There Is No Time for Lazy People

By Betsy Ramser Jaime

‘I love being with friends who are as hardworking people as me because there is no time for lazy people’ shares Ezekiel Yankey. Living in Teshie, Ghana, Ezekiel tries to do what he can to help and support his parents.

Right now, Ezekiel stays busy as he manages his day job as an Account Manager for small suppliers to retailers, while also selling skincare products as his side hustle. He describes himself as a, ‘self-educated skincare junkie.’

He explains how he got started in the skincare business as he says, ‘2 years ago, my skin showed me that it was time to step away from mainstream skincare products that cause rashes, hives, and permanent scarring, and start trying instead handmade, clean skincare products that leave all the unwanted fillers behind. I immersed myself in learning all about clean skincare products development and formulated my own personal products centered around natural and clean ingredients.’

Combining his business experience with everything that he’d researched about skincare, he set out to create products of his own. He began by sharing his products with family and friends. Then, after receiving a positive reaction, he began selling to the general public and was pleased that his customers seemed to love his products as well, leaving positive reviews and sharing their own success stories.

While Ezekiel is new to the Zidisha community, he’s already witnessed how a few small loans can make a tremendous difference. In addition to helping him grow his business, his Zidisha funded loans have provided him with the additional funds he needed to purchase medicine when he was sick so that he could heal quickly and return to work.

Using one of his recent loans in March 2022, Ezekiel shared, ‘I will buy material needed for renovation of my store. It will help my store look nice to my clients. God bless members who supported me.’ He was also able to purchase additional materials to keep making his natural skincare products.

With his loans from Zidisha lenders, Ezekiel has also set out to purchase a piece of land so that he can build his own house and be a landlord.

Most recently, in early April 2022, he was even able to count on support from the Zidisha community through his loans to send his mother to the hospital for treatment. Sharing his appreciation, he writes, ‘Members who contribute to support my projects God bless you dearly.’

Would you like to make a difference in the life of a Zidisha business owner like Ezekiel? Make sure to head on over to our Browse Projects page to see how other entrepreneurs around the world are transforming their lives and communities.

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