehicle that I lease out.

Supplying clothing to retailers

Towards your Bright future.
I hope you can overcome any business pains and come to wear a smile on your face.

Installing tanks and pump for water provision

Iwil buy 20000l water tank which wil enabled to have enough storage water to my business to fight corona and also usage I take this chance to thank all my leders.

Producing hand sanitizer labels

Thanks to Zidisha Team and my lenders for granting me the loan. I will use this loan to buy raw materials and design labels for hand sanitizer operators for profit.

Installing tanks and pump for water provision

Dear Samual,

Succes with the 2 water tanks. I hope that you will be able to install them soon so people are able to use them quickly. Please show us some photos after installation.

With kind regards,

Mobile phone payment service center

Good morning everyone, once again I take this opportunity to say thanks to our almighty God who has allowed us to see another day, I am doing good hopping that all of you are okay.
Secondly I appreciate all the Zidisha members and a big thank you to my lenders for funding my project.
I am going to top up my Mpesa and cooperative agent floats and also do some repairs to my furniture in the Cyber café. May God bless you all for generously supporting my business.

Company registration, office set-up, upgrade motorcycle

My business is still doing well despite current world crisis. Am carrying out repair & maintenance jobs as well as sales normally.
Although on part of repair services, due to a spike on unemployment rate my customers arent able to pay normally in that i have lowered costs on that.

Stock for of food provision store

Thanks be to you all for your support during this pandemic. I will use the money to purchase 5kg bags of rice in my store to sell. Thanks a lot

Transporting my cabbages to markets

Hi lenders I hope your doing well , according to me and my business is doing well ..

Making wigs and handbags

I received the sum of 31,598NGN .thanks alot for this.will use it zidiciously

Selling phone accessories

The loan I had just completed so much helped me in satisfying my customers demands. It helps me to supply the gadgets in time and I make a good profit.

Installing tanks and pump for water provision

i would like to thank my dear lenders for their constant support in my previous funding.i wish to continue partnering with you in all the situations without failing you.thank you

Event decorating service

Thank you so much for your encouragement, I'm still putting more effort to make sure my businesses are well set up. I thank you for your support through zidisha it has been of great importance in my business development.

Selling children's clothing

Thank you dear lenders for believing in me and supporting my business. May God blesses you always.
Stay safe

Selling disinfectant

Hi John,

it's a good idea to help people. With a simple solution, you may help your customers to protect themselves.

Just three thoughts:
- What exactly are you selling? Water/alcohol mixture? The WHO has a very useful recipe for a good disinfectant:
Be careful with the preparation (I can give you more information upon request)
- Besides disinfectant, simple soap is recommended by most authorities for simple, more skin-friendly and equally effective protection. Would you consider selling (soap as well?
- Public education about, e. g. social distancing, and prevent the spread of misinformation. Maybe you can put up a poster or print some flyers? Again, the WHO has very good information ready to use and print:

Take care!

Best Regards from Switzerland,


Event decorating service

Dear Racheal,

I wish you all the best with you business. You seem set up well with multiple streams of income.
Kind regards from Switzerland,


Producing hand sanitizer labels

Thanks to the Zidisha lenders for granting me loan to help build my business. The previous was meant for six weeks but immediately after the loan i won a contract from a group who wants round neck T shirt to campaign against the Covid 19 pandemic. Due to that i was able to raise a profit of Ghc 278.00 in short period.

Second hand clothes business

Thank you lenders for your support. Business is going well and I do appreciate your efforts

Delivering essential supplies to homes during lockdown

I have started making sales with 65% profit margin which is quite impressive than expected. Demand is more than expected due to crisis as people are willing to buy their children needs rather than theirs. Now, am hoping to exhaust my initial supplies to demand more goods which includes essentials especially food stuffs. Diversifying and expanding my business is my top priority as many clients have noticed my existence and I need a delivery truck soon because my relatives are beginning to join me in reaching out to people to expand my customer coverage. The holidays has made Alot of clients, customers and neighbors reach out to me for wholesales price which is also another avenue to leverage on profitability.
I appreciate every penny given as loan to improve my profitability.

Add beans, cassava flour and rice to my shop

I will use and buy goods like beans garri and basket of tomatoes

Vegetable farming

I appreciate your love for me to succeed in my business. I wish same successes for you my lenders in all that you do. This facility will help me buy new seeds and chemicals for my next planting. With the in mergence of this pandemic people need to eat healthy food so as to stay healthy, my farm will help provide the needed nutrition and helping to balance the meals of my people with leafy vegetables. Thanks a million times.


Hellos,I was aiming at increasing my production by adding more seedlings of spinach and cabbages hence higher profit.

Distributing solar lights

Thank you lenders for all your support. God bless you all.

To buy a combined printer

Due to Covid-19, everything has come to stand still. The useful message has been "stay at home" for the sake of our safety and that of those whom we come in contact with. Raising the current amount is challenge. However, we have a strong believe that it will come to an end and normalcy will resume

Selling hair weavons to beauty salons

Thank for being there am increasing my sales will pay up soon

Selling children's clothing

Good luck with your business :)

Household expenses

Hello, this is me saying thank you so much this platform has really been a great place to connect and help each other. Even in this global outbreak Zidisha is still a great platform. GOD keep us safe till the end.

Selling of building materials

Iam hereby to inform you that,I would use the loan to purchase high demand materials such as boxes of nails, cements, shovels, padlocks, trowels,ropes, tape measures etc. And this loan is going to help me purchase materials which is in high demands and make them available for my customers to buy .In this note,I thank all my able lenders for their enormous support for me ,I really appreciates your support up to this far.God bless you all.

Working capital

The loan really made a huge difference in my business because I was able to get some new products and this has boost my business up, thanks zidisha

Selling mobile phone accessories

Thanks for funding my loan I will use this amount to grow my business. Thanks

Add printing services for cybercafe

Thank you very much Frank.
I Feel motivated.

Add printing services for cybercafe

Hello lenders , today Equity bank brought for me an advitisement bill board to my business.

Add printing services for cybercafe

Good idea! Good luck!

Supplying masks, thermometers and gloves to healthcare organizations

I'm extremely grateful to get support from all of you despite the financial strain covid 10 has established. I will use the loan to by nose mask, infrared thermometer and food suppliers to distribute.

Selling mobile phone accessories

thanks to all my lenders for the previous loan, it helped me a great deal, the accessories i got boosted my sales because i was able to meet my customer's demands and orders, thanks a lot.
thanks so much hope we keep working together in the future.

Making wigs and handbags

Thanks alot for this loan,I will get more equipments for my wig making and also get more goods to sell. I really appreciate.

Kesler's farm

I bought seeds to grow, hired local labour to plant them and a tractor to plough the fields. I also bought fertiliser to boost the crop growth and this has helped in realising my project and meet my goal.

Event decorating service

This was me at my last job.after decoration

Event decorating service

Thank you so much zidisha lenders you guys are the best. I was able to make profit in my last contract. Due to my ownership of materials which I no longer have to rent again. Because of the funds you made available to me.i can't thank you enough. I hope you continue to improve my business