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Amos Miheso     Jan 19, 2017

Greeting to all my lenders,
Thanks a lot for lending me another aloan to advance my toner business. I will buy all the toner accessories required to restock my business. The loan shall help me serve my clients properly, pay utility bills on time and put food on the table for my family as well as pay for their school fees.
May God richly bless you all,
Kind Regards,
Amos Miheso, Nairobi -Kenya.

Recycled toner cartridge business
Nairobi, Kenya

John Njoroge     Jan 18, 2017

After a meeting with my party officials at Hilton hotel.

Loan to help register my political party
Kawangware, Kenya

Effah Ali Iddrisu     Jan 18, 2017

Thank you zidisha and my lender. I received $102.00 on the 9th January 2017. This loan had really help me a lot , which am able to buy with loan hepatitis B, hepatitis B vaccination, HIV test strips and Syphilis test strips. My laboratory services is now highly respected and hoping to buy more to serve more client. My thanks go to the zidisha lenders and the entired zidisha organisation for financial support to my business. Thank you.

Laboratory services
Techiman, Ghana

Oumar Konate     Jan 18, 2017

Good evening friends lenders. __ Just to say a big thank you for the effort, and I always count on our willingness to supplement before the end of my request. __ Sincerely, __Mr Konate Oumar__Merci

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Bonsoir les amis prêteurs.
Juste vous dire un grand merci pour l'effort fourni, et je compte toujours sur notre bonne volonté pour le complément avant l'expiration de ma demande.
Bien amicalement,
Mr Konate Oumar

Growing tomatoes
Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso

Hans Ochola     Jan 18, 2017

Hello Zidisha,
It is my belief that Zidisha is the best community I have ever known. My name was Hans but up to this moment it's changed from just Hans to a Happy Hans!

In today's world, happiness is something that everyone yearns for, even to dangerous grounds. This has not been in my case because I simply applied and your good lenders favored me.

This is just my second loan and the progress is clear. Believe it or not I have no problems paying for my wife's college fee because you solved my printing hardships and now I can concentrate in my business without stress!

I cant imagine how it will be when I reach the maximum lending amount. That and beyond is my goal.

Thank you so much, blessed lenders. I work hard because you have inspired me.

Yours, (Happy)Hans Ochola.

Cybercafé growth
Rangwe, Kenya

Felistus Wanjiku Thuo     Jan 18, 2017

Hello dear Lenders and Happy New Year. I want to thank you so much deep down my heart for your continued support. The last loan of $300 helped me pay part of
the school fees for my two boys. I am so grateful for all you have done.

Loan to pay school fees for the new year
Kitengela, Nairobi, Kenya

Alex Tsuma     Jan 18, 2017

Dear Lenders, Julia Kurnia and the Entire Zidisha Family,
I wish to take this opportunity to express my thanks, joy, gratitude and happiness to what you have done to myself and my family.
For many years, I have been dreaming of having my own place here in Mombasa to call home but due to lack of sufficient funds, it was a challenge to realise this dream.
Now I am a very proud and happy man because you have helped me realise this long term dream. I now own my house which I constructed with your funds which you lend to me.
My spouse and children are more than happy too !! We will not be paying house rent any more which we have been doing since 2011...( I surely cant imagine this !)
I will now have more time to focus on my Recording Studio, improving the quality of life of my family and Education of my daughter and son. You have really came into my life at the appropriate time and I can therefore not take this for granted.
I wish you all the best with your families and in everything that you do. I also thank you for believing in me and funding my loan without any hesitation.
I believe you will still be there for me and all other borrower so that you continue helping us in changing our lives and that of our communities to the better.
On behalf of my family I say thank you again for making our life better and more worth living, thank you.

Building a house for my family
Mombasa, Kenya

Duke Nyangau     Jan 18, 2017

Dear zidisha team and my lenders, i wish to let you know that i am fine and working hard as usual. that, this Month of January is very hard financial, that it is not easy as usual but by the grace of almighty God, am making my weekly payments without failure. That i love you and i keep my promise even when conditions are tough. That once again i promise to work hard to see my promise to you is fulfilled, That i hope all of you my lenders you are fine, may GOD bless you for choosing to fund my profile amongest many profiles, once again thank you zidisha team, thank you melissa, thank you the entire team of my lenders.

New umbrella, heavy reflective jackets, and front shock
Nakuru, Kenya

Kyere Micheal     Jan 18, 2017

My sincere gratitude goes to all zidisha lenders for your good work for us and I am highly inspired by your loan for helping my clothing business to grow up to this level and I am now getting my profit of 95 to 100 daily as compare to previous profits of 70 to 75 and due to that I have been saving a lot and that is what I have been using to purchase more goods into my shop.thank you.

Loan to support my clothing business
Accra, Ghana

Cab Yeboah     Jan 18, 2017

My loan repayment is going on well and I want to commend my indefatigable lenders for their continuing support to us through Zidisha platform. God continues to replenish to you all what you have lend/invest in us in thousand fold.

To purchase car spare parts for servicing vehicles
Accra, Ghana