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Furniture carpentry

I have received the money. Thank you so much. I'll do my best not to let you down, because I know you went out of your way to help a needy person.

To purchase building materials for building my own house

Gradually, I'm getting there, and I can't wait to see myself there.
Always grateful and thankful to all my supporters here on Zidisha. God richly bless you all for your love, patience and tolerant.

Personal project

I am interested to join zidisha as a community that I am sure that through this community my life can change.

Stock capital

Hello good evening my backers, this evening am very much delighted to say that am very very happy to zidisha for the great support they have given unto me.
Well I had an outstanding school fees balance , and I decided to request a small amount in order to clear the balance.
This balance was for my daughter who is in fourth form where she is sitting for her final exam and in fact this year.
May I say I was very happy congratulations zidisha backers.

Hospital construction project

Hello Emma! Thank you very much for funding my previous loan and also being part of this one. I am very grateful.
Oh yes, the google map did help very much. I found it easy to direct customers to the laundry....Covid however, hit us in the laundry industry so much that I had to shut down. I have also relocated from the area and I am currently setting it up at the new location. I will post a message here when I am done so that you can help me with changing the location. I will post a phot of the pineapple farm also here very soon. With the pineapple farms, I managed to get some friends to also invest into it and so far it is doing very very well.

Thank you very much for being part of this growth I am experiencing currently.

Additional heifer

Hello Zidisha family, am delighted to announce to you that i purchased the heifer as i had outlined in my loan proposal. Now i can believe that i am owning a farm soonest because you made it happen. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for trusting me with your hand earned resources.
I will always remember to pay it forward.

Purchase of a motorbike for food delivery business

I am very grateful to my backer for her kindness. With her help I am able to invest my previous loan towards the purchase of a motorcycle for food delivery business.

Livestock farming (poultry)

Also look at my small field of is coming up well.

Stock for my cybercafe

hi lenders i started with two computers now i have 12 computers and printers just because of your loan.Am requesting for more funds to enlarge my business .Kindly accede my request .Your consideration will be highly appreciated . If i get more funds i will expand my business empire

Introduction of mushroom farming

special thanks to vratik,amy and julian for your demonstration of generosity and familiness through your contribution.this will go along way in terms of helping realize my dream of starting a mushroom farming project.the funds will facilitate the purchase of the second set of spawns prior to inoculation...thank you

Publication of educational children's books

Hi people - I can say I am now author with one book in Amazon. The previous loan made me appreciate the effort taken to self publish. The feedback I am getting is that more has to be done on my part as the author. this means I have to do self promotion so as to get potential buyers to actually buy the book. Meanwhile am working on another book to have it alongside with the first one. I intend to have it as a series.

Grow business

Thank you very much for the last loan, I was actually sick and needed money for medication. You actually gave me a loan and I was able to get treatment I am now ok

Expansion of birds business

I have started a poultry farming business in which I was able to start with only 4 local birds. Now they are 10 birds. I plan on upscaling the number to 1000 which will be the maximum capacity.

Maize to add to my stock in my cereals shop

Hello Zidisha,

Thank you for supporting my small-scale cereals business. Thank you for helping me secure rental premises from which to carry out y trade. I am very grateful to all of you. Thank you very much. I am excited to walk the next phase of my business together with you.



This loan has boosted my medical Bill's now am able to purchase medications I would have not managed to do so without this loan


Catering business

Hi Elsy! I am so encouraged by your ambition to start a catering business. I look forward to following along to see how it goes for you, and will pray for your success. God bless you!

Computer power backup

I will buy a generator to help with my business during power blackouts.

Add more beehives to my apiary

With this loan loan I will purchase 5 beehives at a cost of 5000/50USD. This will increase my revenue once they are colonised. Thanks so much for your support.

