Why Zidisha doesn’t have an office

37signals just produced an excellent video about the benefits of working remotely:

Zidisha has never had a dedicated office space.  Like 37signals, we have a globally dispersed team who use online tools to collaborate.   Why go office-less?

  • It saves money.  Not paying rent for an office lets us focus our resources on delivering value to Zidisha members.
  • It makes our team more diverse.  We have key staff members in Ouagadougou, Shanghai, Italy and India.  Lifting the location restriction allows us to bring together a much more heterogenous group than traditional location-based organizations.
  • It improves the quality of our team.  With no geographic limits, we can cast our net worldwide.  Those special people for whom our mission really resonates, who can make the world’s most outstanding contributions, find us and join.
  • It improves everyone’s quality of life.  None of our staff waste time commuting to an office, and we are free to work with Zidisha at the times most suited to our schedules.  This leaves plenty of flexibility for other important parts of our lives.

Zidisha is all about making geographic barriers irrelevant.  Collaborating remotely is one way we live that mission every day.

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