“Hello” & “Thanks” from Around the World

Here are some recent posts from Zidisha borrowers:
“Good morning to everybody,
I have indeed received the money that I have asked for, I was able to buy the cart as I have said before and now three young men are selling with me. I am very happy with the promptness my file has been handled and the money was available to me. I’d like to thank all the lenders who has answered to my request and hope from all my heart that I will not disappoint them. Thank you also for your encouragements. I talked about the system of Zidisha to other people who has shown interest but were often blocked by the question of Internet or they have never been getting a loan. I’d like to thank you very much.” – Hadamou Bonzi 

“Greetings good people.Business is in good condition.” – John Mwathi

“HALLO ALL;’ thankyou zidisha people for all your support am hoping and waiting for my loan thahkyou all in advance” – Daniel Mungai 

“hallo there zidisha people i hope everything is fine there . here paul is fine in my business as usual hoping all thing will go as god plan it i have seen milacle in the busineses of the people who have already got their money from zidisha their bussines is doing fine ;;may god bless you all as you go on with my biding and leding me your money THANKYOU ALL” – Paul Mwangi 

“thank you to all Zidisha lenders. I did receive all the loan and on Saturday I went to Nakuru town to buy more items for business. My business is now fully stocked and I have already introduced many new clothes for my customers. We are experiencing a dry season and its very hot and dusty here. All in all we are used to this kind of season. Blessed to you all Zidisha team.” – Mercy Njeri

“After recieving the loan Ahmadi went to the place for small fish sales. Part of the money bought new fish and fish food, the hope is that in 3 months he can already begin to harvest the product. Sorry if this news is late because since beginning activity Ahmadi has been so busy with his cultivating schedule and also his crafting job that Ahmadi has to finish. Several of Ahmadi’s friends are enthusiastic about the zidisha program, because there are friend’s of his that want to open their own business. They have already joined training at the Tiara Foundation of Work Growth. Thank you Zidisha.” – Received from Ibu Titik Winarti, director of Tiara Institution where Mr Ahmadi works

“Hi Zidisha, I am Abraham Mwangi from Kiptangwanyi Nakuru kenya am very greatful to Zidisha organization.I didnt understand the importance of comments but am grateful because one of the Zidisha team Member visited me at my premises here at Kiptangwanyi trading center where my business is located on 2nd Feb on 2012. Since i was the 1st person to receive the loan from Zidisha in this area most of community members has now joined the organization am sure i understand 90% of them. For the 1st time i had a problem with my repayment schedule but now am okay. Am holding several projects since the fuel and spair business is learnt by my wife Veronica. Am having a transportation project which am learning here at Kitagwanyi with my own car. Am planning to get the 2nd loan which i will use it by starting a new project of dairy cows for the production of milk. The half of the amount i will add more stock to serve more customers. The project will help my family with milk and also selling to Brookside company, Am very grateful to Zidisha.” – Abraham Mwangi

“thank you all of you for your generous bidding towards my loan” – Daniel Maina“I very greatfull to Zidisha your webb site software is very perfect i just paid my loan installment and it was update in less than 12 hour and I can access the information from my account to confirm payment well done Zidisha youare very efficient.” – Gladys Kagunda

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