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Mixer installation

This is very big progress, thanks my lenders. To everyone whose hand has contributed towards the funding , thanks a lot. Hope all will go well.

Loan to introduce school shoes in my business

i used the previous loan to add the inventory of children shoes in my business. this has brought great impact in my business as my profit has shoot from approximately ksh 5500 to ksh 7000. this has enable me and my family has better life as we can now pay our expenses on time with ease. thank you lenders for your support.

Photo studio project

A fairly used britek studio set I just bought from another photographer.
Cost me roughly $220.


Solar lanterns to help women & girls be more productive.

Thank you for your passion in helping others! You got very far already, I think. Thank you also for sharing stories about individual customers - so we know how and who we helped.
Keep up the good work and stay healthy and happy :)

Add building paints to my hardware store

Am very grateful to all those who came together for the establishment of Zidisha,To help those of is who cannot access bank loans.I am going to increase my stock of oil paint. I know this will help my customers to fully relied on me for the supply of all hard ware.Dear leander l am proud of you all for your contributions and to those who encourage me God bless.l will pay within my time limit,so that you will not hesitate to fund me again thank you.

Online cars, parts and accessories sales and business.

Dear lenders, my current business of selling phones online as been successful and its evident by the fact that i have repaid all the loan amount on time with 100% repayment rate. Thank you for funding the business and being part of my business growth and road to success.

School for disadvantaged children

Hello Dear lenders,
I am happy for making Gilgal the way it is. Let us celebrate together for the license and the assessment books available now to our pupils.

Request for loan for business expansion

Thank you lenders for funding my loan, I will use it to buy clothings as stated in my loan proposal.


Farm produce awaiting transportation to the market. I need the loan

Get a driver's license

The loan will help me process my drivers license. This in effect will help the business grow.
I am most grateful for the support.

Solar lanterns to help women & girls be more productive.

Thanks so very much Margaret for your support!

Samuel’s fashion loan project

Yes !! Business time!!!

Mixer installation

Thanks my for the start of my loan funding soon I will install the mixer. Here is the mixer' s image.

Avocado supply

I will be able to supply more avocados to exporters per week. I will also use also use it to hire a bigger vehicle to transport avocados to exporters per week.

Assist in medical cover for a loved one

My wife and I want to thank you for the thoughtful gift you have given us for our medical needs. Having such supporting lenders is truly a blessing. You don't know how much it means to us. With the help of your gift, My wife and I will be able to access the medical cover that we had always wanted.

Setting up and equipping my tutorial centre.

I want to express my appreciation to my lenders for their assistance. It has really made me believe that their are really angels among us.I have been able to purchase some learning aids with the loan given to me.I feel fulfilled because my pupils are having a great time reading the story books and picture charts I bought.

Real estate

Hello Lenders, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support. I have already ordered the containers which should arrive in two weeks time. I look forward to keeping you posted in the process as I move forward. Once again thank you so much your help it's truly appreciated.

Manicure and pedicure kits

I confirm receiving 7208 KES. I have purchased sets of manicure kits as seen Belo. I look forward to increase in business and profit. Thanks once more to lenders for your support


The 20,299 NGN I received was so helpful, i was able to buy more phone brands to stock in my shop, and was able to make more profits. Thanks so much to my lenders God bless you so much for your kind assistance


Solar lanterns to help women & girls be more productive.

Great work Francis!

Vegetables for sale.

May God bless you.

Office furniture

I did bought furniture as well as built shelves in my business room. This has made my day to day activity be easier as I can now serve my customers without any congestion of space. My clients has increased in number since I refurbish my room. As a result my profit making has gone up almost doubling my previous income. Thank you zidisha. I can now take good care of my family, parents and siblings who are still schooling with little constrain. May you continue to extend hand of help to other young entrepreneurs.

Clothing materials

I so much appreciate my lenders. I'm so happy I'm able to make profit from my sales. Thank you so much, Zidisha


Thank you for everything the support and kindness towards my life.
God bless you.

Solar lanterns to help women & girls be more productive.

