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Purchase the sprinkler equipment

The current economic situation farming has improved to the only business that can sustain for long period of time. I want to use the loan am borrowing to buy sprinkler method of watering my vegetable crops. Water is a challenge and if I can be using sprinkler method my crops will be receiving enough water and grow very well.
Thank you so much my lenders for supporting am so happy, am humbled. This is wonderful

Tricycle taxi

Hello to you all my lenders, it's been a while since I updated you about myself and my business.
I am doing very great as my job is moving so good and smoothly, my tricycle is working very fine without any faults due to the help you provided to me,
I hope you are all doing good?, thank you all very much and may God protect and provide to you all your heart desires.

Art studio

Zidisha greetings,
It's an exciting season for me as I have seen the benefit of being a member.At this point I also want to confirm that I received the funding and it has been invested.
I bought a staple gun, sanding machine ,vanish and timber.

So far studio clients are satisfied with our art work and we are expecting rapid sales this month.

When we clear this loan, our next item will be an electrical plainer machine . A video to be uploaded soon.

Thank you!

Starting a small restaurant

Good morning team zidisha, it's a beautiful morning as we go back to our business. Business has picked up compared to the past month and we thank God for that. Still pushing on.

Immunity boosters for sale

I will buy immune-system boosters for sale and it will help me to increase my stocks and make more profit. Thanks to all my lenders.

Making traditional Zambian crafts for sale

Wow this is amazing I am very happy and excited thank you to all my lenders for supporting me so fast. As I said earlier I will buy more crafting equipments to swift up my business thank you once again

Building my credit limit towards my own fleet of Uber cars

Thank you for your continued support. I will use this money for some needed maintenance work

Selling face masks in college

I thank you so much my lenders for the loan I received and have finished. I want to update my lenders that the loan was used to pay tuition fees and i have been able to attend online lessons without challenges.

School fees for my late brother's son

I have received 2760 ZMW and have paid school fees for my brother's late son. Thank you so much for the loan may God continue bless you.

Raw materials for production of organic make-up

hi Neville, thank for you. With this loan I will buy my inventory which will help my business.

Business importing bedsheets & fabrics

At the shop happy seeing my business growing gradually with the support of zidisha lenders. God bless you all.

Business importing bedsheets & fabrics

Am greatful to all my lenders has they continue to help me improve my business.

Floor buffer for my cleaning company

Am looking forward to buy floor buffer for my cleaning business.
This will help me to work more efficiently.
Thank you for funding this project.
Very much appreciated

For prepaid meter to improve my sewing business

I thank you all for your kindness support and I will use this offer to pay for energy commission fee because they will call and check it tomorrow morning to verify the work if is was properly done it well by the electrician.

Distributing drinking water

I thank all the lenders for the loan. I've received it to use. God bless you all.


Distributing drinking water

Good Luck!

Buying fertilizer for my vegetable garden

With this new loan am applying for this time around I have a Vegetable garden and I need to improve the growing of vegetable by more fertilizer to grow more crops. I will indeed benefit because I will grow more crops for home consumption and for sale to generate income.

Thank you to you all my lenders for coming on board to help.


Maize and bean farm

Hi Peter - thanks for the updates and for always striving to meet your commitment on repaying the loan. Happy to be support your new loan request as you continue to expand your business. Keep up your entrepreneurial spirit, seems to be working our for you! All the best with your continued success.. and keep up the updates! Erik

Purchasing a laminator

Dear Lenders,
I take this opportunity to thank you for the great support you have given me. I will use the loan to buy the laminating machine. That will help improve my Business hence making more profit

Used car for restoration and resale

Thank you very much I have today finished my loan which helped me accomplish much more than I anticipated. because I did not just get a motor but another full car which I have now been able to sell both cars. One buyer still owes me some money but you all were a great help in my venture.

Buying materials to sew for schools

I am really grateful to all my lenders , I am blessed to have you all as my lenders. God bless you. The money I reacieved was used to to buy materials which helped me a lot.

