Eunice Ngetha
Embakasi, Kenya
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100% Repaid

Disbursed Amount: $995.94
Date Disbursed: Mar 9, 2012
Repayment Status: On Time
Repayment Frequency: Monthly Projected Term: 12 months
Cost of Loan: $58.36
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Cost of this loan

Lender Interest: $995.94 at 0.86% annual rate over 12 months = $8.57

Service Fee: $995.94 at 5% annual rate over 12 months = $49.80

Total Loan Cost:
$8.57 + $49.80 = $58.36

Cost paid to join Zidisha

Upon joining Zidisha, Eunice paid a lifetime membership fee of $12.00. These were one-time costs and entitled Eunice to lifetime Zidisha membership.

About Me

I have a family of three children and we reside at Embakasi.I am a business lady.I started my business in order generate income to meet my living expenses.I purchased a piece of land.

My Business

I sell detergents to institutions and individuals.I make the best quality.My monthly profit is kshs 800000.

Loan Proposal

increase stock by making more detergents
Buy motorbike for transportation to various destinations

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  • rebecca     Mar 22, 2013


    Good job Eunice! Best of luck in future.

  • Ginoir     Mar 18, 2013


    A model Zidisha borrower, in my opinion - I would be very happy to support Eunice again in the future, if requested.

  • eagle3     Mar 18, 2013


    I appreciate Eunice's dedication and commitment to repaying her loan. The interest she payed will go to help others work toward their independence. This was a totally positive experience.


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  • John Musevu     Apr 5, 2014

    Hi,Eunice is doing ok,she promises to be upto date soonest end of this month

  • analinjsaturria     Dec 16, 2013

    Dear lenders,
    My name is Analin Saturria McGregor and I'm Zidisha's Country Liaison Manager.
    Holiday seasons involve traveling in almost every region in the world. Developing countries, including Kenya, are no exception - very often this is the only time in which extended families come together and those who live abroad come visit. For some business owners it means great opportunities for additional business, as the number of people in their area increases. The opposite is also true - the holiday travel can bring significant decreases in the number of people in a village and affect business activity.
    Eunice sent us an email explaining she is going through just that. Many of her clients are out of town during the holiday, which has greatly affect her income. She does not expect this to be a permanent problem, as her clientele should be back to normal once they are all back home from the holidays. We have reminded Eunice to notify us if she comes across any issues that might affect her loan payments in the longer term.
    Happy holidays and thank you for your support of our entrepreneurs.

  • roberta.zenere     Oct 15, 2013

    Dear Lenders,

    my name is Roberta Zenere and I am a Kenya Country Liaison Intern at Zidisha.

    Today we have received a SMS from Ms Ngetha. She informed us that she is sick and under medication. For this reason, she will be unable to send her repayments on time.

    All the Zidisha Team wishes Ms Ngetha a prompt recovery.

    Lenders, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

    Thanks and best regards.

    Zidisha Volunteer

  • Namaste250     Apr 3, 2013

    Hello Eunice,
    Congratulations on the full funding of your new loan. I thank you for sharing your money, time and money with your adopted children. Every drop will someday make an ocean. One kind deed helps us all. Please be careful around the chemicals.
    Best wishes for health, success and prosperity, Ann

  • eagle3     Mar 18, 2013

    Thanks, Eunice for the repayment of your loan. I appreciate your hard work and commitment. The interest you paid on the loan will go to help others like you to become more independent and to better their community. Best wishes for continued great success.

    • Eunice Ngetha     Mar 22, 2013

      I take this opportunity to thank you for changing my life and my entire family.
      Through this loan i was able to expand my business just as intended .
      I am also able to help ten young children below 10 years by feeding and clothing them for their parents had passed away due to H.I.V. AIDS.
      I am also intending to use part of my profit to take them to school.
      May God bless you.

  • Eunice Ngetha     Feb 1, 2013

    The loan advanced to me has greatly improved my business as well as expanding it.Thank you and may God bless you.

  • eagle3     Apr 10, 2012

    Congratulations, Eunice, on your good work. It sounds like you are really working to improve the conditions in your area. Keep up the good work. Best wishes from our family of four childred and 8 grand children.

  • AchintyaRai     Apr 9, 2012

    Dear lenders,

    My name is Achintya Rai and I am Zidisha’s current Kenya Client Relationship Intern. On 7th March I met Eunice Ngetha in Embakasi area of Utawala in Nairobi.

    Eunice was part of a Self Help Group that taught its members to make detergents and disinfectants. Eunice later started her own business of making these and selling at prices lower than the market. The detergents and disinfectants Eunice makes are used by hospitals and schools to wash floors, clothes, utensils and lavatories.

    The chemicals Eunice uses are dangerous to store so she buys them only after she has received an order. And she receives many of them. She said to me “Even if I go to America I’ll find an order!” I have no doubt she will because Eunice is one of the most confident persons I have met here.

    Eunice told me about an incident which confirmed to me that she is a great marketer. To transport drums of detergents to faraway places, she loads them in public buses and the customer unloads them at his location. She once lost 25,000 Kenyan Shillings worth of detergents when the customer told her he never received it. But she never complained. And now she has very good relations with this customer.

    Eunice found Zidisha on her own. Her earlier loans were very costly so when she needed capital for her business she ‘googled’ it and found Zidisha. When I met her she had not yet received the disbursement of her loan but she planned to use it to buy chemicals for this big airport contract she had recently got.

    Her husband is the principal of a school in Machakos where Eunice also used to work as a matron. She left that job and shifted to Nairobi when the business picked up.

    Eunice has three children, two of whom are studying. She has also adopted five children. Three of these are orphans in her village and the other two are bright students from a school she went to sell her products to. The principal told her that these students couldn’t afford their school fee and Eunice readily decided to sponsor them. This is one trait I have found common in many Kenyans, this incredible desire to share their wealth.

    Eunice’s dream is to build a school. She told me that she has already bought 3 acres of land in an area called Embu for this. I expect great things from Eunice. With her energy and her desire to help others, I wish she succeeds in whatever endeavors she undertakes.

    9th April 2012

  • eagle3     Feb 6, 2012

    I applaud your efforts to improve yourself and your family through your own hard work and persistence. Best wishes for great success.

Amount Repaid: $369.03
Amount Remaining: $0.00
Status: Fully Repaid
Date Repaid: Mar 15, 2013

Repayment History
Expected Payments Actual Payments
May 9, 2012 $33.55 May 13, 2012 $33.55
Jun 9, 2012 $33.55 May 13, 2012 $0.77
Jun 11, 2012 $32.77
Jul 9, 2012 $33.55 Jun 11, 2012 $0.57
Jul 11, 2012 $32.98
Aug 9, 2012 $33.55 Jul 11, 2012 $1.34
Aug 27, 2012 $32.21
Sep 9, 2012 $33.55 Aug 27, 2012 $0.40
Sep 13, 2012 $32.48
Oct 11, 2012 $0.66
Oct 9, 2012 $33.55 Oct 11, 2012 $31.82
Nov 19, 2012 $1.73
Nov 9, 2012 $33.55 Nov 19, 2012 $30.14
Dec 13, 2012 $3.40
Dec 9, 2012 $33.55 Dec 13, 2012 $29.08
Jan 11, 2013 $4.47
Jan 9, 2013 $33.55 Jan 11, 2013 $28.63
Feb 6, 2013 $4.92
Feb 9, 2013 $33.55 Feb 6, 2013 $31.73
Mar 15, 2013 $1.82
Mar 9, 2013 $33.55 Mar 15, 2013 $33.55

Eunice Ngetha
Embakasi, Kenya

100% Repaid