To all my lenders who lent me i say thank you so very much! We managed to put in the hands of women and girls solar lanterns to help them trade and study for longer hours! Together we are displacing kerosene lamps at the price of Kerosene for families to own quality, affordable and warranted solar lanterns!

Together we continue to make it possible for last mile communities to benefit from solar!


I am grateful to all my lenders. God bless you

Manicure and pedicure kits

Thanks so much lenders for your support. I'm going to buy 10 manicure and pedicure kits for my business

Business loan

I will be using the loan to restock and it’s going to help me keep my customers... thank you so much for helping out

Bulky beauty products

I am always grateful to you good people at zidisha for doing me good in empowering my business.Always I remain to be faithful to you .


Thanks team zidisha for the generous support in my dream realization.May God bless you all.

Samuel’s fashion loan project

Thanks very much Christelle Hugel
And to all my gracious lenders, am really grateful for making this possible in a beautiful way for me. Am excited to see all your support at my profile here and hoping to see this loan fully funded. God bless you all.


Manicure and pedicure kits

Best wishes Alice


Request for loan for business expansion

Good luck Berenice, Eugenia from Argentina

Graphic design business boost

Grazie mille!

I hope I typed that right. I will proceed to pay for software license and run a small Facebook Ad campaign.

Top up my capital and paying school fees

Hello my lenders, am grateful for your support all this time, zidisha has made a very big difference to my life, last year i managed to finish building my Mama a house and a water tank through the profit i have been making from my business, It took nearly 3yrs for this project to finish. This year's project i took my house-help to a hairdressing college and am hopefully i will manage to pay her school fees, because she has been a very good helper to my children. am also praying to expand my business...Hoping for the best. Thanks all.


I love working with you thank so much for the loan God bless you

Point of sales service (pos) : cash deposit & money withdraw

I really appreciate my lender for being part of my achievement. My last loan was use as cash float for my agency Banking. And this has significantly contributed to increase in my proceeds. May God be with you.

Loan for my business


I will be buying more stocks and add money to my agency banking business. It will help to increase my customer base, sales and increase in profit.

Thank you for the loan.

Selling traditional smocks and kente clothing

I thank all my lenders for approving my loan. I want to buy smocks with the money and I hope the market will be good for me.

Assist in medical cover for a loved one

Hi my dear friends,

Thank You all for your continued support. May God bless you all and all your ventures

Topdressing fertilizer

I thank you for the loan.

Business expansion

Sincerely speaking working with Zidisha is one of the privilege no one can afford to miss. I'm so grateful for this opportunity. My sincere gratitude to all my wonderful lenders and partners of this platform. You are doing a great work. This loan is basically going to help me continue expanding my business and help boast my business. I believe this is going to help me set up new businesses and create employment opportunities for others as well. I'm so grateful.

Add building paints to my hardware store

Thanks to all my lenders for their contributions towards me.Most women rely on men for survival but by the help of zidisha l can now also take care of my family.Valued by people in my society. Thanks to my lenders.

Sewing accesories

Thank you very much for yoyr support. I am still in the sewing accessories business. I believe the purchase of these things will help me to really know the progress of the business. I have committed to support others to improve thier by introducing Zidisha.

Thank you John, Marthe and Ray. I look forward in doing business with you

Summer holiday lessons

I do seize this opportunity to express my heart felt thanks to all the generous and benevolent lenders who have empowered me. I now have a venue for my summer holiday lessons after paying the rent of 50,000 naira. I have procured some instructional resources.

Adding stock to my retail shop

Good for today, happy to be with you Zidisha.

Renovating a leaking roof for my business

The money that I was funded the 77000/= I was able to buy Galsheet iron sheets worthy 72,000/= the remaining balance I was able to pay for labour. Other things like nails, timber I was able to sort them out for myself.

Buy new stock

Thank you Lenders for the financial support may you all be blessed Abundantly..


Buy new stock

Hi Gladys! Praying for God's blessing on your business.


I ventured into kola nuts, it was very slow at first since its an entirely new commodity market for me. Made some losses, but over came & am now going ground with it. The beans supply is still on and my weekly profit margin has also increased. Thanks Zidisha for the support.