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To buy drip pipes and organic fertilizer for my vegetables

I am happy to support this next loan and business improvement

To order phones & accessories from China

912 GHS is the total amount I received
This loan will added to my money for buying phone accessories thank you my lender and backers for you support

Sales of food provisions

To all my very good lenders, I say thank you so much

To put toward buying a new photocopy machine

I want to say a big thank you to all my lenders that contributed to my previous loan, i say God bless you

Vegetable garden

I would like to express my gratitude for the loan. I really appreciate your help so much during these uncertain times.

Restock physics laboratory

I want to thank Olalekan, Jochen, Melkmom, Julian, Julia the director and the Team for this fund.

Buying cement and sand for my new contract

I have received 1519gh and am so grateful to all my lenders...l am use this amount of money to buy cements

Cake oven

This is the picture of the one deck oven

To order phones & accessories from China

I received 912 GHS I will buy phone batteries and resell it to the customers
Thank you for helping me to boost my business may God bless everyone

Restock physics laboratory

Dear Jennifer,

scientific eduction is important! I hope you can use the money to improve the lab - and help others.

Kind Regards from Switzerland,


Loan to put toward restocking shop with motorcycles

God of heaven bless you all.thank you

Investing in shoemaking business

I am very grateful for the opportunity and support for my business. Thank you so much and God bless

Repairing rainy season damage to our home

Dear lenders am requesting for your help, our family house after the heavy down of rains last month left the house in dilapidated state hence need renovation to maintain the house. I held the money to buy the following blocks,

1. building made out of quarry
2. 20 pockets of cement to use and plaster the house
3.plucks for a new roof and roofing sheets.
4. 2000 building blocks
5. Roofing sheets

The materials will help us maintain the house that was left in deplorable state by heavy rains.

Apart from buying materials I also want to buy organic fertilizer to improve my vegetable garden and produce more vegetables for sale and earn more profits.
Thank you so much my lender for your continued support may God bless you and keep you safe.

Buying a new bale of second-hand clothing for the cold season

I need to buy cold season clothing and this will create more income profits because cold season clothing are profitable during cold season because most people with Covid 19, want to keep warm.

In clothing sales I earn good income daily I have strategically planned to save most income and repay the loan as agreed without fail.Thank you so much my lenders for supporting me may God richly bless you.

Loan to help my bakery business

Hello thanks very much to Zidisha for such a good heart . The loan help me to buy foodstuffs for cooking and has help to increase the profit rate .

Cake oven

Dear Joshi

Yes I am still supplying the schools ,I definitely need another Oven ,looking forward to buying it .
Will take a picture of the new Oven and share.

Fertilizer to increase my maize crop

I will buy top dressing fertilizer for my maize crop, therefore the crops

will grow very well and healthy for sale. I will make more profits and produce more crops.

I will be able to service the loan through the clothing sale business also I do besides the gardening of vegetables and maize crop.
Thank very my lenders for supporting me may God bless you so much.

Cake oven

glad to hear about the school tenders. Show us the new oven. Looks like after the mixer, this would be another major equipment you are buying. Wish you all the best.
p.s. it was so nice to see just a 5% fee for your loan!


Freezer and kitchenware for my restaurant

Hi Antoinette,

I want to add my voice of encouragement to Erik's, I'm really impressed with your efforts to always repay something. I am so happy that even with a little bit of money this website helps me contribute toward other people's success, and I want you to know I appreciate not just your dedication and your effort, but that you post regular updates - sometimes I lend and then never hear anything and I'm not sure what to do, but because I can see your updates I know that you are actively working on repaying and I am perfectly okay with the fact that sometimes you need some flexibility on the amount or date of payment. I do hope business picks up again for you soon. I hope that the freezer has helped you out. And I hope for success and health and safety for you and your loved ones!

Fabrics for making clothing

I am glad I've cleared my loan. I used the money to boost my business and I have made a huge leap forward. My sales have increased do this cash injection.

Desks for schoolchildren

Thank you all who donated to ´´Buy Desks´´ project. I am so happy for your kind huge support

Work equipment for computer/I.T. and printing business

I'm glad I could help. I am in IT too!

Buy more fufu grinding machines

I researched fufu to learn more. It looks good!

Purchase photo printer for my photography business

Hello lovely lenders.

This is an update to inform you about my development as my photography business is concerned . Basically my business is really moving forward and growing each and everyday step by step . Customers list has increased, I have also been getting good feedback from customers of a neat work done from my shop.

I also have a plan of opening a large working area so as to train ladies in the field to make them empowered in order for them to be self reliant.

I also want to appeal to my lenders to support fund my project in other to get a photo printing machine of my own. Because previously I use to print from other shops who have the printing machines after designing and taking the photos.

Thank you once again for always supporting me.

To buy drip pipes and organic fertilizer for my vegetables

Dear my lenders so happy for your support I bought the drip pipes and organic fertilizer and my vegetables in the garden are well watered and growing very health.
Thank you very for your support and may God richly bless.

To purchase building materials for building my own house

Eight (8) days is passed after posting this my loan. Currently I've got 15% funding remaining 85% to make it fully funded. Thankful to all lenders who still have faith and trust in me. I'm therefore promising all lenders here on the Zidisha platform, that I will be faithful in repaying any loan amount granted me, and also in the loan usage, it will be beneficial to my neighbors in my community.

