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To expand my fabricating shop

Thank you lenders for your continuing support my business

Loan to restock 8x5 boxes of "Kiss" beauty powder

Good Luck from Michigan!

To repair my commuter van engine & boost income

Hello Friends,
I would like to thank you so much for the support towards my business. Be blessed and stay safe.

Loan to pay my younger siblings' school fees

You are a very good man helping your sisters, and I am honored to help support you. I wish you and your sisters the very best.

Orange farming

good luck

Buying maize for making "mealie meal"

Once again am requesting for the loan to buy more maize for milling mealie meal, the harvest time is here now and demand for maize for making mealie is very high. If I bought more maize for milling mealie meal I will make more profits because the demand is overwhelming, The profits I will make I will use them to reinvest and grow the business during the marketing season for maize and improve the living standard of my family and expected profit is between 35,000 to 40,000 ZMW.
Thank you to you all my wonderful lenders for remembering me to fund my loan once again, am very grateful for you all coming on board to fund my loan. Am really happy this financial support will help a lot and expand my business and profits. My God the most high richly bless you.

Hospital beds and medicines for health clinic

What an amazing surprise in this morning just to realize my lenders has funded my loan again! Hi lenders you great people in my life. Am going to purchase hospil beds in order to admit our patients for better diagnosis and treatment. Add essential drugs relevant to emerging & re-merging diseases currently. I wonna say thank all of the zidisha team for your biggest support. I owe you forth of gratitude that I will never repay. You are so precious to me. Folks thank you very much.

Phone accessories business

Thanks a lot for your concern, memory cards are the most popular items I sell the most, I make so much profit from the sales of memory cards, this time I would be buying memory cards in large quantities because there's usually quick turnup.
Thnks much for your concern over my business, i appreciate a lot

To pay labourers to harvest crops

I received the loan amount of ghc1489. I will use the loan to pay workers to help me harvest my maize on the farm in order for the maize not to spoil as the rains started. I will want to use the opportunity to thank all my lenders for the loan

Buy more cooking utensils and plates

Inhave received an amount of ghc1489 and I will use it to buy more cooking utensils especially bigger ones as i have increased the amount of food I prepare on daily basis and also added some menus like Jollof, plain rice, and fried rice. I want to thank my lenders for this loan, God bless you so much.

Expand my produce sales

Business is doing well ,at least the rains are not consistent ,finding the stock is so hard with the weather but am trying my best to get the stock and access customers .Meanwhile i thank God and thanks to you zidisha.

Nakonde rice

Good day lenders. I recieved a total sum of k1,452 thank you very much on supporting my business. God bless you

Investing in my painting business

The loan of ghc 902 was paid to me and I going to use this loan to invest into my paint business. I want to thank my lenders for this loan

Loan to buy a new freezer for my provisions shop

Oh God bless you Benvenuto. I really appreciate have you've done for me. It will me to purchase the freezer for my shop. Thanks to you and zidisha.

Business selling phones & accessories

I appreciate the kindness of my lenders.

Loan to purchase airtime for resale

I want to purchase airtime/ talktime for resale thank you for the loan

Loan to buy a new freezer for my provisions shop

I am proud to help a good man like you. I hope this loan helps your business and all the youth you work with in your community.

Loan to buy leathers to work on making shoes

I am going to use the loan to buy leathers to make shoes and sandals for my clients and I am thanking my good lenders for helping me.

To purchase more farm imputs

The previous loan was used judiciously as i used it to buy Weedicides and Fertilisers for my farm. This has made the crops to be growing well. If things continue like this then I really will have a bumper harvest.

Buying new tools to work on fridges

I am going to use this money to buy tools to work on my customers fridges and his would help me very well in my business and I want thank my lenders for giving me this loan.

Loan for the sale of made-in-Ghana slippers and sandals

i will add this loan to my capital to buy items for my made-in-Ghana slippers and sandals and it will help me to increase my profit. thank you all for this help.

Loan for the sale of fruits and vegetables

i will add this loan to my capital to buy fruits and vegetables for sale and it will help me to increase my weekly sale. thank you

Jeans and caps for my business

Thank you very much lenders

Selling hand sanitizer for hygiene

I have 578 ZMW . I will use this money to order hand sanitizer for sale in my beauty shop. Many thanks to my dear lenders.

