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Clothing sales

Am using the money to buy more clothes and sell.
Thank you for making my project possible

To make a small container shop for my restaurant business

As I said before this fund will be helpful to me to get a small container for my business although it will not complete the work but if God permit my daughter's father will bring her monthly chop money to support,
I thank you so much for making my project possible May the good Lord bless you all.

Supplying building materials, sand, and gravel stones

Thank you to my backers for supporting my project loan funding.l received the money this morning,and l am reordering more materials for customers supply.l am grateful to you all,and God bless you all.

To make a small container shop for my restaurant business

Thank you sister I appreciate your wishes.

Supplying building materials, sand, and gravel stones

First of all, l thank God for making it possible through the help and support from the members who funded my project loan.God bless you all abundantly.This fund will all go for materials purchase, for more trips of quarry stones and sand will increase my earnings to enable me to repay my loan on time.To my contributors and the Zidisha team, God richly bless you, and protect you and your businesses,and please stay safe always. Am grateful.

Business loan for my provisions shop (food and other supplies)

I am grateful for funding my loan my lenders and zidisha team. This will help me buy a few more stock in addition to what I have already. Part of the money will be used in purchasing a small deep freezer to stock my frozen foods. This will help in this festive season of Christmas.


To put toward buying wallpaper for a design project

Good luck Japhet!

Cosmetics and hair extensions shop

Glory to the most high God for I have successfully graduated. A very big thank to Zidisha fraternity, I hope to start PHD soon and I am very optimistic that zidisha family will help me through.

Supplying building materials, sand, and gravel stones

Hello,Ren.Please, l appreciate your caring and contribution. God richly bless you.

School fees for my son

Thank you for speedily funding my loan/ project. This fund will be use to clear school fees for 2nd term for my son. Zero balance was needed at school and it caught me unawares . a big thank you

Supplying building materials, sand, and gravel stones

Alfred, you are very welcome... and, yes, we do care. :)

Supplying building materials, sand, and gravel stones

Laurie, l am with much pleasure to say thank you for sharing this important message with me.A lot have been stated in your message, and I am grateful. I thank each and everyone for your great support and contribution.Indeed, you care.And I have the faith it will be funding. God bless you all.

To make a small container shop for my restaurant business

Good luck vida

Selling educational posters and textbooks

Thankyou so much for believing in me by accepting to fund grateful.i will increase my stock for the posters over the Christmas period and I trust it will boost my business to the next level.thank you so much .

Selling educational posters and textbooks

Dear Cecilia,
good luck with the expansion of your business!

Kind Regards from Switzerland,

To finish paying for my new sewing machine

Thank you so much my backers you make me smile this morning to clear the remaining balance of my new sewing machine debt, may God bless you.

To make a small container shop for my restaurant business

The loan I just completed helped me to deposit 2/3 amount of my deep freezer.

Distributing medical supplies

More photos of my shop

Distributing medical supplies

I am thanking all my lenders this morning for your contribution towards making my business growing.

Office space for my cleaning company

I received an amount of Ghs 4640
Made a 2nd installment for the shop for my cleaning business.
Thank you for supporting.
Looking forward to expand and start operation soon.

To help pay for forklift training & transportion to school

hello dear lenders, am sorry that you haven't heard from me for a while. i wasn't feeling well but am ok now. i hope you are all doing well.

thank you and stay safe.

Stock for my grocery kiosk

I Will use the funds to add more stock which enable me to meet the demand.Thank zidisha family for funding my business project.

To make final payment of my grinding machine

Thank you very much all my backers you make my machine purchasing comes through, may Good Lord bless you all.

Study for certifications to supplement degree in I.T.

For those of us in other parts of the world, who may not have known what it means to graduate with "Second-Class Honours (Upper Division)": [Countries/Ghana/Grading-System]
3.00-3.59 [on a 4.00 scale]... A-/B+

Congratulations, Isaac, and best wishes for all to go well as you study to earn the additional certifications to supplement your I.T. degree.

May you soon find the good-paying job that you certainly deserve.

Kind regards.

