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Roofing my resdential house

Thank you so much for the consideration once again for the loan. I really appreciate your help.

Pay final school fee for the final semester.

All the best with the studies.
Cheers, Jan from Canada

Fabrics purchase

I am going to purchase fabrics with my loan. Being a fashion designer,zidisha loan have always made me get latest fabrics among my fellow designers. Zidisha loan always give me the opportunity to buy latest fabrics and designs.. Am really glad to be a part of this wonderful platform.. I say a very big thank you to my lenders.. I promise I won't let you down.. I will always make my payment on time. Thanks once again

Live management skills

thanks for the opportunity to apply for new loan. I would like you to know that the numerous loans l have applied has really brought me a great profit.I would like you to consider my loan accessible . thanks.

Purchase of heat impression papers

Thank you very much...for your support..this loan would help me to purchase new fabrics for my ankara shirts..

Jumbo reel

My account has been credited with N48,618 after charged were deducted. I added some money to the amount received to purchase Jumbo Reel for toilet tissue production.
I appreciate all the lenders for coming to my aide.

Papers for printing

This loan will be used to purchase photo papers, lamination cover, A4 sheets and A3 sheets.
This loan will help me to do more printing and photos.
I Adoma Twum is very excited and give thanks to zidisha community for your support.

I need a loan for office expansion

Thank you very much my precious lenders, my funds has been disbursed. I am grateful to you.

Working capital shore up

This is to express my sincere appreciation to all our numerous lenders. We have received the total sum of NGN119,248(after deductions) and have since deployed same to shoring up our working capital.

Thanks so much

Wig making

Received 7,392NGN..l intend to use it for the purchase of hair attachments in making me of braided wigs..Thanks so much for this loan..God bless

Secure money safe for my shop

I used my loan to buy flat screen TV and ever since i got the TV customers wait as long us they can ever there is alot of people at the shop because the Tv Entertain them and that has increased my profit margin.

Online cars, parts and accessories sales and business.

Thank you for funding my business. I will use the funds to purchase inventory for my business and grow the business more.

Lace frontals for accessory shop

This loan will enable me buy human hair to be added to my stock.
Straight hair 22" - 90 cedis (3 bundles)
Straight hair 20" - 83 cedis (3 bundles)
Straight hair 18" - 78 cedis (3 bundles)
Straight hair 16" - 71 cedis (3 bundles)
Straight hair closure 12" - 125 cedis (3 bundles)

Add more computers to my cybercafe

I will use the loan in support of my ict business. I am really greatful to my lenders and l will never disappoint them.

I need this loan to put into my clothes business

God bless you all for the support you have shown me

To increased my production

Thank u very much ,
God bless u .I'm going to buy cloths which is going to help me to increase my income.

Add soap and cosmetics to my supermarket

I will restock my shop mostly with food stuff like beans rice and garri and some house hold articles like flask spoons and plates

The loan is required to purchase nigerian traditional wears

The results of the loan was tremendous and useful in the little project I organized even though it wasn't enough i also made a head way considering the fact of getting this new loan offer to continue the little project .

Point of sales service (pos) : cash deposit & money withdraw

Thanks so much for your assistance. This is a new extension of my business where electricity will be sold to customers. I was able to pay for its rentage of #150,000/ annum. Thanks so much for your support

Restaurant and bar

Dear Sir,
I received Zidisha Loan of 6804 NGN.
And l used the Zidisha Loan l received to buy foodstuffs and Drinks for my Restaurant and Bar to sell for my Customers.
Zidisha Loan thanks very much may God continue to bless your Company real good in Jesus name now and ever sir.


Training courses for small businesses entrepreneurs

Would love to hear how it goes!

Invest in my tyre shop

I will use to buy wheel cups and movable tyres. This will help me to get more customers and I thank you very much for your kindness. God richly bless you.


I love this awesome platform,it has been the biggest thing happened to me this year

Buy african conga drums

The latest loan I was given was utilised well. This has made my students increase from 25 to 35. This means I shall increase more text books that they use. Right now I am in need of manuscript books. Those are used for music theory. Not many people find theory interesting but I am amazed at how much books I am gonna buy because of the intake increase. I am glad zidisha has made me expand my services to people who want to learn more. Thanks you sponsors, thank you zidisha.

Wig making

The loan me so much in getting materials for my wigs..So happy.thanks zidisha

Loan to pay my children's school fees & other educational needs

Dear Lenders,
I trust you all doing well by the help of Jehovah. I'm continuing paying the loan. And i promise to progressively pay for the loan till i completely paying the amount i took without defaulting to my trustworthiness. Many thanks to you all for your patients. May the all Almighty Jehovah continue to bless you all.

M-pesa shop stocking

I will use the loan to add mpesa float to my mobile money business and will enable me to do more transactions which will lead me to my business making more profits.


Building, construction and painting

Hi Sammy, I wish you the best. Tanvir.

