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Medical equipment distribution

Dear Zidisha Backers,

I cannot thank you enough for your generous support in funding my medical equipment distribution business. Your belief in my vision has not only given me the means to start my own venture, but it has also inspired me to work hard and pursue my dreams with even greater passion and determination.

Your investment has not only provided me with the financial support I needed, but it has also given me a sense of community and partnership in this journey. It is a true honor to have you as my backers, and I am committed to making the most of this opportunity and achieving success with your help.

With your support, I am now able to provide essential medical equipment to those who need it the most. Your contribution will make a significant difference in the lives of many people and I am proud to be a part of this positive change.

Once again, I am deeply grateful for your investment and support. I look forward to sharing my progress with you as my business grows and develops.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Maize farming for food security

Good morning from Kenya, thank you lenders for making my project w reality.
I will buy farm inputs which will include fertilizer, seeds, herbicides, and also prepare land that is plough and incur in other farm expenses from it. I will be food secured and also the community at large.

Once again thank you for being making it a reality.

Publishing educational books and videos

Jambo people glad for your feedback. The funds will be used to enable provision of a steady power. Currently am in a location not having mains power.I have been walking to get to the nearest town about 3 km to charge the laptop.
The funds will get internet connection for working online. To buy material online for content or research.
Availability of steady power will allow me to work on the project using the laptop. Internet availability will allow access of social media accounts and relevant media online.
Thanks for your support and encouragement

Antonio poultry farm

With the funds I will get from you zidisha I will buy some mesh wire and goose wire for my poultry shed . Your funds will help me raise some money to buy some eggs for incubation . When the eggs hatch into chicks I will later sell them. I want to start selling days old chic in large quantities . I would also like to buy environment heating machines to ensure my chicks don't die due to cold . am progressing very well though i need some funds slowly. I would also like to show you how far am going by sending you picture and images of my farm . In future am also planning to buy animal feeds grinding machine for making poultry feed for my young chick's and my duck. I would like to
thankyou the zidisha community for making it happen.. zidisha is the best lending platform

Purchase of an incubator

Thank you very much Rebecca Katombi for backing my project. I intend to buy an incubator for hatching chicks. This will help me have a continuous supply of chicks for sell . Thank you for making my project possible .

Farming maize

Thank you Zidisha team for funding me, I am going to purchase my farm inputs and get to the field .seeds and Fertilizer
It will help to facilitate labour payment in ploughing and tilling and harrowing the land as well. The rainy season has began and since this is a crop that is rainfed I am hoping this year the season is favourable to afford us a good yield.
Thank you Zidisha team , this couldn’t be possible without your hands in it.

Maize farming for food security

Hi Nancy, I encourage you to do more maize farming. Maize is staple food in Kenya, and presently Kenya has suffered severe drought and there is lack of maize flour for Kenyans to put food on the table. The past two weeks rain has come back in most parts of Kenya, and I hope even where you do maize farming. Be encouraged to plant more maize, and the reason I am funding your project. Bring food on the table for Kenyan families. Thank you. God bless you.

Farming maize

Thank you zidisha for the support for the last 3months my dairy farm has been sustained . My cows and their calves are stable and doing great.

Inventory of my food restaurant business

My business is now expanding because my capital is now growing steadily following your support my backers of this. I really want to work hard with the support you are giving me to increase my profits weekly so that my business can expand and become big. Thank you very much for supporting me .

Building rental homes

Hi Team, i am very appreciative of the support you have offered me to date. i have been doing afforestation in my plot back in the village. Alongside the project, i am starting a residential house construction. i am in the process of purchasing materials and clearing the site thus the inability to have construction photos at this moment. However, i have attached photos while at the hardware doing purchases. i am requesting for the Team's consideration so that i may raise funds towards the same project as well as the forestry project, Thank you

Maize farming for school feeding project

I want to inform members who supported me that I recieved funding yesterday for my project and I am very grateful to you all.
I can go on with land preparation and buy seeds to plant maize on my 3 acre farm. The rains are here with us. May God bless you so much.

Breaking the stigma: help us fund Black Mental Health Matters

Dear backers,

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who supported the Black Mental Health Matters project. Your contribution and generosity have been instrumental in bringing this important initiative to life.

Through your support, we have been able to raise awareness about the critical issue of mental health in the Black community and provide resources and support to those who need it most. Your donation has helped us fund important research, create educational materials, and provide access to mental health services for those who may not have had it otherwise.