To whom much is given, much is expected. I promised to be faithful and diligent in all my repayments.

Thank you all in advance and God richly blesses you

Furniture for our preschool

Dear Benvenuto, I wish to thank you sincerely for your continued support and that of other lenders in funding my project. The funds will go towards purchasing some bunker beds, beddings, tables and chairs for pre-grade children in our community school. Thank you once again.

Fertilizer to improve vegetable yield

Am requesting for this loan to buy D compound fertilizer & organic fertilizer to improve my vegetable.
My vegetables are almost ripe by next I will start selling them and I will earn some income.

The income I will earn, I have planned that part of it will be used to repay the loan. Cabbages is a good vegetable and is highly sellable in restaurants and take away for salad making.

Thank you in advance for supporting me.

Furniture for our preschool

Joyce, the work you do for the children of your community is inspiring. It is my absolute pleasure to support you in providing for the children.

To purchase building materials for building my own house

Thank you very much for your help, God richly bless you.

Buying cement and sand for my new contract

I am so grateful to get such a lenders..l am using this amount of money to buy building materials (cement, sand,etc)

Educational purposes

I am hoping for a bright, joyous, and successful future for you! Jim Vandegriff

Growing mobile money services

Am here lenders asking for financial support to expand my mobile money business services in our community.
There is so much demand in our community and I ran out of money easily due to a number of transactions especially withdraws hence I need more money to meet this demand from the customers and earn more profits.

I have strategically plan to repay through the income earned of out the profits made from mobile money transactions daily and also from the clothing sales income generation.
Thank you very much lender for support God bless you.

Restocking more perfumes, lotions, deodrants

I want this loan to help restock both ladies and men's perfumes, lotions, sanitizers and deodorants.

The new stock will help increase sales revenue and generate more profits. Perfumes and sanitizers are selling very fast this time around.

I have strategically from daily sales takings I will be saving some income toward loan repayment weekly and some for reinvestment in the business.

Furthermore, the aim is to expand the business so that my profits can increase for to do more projects in future.
Thank you so much my lenders for helping for this loan, may God bless you.

Money to purchase scrap materials for recycling

I received 1,231 GHS
I will use this money to pay my workers
Thank you for supporting me

Money to purchase scrap materials for recycling

Thanks, Emmanuel! :)

I'm not sure what you mean by
"five weight"?

In any event, 60% is a nice profit margin. :)

And I'm sure I don't have to tell you that
you're doing a really important business.

Best wishes, and please stay safe!

Money to purchase scrap materials for recycling

Okay Laurie, the amount I paid for papers and cardboard depends on the weight that the scale will calculate 5kg is 50$ and I reseller to the recycling center for 80$

Hair salon

My biggest thanks goes to all my lenders,you all are lovely.
God bless you so much

Buying items to expand my store (foodstuff sales)

Thank you my lenders i have recieve my loan amount thank you for your kindly support God bless you all

Buying empty bags of 90 kg & transport maize to market

It is pleasure to thank all for supporting my business and fund my previous loans, on my own it was not going to easy because the loans have made a big difference in my life and am progressing well dear lenders and backers of the loans, Thank you very much for good work which you have continued to do, its my heart most prayer that may God richly bless you all. Thank you all

Buying organic fertilizer, pesticides & herbicides

With this new loan I want to help me buy organic fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides to help my crops and grow very well.

The portion of land have using to grow my crops has been infertile and I to improve it by buying organic fertilizer to boost the loan and produce more crops sale.

In Addition to crop farming I also sell clothing sales and earn extra income which will also help me to service the loan weekly. As for the vegetables I sell them weekly and I general which can also be used to make pay the loan.
Thank you to you all my lenders from Zambia and not forgetting Blessing Ekhator from Nigeria for making possible for to have my funded very fast. May God bless you all

For dental-hygiene products to supply to schoolchildren

Thank you very much @wisdom2080.
You are a great inspiration to me.


For dental-hygiene products to supply to schoolchildren

Hope your business prospers. Please share your love and profits with others -God bless us all :D
Genesis 26:12: Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, be

Purchasing electronics to sell

Thank you so much for funding my project. I see so much love,support and encouragement in this community. I am indeed so grateful. I shall be purchasing some electronic parts For sale as quickly as possible.

For dental-hygiene products to supply to schoolchildren

I have just finished repayment of my traditional loan.
I repaid Ghc 217.00.
Thank you for believing in me.

Buying organic fertilizer, pesticides & herbicides

To my lenders who have made my business to succeed am so grateful, to you I say thank you very much, the loan has made a very big difference in my farming business and life.

Thank you may God bless you.

Buy materials for my sewing work

It will be used to buy sewing materials to sew for a customer who ordered them for her family. The previous job I did and submitted on time has won me another contract to sew some dresses for a customer and her family. Thank you

Buy materials for my furniture work

I will use the loan to buy some furniture materials such as nails, sofa leather, glue, locks, mirror and more to use in making of furniture for a client who ordered for me to make a Sofa two in one, wardrobe and learning table plus chairs for his child. This will enable me to also make some money as I want to expand my shop and have a bigger show room. I want to thank my lender very much for funding my project.

To buy sewing materials

I want to use the loan to buy sewing materials and Clothes for sewing and selling as well. This is going to increase my sales and help me expand my shop. Thank you for funding my project.

Phone and accessories

I received 499 GHS
To purchase chargers
Thanks for supporting me I appreciate your support