Hospital construction project

EDEM!!! I haven't been on Zidisha in ages! How've you been? It was such a nice surprise to log in & see your new loan project :-) Congratulations, building a hospital is such a great thing to be a part of :-) How'd the laundry business go, did that Google Maps thing ever end up making much of a difference? Did it manage to make a recovery after covid eased up, or the impact was too great? So sorry about that by the way, covid couldn't have made things easy... But I tip my hat to you, you're always so good at diversifying; the pineapple farm looked great! & Hiring out your concrete mixer sounded like a great idea :-)

Really hope life is making you smile man - Emma

Publication of educational children's books

Hamjambo ! Its been a while. I hope you are well. I am working on a follow up book after 'Sema hapana kwa vijidudu' . I changed the title a bit to ' Sema hapana kwa ukataji miti'. This is part of building my profile. Attached is the cover page

Selling vehicle spare parts

Hey zidisha lenders,zidisha has been very supportive in my spare parts business,i used the amount that i received to purchase more stock of 9000 dollas. This has really boosted my sales and also attrached more customer thus expanding my business,ive managed to improve my earnings from 2000 dollas to 5000 dollas. This has helped me to get a bigger shop,a sales van and a store to be keeping my spare parts product. As a family we were able to purchase land where we will build our home. This was all posiable because ot the support i get from zidisha family. I also been helping neighbore in maintaing our enviroment by buying dust bins to keep the enviroment clean. Thanks so much zidisha,i look forwand to get funded to improve my business.

Raising fund to develop prototype for my client

Zidisha and creativity are the two most important factors pushing my small business ahead. Big thanks to my backers

Buy equipments for my solar backup systems company

Hello... Thanks for to your support. I received my loan fully. Yesterday i bought my long awaited device (Digital voltmeter/multimeter) and immediately after getting to the office we got a job that required its use.. Its perfect and i can't stop appreciating for your support. This has also enabled me to pay partial amount to of the loan.

Purchase of dad's oxygen concentrator

My loan is fully funded,

I appreciate your kind support.

I hadn't read your comment LJ and wish you can repost it. My father referred to here is my "father-in-law" who stays with me. My biology father died on 10/7/2010. Just to clarify that.

I'm so grateful to all the community for your support. You're all great!

Cottages renovation

I intend to renovate my cottages by painting both exterior and interior so the money you have lend me will be used to purchase high quality paint for both indoor and out door and for paying for the labour of work done.

Thank you so much for your kind heart I am truly grateful and may God remember each one of you on your time of need.

Cottages renovation

I used my completed loan to furnish my dining area by adding more tables and chairs to accommodate more people, the dinning table is a 8 seater which is very suitable for big families they now sit together when having meals, previously we had small tables that accommodated 2 and 3 people, I also bought a 5 seater dining table and still used the other 2 and 3 seaters for couples and for individuals. The last thing I did i put a concrete pavement around my compound which costed $ 1000, my compound looks really beautiful with the nice flowers and trees that makes the place look even better. A big thank you for all who helped me in achieving this by sending your finances I am truly grateful to y'all and to Zidisha may you live long.

Antonio poultry farm

Thankyou to the lenders and backers .I want to take this opportunity to proudly announce how zidisha has helped me expand my poultry farming bussines.. from the first day of joining zidisha

Clear family loan

Zidisha loan is of great help in this tough economic times, it makes the every day burdens like paying school fees and stock additions lighter. One one for the team is thank you, indeed i am greatfull



Hello,its been tough period especially with covid pandemic. Since then nothing has ever been the same,business shutting down and inflation on our neck but we managed to come out victorious. My poultry farm has been doing well and now I have also manage to start rabbits farming

Add stock bakery

Started on a capital base of 100USD now walking high at Capital base of over USD 500 and making daily profits of over 50USD per day,with Zidisha on board have learnt the way to invest wisely and to be patient in the process of business growth

Dairy farming

Dear lenders, it been long looking for my dairy cow. But today I was able to buy cow at a cost of kshs 60,000.she is producing 3 litre and she is 5 month pregnant. Hope in few months will be able to produce more milk. Now I will be able sell one half litre at a cost of kshs 45 per litre and will able repay the loan an also remain with some milk for family use.

