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Equipping our school computer lab

With the funds raised in my project I would like to buy and add more computers in the computer lab as a number of pupils at the school is increasing daily. There will be more benefit from pupils as most of them do not know how to operate a computer. Hence the IT program at the school is being encouraged by all pupils so that they are impacted with skills and knowledge. Therefore the school per day will making ZMW 15,000.00 as profit from the computer lab. The library will also have more educational materials or books for the pupils to do their research and prepare for their examinations adequately.
Thank you very much to you all my lenders, am really humbled for your awesome support for our school project. May God really bless each one of you and your families.

Multistory gardens for rural women

Last month, we set up this two gardens right outside our shop in Oyugis. Farmers from all over gather around these gardens and that provides us with an opportunity to teach about climate-smart farming and how they can produce their vegetables for both home consumption and for sale to obtain income. Your support will go a long way! Thank you!

We are also thinking of helping them set up solar dehydrators to help them preserve excess vegetables.

Distributing milk and local grains

Am very grateful to you sirs for going out of your way to colour my life. Because this is all i have to cater for family and medication for my illing wife. I will make use of it by increasing the stock of both milk and cereals to meet the demands of the market. Once again am very thankful to you Sirs.

Cucumber and onion farming

We started our cucumber harvest from the first portion of the farm. Extremely happy with the quality of cucumbers we produced. Thank you for your support.

Equipping our school computer lab

Am very delighted to you my backers, your financial support has really helped to change the educational standards of the school. Enrollment at the school is very whelming the school is now growing and plans are now being put in place to expand the school blocks.
Thank you so much I really appreciate you. I hope and pray that you will support me again in my next project about to post. Thanking in advance.

Mini cafe

I take this opportunity to thank everyone who funded my project. I really appreciate your generosity. These funds will assist me purchase some tables, chairs , utensils and some equipments for my mini cafe. This will assist me run my business smoothly and in a larger space, hence moving it from my house. Thank you for making my dream come true. To all my funders may the Lord bless you and enlarge your territories. Blessed sabbath

December market target cabbage project

This year has been full of promise u like last year that threw a lot of surprises my way. In kitale Kenya where I live, it is expected around this time of year that rains will gradually subside as we head into a dry season. However this year we have predictions of elnino rains which have spurred renewed interest in growing other crops after the maize that has just been harvested and is currently drying.
I am therefore doing more cabbages and beans in stages. I already have a crop beginning to head while a second is establishing. I also got three bean crops at different stages of growth the first one being at flowering stage already. I'm pushing to put two more cabbage crops into the works to be sold of late December or early January when markets should be good.

Cucumber and onion farming

So excited to be fundraising for my new project. Cucumber farming! Please your support will be greatly appreciated! Thank you

Second hand clothing business

I will buy a bale of second hand clothing , men trousers and shirts and ladies dresses and a bale of second hand shoes for ladies. These goods have become in demand and should I buy and display them, the customers will buy quickly and I do realize my profits very fast. The bale of men's shirts which cost me ZMW 3500.00 will be able to give me the profit if ZMW 1350.00 and the bale of ladies dresses at a cost of ZMW 4000.00 will be able to give me ZMW 1600.00 therefore, my profit will increase steadily thank you my backers for your support in advance.
I thank you so much my dear backers, your support for me will go a long way, Therefore I will be able to buy food for my children and pay school fees for them.

Handmade crochet clothes

Your loan will help me buy supplies such as needles, scissors, tape, model doll, stitch makers, packaging materials and other crochet accessories.
this equipment will allow to increase employment opportunity for my community together we can weave and sell more clothes.
thank you for your loan, we can knit and sell more clothes. the additional benefit will benefit my family and the family of the employee I plan to hire.
Your loan will contribute to improving the living conditions of two families and have a positive effect on the community where I live.
Thank you for making my project possible. May God bless you.

Cucumber and onion farming

My previous loan was a game changer in my life. I was able to invest and reinvest. Through the help of that loan I was able to build a house and bought a new farm. I have built a 3 bedroomed house and now remaining with the roof. And now I have added a new farm for cucumbers and onions. It took long for me to finish repaying but indeed the results have been magnificent. And I’m committed to remain a Zidisha member to keep on improving my life and my community.

Equipping our school computer lab

I did receive the funds into my MTN payment account and the laptops and computers to equip our school computers.
Most students are very delighted because they are able to learn about ICT and in a conducive environment now. Thank you so much my backers for your support in my school business project.

To buy materials for making dresses & reusable sanitary pad

I will buy fabric materials to make more dresses, school uniforms, working suits and reusable sanitary pads for empowering girls and women in our community learning about sewing, tailoring and designing technics .The funds will help me to expand my business project and supply to many townships in the city.
Thank you my backer for supporting me once again and I will do my best to give you every satisfaction for your dedication to support me in my business project.

