Farming His Way Forward

By Betsy Ramser Jaime

‘My name is Seidu Salifu and I am 23 years of age born to Mr. Seidu Salifu senior and Mrs. Nafisatu Seidu.’ As a young adult, Seidu lost his father when he was in high school and from an early age, he gained a strong work ethic as he would travel to his aunt’s home in Kumasi and would find petty jobs to earn some money for his books and other school needs.

After completing his studies, he decided to move to the village, sharing, ‘ I decided to move to the village to put into practice what I love most in my career and that is farming. I like reading, doing research and also love helping the vulnerable people. I will love to adopt and take care of the needy ones when I stand on my toes.’

In his farming business he grows crops such as, ‘peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, and eggplant among others. He explains the importance of his business as he shares, ‘I realize that vegetables are the most essential farm products that are mostly in demand of markets especially during this covid 19, and that’s my area of my concentration now because vegetables are in demand. Growing vegetables are so important and it is really helping me.’

Since joining Zidisha, Seidu has successfully raised five Zidisha funded loans, starting in April 2020. As he requested his first loan he wrote, ‘As a young man who enjoys farming as his main work of occupation, if the loan is fully funded or granted, it will be purposely used to buy pesticides for my vegetable crops and other materials like fertilizers to improve the yield of my crops. Vegetables are part of farm products that are very much in need and essential especially in this time of this pandemic. Farmers are exempted from lockdown and my area of which I farm is also not included in the lockdown. I will use the sales of my vegetables to make repayment and moreover farmers are allowed to sell farm produce only that we must observe social distancing and other precautionary measures. Vegetables are now needed and that’s where I will sell to make payment.’

With the following two loans for $179 and $305, Seidu was able to continue purchasing additional fertilizers and pesticides in his business to expand and grow. Most recently, in October 2020, Seidu raised $620 and shared, ‘I first of all thank you lenders for your generous support given me in my farming produce and business. This loan that I am requesting will be used to buy farming inputs and other materials like cutlasses, hoe and others for my vegetable farming. Buying of farming inputs and other materials helps to produce speedy farming projects. This loan will be used to buy more farming inputs and other materials.’

After receiving this loan, Seidu took to his Zidisha discussion page on November 15 and wrote, ‘Farming business is growing. Thank you so much.’

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