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Expansion of cosmetics shop

Glory be to the most high

To buy sculptures to resell

Thanks so much for your continued support. I will buy materials for fabric designs.

Thanks Max, I just stumbled on your compliment from 2013. Thankyou for believing in me enough to offer me your support and encouragement. I have had a number of setbacks in my journey but I am still here. I have not given up, I'm back and still pushing on till I succeed.

Expansion of general store

I thank you all for the contributions you have given me these fund will be used to purchase inventories and add up to my stock

To help pay my brother's tuition & residence-hall fees

Please I want to confirm that I have received GHS 4,628 in my MOMO account as the loan amount that I applied for in my proposal. As stated in the loan proposal, this amount shall be used to cater for the school fees of my younger brother at the University. My heartfelt appreciation to everyone that supported me in raising this loan especially Isabella. May we all be blessed.


To help stock building-materials business

Best of luck and may the new year bring you prosperity.

To put toward renovating my house

Thanks for the previous loan. I confirm receipt of it to use for the proposed purpose

Buying and selling second-hand clothing

Many thanks to all lenders for the loan

To purchase a hairdryer

Thank you for the support I received the loan

Printer ink purchase

Hello Collins,
wish you all the best in your business - may the new year bring you happiness and prosperity!

To buy stock of A4 paper

Thank you my lenders. I have received the loan in the amount of 801. This will help me restock my a A4 sale.thanks once again.

Protective gear for pest-control service

I received the loan with a lot of thanks to all my lenders

To repaid my son's hospital bill

hope your son gets better soon. All the best.

To put toward purchasing equipment for baking cakes

I want to say a big thank you to the funders of my loan project
I will use it to buy a hand mixing machine which will make it easier to mix cakes

To help pay my brother's tuition & residence-hall fees

Wow, that was fast. Thank you Zidisha family for helping me raise this loan facility successfully. I am especially grateful to Isabella for funding this loan in a timely fashion. I appreciate it. As stipulated, funds from this loan shall used to defray the cost of education for my younger brother for the 2022/2023 academic year. Once again, I want to thank everybody that contributed to the successful realization of this project.

Payment of school fees

I am grateful for help in this season of love. The amount given will enable me purchase medicine and also pay for medical bills of my younger brother. Thanks for the life saving opportunity.

Buy tools use for making manicure

I will use the money to buy tools used in making pedicure and manicure.
The business is helping me gradually.
Thank you so much for assisting me

Buying & selling Kente cloth for tailors to make smocks

I have received GHA 138 Ghana cedis.
I bought kente which will be used to weave kente.
Thanks for your support

To help pay my brother's tuition & residence-hall fees

Once again, happy new year to you my cherished lenders. I'm eternally grateful for the immense support you gave when I last made a new loan request. I was able to successfully pay the tuition and residential fees of my younger brother who is studying geological engineering at the university. I am once again knocking on your doors to help me raise another load facility to defray the cost of his tuition and residential fees for the 2022/2023 academic year. This loan amount shall go a long way to ease the pressure that is currently on me in terms payment of his tuition and residential fees. I would be very grateful if this loan can be funded as early as possible in order to ease the burden on me. Thank you in advance for your support. God bless us all.


Thanks lenders I received 52,378 naira in my bank account , I will use this money to buy more weavons and human hair to my business to improve the standard of my business. I thanks all the lenders for making this successful. God bless you all

To help pay for forklift training & transportion to school

Hello my dear lenders, Welcome to 2022! A year of amazing and exceeding grace. Cheers to sound health, happiness, and prosperity. Amen

Construction materials for school building to rent out

I thank you for your support I have been able to buy some building blocks for my school project

To invest in my transport business

A happy new year to each and everyone on this platform.

For my clothing, cosmetics & rental businesses

I will buy all types of malimali and beauty products,this will increase sales ,I will able to finish a construction project of rental houses I started early.
Special thanks to all zidisha family for this journey ,thank you and GOD BLESS YOU.

To help buy textbooks

Thank you so much l will buy some bibles for resale at church and online.

To help purchase supplies for building and construction work

A total loan amount of five hundred and fourty six (546) Ghana Cedis safely and successfully received.
I am always grateful and thankful to the team, all backers and to the Zidisha community.
God richly bless you all


To help buy textbooks

Sending blessings your way!

Buying & selling fruits and vegetables

Thanks my lenders for your financial support...I'm greateful..

