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Beverlyne Chole     Oct 17, 2017

I want to really thank the following persons for the support for me and my business by funding my loan; Paul Buchheit Mountain View, United States
The Zinc Team San Francisco, United States The Zidisha Team, United States
Paul Graham, United States Anonymous, United States Anonymous, United States Craig Newmark, United States Jake Gibson and Beverly Picardo, San Francisco United States and JB Germany. May God Almighty bless you so much. I will never let you guys down. Thanks a lot.

Buy more retail goods for my shop
Ebusiekwe, Kenya

ads68     Oct 17, 2017

Go Dorcas!

Expansion of my tailoring and design shop
Karene, Kenya

Andrew M'kuchiana     Oct 16, 2017

Dreams lack their validity when reality strikes. Dreams get shattered...never to be dreamt again.
When you lack seeds,harvest will remain a dream...hunger will strike..If your neighbour assists you with some seeds,your children will remember him as the one who made their pot boil.
I promise to repay all you've lent me brother. Am sure next time,I'll have gained your confidence.
Thanks and blessings.

Grocery business
Maralal, Kenya

Flipmore     Oct 16, 2017

Best wishes you to you, Kumi!

Books and study materials for my teaching degree
Dadease, Ghana

Richard Hylerstedt     Oct 16, 2017

Good luck with your sales! Richard

Selling clothing on social media
Lumajang, Indonesia

Fahrur Razi     Oct 16, 2017

This is the result

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Ini hasilnya

Fruit business
Tangerang, Indonesia

Zalika Yurmi     Oct 16, 2017

last stock of kitchen cookware this month.

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last stock of kitchen cookware this month.

Selling cookware to cover cost of sister's education
Pagaralam, Indonesia

Philemon Ankomah Oppong     Oct 16, 2017

My dear lenders i am really grateful for your support to helping me accomplish my education. The loan amount of GHS 828 that u granted me has helped me to start my final project work. This will help me to achieve my goals.i know that i will help my people with the little knowledge that i got from the school.

Final project for university degree
Techiman, Ghana

Mohammed Abdul-malik     Oct 15, 2017

Im grateful to my lenders and zidisha so ver much for supporting my business to this very far. May God Almighty bless each single lender abundantly.

Selling malaria medications
Nkaseim, Ghana

Mr Chris Turner     Oct 15, 2017

Thanks Osmond
I found welding pipes difficult, hope it goes well for you

Making pipes for installing plumbing in homes
Githurai, Kenya