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Building house

Hi zidisha,
Thank you for funding my last loan. It helped me clear my son's school fees. Am requesting for another to help me finish building a house (two rooms) for the orphan. I started the building with the little I had. Am a guardian to five total orphans for more than ten years now. They don't have a place to call home this is the reason I chose to build the attached house to accommodate them. Some are grown up now and need some privacy. Doing this out of pure heart bcos of what i went through growing up. They can decide to move out and start their life once they are financially stable to do so.
Thank you


School fees for my grandchildren, whose parents passed away

Grace and peace to you in abundance in the name of Jesus Christ. James 1:27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. Well done true and faithful servant


To improve my business

I am just your Christian brother in America. I am not rich, but maybe by your standards I am. I pray and look around for who God might direct me to help. Grace and peace to you in abundance. May God give you direction and power to establish His Kingdom

Cleaning company

Thank you all my lenders and backers for supporting me to expand my business. Highly grateful.


To help me buy seedlings for planting

Good luck to you with your harvest. Clair

Food processing and packaging

Life is all about contribution, you contribute to me,I contribute to others.As such I appreciate those who with their loving kindness funded my project.become good.

Loan to complete my license

Thank you so much for the help and am really happy and again God bless all my backers

To help pay for forklift training & transportion to school

Hello dear lenders, it been another successful week. we thank the Almighty God for his protection and care. may his love be with us forever.

The training is also going on smoothly, would be completing in few weeks to come God willing. am much greatful for the help and opportunity given me once again.

stay safe and bless.

Construction of rental houses

Dear Lenders.

Thank you for the support you have shown my Husband and I through the years, we are very grateful.
The funds from our last loan helped us achieve the dream of owning a home. Our next project is constructing rental houses; we have started a foundation for two units two bedroomed house. The work is already ongoing and currently this is the fourth week since we started. Once complete, houses will earn us an extra $350 per month that will go towards Zidisha loan repayment.
We are requesting a $1612 loan to facilitate buying of steel bars a follows.
- D16 10 Pcs $280
- D12 20 Pcs $340
- D10 60 pcs $600
- D8 50 Pcs $350
- Binding Wire $37
- Hacksaw Blades $5
Thanking you in advance.
Mercy Muthoni

Go to a nearby village to buy brooms and sell

With greatful heart I want to thank you so much for helping me.
Am very greatful thank you all

To send my mother to the hospital

Members who contribute my projects God bless you.for now I can visit the hospital for treatment


To help buy classroom desks

thank you for helping children learn.

Building affordable rental housing

I am very grateful for having confidence in me. I received GHS125 which can purchase 2 bags of cement although in need 20, I will make a down payment for the 2 and add the rest later when I able to raise the money. Thank you very much for your support

Mushroom farming

I will like to in take this opportunity to thank you all you have really come to my aid God will come your aid

For practical test in nursing school

I will use the money to pay for the practical am about to do
Since I joined zidisha I just live the love expressed to me by all the folks. Thank you all for assisting me
Am very glad and want to thank you all

Clothing and boxers

Hello Scottpz, Thank you for the money you’ve lend me am happy. Also for willing to help me in my business, I like to say God richly bless you.


Bridal accessories for hire (for rent)

Excited to be a part of your business, Betty! Wishing you the best!


Loan to complete my license

I do hope this propels you on your way to better future. Do all the good in the world that you can. God be with you. Namaste, Romuald

To expand my online eyewear business

Thank you for your support and encouragement. I'm very grateful for your contributions.

Supply building materials, sand and quarry stones

Good evening Zidisha, Zidisha team, lenders,backers and my support team, this is to update you about how business is going on my side.By the grace of God, l received some outstanding payment from clients.This is from the previous project loan earns,and with that regards,l decided to make a payment of 47% of my current project loan installment, in order to fund a Zidisha community member.l thank you all for your usual cooperation and support.l am grateful, and God bless you all.

Food kiosk business

I have received the funds instantly via my safaricom number. Thumbs up Zidisha family

Purchase a brand-new freezer

I will buy a brand new freezer. It will help me sell water and drinks. Thank so much for making my project possible

To help restock my shop with more clothes and shoes

When my friends introduce zidisha loan to me I was thinking is a lie but now I see is good. God bless the lenders

School-meal and book-fund program

Thanks Figueres am hoping for the best.

School-meal and book-fund program

Good luck!