Workshop expansion

Thanks very much received funds and immediately i will start fabricating

Hair wigs and bundles

Dear Lenders

Thank you for funding my project, it will go along way into expanding my product offering and hope to get more returns.

I sincerely appreciate your support.

Yours Sincerely
Joan Ngugi

Solar light distribution

Thanks very much for funding my project, indeed your support is doing a great work in my life and those who depends on me. Also for the community they're able to save some money by using clean energy. Thanks once again zidisha members for this great opportunity.

To expand my online eyewear business

Thank you all for supporting my project. Your support will go a long way to help me expand my business. With this loan I will expand and start an eyewear section of my business. I really appreciate you!


Solar light distribution

Best of luck!

To add onto my stock (selling LPG)

I would to thank you all my lenders. These funds will be used to add more stock to my business. It will be useful in boosting my daily sales, thus making more profit. I will be sure to repay on time. Thanks again for your kindness.

Interlocking bricks production

hello lenders,
all is well renovation is ongoing and we expect the compilation by Friday before people break for the Xmas holiday.
- the funds received were used on the completed flooring/tiling works as well as painting which is in progress completion scheduled on Thursday this week.
-this kind of renovation has made some difference in my business/contracts this being the first renovation tender awarded to me this year after the covid19 pandemic brought challenges towards the economy it has brought me a good return more so additional tenders of the same am expecting early January next year due to the kind of work/ workmanship.
- once all my funds are paid

Raising chickens

It has been a blessing to receive the funds from zidisha lenders which have greatly contributed to the expansion of chicken project,iam buying per order 500chicks,iam able to supply to customers though the demand still high because the business is when is developing in our province.if the business can be expanded per order 1000 the business can grow because the demand is still high,iam grateful to my lenders because iam able to manage the 500 order of the chickens after six weeks after order the chickens are ready for sale

Buying & selling Kente cloth for tailors to make smocks

I will buy kente to weave smocks.
I want to thank all my lenders

To help my mom's kebab business & for meds for my father

The amount of 65.00 has been released to my account and I have repair my phone screen.
Thanks so much.


To help purchase supplies for building and construction work

Good luck Alhassan!

Musukwa chickens

The loan will help in enhancing the chicken project which is in its initial stages and needs to be sustained

Expansion of my dressmaking business

Thank you all lenders for support you gave me these fund will solve some problem am facing now so I can concentrate on my work I thank you once again

To buy more fish to sell

Good evening to all my backers and all the workers of zidisha I have just completed my loan now and it was empowered by one of my daughters which she stayed in Kumase and now she with me in this occasion and as I said earlier I was not feeling well pass weeks ago but now I'm very very fine.
This recently loan help me to get some school materials for my children but unfortunately my sickness has reduced my capital but I hope now I am fleeing well everything will be okay if I get another offer.
Thanks so much my lovely backers may heavenly father richly bless you all.

Crop farming

Happy new year in advance am so grateful to you all, as you have funded my project you will never lack by the special grace of God, God will continue to bless you and your generation thank you for your generosity and kindness I appreciate you, you are my hero, am starting my mushroom business with this God bless you all.

To help purchase supplies for building and construction work

I will use my loan to purchase building materials as usual like shavels, headpans, trowels, tape measure, cement, wheel barrow etc for my customers to buy, Here in my community construction work is ongoing and materials are in high demand now. So it's good for me to have all types of building materials available in my store for my customers to buy. Thank you very much zidisha staff and able lenders

Buying chicken feed

I will purchase chicken feed; please God bless you for your help

For expansion of my sewing business

Merry Merry Christmas to all lenders and workers and all those who matter on Zidisha platform. May the coming year be awesome and full of blessings in Jesus' name.

To expand my online eyewear business

Hello... It's me again. Thank you for your support for my small business. I'm so grateful for the growth we've experienced through the help from this community.

For my provisions shop

Am going to invest these on my provisions shop so to expand it and I appreciate Lawrencia Azumah and Maxwell Hiswill Adorsoo for their support

Aluminum glass-cutter

I really appreciate all of you for the contribution to my project I will use these money to support my project by purchasing Metals for the work am doing

For expansion of my sewing business

Once again I am very pleased to let you know business is booming and I have been able to make significant improvements in my profit margin. Therefore, I have been able to make a good installment payment in the acquisition of the modern sewing machines to enable me setup an entrepreneurial centre to train young girls and create jobs in the area of sewing. I am very grateful to you all!