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I'm so much happy for the loan I received from Zidisha,
I bought with the loan some electronics like wire and bobs which I add to my shop.
Thank you very much Zidisha and lenders.

To support needy ones and to buy another freezer

Thanks to all of you for lending me this money which will enable me to help the needy one's and my business

Purchase iPhone ear phones and chargers

A BIG Thanks to my Cherished lenders for their support, kind hearts and efforts towards this project. Words only sometimes can not express my deepest sense of appreciation.
I am very grateful for the love shown me and this will continue to linger in memory.
I have been fortunate to be backed by a team of motivated and dedicated lenders who are here to help eradicate poverty and put smile back to various home.
I am sincerely grateful and will once again take this opportunity to place on record my hearty THANKS to my lenders and the entire ZIDISHA staff. God richly bless you and your blessings overflow together with your families.

Expanding my cybercafé

I highly appreciate your compliment. Yes
Kapenguria is just in the neighborhood. It has taken me discipline and commitment while working with Zidisha and am glad I can see positive results.

Buying & selling vegetables

I will use the money to buy vegetables and supply them to my customers. This will help me to get more customers and my business will grow. I want to thank you all for helping me. God bless you.


Expanding my cybercafé

Thank you for the update Giotilda, great to hear. Also it's wonderful to see that your entrepreneurial efforts maybe showing positive outcomes already! I see that you're from Kitale. I was there a few years ago when I did some work up in Kapenguria. Thanks for sharing all the pictures previously. Great way for your lenders to feel connected to the impact you are having. All the best, Erik

Producing purified drinking water

Hello Nicholas.
Sure it's a great business project I have.
I am doing well so far so good.
I thank you for your kind support.
Receive my thanks


Producing purified drinking water

What a great business project. Best of success to you!

Selling clothes & handbags

Thank you to my lenders I received the Loan

Purchase a sewing machine & supplies

I received Ksh. 9,337 and I'm a happy client. Thank you for the support. Was able to purchase sewing machines and materials today. Thank you God bless

Buying clothing, jewelry & watches to sell

I will like to thank Zidisha lenders for the support

University education: tuition and living costs

I have made repayment successfully today November 29, 2020. I once again use this opportunity to thank all lenders for their support. I'll always be grateful to you all. God bless you.

Purchase baking oven

Dear Lenders,

Thank you for your generous support for my business. I truly appreciate it so much!

Tailoring equipment

Thank you sir
And God bless you

Tailoring equipment

Dear Roseline,

good luck with the extension of your business.

Kind regards from Switzerland,


Pure water sales

I am sincerely grateful for the token so far
God will keep replenishing ur pockets

Buying of sewing equipment

Best of luck with your business!

To buy growth booster or Foliar fertilizer

Thank you my lenders I did receive the amount ZMW 3,281.00 in my MTN account.
I will buy growth booster or Foliar Fertilizer to have a good yield.Thank you so much.

Business selling jewelries, beads & belts

Jewelleries business is growing steadily and I am here to say thank you zidisha for your kindness of support with my business. Thank you.

Buying shoemaking materials for making slippers and sandals

Thank you so much JessieD and by the Grace of God, sales has been good this week. Thank you so much

To purchase clothing bales to sell

Sales have been doing great and I thank you for your support

Building affordable rental homes

Thank you lenders for the loan. With it, i will be able to make good progress on the construction activities in the next week.

Conducting research and buying building materials

zidisha is the best thing that has happened to me. Despite all challenges I have faced and thus caused me to repay my loan slowly am positive that I will finish repaying my lenders soon. I thank you all my lenders for your patience and understanding. I also want invite as many trustworthy people as possible so that they also benefit. I can't thank you enough.

Food provisions/production

Thank you so much my lenders,I am so happy for this

Expand classroom capacity of our school

I am very much indebted to my lenders: Barry Cooper; Sina and Jonas Miederer, for doing it again this time around. Your contributions have greatly impacted our school. Now we can proceed to the next stage of classroom demarcation.
Thanks a lot!

Buying & selling clothing

My previous loan was very helpful to me. I was able to buy some more clothes to stock up clothing business. As such my business is expanding and I'm making good profits and progress.

