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By Betsy Ramser Jaime

Lornah Nachair was born into a middle class family with four siblings. As a child, she loved going to the farm with her mother and always had a curious mind, asking lots of questions about farming. Unfortunately, with the passing of her father when she was in form 4, she knew she would need to stay at home until she could eventually save up the money to attend college. Later on, after she finished secondary school, she set her sights on becoming a secretary and hoped to eventually become an entrepreneur.

Although her first job out of school was not well-paying, she was able to slowly save some money, laying the initial foundation for what her business is today. To explain what her business is today, Lornah shares, ‘I do photocopy and typesetting in my business. This business generates a lot of income which am able to sustain and run other activities both in my house and my business, if my company will grow I will help people around me to get employment and also invite them to come on board and get a Zidisha loan for them to venture into business.’

As a hardworking businesswoman, Lornah is also able to set a great example for her teenage daughter who dreams of becoming a journalist and TV presenter! In addition, Lornah explains that in her free time, ‘I go out with friends who are ready to explore new ideas and expand their business and when am free I go to church to practice songs for Sunday with my fellow praise and worship team.’

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Lornah has successfully raised 7 loans, along with the help of Zidisha lenders. With her first three loans in April, July, and September 2017, she started out by purchasing photocopying papers, printer cartridges, white out, stepping pins, small equipment, and an antivirus program for her computer. While these three loans combined, totaled less than $35, she was able to make this small sun go a long way towards advancing her business.

As 2017 came to a close, Lornah was in need of her fourth Zidisha funded loan, for $68. With this loan, she was able to have her computer serviced. This was essential, as having a well-functioning computer is an essential component of her business.

As business continued to grow for Lornah, she approached lenders in April 2018 with a request for a $174 loan. With this loan, she hoped to purchase a second computer and also determined that it was time to hire an employee to help her in the business.

Fortunately for Lornah, her good fortune was only just starting, as business continued to increase throughout 2018. By August, she was ready to raise $273 from lenders to help her purchase an additional printer and computer. In addition, she was also excited to extend employment to the youth of her community. She shares, ‘I have known my people very well and I want to elevate the youths to better people in the society. Thanks Zidisha team to enable me to be an employer and not just a business lady.’ For Lornah, being able to employ her fellow community members is a huge honor.

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Following her August loan, she was able to share this update with her lenders, ‘I am a very happy applicant. I bought the computer and have now employed someone and now my customers are very comfortable when they come in. I have seen my business grow to a level I did not expect because of  the Zidisha team. Zidisha thanks so much and my lenders may God expand your territories.’

Lornah was able to secure her most recent Zidisha funded loan in October 2018, as she raised, $407. She shares, ‘I am a single mother with one daughter who is having school fees arrears in school. I thank Zidisha for at least they have helped my business grow and now I can support myself in the house. But since I am having arrears in school I wish part of the money to pay school fees and the balance I may add stock for my business.’

For Lornah, entrepreneurship has drastically changed her life. Having a business and becoming an employer have allowed her to become exactly the type of mother and woman that she hoped she could be. Lornah says, ‘Thanks so much Zidisha for making me a proud woman. God bless my lender’s, you are great people. I want to thank my lenders because before I joined Zidisha I used to struggle in my house and business could not be maintained even for two months, but since I joined Zidisha I pay school fees myself and I pay my bills. Thank you so much for changing my life.’

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