From One Startup to Another

The hot new startup Hatchet and Gear has teamed up with the Zidisha platform to offer their customers a new kind of value.
Today, Hatchet and Gear owner Lyssandra Allen was kind enough to tell us more in this interview:
What is Hatchet and Gear?
Hatchet and Gear is a start-up business aimed at standardizing women’s hat sizes and making durable, fashionable hats and accessories available to everyone.

I understand that 10% of every sale you make is going to support Zidisha entrepreneurs – thanks!  Why did you choose to partner with Zidisha?

I chose to partner with Zidisha for two reasons, both of which were posted on your “How it works” page. The first is that, unlike some other microfinance lenders, 100% of the loan goes to the borrower- no middlemen taking their cut of the loan. I wanted to help small businesses, not financiers. The second reason is because the lender- not the borrower- bears the risk of loss due to currency conversion. I know how hard it is to start a business, and when factors beyond your control change to make things harder, it is incredibly frustrating. As your legal note recommends, I consider lending through Zidisha to be philanthropic – a way to help others, not to make money myself.
Like many Zidisha borrowers, you are also an entrepreneurial start-up.  What similarities and differences have you noticed between your experience starting a business in the US, and the accounts of entrepreneurs you have met through Zidisha?
Many of the entrepreneurs that you see on Zidisha are looking to expand their business to better meet high demands for necessary commodities. By contrast, entrepreneurs in the US are mostly focused on technology or fashion- things that are good to have, but not necessary for quality of life demands. There also seems to be less of an issue with marketing or being recognized for entrepreneurs on Zidisha, possibly due to the fact that they live in smaller, more tightly-knit communities.
What is your favorite Zidisha entrepreneur story?

My favorite Zidisha entrepreneur story is one from John Ndafa Nyumu, who went from being a casual laborer to getting training for poultry vaccinations so he can help marginalized groups improve their economic status with healthy poultry. In a world where so many people are just out to help themselves, it is always refreshing to see someone who is willing to help others while improving their own situation.

Thanks so much for the interview.

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of the Zidisha community!

Visit the Hatchet and Gear online store to shop for beautifully unique hats, satchels and accessories while supporting Zidisha entrepreneurs.

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  1. Surely im normaly runing of words when i look at how zidisha has made my business to be how it is today.The loan i was given helped me so much and for that i say thankyou to God for bringing forth this wonderful organisation. Since i joined, my business has never been the same again. I keep on repaying so that i apply for higher loan and do more than this.Once again thankyou and God bless you

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