By Julia Kurnia

In 2017, our community made possible a record 64,330 loan projects – almost three times as many as in 2016!



“No word is enough to describe my joy at finding such an opportunity to get a loan from people all over the world.” – Jean David, Haiti


We continued to keep management costs below 5% of the value of the loans funded – so profits accrued to borrowers rather than to administrative overhead.



“My kids are schooling in a better school and I have also managed to start a small business for my wife.” – Stephen Kiti, Kenya


In response to popular request, we built an in-house Forum to better facilitate discussions among members.



“Formerly we could not afford three square meals, but after joining Zidisha for just 6 months, our life has improved tremendously.” – Bayor Youssif Mashuud, Ghana


27% of borrowers joined via our Android app – up from just 2% in 2016.



“You have made me to put a smile on my sister’s face after a long struggle of no avail for her to go to college.” – Beatrice, Kenya


Borrowers and lenders shared 166,364 project updates and messages of encouragement in loan discussions.



“One year after joining Zidisha, I have a business where I employ four staff.” – Christian Golo, Ghana


Our top borrower countries in 2017 were Kenya, Indonesia and Ghana.



“Zidisha is the best thing that has ever happened to me in the world.” – Boabeng Bright, Ghana


1,444 borrowers gave back to the Zidisha community by serving as Volunteer Mentors.



“l am using part of the profits to further my education in the University now.” – Wise Alormenu, Ghana


Our incredible volunteer team responded to 40,910 support tickets!



“Had it not been for your affordable loans offered to entrepreneurs, I would not have ended up in university.” – Daniel Anarfi, Ghana


Our engineering team added 6,609 new features, bug fixes and design improvements to the Zidisha website code.



“This has been so beautiful… thanks to the Zidisha group you are awesome.” – Joseph Kawiti, Kenya


Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who came together to make this incredible year happen.  It’s a legacy for each of us to celebrate.

Help us make 2018 a life-changing year for even more deserving entrepreneurs.  Check out our latest projects here.

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  1. Wow! What a blessed initiative that has made many, including myself acquire funding in a non-traditional means. Its awesome to be part of this great initiative.

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