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School fee payment

Am very much happy with the loan I first collected,I used it to settle my school fees part payment.thanks to zidisha

Expanding my fashion business

I will buy more sewing materials and other things that can help me get better business, I will also empower some of my apprentice after they have completed their training with me, I want to thank all my lenders for their unrelenting and financial support for me, I'm very grateful

Upgrading school facility

As someone that a passion for interconnecting people for the purpose of communal progress,I'll like to be made a community coordinator on this wonderful platform,thanks.


My last loan was used to up meant for maintaining of vehicles that were already set for delivery. I am base in Calabar, Cross River State in the South South zone of Nigeria. I travel for to South West, Lagos State where we have the only functional seaport (tican). After every successful deal with the major importers I will need to shift the cars to Calabar for delivery to the final users.
The loan has actually made a different because we no more have delays in servicing our fleet.
Our earning has increase from #280000 a week to #350000 a week. The fast we're on delivery the more profit we make.
We use our increase earning to fix cars that have broken down in the course of delivery.
Our achievement so far, we've been able to expand our network through Facebook page, Business WhatsApp. My brother whom was working with me, through our assistance has been able to secure a job with Biase Plantation.
Around my neighborhood, we have an ancient college, then called The Polytechnic Calabar and now it has been converted to Cross River State University. A place to visit. At the outskirt, we also have the Qua Falls resort. In my immediate compound, the building though new is sited on the land of an old renowned candle factory.

Food provision store expansion

Zidisha loans are outstanding .They make everything so easy and pleasant and they work fast. I wish all the banks would have this kind of Services. Thanks to all the lenders those who work at Zidisha I am very happy.

School fees support

This funding will help me clear my sibling's pending fee balance to enable her sit for her end of semester examination that is due in a week's time.

The funding will relieve me from straining too much financially, since I'm also scheduled to start my Masters education next month from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, it will bridge my finances since I also meet day to day expenses of my siblings' stay in hostel and campus facilitation.

I would like to thank the lenders for ensuring my funding comes through and I will endeavor to keep and maintain positive credit history since this form of kindness is not to be taken for granted. This is much appreciated.

Business support

The last loan I received helped me in buying more designs of clothes to meet some of my customer's demands, thanks so much to my lenders, i was able to make more profits as a result of the much sales I made.


the loan i just completed,i used in buying silage for my cows.
the milk production has increased
earning a profit of 3000 weekly
the earnings i got have used it in constructing my own house which is underway
have also taken my daughter to a good school

Loan to buy maize seed

Amos, I'm really sorry to hear about your crops being destroyed by the nearby elephants :-(

Its probably worth popping the zidisha team a message... They might be able to pause things till you get back on your feet? & Can also likely lower your repayment amount, & restructure your loan so you can just pick it up from here? Just pop them a msg & ask for some help :-)

Wishing you all the best... Hope you have some better luck :-) Emma from Australia.

Buy seedlings tubes

Thanks you zidisha for this chance. I'm glad to have know this platform and i believe it will really Change my life as i grow with you.


Loan received almost immediately with no delay, am so happy. The loan will be used for sewing materials purchase. my last loan with team Zidisha was used for buying zips, we have almost sold out all so basically this loan will also be use for same purpose pending when my credit limit will increase.

I want to say a big thanks to my lender Sir Paul Buchheit for helping me build my business. Sir your own helper will not be far from you anytime, anyday. Amen!

Studio equipment

Hello dear lenders,
I am a very happy man today because the future I've always longed for is finally here! Having a studio is it! The last loan enabled me to purchase a medium standard condenser microphone which now gives my clients the confidence of using our services.

We already have new singing groups and individuals that have tested our sound output quality, and it's still my hope that more are yet to be accomplished.

Thank you very much for being considerate.

Gilgal springs academy for the vulnerable.

Hello Lenders I am back from a break. I will be joining other teachers in a one week training about competence based curriculum. This will help our school children in learning the new skills and knowledge to empower them to useful people and self sufficient people in future.
On Friday I am expecting to meet a group of women from our neighborhood ward visiting me to learn more about savings and loaning.
I am happy to work around the clock helping the marginalized for knowledge is a great weapon to a positive change.
My school opens tomorrow for skill training sessions for two weeks before the Normal learn time. I am expecting different volunteers to train the pupils and motivate them to work hard towards their future success.
Finally I am happy to have met you funders to make our project reach where it is.

Vegetable village

Zidisha laon facility is the best I have come accross. This particular one is going to be used and purchasing farm inputs to help in my Vegetable production

Cocoa plantation

I want to use this medium to thank all my lenders for the for the loan given to me. It really boost my business ,my cocoa farm is now healthy and my income has increased by 15%. Thank you very much

Machine maintenance

Very happy, joyful and peaceful since I engaged myself in lending loan from zidisha, it has increased my capital, increased my income no matter how small, changed the face of my business and has given me the assurance of a greater and brighter future in business. I've been able with the loan I got from this platform repaired one of my machines that has been faulty and not working for a long period of time. Now I got it repaired and since then my income has increased and it has really saved me a lot of stress and unnecessary spending.

