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Hassaneida's boutique

Thanks for the loan. Thanks to zidisha. I got my second loan and I was able to uplift my business and currently I'm making profit and also my business is progressing well. Looking forward to launch a website with online shop and shipping so that I be able to reach out to my other customers across the counties.
With the rates that I will be repaying my loans I hope come December holiday I will be able to open a big store and stock my inventory. My friends and family are very happy and they are spreading the goodness of Zidisha all over the community. Zidisha and all the lenders out there Bravo! Bravo!
The photo that I attached is for the Jersey and T-shirts that I was able to print for the county tournament volleyball team. You can see me at the back line Centre. Thank you.

Business stock addition

The loan assisted me in hiring some simple machines to finish this sign job..made 40% profit was a boost .Thank you..saved the cash to buy my own machinery that will help me have a turn around of 60-70% profit

Increase children"s clothing

I attach a photo of my clothing store called warehouse clothing that has been running more than 3th

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saya lampirkan foto toko pakaian saya namanya gudang sandang yg sudah berjalan lebih dari 3th

Buy raw materials

I as a chef in my own business ...

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saya sebagai koki di usaha saya sendiri...

Hiring labour foe cocoa farm for 2018 season

Once again i will say a big thank you to lenders who helped me to fund rhe loan injust completed. It was a major boost foe my farm. The loan was able to hire enough laboures for the pruning and sparaying of the cocoa farm for 2018 season. The plants are yet to bare fruits hence need another loan to maintain the farm till harvest. Rhank you in advance foe helping.

Photo copy machine for my shop.

I used my loan to purchase scientific calculator for my shop and since i got the calculator i have been able to prepare correct invoice and estimate for my customers which has help me to get a lot of customers.I am currently single with no kids. I go for swimming and watch soccer and play video games during my holidays. I have very nice and caring neighborhood.

Loan to buy test kits and medical lab devices

The previous loans were used to procure more test kits. Kits such as PSA and Hepatitis B profile kits were purchased with the loans I received, and this has increased my revenue and profit. I was making less than 500 GHS per week before I was introduced to this loan, and from then my total revenue and profit have increased since I could now buy more test kits and do various tests we couldn't do previously.

Loan to invest in my hairdressing business.

After I received that loan from zidisha,I went to a hole sale shop that sells that latest hair in town.So I bought 20 of them.
This purchase I made have made a vase difference in my income and in my profit for about 100 cedis.This increase have help me to buy more good .Due to the increase of my profit I have been able to send my wards to a better school.I have been able to set up a children playing grouds for the kids in my nabourhood.

Yarn for my kente weaving business

I will buy yarns of different colors worth $27 for the production of the kente cloth and will be making a weekly profit of about $8 which will go a long way to help me save towards my university education. Thank you very much to all my lenders.

Kadogo pure honey depot

Taking this opportunity to appreciate my lenders for their generosity. I was able to increase my stock by 20 litres.I am now reaching extra clients with my honey product that I was. I thank Zidisha for making it possible,I still need more funding to venture online market platform aiming at reaching more and diverse clientele.
Meanwhile, my business in getting blissful,I wish I could send you people some pure honey from my depot!!Blessings and together!.Cheers!

Cocoa farming

In my farm (Plantain and maize )
Did some wedding in the maize farm

Purchase variety of the latest clothing

Thanks to Zidisha and lenders from around the world for supporting my business by providing loans to increase inventory purchase capital. I hope you are still willing to support me back so that my efforts can be more advanced and have benefits for the people around me. Thank you!

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Thanks to Zidisha and lenders from around the world for supporting my business by providing loans to increase inventory purchase capital. I hope you are still willing to support me back so that my efforts can be more advanced and have benefits for the people around me. Thank you!

Glam interiors project

I was starting another venture. making Interlocking blocks for building. this is a relatively new technology in kenya and Im hopeful that the response will be good.

2-dark sofa sets

The loan supported me to buy materials, glue, wood, different inches of foam and different inches of nails . This purchase is really increases my confidence level and also my customers are happy about how I does my work. I want to reinvent all my 19% profit.