For transportation fees

Thank you very much Akshay for this loan and I am speechless of the kind of support I am getting from Zidisha. I am going to use this loan to transport building materials from kumasi to a client at Tamale and this will really help my business.

Shoe business

I'm saying a big thanks to my lenders may GOD bless you all. the loan make a difference in my business.thanks for being there for me

Buying more computers

I love you thanks

Loan to produce art

Thanks for the loan, now I'll be able to buy canvas materials, spray paints, oil paints and brushes. This will help me draw and sell my artwork.

Loan to produce art

I was able to expand my art project and market online gaining a new database of clients who have already started booking for commissioned art.

Laptop computer & partial payment of university fees

By the special grace of the almighty God am still keeping on. thanks to the most high for the gift of life. and to you my wonderful lenders, am forever gratful. may the living god keep you all blessed and safe.

Materials for my cybercafe

I wish your project gets funded before time runs out! Greetings from Switzerland.

Transport to deliver seedlings to markets

Thanks a lot to my lenders, this loan will help me pay for transporting seedlings from farm to different markets . I expect to increase my earnings as I increase market for my seedlings.

Purchase additional roofing sheets

I want to thank all my lenders for this assistance giving me this loan . I want to buy additional number of roofing sheets to install on my market structures which I have renting out to marketeers. By replacing the roofing sheets am also extending life span for my structures

Mini foodstuffs business

So full of joy for the kind gesture of everyone here
You all are amazing

To buy immunity boosters for sale

I have received Ghc1122.00 and I will buy immune-system booster for sale. I thank each and everyone who contributed to my loan. God bless you all.

Cocoa farmer

I am very happy for joining Zidisha loan thank you

To distribute hospital supplies, and also for Christmas expenses

Thank you zidisha for lifting up my business

For my wife's food vending

I will give the money to my wife to start her food vending

Mini foodstuffs business

God reward you all a lot

Fabrics & accessories for dressmaking

Hello good friends, I hope everyone is fine. I am very grateful to be a part of this great network. God bless you all. Every one is fine in my family. And by God's grace I am coping. Work has been on hold for a long time. Things are getting worse because of this pandemic. I have lost my phone severally. So now I only log on here, on a friend's phone. Staysafe every one. And protect yourself from this covid. God bless you all.

School fees

business too is doing great now have FDA approval for 6 of my products. thanks for being part of my journey till now.

School fees

Thank you all. am still on my MBA studies and am happy to say that is going well.

Selling clothing, shoes & caps

I love you thanks

Investment in selling beauty products

God bless zidisha so much for your support. Thank you

Mini-importation business of computer accessories & gadgets

I feel so blessed to have people like you around.
Thank you so much bing shu pan

Renewing my insurance for my taxi

I have received a loan of Ghc 1230 to be used for renewing my insurance and u am thankful to all my lenders for this money

Increase stock for clothing business

am thanking all zidisha lenders for this assistance with a loan to increase stock for my clothing. this will help me make more profit and also increase my capital. i expect my business to grow . thank you

Filling gas cylinders for cooking food for customers

I am really grateful to all my lenders for this support. God bless you all. I am going to use this money to fill my gas cylinder to serve my customers

Making traditional Ghanaian smocks

I want to say a big thank you to zidisha for their great support for my business. Thank you so much zidisha

Buying plantains to sell

Thank you very much Craig, God bless you as this loan is going to help me purchase plantains forsale

Office chairs for my music studio

Thanks to you all for helping fight Covid in the ghetto

Buying restaurant equipment

Hi Patrick,
Am sorry for replying to you late. As I am always busy. I never have so much time to be on my phone.
I am in my third year. I am graduating august 2023.
It’s not easy. Most of the times my older sister stands in for me when I can’t. She quit high school because our parents couldn’t afford to take her, me and my brother to school.
For deliveries, my young brother who recently graduated high school helps.

To purchase insecticides/stickers

With the loan I received which an amount of K1,228.00 I want to update my lenders that I bought a variety of seedlings , vegetables, chilli, onion and many others and i have since planted. Vegetables i have started harvesting and selling. Thank you so very much.