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Supply building materials, sand & gravel stones

Pls Rudy, Good morning. Yes please, system error has been resolved with our great zidisha team. Pls Rudy, you are such wonderful person.And l truly love your motivation spirit for being there always.God bless you.

For a laptop computer to do research at home

The loan has really help me to study well. Thank you dear lenders! Thank you my dear Julia. May the Almighty God continue to bless you in abundance. Amen.


Supply building materials, sand & gravel stones

Nice work Alfred! I saw your payment post on the 8th but there seemed to be a system issue. Looks like it is posted now.

Commercial snail farming project

Thank you so much Joshi,
You are the Best. I'm encouraged.
Life without impact is useless , I'm also a Pastor by God's Grace,I'm Beleiving God for a major financial Breakthrough to expand the Business training ,Alot of youth really want to learn and Help themselves.
Frankly speaking,Hunger is really Biting hard in this part of our Nation and the government wouldn't want to come through.

But the Truth is that little by little,God will see us through.

For dental-hygiene products to supply to schoolchildren

Hello family, I have recieved an amount of Ghc 2760.00 after service fee deduction.
This amount will used to purchase the items for dental hygiene for the pupils.
I am very grateful for the support.

Mobile phone payment centre

Am here today lenders requesting for financial support to inject in my mobile money business.

On daily basis I have a number of transaction which am unable to satisfy my customer.

I believe that should my loan be successful I will be able to satisfy my customers and earn more money or profits. Therefore I also need to buy the Kazang machine to be facilitating more transaction at once.

Should all the necessary needs met I will be able to operate very well and earn more income.
Thank you for your support and efforts for supporting me, so grateful and may God bless you.

Buy more inventory of computer accessories

Am So grateful for the last loan it Really helped my business in terms of adding more stocks am looking forward to Work with You

To make investment in my food sales

Zidisha organization is very wonderful. Thank you so much for everything

Supply of children's face-masks

I don't ever want to miss a repayment.
Because zidisha has help me a lot being where I am right now. And I am sooo grateful to that.
For now I will adjust installment until my financial status is back to normal.
Thank you for your patience.

Laptop computer for work, and a vision check-up

Hi Fitri, saw your comment on a forum topic and realized that I am looking at this name after a long time! How are you doing? Have had your vaccine? Take care.

Mobile money and phone accessories

I wish you all the best in your business. Never give up!

To finance my university education

Loan repayment successfully done and I want to say thank you to all my lenders and also to the Zidisha Team for this great opportunity.
God bless you all

Add desks for our school

The previous loan was a success for the school, the class desk really helped in the sitting arrangement for the just ended GCE Examination.
The school was able to accommodate both internal and external students for the exams.
This school made a great improvement and next year will be enrolling more pupils.
Thank you so much my lenders for supporting me.

For business selling laptop computers, clothing & other items

Hi Endang, how are things with you? Have you been able to get vaccine yet? Stay safe.

Buying more organic fertilizer for maize crop

The just ended loan which you supported me has worked out for me miraculously, I bought farming inputs for the vegetables and maize crop, therefore I produced good crop production for both vegetables and the maize crop and I made good profits after I sold them.

Thank you to all my lenders for supporting me, may God bless you so much.

Cassava, okra and pepper farm

Thanks to all lenders for the previous loan

Restocking my provisions shop

Hello Tracy, hope you can restock your shop soon. All the best for your business.

Transporting building materials to work site

Am so glad the rain has stopped a little bit in Ghana and am able to work hard with my boys...l promise to clear large part of my loan repayment soon... thanks to all my lenders

Equipment for my food business

Thanks for making my project possible by lending me this money of ghc5,959.
It will help me buy an oven and other equipments for my food business.
I’m grateful to God and you all.
God bless you all.

Buying picture frames to sell to my clients

Sorry for the accident. Wishing you speeding recovery. Kindly switch on your phone and let's talk may be I can be of help to you to get strong and perform better in Zidisha platform again.

Tess's Food Shop

I really want to use the medium to say a very big thank you to all my lenders. I promise to use the money to buy more goods in my shop, sell them and pay my lenders as at when due. Thank you once more

Online blogging

I’m going to use this loan to facilitate my online blogging website to generate my audience. This will help boost my Adsense revenue.