To purchase organic fertilizer for my vegetables

I wish to say thank you to my lenders. I have received K568.00 and am going to buy organic fertiliser for my vegetables.

Selling disinfectants and bins to collect waste

I have received 694ZMW and I will use this to buy disinfectants and waste bins for sale. Thank you so much

Adding more classrooms to our school

My great lenders with a loving and compassionate heart, I extend my greetings to you all for your help and support,God bless you all so much


Selling second-hand clothes

Good luck Godfred with your new loan! I admire that you are looking forward to providing jobs for others in the future.

Transporting my shoes from Onitsha to Aba Abia State

I will use this loan to transport my goods from Onitsha to aba abia state for business. It will help me good. I'm say thanks to my lenders .Almighty GOD bless real good

Colour printer for school secretariat

Gratitude to MarktheMormon, Get it Barnreiter, Kyle J, Katrin, Fenty, Dennis, director Julia and the Team for this fund.

Office space for my accountancy firm

Thank you my lenders for the loan. I received GHC 4,017 . I will be using this to get an office for my business. Thank you once again for your support.

Investing into my car spare-parts business

I received a loan of Ghc524 and have used the money as transportation to transport goods to my clients and I want to thank my lenders for the loan

Dustbins for collecting rubbish

A loan of 456ghc was paid to me which I am using this money to invest into my dustbin business and I want to thank my good lenders for the loan

Buying a new camera

I am really amazed by the support of my lenders and I am going to use this money wisely to buy a camera which would support my apprentices to work well

Sewing machine

I am going to use this money money to buy sewing machine to help my sister learn vocation in seamstress and I want to thank Daniel for granting me this loan.

Making advertising shelves in phone shop

I am going to use this money to of 902 ghc to print receipts and I want to thank my lenders for this loan.

Selling second-hand clothing

I keep on giving thanks to zidisha and my wonderful lenders for their tremendous support. Thank you

Buying a new moterbike

My new business started through zidisha loan is doing well. I can't regret borrowing zidisha loan. I have been so high lifted by zidisha. Actually the last loan has developed my business. I'm earning more profit which I save little expecting that when I get another loan I will add it to my savings and start a new project. You know you can be in a need higher than your loan limits, but having some few amount somewhere, you can do greater. Thank you my all lenders.

Supplying construction materials

Loan will be added to my business capital to be able to supply more building materials,such as Sand and stones, etc. And it will help to increase my income and to be active in business. Thanks so much for Zidisha loan lenders effort and support which is highly appreciated.

To expand free-range chicken farming

Hello, one of the things I am so happy to do with the money lent to me is to make for the chicken poles for resting inside and outside their houses. They are always happy resting above the ground. A bird is a bird always . Happy chicken resting

Loan to import fruits from Italy

Am so excited for joining zidisha, God bless you for giving me a loan, Thanks to my lenders, I will go and buy the fruits.

To pay labourers to harvest crops

I used the money to pay workers to help me harvest my crops. This made it easy for me to to Harvest my Cassava and supply it to the customers. So im planting new Cassava. This has made me expand my farm this time around.

Stationery supplies for schools

May God's countenance keep shining on you my lovely lenders, you all occupy a special place in God's heart.
Thanks so much

Plumbing materials for school's well water

My gratitude to Liz, Ian Greglewski, madam Julia and the team for this loan.


Stationery supplies for schools

Good luck dear!

Fabrics supply

I am really grateful to my lenders..I appreciate you so much.This will really help boost my business and I'll sure make more sales.Thank you for the loan.

Production of school chalk

With deep gratitude to God for making me know you all, may God continue to keep and bless you all

Farming inputs

Am requesting for this loan to help purchase farming inputs for my vegetable garden and maize. These vegetables are highly profitable and easy to manage. I want more farming input because I need to grow more crops this time around because previous I earned more profit and should I grow more I can make a lot of money.
Thank you my lender for supporting me may God bless you so much.

Selling second-hand clothes

thank you so much have received my loan i will have added on my capital to have an extension of my business

Loan to buy cassava and plantain for resale

I will buy cassava and plantain for resale with the loan to help increase my stock and profit. Thank you Mr. Paul Buchheit for funding my loan.