Online taxi funding

Dear funders ,
thank you so much for this loan it will definitely help me boost my taxi business.

kind regards


Cake trays for large-scale operations

Oh Awesome,Am so happy my Loan has been funded, Am extremely grateful to All my Lender's who have made this possible,Am now ready to hit the ground running to start Fabricating my commercial Aluminum Cake trays , and also repair some that we can salvage (thanks to Joshi for that school of thought much appreciated)
The new trays will be value addition because we will reduce on waiting period and also we will have clean and hygienic trays oh this is Awesome, uts a big boost to my business and a smile on my employee's face for sure.
Thanks Team........
Let's do this......


For practical test in nursing school

Good Luck with your nursing school!

From 3 Canadian girls, age 9, 6 and 3.


For practical test in nursing school

Good luck with your studies! God bless you!
Psalms 68:5
A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows,
is God in his holy dwelling.

To put towards buying a smart television

Wisdom2080 you are too much. I love your quote Genesis 26:12


To expand my online eyewear business

Good luck!

For practical test in nursing school

I will uae the money to do my practical work
Am a student doinv general nursing. We use to do practicals every week on saturdays.
Thank you all

Support covid-19 vaccination program

I will use the money to look for sponsorship
Am very glad lenders are in support of this program.
Thank you all for supporting me
Am so much glad. Thank you

To help purchase a new laptop computer for my cybercafe

Thank you all for helping me out. Now I can get my new printer and get my work done with speed and ease

To help my mom's kebab business & for meds for my father

Thanks, Nikko I appreciate your comment and encouragement may good God bless you and your family for your contribution.

To pay the labour cost of my tricycle repairs

Thanks so much for your great contribution may the good Lord bless you all and as I said I will pay off my tricycle repairs cost.


To help my mom's kebab business & for meds for my father

I see you keep trying, even through a pandemic, even when some payments were late, you made all payments and did not give up.
That is a quality that will help you succeed, to stay strong and keep on trying.

Roofing sheets and material supplier

Good evening my friends, am glad I received my loan and am still supply ironsheets to my customers and friends, I want to thank you for your support because now I can do job Easley without finance problem s

Cake trays for large-scale operations

Hey Joshi,
Good to hear from you.
After reading your comments I called the company making the Trays and they have just told me to drop them off they will access them and advice on if they can repair some .
Thank you for that great mind ,it has actually given me an idea.
Will definitely share pictures of the new trays .

Cake trays for large-scale operations

all the best for your bakery. Nice to see that you have bagged those school tenders and expanding business - especially considering the current tough circumstances. Do send us picture of the shiny new trays!!

p.s. will the company be able to recycle the old trays?

Tools for quarry work

I work at a construction field. I disintegrate rocks and the company gathers it and sell. But the company pays us at the end of every 15 days.
But due to the condition of the work I need some protective gloves to support me

Support school feeding program

Lenders of zidisha are very good people
Both local and foreign
Thank you all for supporting me

Support covid-19 vaccination program

It will help me support covid 19 vaccination
work at a radio station called pupubibi FM located in akwatia. Am currently on a program which is to encourage the village folks to go in for the covid 19 vaccination. With this I need support to carry on with this work

Stainless-steel pipes for water recovery

we have used the funds as a top up to buy Angle Bars and Deformed Bars used in the Fabrication of Water Drainage Covers as can be seen in the pictures . We had an order to fabricate Drainage Covers

Stainless-steel pipes for water recovery

Thank you we have used the funds as a top up to buy Angle Bars and Deformed Bars used in the Fabrication of Water Drainage Covers as can be seen in the pictures .


To put towards buying a smart television

Hope your business prospers. Please share your love and profits with others -God bless us all :D
Genesis 26:12: Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the LORD blessed him.

To put toward paying for a trumpet

I play trumpet during programs and ceremonies. I belong to both an orchestras group and concert bands. I train the younger ones who wants to okay or newbies who want to learn how to play the trumpet.


To purchase more fertilizer and seeds to use in the field

Hope this loan helps. God bless us all :D
Genesis 26:12: Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the LORD blessed him.

To put towards building my house (lay the foundation)

Hello my lenders I hope everyone is very fine I have just started my new job and I hope this job will help me to pay all my arrears.

Additional stock of avocados and bananas

Thanks for supporting my project...I'm thinking to expand my business to start making peanut butter and still selling fruits.. At least am expanding