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John Kaseme     Apr 23, 2017

Thanks ZIDISHA team for relieving my financial stress.The disbursed loan aided me to pay school fees for the children, provide clothing for the family members, purchasing most of the tree nursery items and materials, pay other bills, i bought new smartphone(techno W3) and I also bought donkey costing shs 7500/=to fetch water for the family use.With this loan,it upgraded my family living standard and boost my tree nursery business thus increased my financial income by 50%.Thanks ZIDISHA team for engaging me financially. Thank you very much as I am almost finishing the fourth loan despite other challenges facing nursery business and its services, production and marketing of seedlings,drought intensity and lack of some items. This time, please increase loan limit to increase nursery purchase for its efficiency.

Grafting scions (sprouts/shoots), seeds, flowers, and fruits of plants
Nyasumbi Village, Kasgunga, Kenya

Emmanuel Omondi     Apr 23, 2017

me and my kids

System upgrade
Kendu-bay, Kenya

Reginah Mumbi Njiiri     Apr 23, 2017

Hallo lenders..Kindly fund my 5th loan.i intend to purchase a washing machine and furnish and decorate an extra room in my 3 bedrooms house for my home rental business.kindly make my dream come true www.airbnb.com,www.rentals.... regards

Purchase a washing machine & modernize my home rental
Nairobi, Kenya

Alex Ng`ang`a     Apr 23, 2017

April has been a good month for my shop since I have been able to repay some of the stock's I had bought on credit , pay my bills and even celebrate easter .I can't have enough words to thank my lenders Tony Liao ,Hype 1 and Mark s Yourek I'll always be indebted to you guys because just saying thank you I feel its not worth enough.I'm working hard on my shop to offset the remaining amount .God bless you guy's .Asante sana ( Thank you very much )

Diversifying the product range in my one stop retail shop
Nakurutown , Zakayos Estate, Kenya

Mathews Kasamika     Apr 23, 2017

Thank you all my lenders for funding my loan. I will buy a bicycle at a cost of $90. The bicycle will help me save the business money I was spending on transport. I was spending about $20 on transport monthly . Now this money I will be able to save.

Buying a bicycle for my arts & crafts business
Mpika, Zambia

Mayustiani Nursam     Apr 22, 2017

Thanks sum of 500,000 have been received. And my second child was born healthy and happy. Once again, thank you so much.

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Terima kasih uang sebesar 500.000 telah saya terima. Dan anak kedua saya telah lahir dengan sehat dan selamat. Sekali lagi terima kasih banyak.

Additional funds needed for childbirth fees
Bekasi, Indonesia

George Baah     Apr 22, 2017

I cannot stop expressing my happiness since I joined Zidisha .I always pray for the survival of of Zidisha team and all my lenders. Profit has these days increase for me and am making it well because of this,am able to take good care of my family.Thanks once again to all my lenders.

More stock for my provisions shop
Berekum, Ghana

Sutrisni Ngadimin     Apr 22, 2017

I"m going to buy some additional products for merchandise that I sell, and in addition to buying the refrigerator so the food I sell can be in place in the refrigerator and not get stale, because I had to use container and in his place the ice cubes that these foods keep at room temperature is needed, the price range for the addition of product merchandise and refrigerator between 40 $ to 200 $, I hope investors can really help me, of the results will definitely be better than before, the money from the sale in use to pay les my children, and schools and other needs another urgent, and of course his repayments or loan installments me in a timely manner, as well as a time when enough accumulated I want to own their own home or own vehicle that can be used to shopping at the market, I hope investors can help me to realize my dream a dream, thanks to investors and my friend who had introduced me to zidisha, hopefully its many benefits for me and other audiences who really need them, thanks

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Saya akan membeli beberapa produk tambahan untuk dagangan yang saya jual , dan sebagai tambahan untuk membeli kulkas agar makanan yang saya jual bisa di taruh di kulkas dan tidak cepat basi ,karena selama ini saya menggunakan wadah dan di dalam nya di taruh es batu agar makanan tersebut tetap pada suhu ruang yang di butuhkan ,kisaran harga untuk penambahan produk dagangan dan kulkas antara 40$ sampai dengan 200$ , saya harap para investor benar benar dapat membantu saya ,dari hasilnya nanti pasti akan lebih baik dari sebelum nya , uang dari hasil penjualan di gunakan untuk membayar les anak saya ,dan sekolah serta kebutuhan lain lain yang mendesak , dan tentu nya membayar cicilan atau angsuran pinjaman saya dengan tepat waktu ,serta suatu saat jika sudah cukup terkumpul saya ingin memiliki rumah sendiri atau kendaraan bermotor sendiri yang bisa di gunakan untuk berbelanja ke pasar , saya harap para investor dapat membantu saya untuk mewujudkan mimpi mimpi saya , terima kasih untuk para investor dan teman saya yang telah mengenalkan saya dengan zidisha , semoga banyak manfaat nya untuk saya dan khalayak lain yang sangat membutuhkan , terima kasih

Tambahan modal untuk membeli kulkas agar jualan saya tidak cepat basi dan menambah beberapa produk jajanan
Jakarta, Indonesia

Victor Amugune     Apr 22, 2017

Hi lenders i sincerely appreciate your support to my business. Thanks so much for your continued support

Two laptops and stock of stationery for my cybercafé
Nakuru, Kenya

Jacob Baafi     Apr 22, 2017

I thank zidisha for this opportunity
I was nobody if not by zidisha I would ve still be on the streets but thank God I now owns a Game Center and have completed my education and I also thank my lenders who believe in may da almighty grant u all ur wish in Jesus name.Thanks to u all

Loan for education, the key to success
Kumasi, Ghana