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Purity Karori     Feb 12, 2018

I convey my thanks to you all for lending me my previous loan which turned out to be very helpful; I was able to purchase a new electric sewing machine for my business. As you all know using an electric appliance make things much easier thank the manual one. For this reason I was to speed up my clothing and school uniform production from 4 pieces a day to 10. This is a great achievement indeed which would not have realized without you good people. Thanks and may God bless you.

To purchase an embroidery machine to boost my business
Nakuru, Kenya

Zacchaeus Odwoli     Feb 12, 2018

Hi Lenders,
I am grateful and thankful for your support since i joined Zidisha.
Me and my family, We have passed through tough moments in the past (2017) but I am happy to report to you that all situations are resolved and my business is stable. Last month I made a net income of KES 10,000 ($100) which I used to purchase a Windows smart phone for my wife worth KES 7,500 ($75) and I used the remaining amount to purchase clothes for our one year old daughter.
This month (FEB) I am estimating it to be a net profit of KES 15,000 ($150).
My long term plans are to purchase an acre of land and build a home for my family. I am relying on Zidisha to make this dream come true.
I also know I have not been prompt in repaying my previous loan but I am humbly asking for another chance to correct this and cleanse my repayment records.
In addition to that, there are few people I refereed who are in arrears. I have taken an initiative to visit them and ind out why. All of them have assured me that they will clear the outstanding balances before the month ends.
However, I have applied another loan two times without success am wondering what could be the problem. I have applied for the third time now and am still waiting for it to be published before its funded. Kindly advice.

To increase cash for my m-pesa business
Bungoma, Kenya

Jones Agutu     Feb 12, 2018

I received the loan on time and I used it for the purchase of feeds and fowl pox vaccine. My birds have been laying eggs constantly and rarely do diseases affect them. The eggs that I have picked will be hatched at a nearby hatchery for the purpose of sale and increasing my stock.

Poultry feed and vaccine for my flock.
Homa Bay Town, Kenya

Charity Nenenge Musonda     Feb 12, 2018

Thank you so much for sponsoring my previous loan, I was able to buy the following supplements which i sold to my clients, aloe berry nectar , aloe propolis cream×2, aloe vera gel ×2, forever bright tooth gel ×2, hand sanitizer ×5 and aloe ever shield ×2. I also opened a facebook page for advertising purposes to boost the business and I created a Vip whatsapp group for my clients and prospects where I post product updates to promote repeat sells.iam currently waiting for feedback from management if one of the shopping malls where I wrote a letter asking for permission to set up a table to show case the supplements in order to target new customers. Thank you once again for your help in growing my business

"Forever Living" health products
Lusaka, Zambia

Kossonou Yao     Feb 12, 2018

To Mary . I answer yes. Farmers are asking for it very often. Mr Rusty Orner in a general way taught us the culture of the mushroom and especially SHIITAKE. His wife made us taste a dish that I present here in photo. I wanted you to be in my place for this tasted, so it was delicious.
Zidisha with his lenders gave meaning to my life. I already said it and I repeat it today.

Loan to start mushroom production
Kumasi, Ghana

Febriyan Hendra Pratama     Feb 12, 2018

Thank you for borrowing zidisha my durian business sells

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Terima kasih karena pinjaman zidisha usaha durian saya laku keras

Inventory play mobilan car
Serang, Indonesia

Jacob O'nyamul     Feb 12, 2018

May you be blessed my lenders, this is just a miracle to me. you have funded my loan in the midst of underlying uncertainty with funding in zidisha.thank you VERY VERY VERY MUCH. I am extremely joyful. i am planning to stock ten 90 kg bags of maize @ 40 usd totaling 400 usd, two 50 kg bag of sugar @ 40 usd totaling 80 usd, five 50 kg bags of rice @ 40 usd totaling 200 usd, five 20 litres cooking oil @ 3 usd totaling 150 usd, 10 dozen of 2kg wheat flour @ 20usd totaling 200 usd, ten dozen of 1kg wheat flour @ 20usd totaling 200 usd, grand total =1230 usd.
this would realy boost my business towards my goal of having a supermarket hence customer satisfaction as they would get the items they need under one roof. i am expecting to double my profits since i will have a bigger stock hence practising economies of scale. many thanks

Food stock for my grocery shop
Nakuru, Kenya

Timothy Senerwa Katizi     Feb 12, 2018

These are Pictures of my incubator.

Buying a chicken incubator
Lanet, Kenya

Jacob O'nyamul     Feb 12, 2018

Many thanks Ryan, i really appreciate your support towards my loan. may God bless you greatly. greet your family, i love you all

Food stock for my grocery shop
Nakuru, Kenya

Mis Hernawati     Feb 11, 2018

Alhamdulillah, thank God for all his sustenance. It"s a Valentine"s Day welcome order. I just got the latest news, because some days my mobile phone has network interference.

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Alhamdulillah, puji syukur kepada Tuhan atas semua rezekinya. Ini pesanan menyambut Hari Valentine.

Saya baru bisa berikan kabar terbaru, karena beberapa hari ini telepon selular saya mengalami gangguan jaringan.

Purchase of raw material for making chocolate praline & stock of goods
Bandung Barat, Indonesia