Patrick Ngari

Zimmerman, Kenya

30% repaid



Patrick Ngari

Member since

July 2013

On-time repayments

20 installments  •  25%

About Me

Born over a quarter a century ago, I completed my primary, secondary and college hoping to secure a job to apply my skills and resolve challenges through the acquired knowledge, and live a quality life. However, after college I did not secure the job and I engaged in online marketing and research for organization. Although, I did not earn much I bought three computers to open a cyber café. I have been at the business but it requires funds for expansion, efficient equipment and having faster computers to surf.

My Business

Having a cyber café of only three computers in a viable place where the youth come to surf regularly, the money obtained enables me to meet my need and save a little. The fact that the cyber is within an area with high number of youths and internet users at time especially during weekends a queue may exist to surf. Also, there is high demand for stationeries; this shows the great potential of the business and the cyber. However, lack of adequate funds hiders me from exploiting the opportunities fully. With the funding from Zidisha I can increase the number of computers, install a faster internet and renovate the cyber to capture extra market share. Although, competition is inevitable, the relatively reduced prices and discounts I offer and great PR makes my cyber highly preferred. I will be glad to receive your assistance and make my dream come true of opening numerous cyber in different areas, to spread and share information with the community.

Loan Proposal

Having identified the viability of cyber café and stationery, printing, photocopying in Zimmerman area mainly because of high number of the young population and students, I started a cyber café with three computers only. However, due to lack of funds I cannot meet the needs of the customer fully in browsing, stationery materials and games for the young kids. Through funds from Zidisha I can add extra computers, install faster internet connection, purchase stationery stock, improve on games and renovate the furniture to improve the quality of the services provided. This will not only enable the business meet the needs of customer wholly but also enable the business overcome competition.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jul 29, 2013

Repayment status


Projected term

20 months




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Stockholm, Sweden


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Sarasota, United States


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Swansea, United Kingdom

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