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By Betsy Ramser Jaime

With a long list of certifications and accolades, Lawrence Mugambi is a rising professional in the technology field in Kenya. He shares, ‘I graduated with a diploma in Electronics in the year 2009. I worked with the Ministry of Youth Affairs between the year 2011 to 2014 as a Technical Instructor in the field of Electrical and Electronics. I joined the Kenya Methodist University in the year 2013 as a BSC in Computer Information System student. I graduated in July 2015. I currently work as a software developer. I like programming, reading and watching documentary videos.’

Lawrence started his career with an internship at the company, White Label. White Label is a company that works with tracking softwares. He did so well that he was even offered a job with the company once his internship ended. In his current role he is working as a developer and helps to develop software.

While Lawrence found himself with a good job and income, he also dreamed of continuing his education. Fortunately, through his partnership with Zidisha, he has been able to combine his savings with his Zidisha loans to fund his education. With a $250 loan from Zidisha lenders, this set Lawrence up to pay his first trimester fees towards his program.

He says, ‘This will help me to put more effort in studies without having to worry about unpaid fees. I will be in a great position to accomplish my dream of becoming a Web developer and also to earn me a decent job in big industries. This will also help me to contribute to the community and to empower many who would wish to walk in the same path that I am in. My parents also will be free from the burden of having to pay for my fees. They will now focus on development since they will only have to spend for my brother’s fees. It will also encourage me to have a good saving plan from what am earning.’

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Catching the entrepreneurial bug, Lawrence began taking on some freelance projects of his own outside of his day job. With this in mind, he reached out to the Zidisha community for his second Zidisha funded loan in January 2017 for $251. He explained that he would use the loan to purchase a personal computer to use for his freelance work, allowing him to develop software. The additional income allowed him to pay his own expenses and to also financially help his parents who at the time were struggling in their farming business due to the lack of rain.

As Lawrence found himself achieving goal after goal, he next set his eyes on a personal dream, of building a home for himself. With the support of his Zidisha lenders, he raised, $567 and used the funds to purchase bricks. With the combined support of his own savings and income with his Zidisha funds, he predicted a completion time of 5 months.

Most recently, in June, 2019, Lawrence successfully raised an additional Zidisha funded loan for $623, enabling him to continue building his home with the purchase of iron sheets. He believes that with the iron sheets purchased, he and his family will be able to move into their new home by early August!

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He updated his loyal Zidisha lenders on June 12, as he shared, ‘Oh, wonderful. The loan will help me buy the iron sheets for the building. This will enable my family to live in a better place. May I take this opportunity to thank all my lenders for lending me the money. Thanks too to the Zidisha organisation.’

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