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Mini shop boost

I added shoes to my small shop business with the cash I received from zidisah.
Thank you so much guys for making it happen.

Baking scones

Good afternoon ZIDISHA,
Am so pleased that the loans you offered helped me with vegetable selling. This rain season I have decided to start baking scones to sell for convenience sake. Knowing every household needs breakfast, am pretty sure the business will be a success. The profits obtained will be used to sustain the family

School bags and shoe sales

Hi good lovely people ,I will use this money to buy back to school black shoes ,back to school bags and mixture of other types of bag then the remaining cash I will take 6,500 from it to buy new dresses and trousers to add to my boutique.this will help me meet the need of my customers because they kept asking for them and through selling them the profit I get i will be pay school fees for my son and daughter being a single mama they all look upto me.i take this to thank all the lenders who have helped me out to make this project happen .no enough words can explain my gratitude may the almighty bless you abundantly

Photocopying and printing services

I can say many things related to funding at Zidisha, apart from the easy process, it also guarantees the key trust of this program. I am a worker in the printing service sector, from the first project I got capital to purchase HVS paper to expedite my photocopying service business. From these funds I get a net return of around 20%, and I invest it again to purchase business materials, so that capital assets continue to increase, and this is what I do little by little. in the end I get capital assets in accordance with the amount of funds obtained from zidisha (capital + assets) in a ratio of 1: 1. Apart from getting the capital that I have paid off, I get assets equal to that capital. thanks to Zidisha, for the next project, hopefully it can expedite my business, especially in the field of photocopying and printing services.

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Banyak hal yang dapat saya sampaikan terkait dengan pendanaan di Zidisha, selain proses mudah juga jaminan kepercayaan kunci dari program ini.
Saya adalah pekerja dibidang jasa percetakan, dari proyek yang pertama saya mendapatkan modal untuk pembelian kertas HVS guna memperlancar usaha jasa fotokopi yang saya jalani.

Dari dana tersebut saya memperoleh hasil bersih kisaaran 20%, dan itu saya investasikan lagi untuk pembelian bahan usaha, sehingga aset modal terus bertambah, dan ini yang saya lakukan secara terus sedikit demi sedikit. pada akhirnya saya mendapatkan aset modal sesuai dengan jumlah Dana yang diperoleh dari zidisha (modal+aset) berbanding 1 : 1. Selain mendapatkan modal yang sudah saya lunasi, saya mendapatkan aset yang sama sebesar modal tersebut.

terima kasih kepada Zidisha, untuk proyek berikutnya semoga bisa memperlancar usaha saya, utamanya dibidang jasa fotokopi dan percetakan.

School fees

I am planning to use this loan to clear my school fees so that I can be able to do my exams. This will greatly help me get good performance as I will be allowed to stay in class as we wait for the exam.

Growing my phone shop

Thank you I received money from zidisha and it really changed my life, I managed to grow my business in buying and selling new smartphones or used smartphones, selling pulses and internet quota, smartphone accessories, electricity payments

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Terima kasih saya menerima uang dari zidisha dan itu benar-benar mengubah hidup saya, saya berhasil mengembangkan bisnis saya dalam jual beli smartphone baru atau smartphone bekas, jual pulsa dan kuota internet, aksesoris smartphone, pembayaran listrik

Buying tomato & spinach seeds for my farm

I say thank you alot for all the members who funded my project and made it possible for me to achieve my goal.
I'll use the funds to buy spinach and tomato seeds after which I'll plant them in a nursery before transplanting them to my well prepared farm.
This is a great milestone in my farming project.

Purchase of baking flour

Kids in my neighborhood are now calling me 'Dada Kaimati'. loosely translated, that is 'The Croissant Lady'. I am mastering the craft and in my small ways, running with the enterprise. In a day, I make about $4 in sales and earn a profit of $ 0.8. I am still not factoring in my salary. That would reduce the profits I earn.

I am thankfully not paying rent or electricity, so my overhead costs appear less for now. I believe the future will be bright.


Zidisha has been of great help to my small cyber café business where i have been able to upgrade my equipment's and now am in a position to serve customers better.

Farming maize crop

Thanks for the funds so far,
Once I get fully funded I will buy farm inputs and a water tank, This will really help during dry seasons to maintain crop production and avoid unnecessary loss.

Buying tomato & spinach seeds for my farm

I want to thank all my lenders for making my project a success. I was able to expand the rabbit house into a modern structure. As we talk now I have a very spacious hutch ready for the new kittens.