Increase grocery stock

Received the funds successfully and I bought all assorted grocery items that move sell very fast in my shop.
With your favorable support my backers am so grateful because your financial support is transforming my business into another level. Thank you so much I really appreciate.

Start a small eatery place

Thank you so much to everyone who funded my project, I sincerely appreciate. This will enable me open and run a chapati and beans eatery.

Start a small eatery place

Thank you everyone that supported me purchase a cool box. The business has so far helped settle my children's part of school fees and other needs. Thank you

Water tank for our school

Am very happy to see your contribution to words my account. I will buy a water tank to collect rainwater harvesting water in the coming rain. We have experienced a very long drought in our country kajiado. But we hope for the best when it rains.thank al my dear friends

Popcorn machine

Thank you very much for funding my project. I'm going to add a popcorn machine which will offer me an extra revenue stream. I will honor your commitment by repaying in time. Gracias. Asante.

Purchase of vehicle tyres for sale at the workshop

ZIDIISHA has been very helpful to my business in so many ways. The first funds assisted me in purchasing tubeless valves for sell, then the second funds assisted in purchasing vehicle tyre tubes sells, this has helped me increase revenue significantly. Because of the ZIDISHA funding I can proudly say the business has expanded by 15%.
With the raised funds I have been able to increase revenue, expand my customer base and the eventual profitability and the increased earnings is helping in meeting business obligations with easy. This is also making it possible to pay it forward to other ZIDISHA members.
The most exciting aspect of my ZIDISHA experience is my achievement of taking my daughter to Mulungushi University to pursue her Law Degree. She has now joined her elder brother who is a 4th year Civil Engineering student at the same University. This is a great achievement and calls for hard work for the business to grow to greater heights.
This is an experience of a life time and I am very grateful to everyone who has helped me raise the necessary funds which I have invested in the business so far, please keep up the good work.

School fees

Wishing you well

Equipping our school computer lab

With the funds raised in my project I would like to buy and add more computers in the computer lab as a number of pupils at the school is increasing daily. There will be more benefit from pupils as most of them do not know how to operate a computer. Hence the IT program at the school is being encouraged by all pupils so that they are impacted with skills and knowledge. Therefore the school per day will making ZMW 15,000.00 as profit from the computer lab. The library will also have more educational materials or books for the pupils to do their research and prepare for their examinations adequately.

Thank you to all backers for your awesome support, on behalf of the school and on my behalf, may I say that we are very thankful that the school will benefit a lot from your suppprt by equipping it with school computers.

Making brownie chips

My favorite job (about 50 years ago) was as a bread and cake baker. I'm baking sourdough breads at home these days for my wife and I. Good luck on your endeavor. Jim

Publishing educational books and videos

Jambo people, I hope you all okay. Am happy that I was able to lease a room with a steady power supply at the nearby town. where I live there is no mains supply. Now I can work to finish the book. Thanks again

Equipping our school computer lab

Dear my faith backers, my loan previous was a great success, indeed it really helped me to secure the desk tops and laptops for the school computer lap. May I say the school is doing well in offering computer science for the pupils at school those that have chosen computer studies to study comfortably and pass their examinations without any challenges. Thank very much for your support, am also requesting you to support me in my new loan project.

Zion children home

In my last project we managed to plant trees, and we even spared some little cash and added to what we needed to buy food stuffs for the Zion Children home. . The dry season is here so we shall be largely involved in watering the trees as we plan to develop our own nursery for the next rainy season

Solar lanterns for distribution to rural households


Yesterday, Kenya experienced a Total blackout when the national electricity grid went off. For nearly 12 hours, there was no power. My rural solar lantern buyers only got to know about it on the news. There goes the power of solar energy!

Buying onion seeds

Thank you for financing my business progress. I will buy hybrid onion seedlings for planting in August. Onions mature in 5 months, so we shall harvest these on in February 2024. We expect to yield 2,500kg of onions and sell them in Kenya and Uganda.

My team and I are very grateful for your help.

To buy materials for making dresses & reusable sanitary pad

I did receive the funds in my MTN payment account successfully and I managed to purchase all the materials needed for making dresses and sanitary reusable pads.
Thank you my backers for awesome support on my business project am so grateful, may God bless you, let continue empowering and building our business together. The say together we stand and divided we fall. God bless you so much

Wahu's packaging

Hello zidisha family hope this finds you well, I was able to receive my funds and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and help and more so those who funded me.With your funds was able to add stock to my shop and so far so good i thanks God because it's going on well.Once again i thank those who saw it good to fund me and help me i pray that you may never lack may God provide for you always.

Expansion of poultry venture

I bought one improved kienyeji cockerel and four hens so as to expand my poultry enterprise. This was a good start since combined with my old stock then I'm assured of growth of the enterprise after successful breeding.

Wood for making furniture

Dear Zidisha family, and to a large extent my project backers...I'm greatly honoured this afternoon for your kind contribution towards my project. It is a very big step towards realizing my project objectives and goals.
These funds will help in purchasing timber for my workshop solely for the making of furniture for sale and help admit some students to my workshop from the nearby vocational training institute.
It is a very big win for all of us and i greatly appreciate you.