Buy graphic-design papers (for contractor & building designer)

am more than glad to be happy. thank you

Beads work project

Many thanks to the lenders who supported me. I truly appreciate your effort.
The funds was use to purchase beads to support my project.
Thank you all.


Buying stationery items for the school

I am both Honored, and pleased, to help you with your noble undertaking . . . Eric

Study for certifications to supplement degree in I.T.

I have received the loan. Thank you so much.

Harvesting maize on my farm

Thank you for your support I really appreciate your effort may the richly God bless you

Iron roofing sheet sales

Happy to come back

Study for certifications to supplement degree in I.T.

Thank you all so much once again. I really appreciate it. I was able to successfully complete my bachelors degree, thanks to the kindness and generosity of you all. I am forever grateful.

Salon business

Dear members and lenders of this community. The loan you supported me has grown my salon business.After buying all the salon requirements with the loan, the business has really improved and attracted more customers.I really appreciate you for your because on my own I was going not to make it.Thank you vert much

To order onions to sell

I will orde onions, thanks for funding my account

Tuna online sales

Thank you to my lenders for supporting in funding my loan. I received an amount of 1116 Ghana cedis and I'm restocking my retail products( canned tuna). I'm grateful to you all.

To put toward buying blocks to rebuild my retail food shop

Hello my backers I am very fine and I hope you are also feeling good I to inform you that the amount of 602 I have received yesterday I thank you so much for your help.

Cocoa farming

Zidisha is the best lender. Zidisha help me expand my business and also my cocoa farm. I will continue to work with Zidisha.
God bless all my leaders. Thank you.

Buy 43" TV for my video hall

This is confirmation that i have received the loan of 28,000, successfully bought the 43 TV inches that was intended for and i have managed to pay back 50% of the loan. The video hall business is picking up. Indeed again grateful to team Zidisha for the funds

To put toward opening my own barbershop

From the bottom of my heart I appreciate you all for making my project possible

To put toward tuition fee

I've received the loan with thanks to all the lenders

To put toward stocking my phone shop

I confirm receipt of the loan with thanks to all the lenders

Wi-fi for constant network access for online freelancing

I was able to install Wi-Fi which made my online work easy and smooth.
I even got many opportunities with different institutions where I have been working from home and online. I was able to register my business and create a website.

Help to buy more seeds

Thanks to you all

Tuition for professional training

I am so grateful to my lenders for funding my project . This will help me a lot in continuing my course to help me in my line of business. Thank you so much all of you. Bless you.

Commercial snail farming project

I'm short of words in this trying time that has made our Empowerment programme looks not Achievable, I want Zidisha Community and the world to know that "GIVING UP" is not in my Dictionary.

I don't Think Failure, It doesn't work in my System.

TO Lady BRYCE SCHUBERT, You have a golden heart, you are an inspirational personality , Thank you for the Love you has shown to Our programme.
To this Great Zidisha Community thank you for your understanding and patience, I wish you to inform you that The Sit at home order in my City had a great effect on our Programme Especially in my Estate as it is close to Mobile force Station.
By the grace of God we shall succeed together.

Loan for stocking bedsheets and curtains in my shop

*The loan is for stocking my shop with bedsheets and curtains.
*This loan will surely help me to meet my customers demands.

*A very big thanks to everyone who contributed to my fund and to all zidisha members ,am very grateful

Classroom renovation

I managed to purchase a machine cut stones and supplied them to the government institutions.

whereby this has changed/ a different based on my previous
capacity of tendering.
this has made a 30% increase of the previous return/profit.

To buy home provisions to sell

I received an amount of 223 from Zidisha to support my business. This amount will be use to buy half a bag of rice which I package in small quantities for sale.
I thank all my supporters for supporting me.

Buying and selling masonry tools

Thank you generous lender for the support yo fund my project

Expansion of my business (men's wear)

Many many thanks to everyone that contribute in my loan. I promise I will never fail you all and I will repay each instalment on time.

I will use this loan to buy new clothes and make sales this session period. God bless you all

Tuna online sales

I'll restock my retail canned tuna to be able to generate some profits for the Christmas holidays and also be on time to pay my loan. Thank you to all my backers for your support. Much grateful