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Purchasing brand-new mobile phones

The attached image is my new shop am building from my earning of Zidisha loan profit am making daily

Buying and selling fruits & vegetables

I'll use the money to add stock to my business. Thank you all for your help.

Second-hand cake mixer

Hey Joshi ,indeed i had won a tender to supply school snacks, unfortunately when Covid set in the schools were shut down so we were equally affected.
Am yet to buy the cake mixer ,hopefully I will do so once my loan is fully funded.
Yes way back I was totally unable to pursue my Loan application but thats water under the bridge now
I look forward to a new beginning.
Thanks for your support much appreciated.
Will send pictures of the mixer and my cakes once I purchase it.

Selling mobile phones and accessories

Thanks for the loan

To boost my business selling fruit

Thanks a lot I received my loans it have really boosted my job God bless

Second-hand cake mixer

Hello Daughty,
when you say you have got 'school tender', I suppose it means steady business for next few wees/months? If indeed so, that sure is good news. Wish you all the best. Do show us your cake mixer equipment. How many cakes do you make weekly, on average?

Read on your discussion board about difficulty with last loan application back in May 2019. Hope this loan gets fulfilled and processed smoothly. All the best again.

Farming project: oyster mushrooms

Thank you all so much for your patience and care. GOD BLESS you all.

Large-format printer for my design firm

Thank you all so much for all your support. God bless you all.

Buying stock for my beauty & cosmetics shop

Thank you so much sir may God richly and abundantly bless you too

Buying stock for my beauty & cosmetics shop

Be blessed, and stay safe

Cover some of the costs of my university education

I have made repayment successfully today September 20, 2020. Once again, thank you everyone for your generous contributions towards funding my loan. It was very kind of you. I am forever grateful.

Selling phones, recharge cards & accessories

I will use this loan to purchase more goods and I also thank my lenders for helping to get this loan

Beauty salon

Hello, i hope you doing well, I was able to get a few things to sell along side my salon business and this has boosted my earnings, thanks for your trust and continued support.

Foodstuff retail business

To all my lenders, I'm very grateful for your show of support.
This loan will be principally used to replenish my inventory which will enable generate daily income from sales thereby making it convenient for me to maintain my weekly repayment.
Thanks once again for being there for me and I hereby reaffirm my promise of never to let you down.

Inventory for my provisions shop

I want to use this opportunity to thank you for supporting me all this while.As usual i use the funds to buy inventory for my shop.It has made a few changes in my shop.I have made like 5% to 6% in my earnings.I will reinvest my earnings back into the business so that it will increase my profit.I have been able to expand my business since you started supporting me is also good and welcome.I want to thank you very much for your support and its good working with you.

Trading license

Thank you very much to you all for funding my loan.I received K1413 I will use it to buy a trading License.

Buying goods to resell on Facebook, Instagram, Jiji, etc.

I'll buy more cosmetics to help me expand my business
Thank you for helping me

Purchasing stock for my electronics shop

I really appreciate this opportunity again and I pray to almighty God to strengthen zidisha team hand. This loan will go straight into buying stocks people buy everyday.

Painting my new AirBnB facility

Best of luck with growing your business!

Phone accessories

thank you very much. this will hhelp me buy phone accessories for resale

Making beadwork jewelry and accessories

I say a very big thank you to my lenders and will use it to buy materials needed for the shop and home

Finish building and decorating clothing & footwear shop

Thank you Aneta for your support once again

Buying goods from Nestlé to resell

I will forever be grateful for your kindness

To buy a Canon photocopier

.I will use to purchase a canon photocopier machine for colored printing
.the difference is that it will increase my daily income
.it will increase it to about 70%
.i will recommend zidisha loan to all my families and friends because they are trustworthy and reliable

Painting my new AirBnB facility

Truly Humbled by the positive gesture and having believe on me, this loan, it will go along way in expanding my business...the loan is extremely significant in advancing my aspirations as far has my business is concern. Thank you.

Refurbishing school for resumption of classes

Thanks for lending me this fund, I will use it for refurbishing the center to comply with COVID Controls rules and provision of Thermometer ,hand sanitizer etc.

Buying stock for my beauty & cosmetics shop

Thanks to the lenders for the help given to me I was able to add something in my shop

Desktop computer for my accounting and printing businesses

Hello Barry,

Thanks for the opportunity to use your site. I am checking it out now and I see it is very helpful. Thanks once again.

Stocking my provisions shop

My business was on the brink of collapse. I am happy to be back on track to settle this loan. Thanks for your love and your support

Desktop computer for my accounting and printing businesses

Hi Bernice
All the best with your accounting business and thank you for your prompt payments.
If you have Internet, you might like to check It's an accounting and business planning website I developed for startup businesses in Australia. It is now also being used in Cambodia and India. It is completely free and I'd be happy for you to use it. You can run it for as many businesses as you like. There's a User Guide on the site.
All the best with your business.