Feeds for livestock

I want to appreciate this platform for given opportunities to beneficiaries without collateral. I have utilized this platform to make purchases for feeds for my livestock farm. I really appreciate

Expanding my fashion business

I want to thank my lenders vie for their unrelenting support they have been giving me since I was introduced to them through a friend of mine, my business has gotten a very big boost, both my sewing,toiloring materials and the qauntity that I produced has increased, it's only God that can bless all my lenders, thanks to all my lenders once again, I sincerely appreciate you all.

Expand my sweet plantain & coconut chips business

Hello, Lenders, I am very grateful for your support. My business have a great partner in you. Thank you

Loan for napsack for spraying weeds in my farm

Thanks so much lenders I recieved 163 and u will use it to buy the weedicides thanks for the loan offered to me

Zidisha empowerment

Zidisha has made a great change to my business and I wish to have more of zidisha any weapon fashioned against you shall not prosper

Loan to supply electrical switch breakers/ fire extinguisher

Thank you so much lenders for your kind support,

Dengu stock

Thanks for funding my loan I will use it to get dengu for my cereal shop

Phone accessories stock

Thanks so much for funding my loan it will help me grow my business

Purchase of equipment

another part of my project

Computer equipment

What a wonderful Lenders i have ever met, I thank you people so much for having faith in me and believing in me and i promise never to disappoint you guys in paying back at due time by God's grace and strength. I will use it to buy additional fairly used digital colour photocopy for my printing business in my Cyber cafe. Thank you once again and God bless.

Shoes and clothes

Good afternoon my lenders. This August I celebrated 7th anniversary of my business in Nyahururu town with my family.Thank you for your support.

Shoes and clothes

Hallo my lenders. My business is progressing well this August holiday. The business is good.

Textbook acquisitions

Wow. Thanks so much all. As always i am humbled by your support. May you always find support in time of need as you have supported us. We'll be buying the following:
textbooks - $190
exercise books (custom) - $54
Thanks again all.

Uber business

I have two cars now for my Uber transport business. You my lenders make it happened for me. Thank you all and God richly bless you.

Chairs for my cybercafe

I don't know how to thank lenders. God in His own ways will bless them. I really appreciate.
This will continue to my business development.

Loan to provide 3050 school sports wear in contract

I will be buying materials for sewing of school sports wear of 3050 pieces for the students
This will help me gain more contract works of sewing in other schools' wear.
Thank you very much lenders for your greatest support

Sewing machine for making clothing

Thank you very much for your wonderful support


Zidisha is a great platform designed to give a helping hand hand to those who have visions but no capital.
The lenders on this platform are awesome. God bless you all!

Business expansion

In the last loan I had bought clothes for my business to sell and from the profit I managed to start selling shoes. In the next loan I want to expand and buy more clothes and shoes for sale.

Add two beehives to my farm

With the loan funds that I have just completed paying, I was able to purchase two beehives for bee rearing project. The purchase has made a difference in that my income source has now expanded. At the moment my earning is steadily increasing but much increase is expected in the next six to twelve months when I will start harvesting my honey.

Loan business

I'm very grateful for your help
This loan is always help me to improve my business.
And he make impact in my business a lot ,before I make profit of NGN 10000 per day but now I'm make more profit of NGN 23000. So my business his improve since I join Zidisha loan platform.
I'm very grateful

Providing good drinking water in my community

Thanks and God bless you

Providing good drinking water in my community

You are doing a great job for your community!

To improve my business

Thank you for trusting me. I really do appreciate it. God bless you. I will use it to buy goods. It will really go a long way, thank you

Buying more computers for selling

I would like to confirm that i reveived Ksh 325097/-. i have already bought 10 pieces of hp used laptops @ ksh 200,000/- also used variety of monitors @ ksh 125,000.
i would like to thank my lenders so much for your continued support.


Thank you good people. You have taken away my tears.
I love Zidisha and her partners.

Internet installation for computer lab

Thank you for lending

Textbook acquisitions

Was able to do a lot of marketing, printed flyers, banners, ran facebook and radio ads and summer classes are currently ongoing. We even got some parents interested in home tutoring and as a result we've been able to hire two more staff to our pool to fit those requests. The support you've provided has been priceless. Thanks for being part of Zidisha and making our dreams come true

Zidisha empowerment

Zidisha has really helped me to boost my business, thanks to zidisha

Buy more coconut to make oil

Thanks for the loan. I received more than 21000.i used it for my soap business.

Selling new clothes

I will be glad for your funding, I will use the amount to add more stock in my business. I will add more men trousers, sweaters and jackets, this I'll help me by adding more profit. Each I will buy at price of sh1000 and each will give me a profit of sh500

Catering equipment

Thanks all lenders who take their time lend me this money, appreciate you all.

Stock purchase

Thanks team for these credit facility, looking forward to do more business with u guys

Purify water in my community

Big thanks goes to my dear lenders for helping me till this far and God bless richly bless them all