Helping Children in His Community Become Responsible Citizens

By Betsy Ramser Jaime

Andrew Waweru shares, ‘I was born in Nairobi. As a child, I enjoyed learning and doing experiments. I attended the local public schools and studied up to degree level at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology where I studied electrical engineering and graduated. After graduation, I worked as a technician for three years. My interest in e-learning led me to start a business developing local content for schools called Gwiji software. The business was featured in Business Daily on April 4, 2008.’

Andrew says that it was the ‘challenges in schools’ which led him to become a part-time lecturer in a local college. Then, in 2016, he registered Takajua multimedia developers to create multimedia content.

Even with such a busy and demanding work life, Andrew has a strong appreciation for nature, sharing, ‘Where I live there is a tree with birds of which give interesting melodies and the land is beautiful, especially on sunny days.’

In talking about his business, Andrew describes the main work of Takajua Multimedia as ‘telling stories online. The business involves content development and illustration, scripting – posting, or uploading of the story. The illustrations are appealing and help in learning.’

As schools were closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, schools began searching for online solutions for the students. Andrew currently has both a website and YouTube channel that he operates.

As to why he chose this particular business, Andrew explains, ‘I chose this business because I saw the need for illustrative learning in understanding concepts in stories and also because I like working and helping children to learn. I am also good at illustration. To develop a single video lasting an average of 3 min takes about a week to create. If they are good with time they will attract an audience. The platform can then be used to market other related products.’

Andrew first began working with Zidisha in 2020, and has raised four Zidisha-funded loans so far. Ranging from $16 to $250, the funds have enabled Andrew to work towards bettering his equipment such as a laptop computer, internet, and accessories for audio recording.

One of his most recent projects has been creating an illustratetd children’s book on druge abuse. He says, ‘The work will be presented at a forum attended by children at the main Kenya National Library in the course of this month. The book will have colorful eye catching illustrations to help understand the negative side of drugs. The head of the library was encouraged by the initiative as many children and young people attend the library. He also suggested that the same be done for the youth as they are the group that is mostly affected.’

He continues, ‘If successful, the book will mark my entry as an author of children’s books. The children will be more informed about the uses and dangers of drugs and this will help them be good responsible citizens.’

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