Repairing school playground

Thank you mugi and Jenny for funding my loan, I will use the money to improve the school facility by repairing the swing as playing material for children, pupils will be very happy to see the swing ready and in good condition. This is a great support, it will touch many people. Thank you.

Brick making

The previous loan helped me to facilitate the baking of my Bricks which went on successful. I really appreciate for the funds keep upthe good work.It has really boosted me and am seeing myself being successful in my bricks making business


Solar lanterns for distribution to rural households

Hi Grace, so nice to meet you! I can see you are young and full of enthusiasm. It is my honor to support honest and creative people like you!

Investment and return

Hello my community members.
I have been baking cakes and cookies to sell to close friends and family members. I would like to expand my hustle to a larger group and this money will go a long way to help in the success of my small business.
Thank you for the support.

School fees for my daughter

I will pay school fees for my daughter.
It will really help me since my daughter won't miss the classes because of lack of school fees.
Thank you for making my project possible.

Buying onion seeds

From the money I received last time, I bought Peatmoss, a medium used to propagate seedlings. I propagated 10,000 cabbage seedlings that we shall be transplanting to the open farm very soon.
Without the medium, I would have not been able to propagate the seedlings and I would have had to buy the seedlings from other farmers. This would have cost me 50,000 shillings ($333). With the medium I propagated up to 50,000 seedlings. This saved me $1,600!

Water storage tank for the school

Hello to my supporters. I managed to buy the water tank for our school. I am yet to install the water tank to harvest water during the short rains. I'll keep on updating you on the progress.
For our previous project of maize farming, we had a bumper harvest and thank my funders for that. Below is a photo the maize harvested.

Small market

Thank you very much for your support. I have bought a cart to distribute the products, so I have hired a young man. I am very grateful that you have saved two families. At the same time, my customers are happy that they are getting the products on time, but I still need your support so that I can develop and expand the business so that I can support the community around me and meet the needs. I am very grateful to them and may God bless you and continue to support me more, thank you.

Add locks to hardware shop

I have been able to build our business many times over. I have been able to employ about 3 permanent employees and 1 casual. However due to the ensuing hard times in Kenya, my capital has gone down and would like to boost it by borrowing so that I can make supplies that are due to my customers. I am greatly inclined towards growing this business to create even more jobs for our youths who graduated and have no jobs because of the impenetrable job market.

Farm produce

My last loan supported my academic session this year, I was able to sustain the rigors and sleepless night of reading all through. To God be all the Glory for connecting me with people of kind gesture on Zidisha.

Kelly chicken and veggies company

i ventured in egg laying chiken and i bought 3moths chicks by mid this month they will start laying eggs of which is an improvement,i also plant sukumawiki for sale as in the photo i have already planted

Purchase a bale of blankets & ladies jackets

I have received the funds in my MTN mobile monet account. I have also bought a bale of clothing for and ladies jackest as it is very cold here and demand is very high.

Am very happy my backers for supporting me. My business now has hope to expand with Zidisha online loans. Thank you so much.

School fees request

Thank you so much for your funding.
Through it I was able to increase my chicken by purchasing 10 more chicken and I have stocked more feeds to enable me feed them.
I was also able to repair the chicken house which was raining in on them.

Equipping our school computer lab

I did receive the amount of ZMW 807.00, in my MTN account and I bought the some desk top computers and some laptops, this support has brought enjoy for the school as more pupils and students will have more access to the computer lab.

As the school headteacher, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the backers who have been instrumental in this school project to ensure that our school is fully equipped in the computer lab.

Natural compost accelerators

Thank you so much my backers, i used the finances to excavate and construct a natural waste digester and compost pit. It will assist in collection and decomposition of kitchen waste and animals waste for use as organic fertilizer in the farm. ..Thank you.

Equipping our school computer lab

It will buy some 5 laptops and 5 desktop computers to equip our school lab, this will help the learners improve their IT skills.
Thank you very much my backers and lenders so happy for awesome suppprt. I will also do my best to give you satisfaction.

School fees

I will get my son's eyes checked. It will help him get glasses to improve his performance in school.
Thank you for helping me do this for him. I do appreciate it.

Greens and grocery sales

I will use the funds to buy more stalk for my green grocery businesses..The funds will help me to boost my business, have more employees so as to help them earn a living, through the funds I will also be able to take care of my kinds,pay them school fees without any problem.I would like to that most probably the members who made this project possible for me,Our Almighty God bless you Soo much as you continue helping others.

To buy materials for making dresses & reusable sanitary pad

I will purchase more fabric materials for making dresses and reusable sanitary pads. It will help me to supply more sanitary pads and dresses. In addition to that the extra materials will be used for educating the youths and empowering more women learning about tailoring and designing skills.
Thank you my lender for supporting and backing up my loan.