Transportation business

Am here once again to show appreciation for the financial support provided me in my previous loan. The support had a tremendous impact on my transport operations which resulted in a stabilized weekly inflow as the frequency of vehicle breakdowns were reduced to the minimum as a result of the periodic maintenance carried out on my transport vehicles.
It is my earnest hope that as constant financial support are received, it will not only help in sustaining my business but it will as well help me to expand my operations which will have a resultant effect on the community at large.
Thank you for your continual support and may God richly bless you all.

Loan to order phone accessories

I received k1,302 and i will buy phone accessories for my shop. thanks very much to my lenders and all zidisha team.

Buying shoemaking materials for making slippers and sandals

Best of luck growing your business!

Buying shoemaking materials for making slippers and sandals

I am always humble with your support for my business. I have received an amount of 305ghs and it will use in making slippers and sandals. Thank you so much zidisha and the wonderful lenders. God bless you

To purchase keypad phones, pen drives, and power banks

I really appreciate your kindness.

To purchase keypad phones, pen drives, and power banks

These too are extra use of my loan.

Big thanks to my lenders!

Purchase iPhone ear phones and chargers

I feel honored to be a part of this community. The community is really changing life and transforming business. I thank the staff and Leander of Zidisha for this opportunity given as. Words alone can not describe the joy that Zidisha has brought to my home. God bless the entire Zidisha staff and Leander. May your blessing overflow

To purchase keypad phones, pen drives, and power banks

When the praise is gone high His glory comes down!

Adding fast-moving goods into my shop

i bought the items for my shop and i have including facemasks.

Restaurant business

What a wonderful people, I am so much pleased to have such people here, thanks and God bless you all

Phone recharge card business, and my own healthcare

With a grateful heart to you all, I say the blessings of the Almighty that supercedes that of man will never eludes anyone of you.

With this money I should be able to get more goods in stock and get my treatment completed. I'm very grateful and once again I pray your source never runs dry

Expand my produce sales

my business is moving on nicely and i thank God .My customers are coming in and at least am making average profit.Thanks zidisha my business has grown very fast

Materials for making sandals

I want to buy old sandals and decorate them for selling . Thanks so much my lenders. God bless ypu

Hospital supplies for distribution

Thanks so so much lenders for your tremendous support. Wanted to repay it in the afternoon but went for a meeting. I thank you and I have been able to repay all my loans. Thank you so much.

To buy shoe-making materials for making sandals and slippers

This loan is going to be use to buy materials for making slippers and sandals. I received an order from a customer so i am going to use this loan to shoe making materials for making slippers and sandals. Thank you for this timely loan approval and funding. God richly bless you

Home electronics

Thank you my lenders and am going to use this money to more goods like cylinder regulator,bulbs,lamp holders and many more.thank you ones again

Disinfecting schools for reopening

We have being executing our contract as expected and this has created more employment for the jobless teenagers with skill empowerment through our training and retraining in decontamination methodology. We have boosted our coverage which has positively impacted our profitability and increase our prospective clients.
We thank all lenders and Zidisha community for this great opportunity to boost our business and patronage.

Business selling general merchandise & momo transactions

The previous loan I took help me a lot to sustain my business...It keeps my business moving..Thanks a lot to the lenders.

University education: tuition and living costs

I successfully made repayment today November 22, 2020. It is my delight to once again say thank you to all lenders for your contributions. God richly bless all of you.

Business selling second-hand clothing, and vegetables

I thank all my lenders for the praises and am happy for trusting in me with this loan I will go for my goods

Selling fresh vegetables in Kajaji market

Wow, thanks a lot my good friends. Am so grateful for your continuous support. I promise to repay this loan as scheduled. This amount will go directly into my business. It will increase my stock. I will always be grateful.


Restock my cosmetics shop

Hello Lucy, I hope you and yours are keeping well and safe, and i hope this small loan will help you in your endeavours and achievements.

Sewing business expansion

This loan given to me by these kindhearted and generous lenders is helping me pay in installments for the five(5) new and modern sewing machines I am in the process of buying.
Finally, when I am able to buy the machines I will be able to train more girls entrepreneurs to help these girls to become responsible leaders in the community they find themselves in the near future. Also, I will be able to expand my sewing business when by the grace of God all the machines are finally bought.
I thank all my lenders for their supports and words of encouragement.

To buy wheelbarrows to rent out to others

Hello lenders, I'm doing well in my business. The last zidisha loan has improved my construction business. The renting wheelbarrows are giving much money. I'm out of my home area for a job of water tanks construction. The area is beautiful and has cool environment.