Spare parts

Dear lenders the loan you sent to me last time helped me so much and that's why I have been paying the loan on time so please let you not worry about me keep on lending me and I will not let you down my good lenders. I used my loan on adding more tubes,spokes,hubs,cones,Carrier bolts,steelballs,hubcaps,& etc l used kshs;6900/=.l have already paid my and the amount l have cash in hand is kshs;6000/=.which means that is my profit. And still I have some more spareparts on my shelves. THANKS my lenders & ZIDISHA.

Suger & maize flour

Hello My Lender, i have received 22,177ksh as a loan. This will buy 4 bags of 50kg Suger costing approximately 16000ksh(160$) and 5 bales of maize meal costing approximately 5100ksh(51$). Am really thankful to Zidisha organization for living to their word, may God bless you.

A power generator for my guest house

Wow just finished repaying my loan, thanks to Zidisha and my lenders for making it possible for me, I purchased a washing machine which has been so handy at my place of work, I don't have to wait for days before my towels are dry, this has helped save a lot of time and I serve more visitors compared to previous days where during rainy seasons I could only manage to serve a few guests to avoid over piling of wet towels and beddings, I do not have to worry anymore about the rain, let the rain come!!

Tomato seedlings for planting

Hello beautiful people, it good to be part of this noble organisation, I have immensely benefits from my lenders through the loan, I have been able to be self sufficient, very responsible when it comes finance.
From my pepper I have been able to put a significant money down which will be used as part of capital to start the new project.

New machines for my barbering shop

With my previous loan, I had the opportunity to expand my work place and also I have again been able to employ another person to help me with my now many customers that come to my place for service. Now I can boldly say that I am my own boss, thanks to Zidisha.

Scaling up the distribution of solar lamps to students

Greetings to all my lenders!

Its been long since i posted an update on whats happening in my business and life. Alot has happened and thanks to all the Lenders who believed in my with the first loan that has helped me leapfrog to what the business have become and my family wellbeing.

I have continued to distribute solar lamps to students and signing new partnerships with remote villages and traditional ruler to continue with our One Student: One Solar Lamp Project! This aims at investing in the next generation of African leaders with the resource they need to achieve their dreams. As most of you may know, in remote villages 100% of the households are not connected to the national grid, making it difficult for children to study for longer hours. This affect them badly when it comes to compete with their peers from urban communities during the national examinations. We have a dream of putting a solar lamp in every child's hands to enable them study longer hours and become the leaders they so much want to be.

To achieve this i will continue to reach out to all of you my lenders who are passionate about this business!

This July i had an opportunity of been part of 200 young Africans who met 44th President of the USA, Barack Obama and my dreams of creating opportunities for women and girls in remote villages was renewed! It was a life changing conference with a call for all of us to do our part in creating the Africa we all want to see!

What strike me during the convening is the figures that were shared by some great minds working in Africa: By 2035, if we dont innovate ways to help our people, 1 Billion people will be in extreme poverty! This means, they will never have access to clean water, quality education or even health care! Africa is sitting on a time bomb. We need to innovate and find scalable solutions we can all invest in our energy or resources to change this.

All of you my lenders have been doing that: investing in entreprenuers across the African continent so that we can all work to reverse these figures. I thank you all for your boldness to helping all of us!

Thanks alot and continue with your investment in businesses you believe in so much!


Pineapple farming

This is my pineapple farm now.

Mulaliit farm

Hi Zidisha family,may I sincerely thank you all esp Melissa for funding my previous loan.I was able to purchase enough coriander seeds which are about to germinate,I look forward for greater partnership with you.May God bless you all and once more thank you.

Company registration, office set-up, upgrade motorcycle

My business.

Company registration, office set-up, upgrade motorcycle

Hi my dear Lenders.
I feel great to inform you that am doing well in my business. Am able to support my wife and also pay wages to my asisstants.
My business is expanding everyday.
I really value your support that made me get my business this far.

To finish paying for cake van

OH MY GOD........
Am over the moon , my Van Loan is funded in full, Wow....
The last i checked it was 10% funded so i left work on Friday morning to attend a Family event in the country side and got back last night .
What a pleasant surprise i just got home from Church and thought of checking my Loan page and there it was...
You have made my Sunday and am definitely going to have a great week ahead of me.
To my lenders thank you for believing in me , i will not let you down .
I will now be in a position to clear my Loan balance for the Van.

