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Quick Facts

The Pay It Forward Concept

You've probably heard of microlending - it's been around for decades, and the idea is to provide very small loans to borrowers in developing countries. Zidisha (founded in 2009) has focused on supporting small-scale entrepreneurs, but with a twist: instead of sending the money through a third party, Zidisha has connected individual lenders DIRECTLY with recipients, through its innovative peer-to-peer lending platform.

Microlending is compelling because the donor's money is recycled over and over, as the loan is repaid and re-loaned. Traditionally, the lender has chosen each recipient, but here at Zidisha, we started to wonder: wouldn't it be great if the recipient could feel the joy and satisfaction of giving? In other words, rather than repaying the original lender, what if they could "pay it forward" by selecting the next recipient and having their loan repayments go directly to that person?

That's the idea behind our Pay It Forward program! You can see the details in our FAQ page, but simply put, you select an entrepreneur and donate any amount you wish. You won't be repaid, but instead, you'll be able to watch how your money passes from one entrepreneur to the next, as your money's impact multiplies over and over. Sound too good to be true? Start with a very small amount, and you'll see what a life-changing concept this is. When you're ready, click here to get started:

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Here's How It Works

Can “pocket change” really make a change? We’re absolutely sure of it. In fact, you’d be amazed at how far a microloan can take someone with all the motivation in the world, but little to no resources. Follow the steps below to see how Zidisha works.