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Add stock to my provisions shop (stationery, food, etc.)

I thank you all the lenders for the loan am getting I will make sure to repaid on time so to keep my repayment record


Add stock to my provisions shop (stationery, food, etc.)

Glad the Zidisha loans are helping you with your business Gifty. Happy to support your new loan request, your biggest one yet. Hope you can keep up your good track record and make the repayments. All the best, Erik

Purchase more stock of clothes and shoes to sell

It was a great time being able to purchase more stock and create more job opportunities for a few people but I fell sick wasn't able to get as I expected but I'm glad God healed me am up again doing what I love... My business

Business loan for retail grocery store

I am so grateful to you my lenders and Zidisha team for your support for my business. This will help me expand my stock intake and inventory with respect to food items I sell in my grocery shop.
Thanks again.

Open a clothing stall

I received 71808KES , I renovate my new stall, I bought all kind of malimali.
Thank you all my lenders for this journey and making my dream of owning a clothing stall come true ,may GOD BLESS YOU.

Medical care for my mother

This loan will be used to pay hospital bills and buy some medicines for my mom. It Will help me in reducing my mom's hospital bills. That will help me to increase my savings. Thank you very much and pray that God bless you exceedingly abundantly.

To purchase bags of fertilizer

Dear lenders,

Thank you for your support and confidence in me and my business. I will work hard to repay the loan and to grow my business. Thank you.

Irrigation water connectivity

I wish to thank my lenders so much for funding my loan. As I had indicated I wish to complete the second phase of irrigation water connectivity. I will do this by buying the following :
Pipes................. 60000
Labour.............. 55000
Connection fees.. 15000
I will also buy a few other items to help in the entire work of water connection.
This phase will ensure that my entire piece of land is under irrigation. By this it means I will have increased income since I will be able to sell farm produce throught the year. Again, thank you very much my lenders for funding my loan.

Drip-irrigation kit for my farm

Just installed one myself and seeing good results. Good luck Sir!


New goods for home-supplies provisions shop

Good luck and God bless

Purchase photo printer for my photography business

Thank you More Adham.

I appreciate for your words of inspiration.


Purchase photo printer for my photography business

Good luck my man.

Examination fees, school fees, and textbooks

I am so happy for this loan opportunity as I am using the money to buy machinery for my work, and this will help me reach more customers for my work.
Thank you to Zidisha lenders and owner

Carpentry shop supplies

Thank you my lenders for your continued support. As indicated earlier I will buy a good second drill machine for my furniture upholstery workshop. Thank you very much.

Buying topdressing fertilizer (urea)

With this loan I will buy the top dressing fertilizer for my maize crop, therefore the crops will grow very well and healthy for sale. I will make more profits and produce more crops.
Thank you so much my lenders for supporting me may God bless you so much.

To buy a bike to ride to school

Hello to you All my lender's, it a long time to meet you, now things are getting well gradually so I make a payment to day.Thankyou very much for your patience.


Drip-irrigation kit for my farm

very good inintiave. I fully support sustainable use of water!

Supply building materials, sand and gravel stones

Amen.Please Rudy, thank you so much and God bless you.

Glass screen-protectors for smartphones

An amount of 99ghs has been paid today. thank you for your support.


Supply building materials, sand and gravel stones

Good luck and I wish you much success.

Supply building materials, sand and gravel stones

To my lenders and Zidisha team, a very special good evening to you all. It is my pressure to inform you that, due to hard work and your usually financial support and guidance, I have been able to end the week with good earns, which has help me to repay my first weekly loan installment in time.And l hope the weeks ahead will be fruitful. And more material supplier will be requested from my business customers. To my lenders, thanks and God bless you all.

Fried eggs and bread

I am going to invest it in my trading business so that it will become bigger. This loan is going to help me to buy more products to expand my trading business and thanks to my lenders for helping me, I really appreciate it.

Buying & selling cassava, plantains, and yams

Transportation to go to the village and buy from the farmers. may all of you live long for your good work

To buy a Kyocera Taskalfa 3511i photocopier

I will use the loan to buy Kyocera Taskalfa 3511i photocopier machine.
The machine is heavy duty and more efficient hence quality service and more income to my business.
Thank you Zidisha lenders for the loan


To order spices

Wishing you all the best!

Online selling of Nivea beauty products

Thank you to my lenders. The loan will help me buy new products to boost my online sales .

To buy more dresses and clothes to supply to my customers

I will use the loan to finance the purchase of some dresses and clothes so I can supply to my customers on time. I have received many orders from customers especially ladies who wants ladies wears and hand bags and dresses for their children. Some of them have even made deposits, so this loan will help get money to add to the deposits I received to go and purchase the dresses and clothes and supply them to my customers immediately for the full payment. Thanks to my lenders for this loan. God bless you very well.