Publication of educational children's books

Hi good people, still working on the next book a series " Sema hapana kwa jangwa" or say no to desert /deforestation. This will boost my profile which I am working on. No sales this month from the book .. am unknown

Scientific calculators sales

Thanks be to the supportive members of the zidisha community. The funds will be used in purchasing more boxes of scientific calculators, for onward sales. This will help me to sustain the business. Once again thank to the supportive members of the zidisha community.

Insurance premiums policy

greetings my lenders how have you been? this is what I use to do business of transportation and am happy u have been keeping me in prayers

Buying organic fertilizer, pesticides & herbicides

With the funds am raising from this Zidisha loan, I would to buy organic fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides for vegetable farming to get rid of worms attacking the vegetables and other farming inputs to help me in developing my vegetable gardens to have a good harvest. Therefore I will be able to grow more crops for sell and earn more profits. Am anticipating my profits to increase from 4000 ZMW to 8000 ZMW.
Thank you so much my lenders for your support and efforts for funding my loan. God bless you

Cottages renovation

OMG..... This calls for coffee and blueberry muffins....I have completed my loan payment I am so grateful to God for enabling me,it was a tough journey COVID-19 messed up with my business but nothing lasts forever I am now back on my feet and doing better. hope Zidisha will lend me more money.

Add items to my provisions shop

Thank you all for supporting my dream . This loan will help me add some few items to my shop.

Add more beehives to my apiary

The loan i have just finished repaying was of great help to me because assisted me secure my apiary. I have no problem with any intruders coming to harm my beehives.

Buying painting material

Hello, i would like to thank my backers once for the loan they offered me;it made me finish my painting on time and i made a good profit which boost my side business

Buy cooking utensils to prepare food to sell

Thanks so much for assisting me. Am so glad you have assisted me.
Thanks so much for helping me
God bless you for helping me.
Thanks so much

Purchase of inventory

I purchased inventory for my shop and that investment had increased my earnings from 5% to 7% after tax.I have used the earnings to reinvest back into the business to make more money.I have been able to help people in my community by doing social responsibility for them.

Introduction of mushroom farming

Special gratitude to Wairimu Gathii for your generosity and belief in my project.I will now effortlessly use the funds to obtain 2 kilos of mushroom spawn as part of an ambitious project i have embarked on to supplement income generation streams.Thank you and be blessed

Mobile money business

Zidisha loan has helped my business in the past years. I've experienced a lot of business growth due to the benefits of this amazing community.

To help pay for machine maintenance, fabrics and supplies

I paid my electricity bill from the money I received and my business is making progress

Goods for my cosmetics and grocery shop

Thank you all my lenders and members of Zidisha community for helping me, this loan will help purchase additional stocks for my grocery shop which in turn will help make profit. i really appreciate all of you.

To put toward buying more merchandise to sell

The loan was a game changer.My merchandise business has been expanded by addition of more stocks and ultimately am looking to expand my branch network and hire more staff.That way I shall benefit the community through employment creation which in turn improves the life of families

Community testing of blood pressure and blood sugar

Dear Zidisha family. Thank you all for your support in the project. Now am ready to serve my community in a much better way than before. Am looking forward to partner with you more often. Thank you.
Robert Muga
Roblynnes Pharmacy Ltd

Repair my fuel pump

Thanks so much for helping me. Am very thankful . I have been able to repair my fuel pump with the addition of money to it.
Thank you so much fir helping me

For my "mtumba" (second-hand) clothing business

Since I increased my stock my sales have increased from an average of 1500 daily to 2500 daily.
Now i am able to repay the loan and provide for my family comfortably without any struggle
I really appreciate all of you who funded my project

To help pay for machine maintenance, fabrics and supplies

With this loan it really helps me to pay my electricity bill. It will help to avoid cutting of my light. God bless all my backers