Have a blessed Day .

Regards ,


Restocking my coping/printing /opening new mpesa


Restocking my coping/printing /opening new mpesa

Iam very pleased my dear lenders to inform you that I received my full loan as funded.words cannot thank you enough but pray almighty God to bless you.Tressforlife and Paul ,iam thankful. I bought printing papers and new curriculum textbooks and catridge ink.The new Mpesa branding is in is a photo of what I bought

Laptops for sale and other merchandise

Dear lenders, After a while ago I got into trouble with the supplier who brought my money, finally I can collect back the money from the sale of inventory of goods that still exist. Today I can go back to buy inventory, which is to buy 5 kodi clothes approximately Rp. 5,000,000, - about USD 370. I"m very grateful, because by getting to know Zidisha and you guys lenders who have given me the loan, my online store can always add to the stock of empty goods. By turning up the sales profits, which most of the capital I get from a loan in Zidisha, I can meet my daily living needs and provide education and buy proper food clothing for my daughter. Thank you again for all of you, may all be in good health.

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Dear lenders,

Setelah beberapa saat lalu saya terkena masalah dengan supplier yang membawa uang saya, akhirnya saya bisa mengumpulkan kembali uang dari hasil penjualan persediaan barang yang masih ada.

Hari ini saya bisa kembali membeli persediaan barang, yaitu membeli 5 kodi pakaian kira-kira seharga Rp. 5.000.000,- kurang lebih sekitar USD 370.

Saya sangat ber-terimakasih sekali, karena dengan mengenal Zidisha dan kalian para pemberi pinjaman yang telah memberikan pinjaman dananya, toko online saya bisa selalu menambah persediaan barang yang kosong.

Dengan memutar keuntungan penjualan, yang sebagian besar modal saya dapatkan dari pinjaman di Zidisha, saya bisa memenuhi kebutuhan hidup sehari-hari dan memberi pendidikan serta membelikan sandang pangan yang layak untuk putri saya.

Terimakasih sekali lagi untuk kalian semua, semoga semua dalam keadaan sehat.

Purchase 4way extensions to sale in my electricals

Thanks my lenders ,Outi from Finland and Bing-shupan from Taiwan for quick funding of my loan,I will buy 25pcs of four way [email protected] dollars and sale each 5.82 dollars making a profit of 2.91 dollars per piece .i'm happy and i will pay my loan on time to create trustworthy and enable zidisha grow and enable others to get loan like me in fact I'm proud to be a zidisha borrower it is making me to achieve my goals my God bless my lenders and all zidisha lenders in general

Download the song stop equipment for character tools

I will open a minimarket and expand this minimarket to remote areas where today the community is increasingly growing to meet the daily basic needs of the community which is my regulation to develop and open branches again in each region and meet the needs of the community and getting profitable say and sustainable then will give multiple profiles and success together for my friends who are funding me committed to work together

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Saya akan membuka minimarket dan mengembangkan minimarket ini ke daerah-daerah terpencil yang mana pada saat ini masyarakat semakin Kian berkembang untuk memenuhi kebutuhan pokok sehari-hari masyarakat yang mana ini menjadi regulasi saya untuk mengembangkan dan membuka cabang lagi di setiap daerah serta memenuhi kebutuhan masyarakat dan mendapatkan profit yang berkata serta berkelanjutan lalu akan memberikan profil yang berlipat-lipat serta kesuksesan bersama-sama untuk teman-teman yang mendanai saya berkomitmen untuk bekerja sama

License/business permit for taxi business

Mine is to thank the donor who had faith in me and extended their money to me in form of loan. Am glad i was able to achieve the following
1. Place a metal door on the piece of property.
2. Achieve intended security
3. Add value to the land.
4. Commence building though not complete of the intended shops.
Once again thanks for continued patnership and for your utmost faith.
The dream remains alive...

Suger & maize flour

I will buy Suger in bulk of 50kg and maize meal flour in bails of 12packets. This will make the commodities readily available to my customers and subsequently increase my daily earnings. Am sincerely thankful to my lenders for been honest to their clients and the financial assistance you accord to me.

Loan to invest in my hairdressing business.

