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Raising poultry (and doing horticulture)

If ever someone can capture a photo of a bird on your head or on your shoulder, I'd love to see it! I'm sure your lenders would, too. :) I absolutely believe it happens and I think it would make a great photo for your page! :))

Buying a butterfly sewing machine

I want to thank Grace for this support and I am very happy as this loan is going to help me buy a butterfly sewing machine.

Raising poultry (and doing horticulture)

Your pieces of advice is also a big contribution towards my success an an entrepreneur. I appreciate every bit of your advice because it activates my mind to see and understand the world from a different angle. On poultry, the birds I keep on free range. I collect their dropping s which has turned out to be an excellent manure on my firm. As I feed them in the open, they are joined by wild birds which makes the farm beautiful. Whenever I enter my firm,the birds just welcome me. Others would jump on my head, shoulders.

Fashion design and mobile money business

Out of joy I want to say a very big thank you to all those who funded my project.
I would be buying African print materials for my fashion design work and also support my mobile money business with some amount.
Thank you very much and God richly bless you.

I am very grateful

Snacks supply

My God in heaven will surely reward you all

Pay my siblings' school fees

Hello lenders,

I am forever indebted to your kindness. Thank you so much.

Snacks supply

I am so blessed coming to zidisha, I really appreciate your efforts

Selling footwear and handbags

Thank you my lenders God bless you I will surely pay back even before the due date definitely I will use the loan to buy more goods thank you for raising the loan thank you so much

Selling GSM mobile phone accessories

Big thanks to Zidisha. Business is doing great. Few more stocks added to improve sales offline and online.

Buying sacks for my sweet potatoes

Thanks for supporting my loan , I delivered my sweet potatoes on time and were sold .

For painting my shop & introducing shoes into my stock

Hello lenders. I added the second batch of shoe stock today

Automobile spare parts business

The previous loan has assisted me boost my business and expand, the business is expanding steadily and due to economic situation the loan has indeed helped me to sustain the business and by generating good profits.

Thank you so much my lenders for supporting me during this difficulty time in our country as the country is facing the third wave of Covid 19.May God bless you abundantly.

School furniture (more tables and chairs)

Greetings from Australia.


Pre-training brief for 50 urban farmers on Agricity foods

Sounds very promising! Internet should be unlimited and free for everyone.
Thanks for your effort Samba!

Desktop computer to expand my computer training room

Thank you my Lenders, I appreciate your continued support. Though I have not received the funds to support my project since the disbursement has still been pending for days now.

Buy some food and a new battery for my laptop computer

This platform is the most helpful platform I've across on the internet, and now that i have the ability to fund other peoples loans it makes it even better

Selling second-hand clothing

I'm grateful to zidisha. I'm working harder to pay off my loan. Thank you

Buying a sewing machine

Thank you my dearest lenders for your support.


Selling clean drinking water

Good for you, building a business around a local need and helping your community! :)


Best of luck!

Pre-training brief for 50 urban farmers on Agricity foods

Thank you Phiri.of Zambia and Stefan of Germany for your generosity support.

We will be able to buy training materials for 50 urban farmers

Rent an office for my cleaning business

Thanks to Zidisha I've been able to grow my business and save it from collapsing.
I made an installment for an office to operate in and am looking forward to move in soon.

Restocking more perfumes, lotions, deodrants

I want this loan to help restock both ladies and men's perfumes, lotions, sanitizers and deodorants.

The new stock will help increase sales revenue and generate more profits. Perfumes and sanitizers are selling very fast this time around.

I have strategically from daily sales takings I will be saving some income toward loan repayment weekly and some for reinvestment in the business.

Furthermore, the aim is to expand the business so that my profits can increase for to do more projects in future.
Thank you to you the members of the pay it forward am so grateful may God bless you for supporting me, I will never let you down.

