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Stocking cooking gas cylinders for a cleaner energy source

Thanks so much for funding my loan in such a short time! I am great appreciative of your continued support. Very soon I will follow up with pictures. Asante sana

Spraying of my cashew farm

I really appreciate how far you have heled me. The spraying exercise i did in my cashew farm was very helpful although i could not finish i hope the outcome of the exercise will soon be visible when i start collecting the cashew fruits and seeds.


The loan has been of tremendous help to me


School for low-income children

Keep up the good work Silas. I am sure you impact many lives each day with your faith & devotional. We need more people in this world like you!

Inventory for my beauty shop

Thanks so much for the 45800naira I received from you my lenders which was so helpful to me in my business. I used the money to buy 6cartons of female eye lashes and I have sold it all and make a profit of 30,000naira from it. It was indeed helpful and that helped me to repay my loan quickly. I am forever grateful to you zidisha and my lenders


Home use

Hello Martin, I am a small business owner in germany and am looking for other business opportunities as an investor. I will give you a try and wish much success. Perhaps you can provide me some pictures and numbers of your business (how much do you earn, what is the margin, your strategy?). Give your best! Yours Enrico


The loan helped me improve on my farming activities as the vegetables were sprayed by pesticides


Thank you for funding my loan. It will help me a lot in buying additional stock for my business.

Kind regards,


Business expansion

Thank you so much for lending me money. I love you

Selling mobile phones

I received the some of 16,831.,
I used the money to buy some phones that I wanted to sell and make some cool profit..

I can't thank you enough for what you did,
It was such a kind gesture on your part,
Can't thank you enough, I have to admit,
That you are the best,
Thanks for everything!

Buy groves, payment expenditures in my garbage collection.

My last loan has enabled me to step to higher level in business. Now have flow of cash because i don't depend on monthly payments to pay bills. Thank you.

Loan to expand my mobile phone business and mobile sim cards

Thank you very much Laurie for your great advice, I will keep it on as you have refer to me. Thank you

Work materials

I really appreciate the previous loan given to me, I will always be prompt in repayment. Thanks a lot for the services so far.

Moses loan project

Wooow!! Thank you all lenders for funding my loan fully

Working capital for cybercafe

thank you for your kindness and always ready to assist me when need be in terms of loan have really appreciated and benefit from this thank you once again

Business branding.

Thanks a lot Mark. This means a whole lot to me.


Business branding.

Hi Ebimobowei, I am happy to support your next business phase after you paid back last loan which I thank you for. Best of luck and I wish you well. Mark

Loan to expand my mobile phone business and mobile sim cards

Hello dear lenders, I want to thank you for my first loan and I want to inform you that I have finish paying it all , looking up to you for my second loan, thank you very much

Irrigation equipment

I will buy PVC pipes for carry water to irrigate my farm. This will reduce the cost in pumping water to the farm. Hence, I will make more to pay off the loan in time and have some income to improve my living. Thanks a million.

Accessories and beads

I received the loan i requested for,i used it in buying goods in my shop.thank u very much i Appreciate

Interlocking bricks

samples are of great products

Interlocking bricks

am every much thankful for the loan and am pleased to part of zidisha organization as well, this current loan will enable me in purchasing the below attached moulding boxes for interlocking blocks with this boxes i will be able to improve in daily production of blocks and thus will make my work
/ production easier.

Interlocking bricks

these are the sample boxes to be purchased / imported from china as well.

To buy laptops for sale

I was able to buy more equipments for my computer business,I really appreciate your unending support. God bless

Interlocking bricks

hello margaret
thanks for the response, indeed with the kind of block we are working on are cost effective to any ordinary person can now have adesent unit for shelter.

Equipment for cybercafe

My great Lenders thank you so much for believing in me, I promised never to disappoint you or let you down by God's grace. I will try my best to be sincere in remitting my payment weekly by His grace. The previous money was enough to purchase fairly used Colour Photocopy machine for which I now used to enhance by Business and Canon Digital Camera for my snapping passport photograph. Once again thank you so much, I'm most grateful for the helping hand it as help me grow little by little, moving to the next level in life.I give God the glory.