Loan for my complete kitchen business

With this loan I will get more items in shop. It will help me to grow my business. I want to say a big thank you to all my lenders and may God bless you all

Amaranth & carrot seeds

I thank all dear lenders for your continuous support to make our lives standards better. May our heavenly Lord grant you more to help other needy people across the globe.
Kind regards,

Wholesale & retail grocery items and supplies

I received total amount of 616,403 naira, and I use this loan to buy bags of rice, beans, etc.. For reselling and to supply, from the depth of my heart I say thank you to my lenders. I wanted to add photo of what I bought but its not adding.

Custom t-shirts to advertise my plumbing business

First of all, i would like to thank my lenders for everything.
Secondly, I will buy t shirts and print out my plumbing company on them in other to give out to people to advertise. The t shirts print out will help me a lot to get more customers to work for so that my plumbing dream will come true.

Stock for my clothing boutique

Thanks my lenders I will increase my business stock for boutique

Investing in my reflexology business

With my practice as reflexology I will purchase carton of massage Cream, a wipe, a pack of nose Mask and pay for a weekly transportation to visit my clients. This would help me visit more client and earn more income to take care of my family.
Very grateful and thankful to all my lenders, God richly bless you.

2 businesses: Selling beauty supplies online & selling food

now my grocery store has moved, because in the old place it likes to get flooded when it rains. and I am now starting to sell a variety of food products for children. or rice, soaps and soaps. grateful to get progress. so that I can repay more. accept to all donors.

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sekarang toko kelontong saya sudah pindah, karena di tempat yang lama suka terkena banjir ketika hujan tiba. dan saya sekarang sudah mulai normal lagi menjual.berbagai produk makanan anak anak. ataupun beras, sabun sabun dan lainnya. bersyukur mendapat kemajuan. sehingga saya bisa mencicil lebih. terima kepada semua pemberi dana.

New machines for my contractor business

With the last zidisha loans, I bought a vibrating machine. This is an additional to others. Despite the hardship we are passing through due to the pademic, business is going on well. I'm now expanding my business to do even plumbing work where possible.

Buying more clothing for my business: Neema's Ventures

Hello there. In Kenya most people do different things to make money. I sell clothes during the day and fried cassava in the evenings. However, I also do a little farming on a quarter acre piece of land. My cousin is a farmer, she allowed me to plant cabbage, carrots and french beans to fend for myself. I harvested and sold all my produce in the past week. This allowed me to raise enough funds to clear my debt. Once again, thank you for your help, I hope we keep working together.

Restocking my provisions store

Thank you all for the support.

Mobile-money business expansion

Business is growing at a faster rate , all repay has been on time. Without the help of zidisha I would not have been at this far . Thanks to all lenders for your help so far.

Buying and reselling household wares

Thank you all so much. Hope you are all doing well.

Motorbike taxi to employ another driver

Finally, i have managed to repay this loan, despite the economic situation brought about by Covid-19. Thank you lenders for your patience.
I look forward to continue growing financially, as i also help the community around me.
God bless you

To boost my business selling fruit

I was able to add more stock thanks alot

Farming beans & tomatoes

Beans germinated well now weeding stage

Buying an overlocking machine

I want to buy an overlocking machine. This machine is used to make the edges of the clothes net and it can also be used to stitch the clothes.

buying an overlocking machine will reduce on my business expenses and increase my profit. whenever i finish sewing my garments i pay for overlocking, but having my own overlocking machine it will be easy to sew my garments, time saving and more profitable because i will cut on the expenses spent on overlocking. To others, just like i pay for overlocking, there are main sewing business people who pay for their garments to be over locked. therefore, Overlocking is one of the biggest business in the sewing industry. so, i have no doubt this business will be a success.

Thank to all my lenders for the quick funding of my loan, I am a woman of few words when it comes to thanking someone. but i like to put my appreciations in words, i promise to repay all the loans in time as a way to show my appreciations.

Once again thank you.

Vegetables and cereals for home delivery

Thank you for funding my loan application, this amount will help me get the items I need to deliver to my customers. Thank you for your support

Towel warmer for my barbershop

Thank you so much

Purchasing stock for mobile-money & barbering business

This zidisha loan has greatly impacted my business in a positive manner. It has been helpful to me since I started accessing it. I have been able to stock my business when I run short of goods. I really appreciate it very much.

Buying 4 bundles of second-hand clothing

Dear lenders my previous loan was a success the 2 bundles of summer clothing i bought were able to sell very fast and demand is still increasing for the same type of clothing.From the 2 bundles i managed to make ZMW 1200.00, as profits.For my second loan am planning to buy 4 bundles and i need to reinvest the profits.Am very thankful for your support and am encouraging you again to support my business again.Thank you so much and God bless you.