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Phone accessories

Thank you all for the loan

Buying a maize-sheller machine & transport maize to market

This is to confirm that I did receive 15,763 ZMW successfully in MTN account and I bought the maize sheller machine busy working at the farm, am sorry for delay to confirm receipt of receiving the money.
Am so grateful my lenders because your support is prospering my life now and realize my life dreams. Thank you and may God keep you and watch over you.

To buy tomato seeds

Thank you much.. May God bless you

Loan for detergents and soap

I must say thank you very much to all my lenders for always giving me the money to support my business.
I appreciate it so much.
God bless you.

To pay workers to harvest my maize

I have received the loan amount of ghc1,005 and i will use it to pay labourers and workers to help me harvest my crops. This will make my harvesting faster. I thank the lenders for the loan.

Making cardigans for students

My warm appreciation for all lenders that pooled resources to make my request a reality. Thanks to Julia, the team leader and the Team also.

Installing irrigation in my farm

I wish to take this opportunity to inform my lenders that the loan that I was give has made great impact in my life. I was able to do the first phase of irrigation water connectivity. Since last year November, our place has not received any rainfall. As a result of doing irrigation in one part of my piece of land, I have been able to grow different types of crops. Since these are being grown during dry season, the market price is so good since not many people are able to produce. This has given us as a family additional income which has also contributed to being able to increase my weekly loan payment. Again I say thank you to all my lenders.

Food canteen business/restaurant

I am so full of Joy right now, my lenders you all are so wonderful, lovely and kind, God will keep rewarding you all
I am so glad right now

School fees and textbooks

I am very fortunate to have you as my lenders!
Indeed your great! God bless you in abundance.

Fresh tomatoes, lemons, oranges, apples & vegetables

It has truly made a difference in my life and in the neighborhood Life has changed thank you lenders

Cosmetics business

Thank you lenders

Sewing machine

I use it to expand my business and it has helped me increase my profit and sell so may the good Lord bless you all

Buy wood and materials for my carpentry work

I will use the loan to purchase woods and some materials to make a bed for a customer ordered for it and has paid deposit already. This loan will help me meet the timeline for this job. Thank you my dear lender for the loan. I am very grateful to you.

Loan for personal use

thank you for granting me this loan which is really going to help me sustain myself till the end as i await for my next salary to hit my account

Printer/photocopier for school secretariat

Anne, Kirk Moore, Sabrina, Hartmut, Robert, Thomas O Neil, [email protected],sebastienrosa, MarktheMormon, Brian Hermann, I appreciate you all for this loan.
I thank Director Julia and her Team too.

Transportation of maize to market

I need at least 3000 ZMW to transport maize to market and vegetable garden to remove the weed and also spray to avoid insects invading my crops. It will help me produce a good crop yield of maize and vegetable for sale
Thank you so much my lenders for your support may God bless you.

Onion and other vegetable seedlings

Thankyou for this loan. I will buy seed and other inputs to begin my seedlings production.

Clearing of my watermelon farm

Thanks my lenders for the loan granted to me. I will be using the loan to hire workers to worked for my watermelon farm. Thanks very much

Cornbread bakery

Good evening to you all my lenders I have made my 2nd payment successfully but due to slow marketing I made parts payment of my 2nd installment and I hope by the end of the week or my next installment I will make it fully. Thank you stay safe !!!

Motorcycle spare parts

Your pockets shall never run dry,God bless you all my lenders

Farming inputs

With this loan I have embarked on the farming project now because farming at the moment is doing very fine. Hence I need to buy the following for farm inputs for vegetable, maize and groundnuts.

1. Organic fertilizer
2. Booster grower{Folia fertilizer}
3. Pesticides and herbicides

However this will help me to farm my crop and grow them very well to good profits.
Thank you so much my lenders for supporting me with this loan which will boost my farming project.

For my kids' school fees

Thanks very much lenders for the loan granted

Buying foodstuffs to sell wholesale to retailers

With this loan ill be able to buy more foodstuffs from my suppliers,especially rice,it will help me meet up with demands of being a wholesaler,that means ill be able to sell even to retailers,and still make profit.I want to thank all wonderful zidisha lenders from my heart,thank you for helping me build my business,zidisha is the best!

Grocery business

Thank you very much zidisha for the loan..

Locally made washable face masks for sale

I want to thank all my lenders for your help. This loan will help me increase my business, I will use the money to make washable face masks for sell, most people prefer these as they are cheaper in the time of Corona virus.

Binoculars and telescope sales

And these too

Binoculars and telescope sales

These are some of the telescopes I have been able yo bring in

Selling children's clothing

It's not business as usual in my region due to a lockdown imposed by the national government recently. Praying that my clients will come for my services as it used to be. Thanks for understanding my predicament.