I purchase some latest hairs in town.
This purchase I made have made much much difference in my financial status.
This hairs that I bought have increase my profit of about 150 Ghana CEDI's.Because of this loan I have been able to pay for the fees of one orphan staying arbour area.I have been able to pay for my wards school fees.
Nowaday people normally rest at my shops due to the decorations have have made there.

Invenyory for my restorant

1 sack of rice,and 1 sack of sugar

Invenyory for my restorant

2 bandles of flour

Invenyory for my restorant

goodmorning my lenders,below are some of the items i bought using the loan,25pcs of bar soap

Betterment of my business

cosmetics for my business.

Loan to buy spare parts for motors

Thanks for funding my loan application. I used the loan to purchase spare parts of motor bikes for my store. Indeed my revenue from sales of these stock increased as well as profit and that enabled me to repay the loan on time.
Thanks for your help.

Buying more books

Holidays are really enjoyable. With capital, i can manage to make good profits since people use that time to relax and enjoy themselves..For me i can manage to buy the novels and sell to people as i also read them to attain knowledge.

Fruit distribution

Packing of mangoes to be delivered to the market

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Pengepakan buah mangga untuk dikirim ke pasar

Clutch plate & gear box for my workshop

First of all, thanks to my dear lenders and Zidisha for the platform given to people like me to benefit from their loans. What the lenders and Zidisha founders are doing is really having positive impact on people's lives, especially we in the developing countries. God richly bless you all.

I would be much appreciative if you could lend me a loan to increase the automobile spare parts in my shop because most of my customers are in need of it. My capital for now can't buy them since all or most of my profit I used to take care of my family. I will use the loan to buy spare parts to help boost my business which will indirectly help the transportation in my society. I will be prompt in repaying. Thanks once again.

Raw material inventory

Thanks for the previous loan, now our outlet already has a printer to print receipt of goods purchases.

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Terima kasih atas pinjaman sebelumnya, sekarang outlet kami sudah memiliki printer untuk mencetak struk pembelian barang.

Textbooks for businesses enterprise

My previous loan which has been completed had help me in paying for my tuition in learning a skill in computing which has improve my personal development and enhanced the management of my business. Thank you very much to you all my lenders.

Loan for home renovation and to expand my business

I did purchase 5 extra bundles of second hand clothing and also Building materials for the renovations of our family house.Indeed the Zidisha loan made a big difference, weekly sales i use to generate approximately $70 but now am able to generate $150 .Hence i use the weekly earnings to grow the business and ensure that there is sustainable growth and improve the standard of living.

To finance my university education

I have successfully made another repayment today July 25, 2018 and wish to express my earnest appreciation to Zidisha Community (Zidisha Team and Lenders). Your assistance have been extremely helpful in my educational pursuit and words can never express my appreciation to you. I thank my lenders for their enormous assistance; I appreciate your contributions to me. A big thank you to Zidisha Director, staff and all Volunteers. God richly bless all of you.

Phones accessories and sernitations facilities for shop

Step by step the plane has take off,thank you zidisha for being supportive

New fashioned cloth for sale

Thank you lenders for your funds, I really appreciates your support, my business is now flowing well, I have harvested my maize and I am now planing to stock in sucks, then I will be able to notify you the number of sucks.

Two warmer machines for my barbering shop

I have been able to plan very well with the profit ever since I bought my new generator to use in my barbering shop. It has cut down the huge electricity bill which affected my profit. The power system is now very reliable because anytime the nation power goes off, I quickly turn on the generator.
I have really made a good decision by taken this important loan.
I have paid back my loan successfully, and have planned to apply for another loan to buy three warmer and two more steriliser machines into the barbering shop.

Printer for my cybercafe

Thank you lenders for the previous Loan .This loan made a big difference in my business because in introducing colour printing my profit margin increased with 30% increase.I used this increase to pay my monthly bills, pay rent and school fees.

Adding more stock of clothes in my shop

I had an amazing experience with the previous loan. My business has really improved compared to earlier times. I have even been able to employ extra employees in my shop to help in the sales.
I owe my generous lenders plenty of gratitude for your much needed assistance which i could not be able to do it all by myself. Thank you very much and i promise to repay back the loan timely and am sure its going to help more in the business field. Thanks a lot