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By Betsy Ramser Jaime

‘I hate poverty, I always dream big and my success is laid in business as a young growing brand,’ shares Patrick Ndirangu. He is a native Kenyan, living with his wife and daughter in the central part of the country. As a child, he attended a village school and then continued to a professional school where he studied Computers, Information Technology, and Business Administration. Because of his education in IT, he chose to start his own Computer Center which has allowed him to provide for himself and his family.

He shares, ‘My Business is a computer advisory center. I provide services such as cyber services, training, typesetting and photocopying, lamination, projects, photography etc. My services are useful to the community since the community get training of computers. I also provide them with computer related services. I choose this kind of the business since it was my dream and passion.’

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Patrick believes that his course of study was a great choice for him as his country needs more entrepreneurs and people who can give back to the community. Currently, his expenses amount to $200 and his revenue is $900 per month.

Patrick discovered Zidisha back in March of 2015 and successfully raised a loan for $99. With this initial loan, he purchased a camera. He knew that this would be a beneficial addition to his business as customers often need photographs. After receiving his new camera, he was able to continue to market and promote his business and services through social media and happy customers.

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A few months later, in August of 2015, Patrick was ready for his next Zidisha funded loan. This time around he requested $171 and he bought a photo printing machine to use in his cyber cafe and information center. The specific model that he wanted was the Epson 1210. This would allow him to provide more services in house rather than spending the time and money to outsource these offerings.

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For his next loan, Patrick raised a loan of $363 in March of 2016. With the funds from this loan he purchased a laptop as well as new software programs for the computer. He also hoped that in addition to his current business and services, the laptop would allow him to take on new freelance work as well.

After purchasing the laptop Patrick shared with lenders, ‘I bought a laptop and now am doing online freelance work and have made a significance in my life since it caters for my expenses and I cannot forfeit to work in remote areas since the laptop is there for me. It was interesting that during the election process I was able to do much training on electoral process with the laptop and I did the assigned task perfectly. In my cyber tech provision business it has made it easy to work when there is no electricity power. During this winter season from the cash from my work I have been able to buy my family and myself warm clothes since its very cold to keep us warm so as to have energy to work. Also, it’s interesting to me that I have been able to chat with my friends online for business purpose.’

Most recently, Patrick requested a loan of $558 in August of 2017. In order to support larger print outs in his shop, he purchased an A3 printer. This would allow him to print calendars, magazines, portraits, and posters.

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On November 29, 2017 Patrick took to his discussion page and excitedly shared with lenders, ‘I thank Zidisha and the entire team for the efforts they make just to make us have hope and to make a smile for the support they offer to us. My business have picked well for the earning I get after buying the photocopier machine, I can handle volumes of work in my work place and that way the payment is promptly and on time and get other extra to feed my family and looking at the future this group will change our lives. Thanks always Zidisha.’

As always, Patrick wants the Zidisha team and his lenders to know how much he appreciates them as he says,’I humbly thank all the 132 lenders who have funded me and entire the Zidisha team for making my dreams come true.’

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