To order phones & accessories from China

Thank for supporting me zidisha now I have purchase more phones in my store and this will help me to win more clients

For dental-hygiene products to supply to schoolchildren

Words are not enough to express my appreciation to lenders in this family who helped fund my project.
I will purchase these dental products and distribute them to these pupils at no cost for the pupils.
I will post the pictures here when the distributions are done.
Thank you.

Equipment to enhance my tea farming

Iam glad to zidisha organization for the support they are giving entrepreneurs abroad including i personal,through this i have been able to increase my yields and production .

I will buy farm inputs that will enable me produce high quality products and also increase it.

Thank you mr Edijac for making my project possible,God bless you.

Loan to buy fertilizer

I will buy seeds for my farming project and also to transport some onions to sell at the market

To buy more provisions

The ghc1242 loan I received will be used stock the shop with all kinds of provisions such as the Sanitizers, Face mask, Detergents, Tea products, Biscuits and more. Thank you my lenders for this loan.

To increase my farm

I will used the funds raised to purchase seedlings for planting so that I will be able to get enough harvest for the people and I owe all the thanks to my lender.

Loan to purchase and supply health products

I write to thank my very good Lenders for the confidence reposed in me in granting me this loan to continue the purchase and supply of health products to my customers.
By this loan it will afford me the opportunity to satisfy my customers demands and also making profit to take care of my basic responsibilities.
I highly appreciate your goodness towards me.
On my part l will honor in repaying back as agreed.
Thank once more.

Purchase of inventory for my provisions shop

I want to use this opportunity to thank you for all your support all these years.I purchased inventories for my shop like what i usually buy for my shop.The purchase i made has made a significant difference in my shop.My earnings has increased by 5% of the total investment.With my increased earnings,i have reinvested 3% back into the business as a going concern.The remaining 2% is used as a means to buy other new stuffs in the business,hoping to expand the business in the later days.Employing new stuffs into the business has been one of the achievement of myself and i am really enjoying it.I am very happy with how far you have brought me and looking forward to working more with you.Thank You.

Inventory for grocery shop

I used the money zidisha gave me wisely by doing a door to door delivery service to my customers. Sales has increased ever since. Am hoping forward to use the subsequently loan judiciously. Thank you zidisha

Sales of food provisions

Best wishes to you

Sales of food provisions

I will like to say a big thank you to all my lenders,
You all are wonderful

Increase my capital for selling plates and pots & pans

I will continue to grow my so that I can reach the level where I will be to make orders that will be altleast giving me a good profit.

To buy wigs

Thanx so much for your help, i plan to buy some wigs with this loan. Am sure this will bring more capital to me..

Petty sales of provisions

May God keep this platform forever amen

The poultry farm recovery

They have to stay warm. It's very cold in Kenya currently.

Mobile money and phone accessories

I used the loan purchased call credit cards and resell it to my customers.And it gives me some profits.I know that my future loan will increase for me to make good profits.Thank you very much my able lenders.

To purchase foodstuffs and other assorted items

God bless whoever got this vision to support us am happy to joined zidisha

Re-stock men’s boutique

Thank you to the lenders who have contributed to my loan i would like to ask more to contribute and i wont let you down..thank you

I want money to buy some vegetables and sell

Yes God bless you for helping me, the work is improving through your help from zidisha thank you a lot


I feel so happy that everyone of you assisted me in your own little way, God bless you all

Foodstuff seller

Am so happy for granted me loan I was able to buy small food stuff due to the amount with me that I added it to my capital, look forward for more huge amount to finance my business. May Almighty God bless zidisha group.thanks

Loan to buy boxes of tomatoes

Thank you to my lenders I really love you all

Online blogging

I thank you so much for your kind assistance in funding my business. I sincerely appreciate your help and support. May God richly bless you!

Buying two desktop computers for my cybercafe

You all are really awesome, my greatest of thanks goes to you
God bless

To buy home supplies and more foodstuffs to fill my new shelves

I greet you my lenders, my arrears has reduced because I made a payment and this days am facing financial situation due innovation I did and my food stuff items is too low and even I went to buy provision items to fill my new provision store but my capital is too small.

Buy crop farming equipment

Thank you very much i received the money that i used to buy fertilizer and had to apply to the crops that i planted in the farm and i have green vegies

To support my wife in her clothes business

Thank you my lenders I have received the money and I promise I will pay back soon

Office space for my cleaning company

Having received an amount of Ghs 3,450, this has helped me to make my second installment of my rent office to operate in.
Thank you all for giving me to expand my business.