Interlocking bricks

It is great Samwel that you are providing affordable building materials to the poor. Everyone needs someplace to live and if they have housing at a reasonable cost it can help them get ahead in the long run. Good Luck with your new loan! Regards, Margaret.


......very you all

Stocking my bridal shop

I salute my lenders and say thank you for lending me the last amount which enabled me to open a branch of bridal shop in town center thus increasing my profits n making it easy for me to pay school fees for my siblings my kids n my sisters kids. This has helped me to support 5 children in paying school fees. May God bless u so much as I come to u yo be lend yo expand my business I know u will stand in the gap to help me. Be blessed.

To add more float to my agencies

Thank you so much Rene. May God bless you.

To add more float to my agencies

I felt like I had to help you and lend you the rest of the money. Hope everything will be all right and you will be successful. Greetings from Berlin (Germany), Rene

To purchase more clothing for my clothing business.

Thank you soo much for the loan. May you be blessed with more

Interlocking bricks

dear lender,
am very grateful for the previous loan offered to me , i managed to purchased moulding blocks for the products like window ventilations road carbros etc,

the purchase made difference in daily production of products by 60% compared to previous productions.
i've made a great increment in earnings as a result of high daily production of products.
due to the increment i manged to pay for my children schools fees as well, and other domestic financial matters,

Planting pawpaw and passion fruit trees

Thanks my lenders for the loan. It will help me do the planting of my seedlings as requested.

Freelance computer programmer

I am very thankful for this loan. It will go a long way in helping me serve my clients better and also help me reach my clients wherever they are.


Solar lanterns for harvest for women & girls

To all my lenders i say ZIKOMO for lending me the money! This is amazing. In less than 2 days you made it possible for me to get the loan that i need to continue transforming rural lives for the better.

You belief in me and Kukula Solar means so much to me and my team and forever we will be thankful!

Once again ZIKOMO!

Business expansion

I am most grateful for the loan and opportunity you have given me. now I have been able to set up a daily provision store. thank you so much for the opportunity given to me.

Solar lanterns for harvest for women & girls

Hello Lenders,

Thanks so very much for your continued belief in my business and supporting it! Together we are building an innovative distribution model, allowing people living on less than $2 a day afford to own a solar lamp. The last loan i got helped me sale 50 solar lamps to women in lastmile communities. We are continuing to reach the furthest villages so that no one is left behind!

Thanks once again for lending us the money to continue to transform lives!

Repairs of other broken down vehicles

The last loan was extremely helpful, the car was properly fixed and now added to our fleet for training.

For business

Hi Ajani, good luck with everything :-)

I was just wondering what minerals you sell, & where you get them from please? (Do the people doing the mining have all the legal permits, & are of adult age etc) & Wanted to check if the top people regarding the mining were local or overseas people please?

Hope everything goes well for you :-) Just thought I should double check xXo Emma.

Transporting my cabbages to markets

Hellow lenders i hope you're doing well and fine, To me and my business is good and doing great

Selling Chinese herbal products

I will buy new health products so I can reach out to more people suffering from different Infections and diseases, thank you so much for your financial support.

Mobile phone repair service

The loan will go a long way in replacing my old worn out tools, and also buying of few handset spare parts
God bless you a lot!
I really appreciate

Business office and addional computer accessories stocking

Dear Zidisha lenders thanks for the loan, Iam going on with my business despite low business sales thanks for the loan

Working capital for cybercafe

Planning to add gas burners for my cooking gas business and also add cartridges for my cyber business together with printing papers.
Am always thank you for the assistance being offered by zidisha

Business loan

Happy for your support and assistance in my life
I will use the money to upgrade my business

Loan for school perimeter fence

What, what a relief my able and enviable lenders, gargantuan gratitude to you all, this loan will be deployed to further the task of perimeter fencing of my school. Thank you all again.

Selling motor vehicle spare parts

Thank you so much lenders for lending me again, am so happy for the loan, I will used it to my More parts to sell in my shop for this Christmas period and make huge profit from it

God bless you lenders


Thanks everyone...
God bless you all richly

Roofing my resdential house

This is how far the i have gone with building of the house. just thought sharing my progress.