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Nairobi/serem, Kenya

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October 2015

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About Me

I am Leonard Musungu Isalano, aged 45 born in 1973 at Mungavo Village, Serem Sub- location, Shamakhokho Location, Hamisi Sub-County, Vihiga County- Western Kenya. We were born 10 children and our father was jobless and due to poverty in our family, I could not aford to continue with my school and I dropped from school as a result.

Our land is too rocky of which even food is not enough for us and I was foced to go and be employed to take care of my neighbor cattle of which I managed to raise small money to buy shaving machine and began barber shop at Seremi market.

My children need to have agood education to enhance them to have a better future than mine.

I think if you support me with a loan of 453 US dollars then I will manage to expand my business with sodas and buy salon equipments. I therefore kindly request for you to lend me with the above money.

My Business

I run a barber business and sell sodas. My business began very small and is enabling me to pay school fees for my children and buy them food but just struggling. I kindly request for a loan to sustain my business. Thank you sir for your generous response. Waiting to receiving from you.

Project Proposal

I thank God I managed to open a small barbar shop in our rural village. But due to your support you as zidisha, my business starts growing and I saw a need to migrate to a near by center where I could serve More customers. In my barbar shop, I do shaving, am also a salonist ana sell soft drinks like sodas and other varieties. So I will highly appreciate if you assist me with some cash so that I add more stock of soft drinks and Braids in my barbar shop. My budget is as follows: ten crates of 500ml sodas cost 12,000, ten crates of 300ml sodas costs 9,000, three crates of 1 liter sodas costs 2,700, five dozens of energy drinks costs 4,000, four dozens of drinking water 500ml costs 2,000, Two dozens of drinking water 1 liter costs 1,400 the remaining balance I will add stock of Braids in my barbar shop. Thanks in advance.





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Jun 17, 2024



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