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School fees

Dear Mr Kachalla,
Education is so important! I wish the best for your children.
Utahna Faith

To purchase sanitary pads, detergent and toiletries for sale

This is to all my lenders and the Zidisha staffs that I have safely received $ 2,416.50 (GHS 13,017) and I'm glad that you all believed in my dream of self employment by lending to me. I have successfully placed an order for the goods and hopeful that within three days I will received the item for for immediate supply to my customers.This loan would help me increase my customer base.
I am therefore grateful and thankful you lenders who made my funding possible.
God richly bless you all in thousand fold.
Again, I promise you lenders that I will be faithful in all my repayment.

Rent of shop and purchase of refrigerator for yoghurt sales

Am so much grateful to my lovely lenders for extending their kind gestures to me in giving the loan to help me in buying refrigerator,yoghurts and getting the office for distribution.l received 760GHC and l hope to get the various items this week.. I hope to make good sales I appreciation also goes to Zidisha team for the good work for humanity. God bless you all.

Purchase of greenhouse sprinkling taps

To purchase a generator for pumping water for irrigation in my tomatoes project. Thanks for your support I appreciate so much.

Clothing/wig making

Thank you so much,I received the loan of N13,473 and I will purchase more equipment for my business.

Music system and TV for entertainment center

Hello Lenders, I am very happy because of your previous loan which you loaned me. The loan helped me a lot since I finished my new house which am living right now. My family and I we are grateful. I did not encounter challenge in repaying the loan. Thank you

Food stuff

I will be always greatfull to all of my lenders for their love and support towards my business, I say a very big thank you to everyone one, will never forget care, God bless you all

Purchase of beauty accessories

I will buy cosmetics items I.e lotions, body oils, perfumes, body splash, creams and face ponds. This will help me increase my stocks. I really appreciate your support, more blessings to you. May God increase you.

Clean cookstoves and solar lanterns

@Karafa.Thanks for the motivation.For you to make it in life you need to be outgoing and seizing the opportunities that arises..Am very passionate with this solar venture and do hope that I will be able to assist the vulnerable communities and areas through the support received from you zidisha partners..
@ Treesforpeople..
Thanks for the information shared..
Will try to reach the contact and see if we can have a partnership..

Workshop expansion

My other loan has helped me to improve my workshop. I was able to add a separator machine that I use to separate screens.
I have taken another one technician to help me in the job.
I am willing to expand further so that I could employ some other people for the rate of unemployment is still very high.

Oyster mushroom farming

Good morning lenders. I got the items and creating more shelves. God bless you all.

Selling children's clothing

Am grateful for the support. Be blessed

Stock for of food provision store

I will use the money to buy tin tomatoes as and tin mackerel in my store since I have run shortage of it. Am very grateful for your kindness support. It will help me to serve my customers well. Thanks you a lot may God bless you in everything that you people do.

Studio set up light box

Hi, Lenders
Thank you for you support i truly appreciate.

Tuition for doctorate degree

Happy Valentine day to all my Lenders. God bless you all for your care and love.

Distributing solar lights

Thank you all so much. God bless you.

Solar home units

The previous loan helped me clearly identify what products to sell to my clients and also enabled me develop necessary skill in maintaining the solar devices. Now am looking to include power inverters to products I will be selling to my clients. There has been an increase in load shedding across the country the demand for alternative energy is still on a high.

Thank you my lenders for helping me attain my goal which am still working towards.

Clothing/wig making

Frontal wig made by me

To purchase sanitary pads, detergent and toiletries for sale

Gradually with joy I'm getting there. Thank you to lenders for the care and love show me. As I pray and request from lenders to make it 100% complete for me, I also challenge all colleague borrowers on the Zidisha platform to be faithful, loyal and trustworthy in all loan repayment.
I promise to be faithful, loyal and trustworthy in all my dealings in Zidisha, so help me God.
God bless you lenders.