Digital payment services for rural areas

Thanks to my lenders, I have use the previous loan to do an attractive sign post,so alot of people will know my shop
Thanks, may God continue to bless you

Roofing my resdential house

The previous loan helped me to buy bags of cements, round bars or rather deformed bars, crushed stones, building sand, river sand, planks, steel nails and compact boards for finalizing of the ring beam.
And the other money was paid for labour for the work done. The house has now reached the roofing level. Here attached are the photos of the level I have reached.

Live management skills

I have just paid the loan and there is left with three more weeks loan.I will respect to pay as directed. thank you.

Buy laptop for editing my videos and pictures of clients

Hey guys you are awesome. I appreciate it .I will be saving and adding to my money to buy a new laptop which can help me with my editing works. And graphics. It will help me get graphics designing jobs from clients and earn a few more cash .

Ladies Clothing

I really want to appreciate the lenders the loan help me to get what made my business increased

Distributing clean drinking water

Hello Lenders,
Trust you are all doing well,am doing fine too together with my family God has been great to us through your generous support.
My business are doing well now .my The Almighty bless all of you and zidisha at large

Expand my hydroponics farm

Hope this finds you all well.Allow me to update you on the progress of my project thus far.
I will be honest and say that it has been a trying time, trying to do agriculture on a novel way.I will also not hesitate to say that i have also had fun while setting up the physical structure of the improvised green house as well as the troughs for holding the plants.
I have used saw dust as my medium.This was informed by my initial tests using buckets.
The greatest challenge has been knowing how to mix plant nutrients as they aren't available premixed in my locale.
So what plants have i planted? I started with two cooking herbs;fenugreek and coriander.
I am I there yet?No. My production is a bit limited by my trials but as I am getting the flow,i believe that in the near future i will be producing a substantial product to sale to the market.
Will keep on updating on the progress of the project.Thank you for the patience.

Aquireing sneakers for my shop

Thanks to Zidisha and all my lender's, I can now buy more new designs of slippers for my shop. Thanks to you all for your trust in me.

Apiary set-up - phase ii

Hi Family

I am excited to have cleared my third loan successfully at 92% repayment rate. Looking forward to the next one.
Thanks lenders and Zidisha as a whole for the continued support. Your help goes a long way in improving the quality of lives all over

Gilgal springs academy for the vulnerable.

Welcome Dear your response gives me more hope for a better tomorrow. Lots of love from Kajiado Kenya.

Business expansion

On the 21st of July, 2019, I received an alert indicating that Ghs 1420 has been disbursed to me upon the request of the loan I applied from Zidisha.
This amount is going to basically help me expand my business and help in injecting more capital into the business.
I would love to use this opportunity to show my sincere gratitude to all my wonderful lenders for their great support. Thank you and keep on doing the great work.

Solar lanterns to help women & girls be more productive.

To all my lenders i say thank you for lending to my social enteprise. The money will help distribute 20+ solar lanterns to women and girls. Together we will help displace kerosene lamps in hard to reach communities with solar lanterns.

Thanks for your continued support and i will keep you posted with the impact we will be making in the lives of many women and girls who will have access to the solar lantern through our Rent to Own model!


Mixer installation

This is very big progress, thanks my lenders. To everyone whose hand has contributed towards the funding , thanks a lot. Hope all will go well.

Loan to introduce school shoes in my business

i used the previous loan to add the inventory of children shoes in my business. this has brought great impact in my business as my profit has shoot from approximately ksh 5500 to ksh 7000. this has enable me and my family has better life as we can now pay our expenses on time with ease. thank you lenders for your support.

Photo studio project

A fairly used britek studio set I just bought from another photographer.
Cost me roughly $220.


Solar lanterns to help women & girls be more productive.

Thank you for your passion in helping others! You got very far already, I think. Thank you also for sharing stories about individual customers - so we know how and who we helped.
Keep up the good work and stay healthy and happy :)

Add building paints to my hardware store

Am very grateful to all those who came together for the establishment of Zidisha,To help those of is who cannot access bank loans.I am going to increase my stock of oil paint. I know this will help my customers to fully relied on me for the supply of all hard ware.Dear leander l am proud of you all for your contributions and to those who encourage me God bless.l will pay within my time limit,so that you will not hesitate to fund me again thank you.

Online cars, parts and accessories sales and business.

Dear lenders, my current business of selling phones online as been successful and its evident by the fact that i have repaid all the loan amount on time with 100% repayment rate. Thank you for funding the business and being part of my business growth and road to success.

Gilgal springs academy for the vulnerable.

Hello Dear lenders,
I am happy for making Gilgal the way it is. Let us celebrate together for the license and the assessment books available now to our pupils.

Restocking my shop

Thank you lenders for funding my loan, I will use it to buy clothings as stated in my loan proposal.


Farm produce awaiting transportation to the market. I need the loan

Get a driver's license

The loan will help me process my drivers license. This in effect will help the business grow.
I am most grateful for the support.