To pay for my wife's hospital fees

Wish your wife speedy recovery

Desktop computer to expand my computer training room

My computer training room which run side by side with the Cyber Cafe. I get a lot of students who want to learn basic computer skills. I have Someone who assist me in training as I can't handle both training and helping out in the Cyber Cafe alone. I am glad my venture is also creating jobs

Loan to buy more vegetables

Thank you for supporting me God richly bless you all

For painting my shop & introducing shoes into my stock

The shop is looking amazing

For painting my shop & introducing shoes into my stock

Just finished painting and the shop is looking amazing. Am still very grateful of the entire Zidisha fraternity

Selling clean drinking water

Water is an essential commodity that supports life. Wishing all the best from Kenya...

Pre-training brief for 50 urban farmers on Agricity foods

We were able to install a WiFi equipment and internet services from the Kalanet Communications Limited an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Kisumu (

We are now able to access unlimited internet with upload and download speeds of 10mbps all day long 24/7 shared amongst all our staff and visitors to our office. The internet is charged at a fixed rate regardless of the number of users and can support upto 100users at a time.

This WiFi internet service has reduced our internet costs by 50% since it is shared and eliminated the need for Local Area Networking (LAN) cabling and regular maintenance.

We also set up bulk SMS services and managed to reach over 5,000 of our customers with market and product information at 70% cheaper than before in the past 7days.

Expansion of business providing Internet connection service

Kindly here I am undertaking the project.

Expansion of business providing Internet connection service

Kindly I take this opportunity to thank you, for helping in buying P2P Gen2 devices, this will go a long way to improving my business.

Selling locally produced yams

Hello my lenders, I want to thank you for your patience with me, for the past year I had a challenge that made me to delay in finish paying my loan,zidisha has helped me much so I cannot afford to default my loan given me. Personally, I want to thank you my lenders again for the opportunity I enjoyed from you, God bless you more and more, also I want to assure you that I will work out and pay all my loan within the year, thanks for your support zidisha staff and lenders.

Purchase reflectors for my cameras

Thanks to all the lenders that keeps supporting me . God bless you all.

Purchase pairs of shoes to sell

Thank you for your support, you nice lenders I promise to pay on time.

To expand my bedsheets and room curtains business

Taking stock of my curtains and thinking of the Bigger retailing business in the nearest future ahead.

To expand my bedsheets and room curtains business

The journey of a mile begins with a step. With zidisha loan I can see how fast am stepping into the future.

Cee's Fashions

What are you using to sell online? Can we see the web address? Wishing you all the best!

Selling potatoes

Good luck and best wishes from the land of the potato heads ;-)

Vegetable garden

Good morning, I received K287. With this loan I'll buy seeds so that I start planting crops, I'll also buy manure for the crops. Thank you very much.

To top up capital for my mobile money business

Am humbling myself and saying thank you for the loans

Farming fruits & vegetables

Thank you very much for making my project possible

Loan to purchase and supply health products

The just concluded loan repayment was successful event though business was a bit slow yet l did not run into loss since my customers were faithful in paying for the goods l supply them.
I can also see that better changes are coming as far as health products are a must for any one that wants to be healthy.

Purchase bags of fertilizer

Dear Lydia,

Thank you so much for your support! I truly appreciate your help.

Handwoven baskets

I'm so grateful dear lenders for your great help! during this pandemic that the whole world is grappling with.

EazyNet Computer Centre

Thank you so much for the support. I have received KES 1,564 which am going to use to buy computer keyboards and mouse which were worn out. I appreciate you so much and am looking forward to work with you to continue supporting my project. Thank you and God bless you.


Growing & selling yams

Look at James for an alternative method of growing vegetables without a lot of costly imputs. I have started using his methods and see some improvements already.

Restocking essential medications

These are some pictures of activities that seeks to help achieve SDG goal 3-"Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing fo all at all ages".
These happened before the pandemic.

Selling GSM mobile phone accessories

Yes Wisdom, it really is prospering. Thanks for your support. May THE LORD increase your resources in order to keep rendering support. A big thanks to you. And more thanks to Zidisha Team for giving us this platform to get support from potential and resourceful lenders and entrepreneurs.

Loan to buy fabrics for sewing

Thank You so much Diana!