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New stock of clothes

Thank you my dear lenders for your support in my business . The loan ĺ received last time has made a difference in my business my profit has increased by 12%. Thank you so much for your support.

Buying restaurant equipment

I want to first thank all my lenders. I really appreciate you choosing to help me with my project. May your good deeds be returned to you in one way or another. With this I loan I intend on finishing my whole renovation project.
So that my restaurant is able to accommodate more people

Additional stock of face shields & masks

I received 1,001 ZMW as a loan and I am using it to purchase face shield masks for sale and hope to sell quickly .

Locally made face masks for sale

I wish to confirm that I received 1,036 ZMW and I will use this loan to order some surgical face masks for sale. Thank you so much.

Repair my tricycle taxi

Dear Members Thank you very much for your generosity.God bless you all. I'll make a good investment of it and pay back on time.

To buy fuel to transport books

I am going to use this loan as transportation help me distribute books to my clients and I want to thank All my good lenders for this love shown to me at this time. Thank you

Selling second-hand clothing

I'm really grateful to zidisha, the Director and the staff of zidisha. This loan will be use to buy clothing bales to sell. Thank you so much

Purchase polypipes

Dear lenders,

Thank you for lending me the money.

My business is doing well because of the Zidisha community and I am eternally grateful to you all for your support. Thank you.

To invest on my cocoa farm

Thank you for supporting my cocoa farm

To invest on my cocoa farm

It is my prayer that the Lord should shower his blessings upon you all

Catering loan

The good God that I serve will continue blessing you all

Buying pesticides & fungicides for farming hot peppers

Thank you so much my lenders for this loan you have given me. Indeed this loan will help me buy more hot peppers seedlings as I have planned and I wish to inform you that I will payback in good time as agreed

Coffins and funeral services

The loan I got really helped me n a alot of ways, Have even opened a new business.

Purchase "Oppo F11" screen to resell

I have been able to buy parts for laptops.I Wil be able to use them to fix other computers then resell them and make profit.I keep growing slowly despite the cOvid challenges and order prices rising in our country due to currency instability

Selling drip irrigation kit

This is wonderful indeed. Thank you all my lenders, this loan will enable me purchase drip irrigation kit for sale in my agro-shop and am determined to sell and make profit, Thank you.

For transportation fees

I received an amount of Ghc 1648 as loan to help my sister buy a sewing machine and this is going to help her alot to learn sewing as an apprentice. God bless you Sir Paul, Thnak you very much

Clothes for sale

Dear lenders,

Thank you so much for your trust and confidence in me! I promise not to let you down! Thank you.

Renewing my rent

Thank you Paul and Claudia I am very grateful for this contribution towards my business.

Refurbishing furniture in our school

I wish to confirm that I have received the loan and that the work on refurbishing the remainder of the school desks and chairs begins tomorrow. Thank you very much once again to all my lenders for this loan.

New stock of plumbing materials

I thank my lenders for helping me in my previous loan. I managed to buy materials for installation of well pump for my client and just waiting for him to finish some documentation before we instal. Thank you once again.

Film projector for our science classes

Special thanks to Zidisha team; and Barry Cooper, especially, for doing it again. My school can now proceed with the procurement of the projector for which the loan has been requested. Thanks a lot!

Labour hire when weeding maize

Thank you for the loan it will definetely help during weeding of maize as I need to hire labour in my maize field. I thank you very much all my lenders.

To purchase handbags for resale

Thank you lenders for this loan . It will help me purchase handbags which I will be selling in the same beauty shop. Thank you and God bless you

Selling fresh vegetables

Thank you so much to you all my lenders for your support in the past and now. I want to purchase some pesticides to apply in my vegetable field. My harvest will be better because I have taken this loan. Thank you and God bless you.

Loan to invest into my photography and designing work

Hello thank you ...
I will buy camera battery and also new lens to help me get nice and neat images .
God bless every helping hand ..

Printer for my cybercafé

The heatpress t-shirt branding machine I purchased with the last zidisha loan.

Printer for my cybercafé

With the loan, I was able to purchase a heatpress t-shirt branding machine. Thank you for the loan Zidisha. Now my business is more profitable.

Materials for sandals and slippers

An amount of 2610 was credited to my account for local made sandals and slippers. Thank you so much

Water storage tank/drums

I thank my lenders you have always been wonderful to me and my business. I bought a 50 metres hose pipe for watering my plants and it's working well my job of watering with buckets is no more

Sewing materials for face masks

I wish to thank all my lenders for funding me. I want to buy sewing materials to make face masks. I appreciate so much. This will help me make more profit

Buying plantains to sell

The loan which was granted to me really helped me and I am very thankful to my lenders for this support all this while.

Seeds to grow fresh vegetables

Thank you my lenders. I will use this loan to get seeds for making a nursery for vegetables. Once I harvest I am positive I will make profits so this loan will be very helpful to my business.

Gypsum supply business

Hello my lenders, am delighted by your support. Am going to pay for an extra truck of gypsum and this will go a long way into building my enterprise. Blessings

For transportation fees

I am going to use this money to buy a sewing machine and I want to thank Mr Paul Buchheit for this loan. God bless you and all your generation. Thank you

Buying clothes to resale

Thank you so much, I will use the loan to buy second hand clothes for resale. Thank you for your support

Design of gates

I really appreciate your help

Plantain production

Good luck with your plantain business!

Buying second-hand clothes to resell

God bless you so much, it's going to be use to buy clothes to resale and I thank you so much

Building affordable homes

Loan received. Thank you! Roofing works scheduled for next week.

Food retail

Thank you so much my lenders. The money will avail me the opportunity to restock my shop with foodstuffs and groceries requested by my customers.
I am very grateful

Computer hardware for my school

I warmly appreciate everyone that has contributed to make this application a reality.

Organic fertilizer for my vegetables

I want to thank you my lender so much for this loan. This loan will help me buy organic fertilizer to produce very healthy and fresh vegetables and like that vegetables sale very quickly. Thank you so much.

To hire a truck to ferry my produce to market

Dear Barb,

Thank you so much for your kind support for my business. I appreciate it so much! Thank you.

Buying a hairdryer

I want to take this time to thank my Lenders, for funding my loan.
I don’t have so many people to give me this opportunity. I really appreciate it.

Masonry work and cocoa farming

Am very grateful to you for my second loan

Importation of computer/phone accessories

Thank you so much, you all are wonderful

Loan for rent

wooooow amazing dear

Logistics & purchase of raw materials: cassava, etc.

I am so grateful for the loan you offered me earlier. It really helped my business, although the previous year was hectic due to covid 19 pandemic, but are picking up gradually. Also we are grateful for making repayment easier and more flexible. Thanks once more. I will be prompt in repayment to this time.

Buying second-hand clothes to resell

I am really grateful to zidisha for the love, support in my business. Thank you so much

Open-field tomato project

Hello Zidisha Group, I have not been able to access the internet in the last few days, that's why I took long to get back to you concerning the loan I received.

First, I want to thank you in a very special way for having seen into it that I am afforded with that loan facility. Banking on your continued support, running my agribusiness has to a remarkable extent been a smooth undertaking.

I'm grateful I was able to pay my worker with the little amount that I received from you.

Thank you and God bless you.