Fruits and vegetables

My grocery stall is now stable. It can pay daily wages for the employee that I have contracted. The next phase is a bit of expansion of space and stock to increase the profit. Thank you for your kind support.

Buy a fridge

I have received the funds. I will use to buy a refrigerator for storing vaccines and drugs in my medical clinic. This will make our services more convinient and profitable.i want to thank my lenders so much and wish that they will continue funding me in future.


Thank you,this amount will enable me to acquire means to transport my farm products to the market. Thank for making this possible.

Business funds

I so appreciate this platform. The previous project has helped me in expanding my business by introducing new products.
I am looking forward to growing my business more and more through this project.

Buying carwash machine

Hello great team.
Just wanna confirm to you that everything is doing so great.
Carwash business is doing good and more customers had relocate to my washing centre.
Profit earned from my carwash business am still doing some savings so that I gonna expand this business further.
Since I started getting funds from zidisha family, solving family issues has be easy, as family upkeep had of zero burden because of healthy business that realized good profit. Of which part of profits have been using to invest in my family's education.
See the attached photos of my car wash machine

Specialized feeds for dairy farm

Hallo great members, I have received the funding. I will use the fund in purchase of concentrates for my dairy cows herd. This will enable me have quality feed ration. It will boost in my milk yield and be able to have an additional income from milk sales. Thank you.

Proposal to buy a laptop for cyber cafee

I really appreciate the support it really encourages me to work hard and achieve my dreams. The loan was good I bought a new Epson printer and my business is running as usual.
Thank you.

Shampoo chair for barbershop

I am going to purchase a shampoo unit /sink and have a second one for my job will be easier and my customers will not be quieing for long time waiting to be served therefore create another job opportunity. I really appreciate you for making my project possible I will always keep you updated thank you so much

Biogas production

Thank you for fully funding my project, I'm grateful. The funds will help me gas generator and burner to first use it for cooking gas, after its success, I will then start the small scale marketing of the project on how it can be used at homes as an alternative source of energy before I proceed to the electricity generation aspect

Stock purchase

I used the money to purchase stock sugar,oil,rice and flour for my shop.I sold the products and got profit from it.My earnings have really increased from the said project as i have used the same to get products being sought by the customers.I am able to also use the profits to facilitate the education of my sibling and nephew.Being in a peaceful neighbourhood ,i look forward to thrive even more.

Khaki bags business

Thank you Zidisha for nurturing my dream to excel. I graduated and will soon be employed.

Khaki bags business

I started my khaki bag business and later on acquired a laptop. I started freelance jobs that helped fund my university education. I am now a graduate looking forward to get employed soon. Thank you Zidisha for being part of my journey.

Tuition for university degree in medicine

i would like to thank my lenders for the support they offered me ,the money help me to pay for my university fees ,and some for upkeep .I have finally finished my university studies and graduated with Bachelor's degree clinical medicine and surgery.Currently I own a private medical clinic and willing to expand my business.

Tools for furniture making

Am glad to be a starter in the team as this will improve my work performance , I intend to support more of my fellow workers that have been apprentices and with Zidisha growth and good performance is going to be possible.
I am currently the best furniture maker and store in my community. And I intend to keep it more and more competent to remain the best in the market.

Exam fee

I want to greatly thank my lenders for this contribution towards my College tuition fee. Now I am back to school with my studies ongoing.

Thank you.

Bakery equipment for school project

Thank you so much for helping me to purchase the charcoal oven.
I have also attended a two day training on baking bread.
The market for the bread is good and is picking up well.

Dairy farming

The project expansion allowed me the ability to buy 2 fresian cows which calved and am now milking them for dairy business

Purchase of sewing materials

Hi Bankers,
Many thanks to you all for your kindness.Definitely,this will go a long way in making my dream come true as a tailor.
Thank you to you all.
Derrick Shwana.

Buy a fridge

I want to thank my lenders for fully funding me.
I will use the amount to buy desktop for my medical clinic... This will help ease our work at the clinic and reduce the amount of time used to look for patients records.

Growing my phone shop

Thank you I received money from zidisha and it really changed my life, I managed to develop my business in buying and selling new smartphones or second hand smartphones, selling pulses and internet quota, smartphone accessories, electricity payments

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Terima kasih saya menerima uang dari zidisha dan itu benar-benar mengubah hidup saya, saya berhasil mengembangkan usaha saya dalam jual beli smartphone baru taupun smartphone second, menjual pulsa dan kuota internet, aksesoris smartphone, pembayaran listrik

Tree planting

Greetings team. I received the funds. Put them into good use, I bought fruit tress and blue gum seedlings which I planted to add to my forest cover. I am very grateful for the gratitude

Buying fertilizer & pesticide for my kales and spinach farm

Let me take this chance and thank all my lenders for making my project a success. I will use the funds to buy fertilizer & pesticide for my vegetable farm (kales and spinach).This will be a huge milestone in increasing yields on my farm and hopefully expansion in future.
Again thank you.