Opening a new grocery shop

I used the loan to raise a structure for my new branch I want to create . And am almost at the final stage of completing it..
Moreso the business is moving on bit by bit ... And some of the income are being reinvested in the raising of the new structure to pave way for the new branch.

Making traditional Ghanaian smocks

Thank you for supporting me

Investing into my bottled water business

I want to say a big thank you to my good lenders for supporting me. I am using this loan to purchase bottles to be used for filing purified water to sell to my clients for profit.

Buy cosmetics product

Thank you lender for funding my loan and your help to expand my business, I will buy cosmetics product and repay my loan on time, thank you once again

Bulk puchasing of foodstuffs

I will for ever always be greatful to you zidisha loans and most especially you my lovely cherished leander for believing in me, if not these helping hand you've spread out to me what will had happen to me by then. So i say, i really appreciate these opportunity and these money will be good to my business. Thanksgiving belongs to you Guys. Thanks.

To buy additional vegetables seeds for planting

Thank you so much my lender may God bless you. I am planting vegetables and so this loan I will use to buy additional seeds and once I harvest my profit will definitely increase. Thanks very much.

"Mo Cyber"

The government increased tax, while reducing the tax waiver incentive it had offered us at the workplace. My normal salary wasn't able to sustain my basic needs as well as the business. Im working on a secondary way to make ends meet while paying back my loans. sorry fr inconveniences.

Buy wood and materials for my carpentry work

I will use the loan to buy wood and materials for my furniture work. Im using the wood and the materials to make a wardrobe which a customer ordered. This will help my business by delivering on time and maintaining the trust between I and my customers. I want to use the opportunity to thank you Mr Paul Graham fir this loan and I promise not to disappoint you so i will pay for the loan in time. Thanks so much.

To buy dresses & ladies' bags and supply to customers

I will use the loan to buy dresses and ladies bags and Supply to my customers who placed orders already. This loan will help me meet the timeline for the delivery of the clothes to my customers. Thanks to my lenders for this loan. I really appreciate it so much. Much love.

To order human hair and wigs to sell

I have received 1,735 ZMW to order human hair and wigs for sale in my beauty shop. Thanks to all wonderful lenders

Buying & selling beans

May God bless you for helping me..

Buying sewing machine for dress making

Am requesting for this loan to help me buy a new sewing machine, I have a number of order that could help me generate good income very fast, I have an order to make more school uniforms and Church Uniforms.
Thank you to all my lenders for recognizing me once again and support me to develop my business, may God richly bless you.

Loan to buy vegetables and dried fish for resale

I will buy vegetables and dried fish for resale with the loan. It will help me expand my business to increase my profit. i thank all my lenders for funding my loan.

Books and supplies for our school

To everyone who helped in funding my loan, may help never depart frm you all..

To buy modern, industrial sewing machine

I want to use this opportunity to thank all the zidisha lenders zidisha really help me in promoting my business thank you once more


Add onto my capital for mobile money / airtime business

What is the profit margin for selling mobile money/ air time? Keep up the good job-

Solar lamps & clean cookstoves for rural women & girls

Greetings to you my lenders,

The past 2 months have been very interesting at Kukula Solar as we continue to distributing clean cookstoves and solar lamps to villages in Lundazi District. The smiles that we see in these villages are so infectious. Women and girls are happy that they no longer need to walk a long distance to collect firewood for cooking because the clean cookstoves we are selling to them use twigs and cow dung.

Many rural households now have access to clean solar lighting, something that is helping the whole household.

We at Kukula Solar are very happy with your continued support

Thanks so very much and will continue to keep you updated on the developments.


Onion and other vegetable seedlings

The last loan was used in my annual growing of cabbages. There were so many challenges and indeed the loan helped in addressing some of the challenges like buying of pesticides which were required. This had a meaningful impact on the project.

Irrigation equipment for my vegetable farm

The current economic situation farming has improved to the only business that can sustain for long period of time. I want to use the loan am borrowing to buy sprinkler method of watering my vegetable crops. Water is a challenge and if I can be using sprinkler method my crops will be receiving enough water and grow very well.
Thank you so much my lenders for supporting am so happy may God bless you.

Expansion of my foodstuff business

Thank you Helmant Mehta for lending me money.
God bless you

Buying foodstuffs to resell

My great zidisha lenders,with this loan ill be able to go for the spices,for stew,soup and other ones,so many of them,ill be able to get them now in large quantity and add to my business,it will attract more customers to my shop,because a lot of people use spices for their cooking and seasoning,Thank you so so much great zidisha lenders you all are God sent,may God continue to bless you all in Jesus name

Vegetable gardening: tomatoes & onions

Dear lenders am so grateful for the support given to me for the previous which has worked for me miraculously and made head ways in the farming project. So far the vegetable garden you funded me has yield good results so is the hardware business which you have continued to support me and I have recorded massive support. I really appreciate you so much because the loan is changing my lifestyle. Thank you so much and God bless you.