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Zephaniah Shikuku     Jun 26, 2017

I have had a good harvest and the market is also good.
I have also received requests from a local school to do supply of vegetables to them for their school feeding program.

Vegetable farming
Emuhaya, Kenya

Moses Kuya     Jun 26, 2017

Hello Lenders,
My heart is full of joy for your generosity. Thank you for making this happen to me , God bless you big! I hope to buy a refrigerator and add some more stock to the shop. This will boost my profits . Once again thank so so much!

Large refrigerator for drinks in our shop
Nairobi, Kenya

Victor Amugune     Jun 25, 2017

I confirm receipt of 51,158 KES. I have bought one more laptop and increased my operating capital. With enough capital on-hand I will be able to take on larger projects.
Thanks so much lender and zidisha for your continued support on my business

Laptop computer, hardware & software
Nakuru, Kenya

Mathews Kasamika     Jun 25, 2017

Hi all my lenders. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the loan you have funded. May the good Lord bless you. The funds will assist me to plaster my house and to make some pillars. I have already withdrawn the money very soon the work will commence and I will keep you updated with the progress.

Plastering my house
Mpika, Zambia

Nicholas Kumah     Jun 25, 2017

I give big thank to the almighty God for this wonderful business opportunity. Secondly, my warmly gratitude go to the entire zidisha team and my wonderful lenders.
Indeed I have been bless with zidisha organization. My business is growing very well and my profit margin is also increasing and people are asking for my secret. All was about zidisha team and my wonderful lenders

Loan for my bookshop
Berekum, Ghana

Rona Martini     Jun 25, 2017

My activity is selling fruit soup near my house that is office of governor of lampung everyday about at eleven o"clock in the morning until at 10 o"clock, from which I can make profit every day to fulfill my family"s need:) ____ my consumer is now akhir2 Lonely in because of the stock of thinning goods, I need a partner who can lend me a large interest-free loan so I can buy the necessities of selling, and pull back my many run customers due to the depletion of his stock of materials. __I am dreaming very, very big this request for my submission is accepted, so that my business smoothly progress and I can arrange my future and my family__ as for less or any of my conversation which is less fun I apologize, thank you asalammualaikum wr wb ____hormat saya: RONA MARTINI

Translated by Google     Show original

kegiatan saya adalah berjualan soup buah di dekat rumah saya yaitu kantor gubernur lampung pada setiap harinya kira-kira pada pukul sebelas pagi sampai dengan pukul sepuluh malam , dari situ saya bisa meraup untung setiap harinya untuk memenuhi keperluan keluarga saya :)

konsumen saya sekarang akhir2 ini sepi di karenakan stok barang yang mulai menipis , saya butuhmitra yang bisa meminjamkan pinjaman modal tanpa bunga yang besar agar saya bisa membeli bahan-bahan kebutuhan berjualan , dan menarik kembali konsumen saya yang banyak lari akibat menipis nya stok bahan .
saya bermimpi dengan sangat-sangat besar permohonan pengajuan saya ini diterima , agar usaha saya lancar maju dan saya bisa menata masa depan saya dan keluarga saya
adapun kurang lebihnya atau ada pembicaraan saya yang kurang menyenangkan saya mohon maaf , sekian terimakasih asalammualaikum wr wb

hormat saya:RONA MARTINI

Loan for my business
Bandarlampung, Indonesia

Ronald     Jun 25, 2017

Hello Mita Merdekawati
Selamat malam
My name is Ronald from Switzerland. I was last April in Yogyakarte, Java. Close to your town Boyolali. I have there a little project with greeting cards. The material is authentic from Java: Batik, Silver, Wayang Kulit Figures and paper/envelopes for the cards. I made 20 cards in Jogia in a store and I orderd 80 other cards in this store. I will sell it in Switzerland. I need one or more families for this little project (merakit kartu). I can pay about 1-2 $ for 1 card. It is a small business - I guess not more than 20 cards in a month (in the beginnig). If you or a an other family of your group are interested in this work, please contact me. :)
Thank you for your time
Best regards

Google translate in Bahasa Indonesia:
Selamat malam
Nama saya Ronald dari Swiss. Saya adalah bulan April lalu di Yogyakarte, Jawa. Dekat dengan kota anda Boyolali. Aku punya proyek kecil dengan kartu ucapan. Bahannya asli dari Jawa: Batik, Perak, Wayang Kulit dan kertas / amplop untuk kartu. Saya membuat 20 kartu di Jogia di sebuah toko dan saya memesan 80 kartu lainnya di toko ini. Saya akan menjualnya di Swiss. Saya membutuhkan satu atau lebih keluarga untuk proyek kecil ini (merakit kartu). Saya bisa membayar sekitar 1-2 $ untuk 1 kartu. Ini adalah bisnis kecil - saya kira tidak lebih dari 20 kartu dalam sebulan (di beginnig). Jika Anda atau keluarga lain dari kelompok Anda tertarik dengan pekerjaan ini, tolong hubungi saya. :)
Terima kasih atas waktu Anda
salam Hormat

Electricity pulse
Boyolali, Indonesia

Dancan Mongare     Jun 25, 2017

I would like to increase my repayment amount since my business is doing well at the moment . thanks to zidisha lenders for the far my business is.

Expanding my cybercafé business
Nakuru, Kenya

Thomas Ngumbao     Jun 25, 2017

I really than zidisha and all lenders for their assistance. God bless you.

Expand my kiosk
Kilifi, Kenya

Margaret Wambui     Jun 24, 2017

i want to thank zidisha team you have really helped me thank you lenders for this loan.i will buy trenchcoats,they are fast moving now that we are in cold season and also they are fashionable compared to just ordinarly coat.This will help me make more sales bring more customers my way

Coats for clothing business
Nakuru, Kenya