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Seth Kibet     May 24, 2017

This is the best

Buy building and construction tools & materials
Eldoret, Kenya

Gbankulso Lute     May 24, 2017

As I said earlier, I will buy soft and energy drinks among which are malt, fanta, cola, 5star, storm and royal apple drinks and also buy biscuits if honoured.
With this, my products will be increased as a result my profit to will be marginalized and with the profit I can further my education and in time expand my business.

Finally, I thank all the zidisha team for this opportunity and giving me this privilege to join the zidisha society, most especially, those that honoured this loan and they will always be part if my success story .
Thank you zidisha, thank you my honorable lenders God be with you.

Inventory for my provisions store
Buipe, Ghana

Yosi Irma Sugianto     May 24, 2017

I am with the money that I borrow this I want to be able to buy the needs of my wara warung. I want to buy a table, chairs, food, soft drinks, snacks and cigarettes pkoknya can advance my new this. With the additional income I can add to the material kebtuhan my shop. Hope you all can help me.

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Saya dengan uang yang saya pinjam ini saya ingin bisa membeli kebutuhan warung wara wiri saya.saya ingin membeli meja,kursi,makanan,minuman ringan,snack dan rokok pkoknya bisa memajukan baru saya ini.dengan adanya tambahan pemasukan saya bisa menambah bahan kebtuhan warung saya.moga anda semua bisa membantu saya.

Warung wara wiri rocking
Jember, Indonesia

Elizabeth Onywera     May 24, 2017

My dear lenders

Greetings to you

Thank you once again for this opportunity. I intend to purchase another set of hotpots for my restaurant. This will lead to quality food, more satisfied clients and result in increased sales and my standard of living will be uplifted and increase my savings towards my daughter's high school tuition come 2018

Hot pots for my restaurant
Kisumu, Kenya

Asnet Migiza Simuyu     May 24, 2017

Hello Lenders

I completed repayment of my last loan some months back. That loan helped me increase stock of my hair beauty products. This stock helped to sustain business activity at that particular time as it was the festive season when ladies spend on their hair do. I made good retuirns which helped me to add more stock and in looking after my baby.

Increase of hair beauty stock
Liganwa, Kenya

Ahmed Mensah     May 24, 2017

i always thankful with zidisha and leaders for your support of my education.i am proud as a member of zidisha and The loan has improve my life in my education .Thank you so much my dear leaders continue to support me i will try my best to repay my loan fully.Thank you

Loan to help pay my university tuition fees
Kumasi, Ghana

Victoria Chepkirui     May 24, 2017

I am going to use my first loan from zidisha to purchase another blowdrier as i get so many customers nowadays. This might make me get a monthly profit increase of around $80. Thank you for lending

Eldoret, Kenya

Naftary Mukuna     May 24, 2017

Thanks a lot zidisha, the year was good though not without ups and downs, the farming business was affected greatly due to drought throughout the country. I fought to the end and I was able to complete payment within stipulated time.

Mixed-crop farming
Chuma, Kenya

Lina Narita Purimahua     May 24, 2017

this is the jacket that i sell in online shop

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this is the jacket that i sell in online shop

selling chino pants, shirts & jean jackets
Bandung, Indonesia

Tiara Angelica Ria Juwita Sinaga     May 23, 2017

Loan funds can rotate again to buy stock of hijab accessories. __Thank you.

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Dana pinjamannya bisa keputar lagi untuk beli stok aksesoris hijab.

Adding inventory
Jakarta Utara, Indonesia