Foodstuffs business

Good luck!

Purchase photo printer for my photography business

The loan has really defined my work and also added value to it. Increase my profit and made my work more convenient. Thanks to all my lovely lenders

Obama fabrics loan

thank everyone for this help and i will make sure to pay back on time

Selling clean drinking water

Loan has been disbursed into my account. Thank you.

Purchase reflectors for my cameras

Will invest the money in my photography and video graphy work by buying pen drives, memory readers, memory card , cables ,

It will help reshape my work in order and also serve my customers well as well as keep the work active by giving me additional income

Thanks to my lenders


Printing invoices (for my automobile parts business)

good work

Restocking essential medications

Hello family, 8ts been a while , business is ongoing steadily, went to series of workshops to update myself on various health related interventions.
Family of lenders , THANK YOU.

Buying cement and sand for my new contact

Infact am very sorry for this because my wish is to complete this loan payment very early as l always do but unfortunately rain has started raining in Ghana expecially Kumasi and it is not good at all for construction...this raining season has delay some of my project alot to finish early as expecting...l promise to pay this loan as much as possible

Foodstuffs business

My good lenders, I finally completed my payment today through God's help and support, you all have been very supportive, God bless you so much

Studio equipment

Thanks once again zidisha for your helping hand. I received the loan and slowly but sure things are are moving .

I paid my rent ,lend some of it to my cousin who will soon pay with interest and bought timber, router bits and paint.

I will do my level best to make your work easier. Thank you zidisha for your help ;am truly grateful!

To buy hydraulic pipes for my hammer mill

Thanx to you my lenders, i dont know what i would have done without you..

Selling clean drinking water

Thank you lenders for your support. I used the money to buy extra refill water dispenser jars. The business is progressing every day.

Hospital medicine

Medicine for my self. All I can say is God bless you all

Loan to buy fabrics for sewing

Hello please I will use the loan to invest into my business ,I will buy fabrics for sewing and other materials..
I say God bless you lender for the loan am Much grateful..

Buying vegetables and nose masks to resell

Thank you and I am happy

Doormat & woven handbag sales

Thank you all my lenders for your wonderful support. This loan will be used to order a new supply of weaved doormats, small carpets and weaved handbags for my stall. Thank you so much!

To buy building materials and tools

The loan has been received and I will use it to purchase more building tools and also pay my labourers and workers. I work on contract basis for a client on his building project. He pays me weekly meanwhile I pay the labourers daily so the loan has helped me so much to keepy labourers and job. God bless you my lenders for this loan. Thank you a lot.

Buy materials for my sewing work

Ghc940 of loan has been received and I will use it to buy sewing materials to sew for a customer who ordered them for her family. The previous job I did and submitted on time has won me another contract to sew some dresses for a customer and her family. Thank a lot for the loan.

To buy materials for sewing

I received Ghc940 and I will use the loan to buy sewing materials and clothes to sew for a customers. My previous work I did on time excellently has won me another contract to sew for some clients. I am grateful to my lenders for funding my loan. God bless you dearly.

Inventory of packaging bags

Thank you so much for lending me your money. I will now hit the road running - literally since I will get more stock and expand my business territory.

Loan to buy study table & chairs to sell

I will like to use this opportunity to thank you all for funding my loan for me. I will use the money to buy Rice cooker to sell, which will help me get more profit. Thanks to you all.


Irrigation water connectivity

Let's pray that God heals the land and bring mercy and prosperity. God bless us all!

Irrigation water connectivity

I wish to take this chance to thank my lenders so much for funding my loan that I just completed. As I had indicated, the purpose of the loan was to instore first phase of irrigation system to my piece of land. I was able to buy pipes and also fixing them to serve the purpose. I was also able to pay for the connection fee and also did the first planting.
As a result of this first phase irrigation water connectivity, within the first season which took the first four months, I did my first harvest. I went on with planting again and regardless of challenges, I was able to make profit. In the entire period that I have taken to pay my loan, I was able to plant three seasons. Out of the three, the overall result was much profit. Even though my previous business was affected by Covid 19 pandemic, at least the farming business is doing well. As a result I have been able to pay my loan effectively. Not only was I able to pay the loan but also I was able to pay for my daughter's school fees who just completed high school last month. I was also in college and as a result of the profit I made, I was able to partially pay for my school fees. Moving forward I would wish to do the second phase of irrigation water connectivity which will ensure that my entire piece of land is under irrigation.