Buying carwash machine

Hello zidisha family,
Just to inform you that business is doing great.
I managed to buy carwash machine and actually carwash business is shining.
Kindly see my carwash machine in below photo

Buy food for the school

Thanks to all my friends in zidisha who helped and funded me this time round.
Am going to buy some foods to start with us of when we open the school on 24th this month.
It's through you dear ones we are ables to help this little ones continue learning. Am humbled so much. Asante sana.

Back to school

Good day,I am here now to thank my backers for all the support. I have been able to achieve my goals. My students sat for their examination well. And we are waiting for good results..

Tree planting

I feel honoured and privileged to get the opportunity to thanks all members who worked hard to fund my project, may Almighty God bless you abundantly.
The amount I've received will go straight away to my tree planting project as proposed before

Dairy farming

Thank you for being present and available when I needed help and support in boosting my business.
I ran into challenges and got incapacitated in running my day to day errands since the covid 19 kicked in. I am beginning this year much safer, better and healthier. What cannot kill us can only make us stronger so they say, am much focused and ready to recover and sail on. Lillian and Macharia , I appreciate you for checking on me .
Thank you Zidisha for allowing me to keep up with my projects and work.
I am now running a dairy project with two Fresian cows that calved recently.


Buy food for the school

I wish you and your school the best in 2023 - well, actually forever!!!
Happy New Year!
:) Rune

Sales of homemade cakes

Because of Zidisha, it's easier for me to get capital to make my small business, thank you

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Karena zidisha saya lebih mudah mendapat modal membuat usaha kecil saya terimakasih

Hairdressing training dummy

Hello zidisha team once funded I will buy a saloon training dammy head and materials to facelift my employee to get used to my saloon work inline to employment..this exercise will help my business to serve my customers seeking hair dressing services.
Thank you derrick ,Amon,Julian,peter,david josphat,Robert,Ren,John macharia for making my plans real.

Mushroom farmimg

We have just completed making 500 mushroom bags. They are in the colonizing stage now. In 3-4 weeks they will be ready to start harvesting. Thank you for the support.

Two cows for dairy business

Greetings team.Am grateful for your finance assistance through the loans you have been giving me.I have applied the money prudently and seen my business grow gradually to a point that am able to upscale my product range in the value chain.I have been selling milk but now am able to make yoghurt whenever the demand for milk goes down.


Second hand clothes

I used the the amount to add more stock of fruits for my vending shop.i used earn ksh1200 weekly it has increased to ksh 2000. The interest earned has enables me to expand my business and bringing more variety of fruits. I have managed to put up small ranch for some beef cattle which i also used for in ploughing.We do have good time with facsinating features such as hills,cultural events every year,good hotels for holidays

Purchase of sewing materials

Hello James,
Hope you are doing ok.
Thanks for very much for the support .
This money will help me to buy more sewing materials that will increase my business and my income as well . This will enable me to pay for my child's and feed my family..

Antonio poultry farm j

I purchased poultry feeds
My poultry increased the output
My earnings increased ,by26%
I also saved toward buying a goAt..I now have one goat
My family has appreciated

Hairdressing training dummy

Hello Zidisha i thank you lenders all together with the team since you have been a pillar to my business . My business ventures on saloon previously supplier of Stationeries have been good to me. The saloon have attracted customers this festive season and i appreciate since i bought enough products that have sustained me up to today. The business have given me money to buy my family Christmas food as well as clothes . The next project i want to buy a head dummy for my 1 employee in order to train her plus materials for to assert her to the job . This will be a milestone in one month to come in order to improve on my efficiency in my saloon work and safe cusomers time. I thank you

Making lamps from recycled materials

Good morning Mr Samuel I already purchased the raw materials and from today am working on the new designs that I will introduce into the market come soon as I have the design ready I will post the photos here. Have a good day

Rental venues, rice supplies and purchase of warung facilities

I will open a dumpling noodle culinary business and create job opportunities for other people

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Saya akan membuka usaha kuliner mie pangsit dan membuat lapakangan pekerjaan bagi orang lain

Community pharmacy

I appreciate and encourage all people to engage in zidisha projects very innovative and a feel of giving back to the society as you progress in making money and also touching other souls.