Your commitment to this project is truly inspiring, and I am deeply grateful for your willingness to stand with us in this important work. Your contribution has made a real difference, and we could not have done it without you.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support of Black Mental Health Matters. Together, we can continue to make a positive impact and improve the lives of those in our community.

Daniel Mwambonu
Black Mental Health Matters Inc

Funds for enrollment for masters studies

I am glad my project is now fully funded. I am going to use the funds as earlier stated. I thank all of you for standing up for me. The ball is on my court to study and pass GMAT. I am much motivated despite the much anticipated ground breaking changes to this exam.
I also pledge to keep 100% on time repayment for all installments.

Equipping our school computer lab

I would to take this opportunity thank my backers of my first loan, may I say that the loan helped me. Am so happy because the school did not have text books for the students to study and do their research and the computers, With what received from the loan at least I was able to buy some school materials for the students. Thank you very much my lenders , may God bless you.

Breaking the stigma: help us fund Black Mental Health Matters

We just launched the MVP for the website part and working on the application functionalities in this second phase

Medical equipment distribution

Dear Backers,

I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for your support on my previous project. With your help, I was able to purchase leather material to sell clothes, and that marked the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey.

I am excited to share that my business has grown significantly since then. I have explored other business opportunities, and I am now in the medical distribution industry. It has been an exciting journey, and I wouldn't be where I am today without your support.

Your contribution made a significant impact on my life, and I am forever grateful. I hope you can see the difference your funding has made in my journey, and I look forward to your continued support.

Thank you again for your generosity and kindness.

Prepare land to plant maize and napier grass

I bought a cow which is currently producing 15 liters of milk in a day, this has increased my income and made me get focused on my business.

Tomatoe farm

I will use the funds to buy patatoe seedlings and prepare my farm for planting .The funds will go a long way in making my agribusiness success dreams possible.Thank you for making my project possible.

Buying a hose pipe to irrigate my farm

Thanks alot Mr. Duncan for making my project a success.I will be able to buy a hose pipe which I'm hoping will ease in watering my tomatoes & spinach farm.
This will be a great milestone in my farm activities. God bless you.

Equipping our school computer lab

Thank you my backer I did received the money successfully and disbursed in my MTN account and have managed to buy text books for the school so that the learners can be doing their research in the school library. I also managed to add and buy some computers in the computer lab. Am very greatful my lenders for the support you have rendered to through the Zidisha loan. Thank you so much

Hardware stall

First of all I would I would like to thank all those who funded me for without you funding me I would not have realized my my dreams. I will use the funds to add a few Electrical items which are fast moving. The profit which I will get from selling those items, I will plug it back to my business and by doing so, I believe that my business will expand and I will be able to contribute comfortably towards paying some of our home bills.

Cow feeds

I will be able to repair the flour of my cows shade, buy dairy meal and plant Napier grass for my dairy cows.
Thank you.

Lease of land to plant cabbages

My previous loan came at the right time, I was able to buy farm inputs, sprayed cabbages and also started to prepare nursery bed for another potion of vegatables.

Funds for enrollment for masters studies

Hello George, your story has touched my heart. I pray that you live with this spirit of not giving up. God has been with you and will always support you. I wish you blessings in your studies. I encourage you. Remain blessed.

Simple restaurant

It should be known that I started a business to open a small food stall to help the family's economy. From this business, Alhamdulillah, I was able to make ends meet for a little from those who sell it around. Now I can rent a kiosk.

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Perlu Diketahui bahwa saya memulai usaha buka warung makan kecil-kecilan untuk membatu perekonomian keluarga

Dari usaha tersebut Alhamdulillah bisa untuk sedikit mencukupi kebutuhan

Dari yang jualan keliling
Sekarang sudah bisa sewa kios

Poultry farm

Poultry farm is very profitable, with the little amount I collected earlier I was able to establish a farm producing eggs for sale and also helps me in paying my children school fees and other issues.

Tution fee and books for my daughter

Thank you for helping me educate my daughter.
This will help cater for her tuition fee and school shopping.

School fees

Hi team zidisha may I take this opportunity to thank everyone for support towards my education loan. Words cannot express how much you mean to me. The amount that you've helped me to raise will go straight away to clear the school fees arrears that I had at the beginning of this term.


Thank you so much for the support. Running my cyber cafe has become easier and profitable.subscribing to the premium package gives me unlimited internet and faster speeds that my customers like.All Thanks to you.

