My Dream of Becoming a Successful Businesswoman Has Finally Come True

By Betsy Ramser Jaime

Easnart Mwemba was born to be a businesswoman. In her family, she is the firstborn and now she is married and has two children of her own, both boys. On top of a busy family life, she runs her own salon at Kamwala market in Lusaka, Zambia.

Easnart first learned about Zidisha through the internet, and she was immediately intrigued and interested to learn more. With Zidisha she knew that she would be able to buy additional goods for her shop.

As Easnart prepared for her first Zidisha funded loan in April 2021, she shared, ‘I believe my dream of becoming a successful businesswoman has finally come true, in my shop I have less stock. When I get the loan from Zidisha my plan is to buy new goods for my shop. I believe in Zidisha leaders and they will make my dream come true because I saw many testimonies from the internet.’

Easnart has continued to come up with new and innovative ideas to grow her business. For instance, she started purchasing nail polish for customers to use after they had finished getting their hair done, adding to their overall experience in her shop.

After receiving her first loan, Easnart said, ‘Thanks Zidisha lenders for supporting my previous loan, I bought things according to what I planned.’ From there, she was ready for her next loan and used $15 from Zidisha lenders to purchase hair.

Shortly thereafter, with $41, Easnart made another improvement in her business by purchasing a new hairdryer.

By May 2021, Easnart had been making small and steady improvements to her business. She requested her next loan of $65 and shared this message with lenders, ‘Thanks to all lenders for supporting my loan, I bought the machine I planned to buy, on this loan I want to buy new hair which I saw from one of the shops this hair is running very fast to most of the shops when I buy it will help me to increase my profit after I sell it because it has more profit according to my calculations.’

Most recently Easnart raised two loans in June 2021, for $74 and $114, allowing her to purchase some new eye products and nail polish as these products had continued to be big hits with her customers.

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