“A great task to achieve”

Most content posted at Zidisha consists of communication between lenders and borrowers.

Here is an unusual example of a borrower-to-borrower message – and a wonderful and not at all uncommon instance of the generosity with which people help each other whatever their means:

New Message: Jane Gaiko

Sally Ndiri comments on Oct 01, 2013 

“Hi Jane, Sorry to hear about you being bed ridden. It is so unfortunate that this had to happen to you when you have such a great task to achieve. I am trying to be a VM and would have loved to try to help where I can as Bahati and where I live in Teachers is not such a big deal. Anyway what we need to do, for those of us that you are our VM need to try and chip in to help you. I would have started immediately but unfortunately I also have a burden on my shoulder as my nephew’s house was burnt down over the weekend and we have to try and help him get on his feet. In fact when i opened your your link I wanted to ask you what I could do to try and borrow some money for him to help him try and get a temporary house put up. But when i have found you in the situation you are in I feel so sorry about it. So I will wait and get in touch at a latter date. I want to wish you the best and quick recovery for your injury. God is with you and will help you overcome your physical problem. I want to encourage you to keep praying so that He may be quick and giving you a quick recovery. God bless.”

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