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Jacob O'nyamul     Feb 12, 2018

May you be blessed my lenders, this is just a miracle to me. you have funded my loan in the midst of underlying uncertainty with funding in zidisha.thank you VERY VERY VERY MUCH. I am extremely joyful. i am planning to stock ten 90 kg bags of maize @ 40 usd totaling 400 usd, two 50 kg bag of sugar @ 40 usd totaling 80 usd, five 50 kg bags of rice @ 40 usd totaling 200 usd, five 20 litres cooking oil @ 3 usd totaling 150 usd, 10 dozen of 2kg wheat flour @ 20usd totaling 200 usd, ten dozen of 1kg wheat flour @ 20usd totaling 200 usd, grand total =1230 usd.
this would realy boost my business towards my goal of having a supermarket hence customer satisfaction as they would get the items they need under one roof. i am expecting to double my profits since i will have a bigger stock hence practising economies of scale. many thanks

Food stock for my grocery shop
Nakuru, Kenya

Timothy Senerwa Katizi     Feb 12, 2018

These are Pictures of my incubator.

Buying a chicken incubator
Lanet, Kenya

Jacob O'nyamul     Feb 12, 2018

Many thanks Ryan, i really appreciate your support towards my loan. may God bless you greatly. greet your family, i love you all

Food stock for my grocery shop
Nakuru, Kenya

Mis Hernawati     Feb 11, 2018

Alhamdulillah, thank God for all his sustenance. It"s a Valentine"s Day welcome order. I just got the latest news, because some days my mobile phone has network interference.

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Alhamdulillah, puji syukur kepada Tuhan atas semua rezekinya. Ini pesanan menyambut Hari Valentine.

Saya baru bisa berikan kabar terbaru, karena beberapa hari ini telepon selular saya mengalami gangguan jaringan.

Purchase of raw material for making chocolate praline & stock of goods
Bandung Barat, Indonesia

Meshack Wachiuri     Feb 11, 2018

First and foremost is to thank all who have contributed to my success on Zidisha. I am now an experienced member with great vision of changing his life through Zidisha loans. I was able to execute my plans of buying a young heifer. As in the photo posted earlier, that was what I was able to buy. As it grows, I believe it's increasing it's value day by day. Thank you again my lenders, I hope my loan that am going to post will be funded on time. God bless you all.

Rearing of heifers
Nyahururu, Kenya

John Okoth     Feb 11, 2018

This is a stock for Cooking oils. At the moment.
The stock I purchase with the loan.

I have started pay back my loan, with part of the profit I get

Pay school fees for my cousin
Siaya , Kenya

John Mwaengo     Feb 11, 2018

Yesterday I travelled to our main city to buy new computers because of increased number of clients . I have also added another staff . Your loan has brought livehood.
The two staffs are helping there young sisters and brother by paying there school fees. Thanks God bless you greatly

Buy 1 new computer monitor and repair 2 printers
Majengo Mapya, Kenya

Caroline Kaseme     Feb 11, 2018

Thanks so much for funding my account. This loan will help to buy retail products for resale like sugar, packet of matchboxes, food stuff and other business commodities at a cost of KES 3500/=,horticultural products like crates of tomatoes, bunches of onions, bunches of tea leaves, oranges, watermelons, mangoes, carrots and other farming goods at a cost of KES 3000/=,packaging materials at a cost of KES 300/=,cotton clothes for wiping wet items at a cost of KES 100/=,a packet of razor blade at a cost of KES 5/=.The income will be used to buy food, pays school fee for the children, house and business expenses settled rightly. Thanks to all lenders and entire ZIDISHA team.

Buying commercial and farm products for sale.
Mbita, Kenya

Wadawe Kofi Force     Feb 10, 2018

Zidisha has helped me a lot. I had no funds for my education but when I joined Zidisha and used the money I got from them to operate my electricals shop, I've now been able to pay for my university admission and accommodation. If not Zidisha, I wouldn't have gotten money to pay that huge fees. Thank you Zidisha team.

Selling electrical parts
Kintampo-brong Ahafo Rigion, Ghana

Andrea Hermiati     Feb 10, 2018

Good morning zidisha donors. Hopefully always in the protection of God, this loan I use to buy my merchandise stock. And my sales have increased Thanks zidisha and the donors have helped me.

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Selamat pagi para donatur zidisha.
Semoga selalu dalam lindungan Tuhan,
Pinjaman ini saya pergunakan untuk membeli stok barang dagangan saya. Dan penjualan saya pun meningkat
Terimakasih zidisha dan para donatur sudah membantu saya.

Tangerang, Indonesia