Purchase inventory for my shop

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the zidisha community and this far I have reached its by your support because the funds that I received from this community enabled me to expand my business however profit gained from my business have been of great assistance to my family and my children are now in school courtesy of your support. Thank you very much.

Hair dressing

Good luck with your enterprise!

Best Regards from Switzerland,

Maize farming for school feeding project

Hello to my prevoius funders. Thank you so much for your support to make my dream come true. The bakery project is picking up and doing well.
I'm now seeking funds for my second project, which farming. I plan to plant 3 acres of maize during the long rains in March. Thanks in advance for your support again and be blessed abundantly.

Buy a commercial laundry machine

Thank you for funding my project to buy a commercial laundry machine. This will go along way in helping me diversify my previous business by adding the cloth washing component. As a result, this will lead to higher profits and better life for me and family
Thank you for your continued support.

Maize farming for school feeding project

I want to take this opportunity to thank my funders who helped me to raise funds to buy an oven for our school bakery project.
The project is going on very well and I'm saving profits so that I can renovate the floors of our classrooms and also support orphans pay school fees.
May God bless you so much. I'll keep on updating you on the progress.

Organic fruits and vegetables production

Thank you for backing me on this project. The funds will set me on an exciting journey of organic food production. I intend to purchase tamarillo seedlings, kales, spinach and the inputs required. I will also install drip irrigation system.

Lease extra land for maize farming

Hello my good friends and lender of zidisha, I will lease two acres of land to plant maize crop and since maize flour is being consumed a lot in Kenya I will be able to have a steady source of revenue.

Buying a heifer

I will buy a pedigree heifer that is going to produce more milk to meet demand and also as a way to expand my farm.

Computers for cybercafee

I do thank all you who funded my loan, i invested the money on my cyber and it helped,my cutormers are now enjoying fast internet and wifi services.

New stock for bottled water

Dear Oyo,
My heart has filled up with joy for your help and I don't know the best way expressing myself in thanking you.
May God bless you so much and have a nice day.
Jack Kachochi.

Lease extra land for maize farming

Thank you fello members and zidisha for the previous loans, i have managed to work on my land, bought a water tank and planted maize.

Wooden lamps and phone holders

Beautiful art work. I will be your customer I hope soon.

Foot bath washer

Am happy to say I was able to add a new shampoo chair. With this new growth am able to serve the customers much faster.

Fast foods

My last project assisted me so much that I accomplished what I wanted in time. To now I can generate the income which is sufficient for running my daily life .
Thanks to Zidisha family.


Opening another barbershop

You wroteØ
"When a make my income, i reinvest it back into the business so that i could make more profit"
I think that's a very smart way to grow your business and i am happy to support you!

Expansion of second hand clothes business

I want to take this opportunity to really thank my funders who have stood with to make my dream become a reality. I am going to buy more stock of second hand clothes and this is going to increase my profit.
My goal is to expand my business so that in future I can be able to purchase a bale of second hand clothes that costs 9,000 kes. I know that slowly I'll get there.
A big thankyou to my funders once more.

Bought my groceries shop

Thanks to the supporters who have made my project a goal, I have been able to buy groceries at my grocery store and can increase my income

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Terima kasih kepada pendukung yang telah membuat proyek saya gol, saya sudah dapat membeli persediaan sembako toko sembako saya dan dapat meningkatkan penghasilan saya

Carp fish farming

After getting help from zidisha, I managed to order enough stock and my business was doing well, and I restocked at every point my goods on demand and made double profit. I managed to pay my kids' school fees and sustain myself and the business.

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Setelah mendapat bantuan dari zidisha, saya berhasil memesan stok yang cukup dan bisnis saya berjalan dengan baik, dan saya mengisi kembali di setiap titik barang saya sesuai permintaan dan mendapat untung dua kali lipat. Saya berhasil membayar biaya sekolah anak-anak saya dan mempertahankan diri saya dan bisnis.

Fund my welding business

From the funds I received, I made a beautiful table that I sold and made two others that I am yet to sell. This business has a great potential and I wish I could get enough funds to build a shade and a nice small warehouse where I can take clean images of my products.

Butcher shop

Congrats to all who have supported me in getting the equipment much needed for my business.
Lets continue help each other and shame the boarders of this global village.
This group effort is unstoppable because it does not matter for the geographical position but help is delivered.

Farming of maize crop

As a farmer land fertility is always important because it will determine the outcome of the production.
I bought fertilizer and my farm is in good shape. Thank you.