Stock for my cosmetic shop

The last loan helped me to improve in stock thus making more sales and more profit thank you

Jire Wear shoestore

I bought ladies rubber shoes worth 5000 shillings, sandak shoes worth 1800 shillings ,slippers all sizes worth 1200, ladies Dolly shoes at 1300 shillings. The money helped me in paying school fees for my son and also I had money to be taking him for weekly therapy for he suffers from infantile hemiparesis (stroke of the right side) I believe God will heal him. I am very grateful to all my lenders. God bless

Second hand clothes business

Hello lenders, business is growing for the loan been funded for me. I'm selling a lot of the second hand clothes today. Thank you so much for your support

Production of training manual & facilitation materials

We train and empower Micro Businesses to execute on their mandate and be able to serve the various small local economies they operate on.We equip on inventory management, regulatory adherence/compliance & market needs/product design

Add a vehicle to create employment in my transport service

Thank u my lender 4 Bear with me .... Forever I will be greatfull to you

Add four classrooms to our school

Great lenders,thank you for your generosity again and again. The inter-house sporting activities are in top gear already in term of preparation and the application of this loan will help in that direction. Thanks once again.

Selling new and used clothing

Dear lenders I received ksh 71000 which I bought three bales of clothes ,thank you for support you have supported me since I join zidisha may good lord continue blessings you

Add four classrooms to our school

I wish you all the best for the project.

Distributing solar lights

Best of luck in your endeavours, Herman! :-)

Kale and onion farming

I will buy more spinach seedlings for planting,so it will help me increase my production hence higher profit.
Thank you alot for funding my project,have appreciated.

Selling electric and lighting equipment

thank you very much my lenders God bless the work of your hands

Second hand clothes business

Thanks to all my lenders it is going to help me because am going to use it to pay part of my wife tuition fees


Hi there David
Am glad to here from you.

Renting of Houses in Ghana realy varies from Location and also Duration.

For the capital city thus Accra, Rent is much expensive compared to other cities.

Averagely Single Room Self Contained Goes for Gh250 cedi ( $46.13 USD), to Gh500 cedi ( $92.25 USD ) a Month. Usually the property owners accept 2 years advanced payment before renting the house.

Now the increase in dollars and High cost of living has now affected my Target Amount thus $500.

For Example.
Gh 250 cedis for a month (x 12 months) is Gh 3,000 cedis
and 2 years (24 months) is Gh 6,000 cedis."
"And now $500 USD (Gh 2,710 cedis) wouldn't even amount to a year's rent. Therefore, my target amount will have to change

Financial advice


Really appreciate the money I got was used to go for an appointment which I closed.

Your amazing

Stocking clothes for Valentine's Day

Thanks to all who lend every single penny to my recent loan. Funds was well received and utilized for what it was collected for. Looking forward to making more profits and making promptly repayments. I love you all.

To purchase hand sanitizes, liquid soap for sale

Zidisha loan has been my backbone and I'm really glad I successfully completed my previous loan and have applied for another loan. I'm looking up for you the wonderful lenders to lend and support me again.
Thank you all and God bless you.

Fulfil orders received

Thank you soo much. I have received 6852 ghana cedis.
I was able to deliver the orders of chairs i got on time. And trying to get another order
Thank you all sooo much for your help

Selling prepaid mobile phone credit

Business has been moving on well at my end and am still hoping for the best. Thanks for your support.


Hello Dear Margaret. Am always excited to hear from you.
Actually I sleep with my mom at her shop. She sells poridge, bread and egg at night.
That is the same space I have setup my PC for my Graphic designing. We squeeze to fit in.
Sometimes when I have to finish a customer's work during midnight but the light end up disturbing mom's sleep.
Attach to this is a pic of my home thus the store.
If I manage to rent a single room it will be able to help me and my mom as well.
Thanks very much



Good luck with your new loan! Is the rent for a business or for a place for you to live?

Clothing, computer equipments and building materials

Thanks Zidisha, and all my lenders of the previous loan. With it, I was able to stock my business with more housing materials and thus made increased sales by 60%.


Hotel business

Thank you for the loan. The loan will go a long way on my project.I will be able to buy some windows and fix it alongside fixing of the burglary proof

Real estate sales and marketing

If you have been following me you will know I do real estate, with special focus on sites and services and this platform has really helped me to get my products out there to the target audience due to the subscription on social media platform as well as property sites which have made my business a lot easy and rewarding. I love this job with passion and thanks for putting smiles on my face.

To buy and resale house hold wares

Good afternoon lenders. Am. Grateful to you all. God bless you.

Loan to boost my mobile phone business

Tank u dear lenders I have finish paying my last loan , and I purchased some mobile phones and this has help me to increase my daily sales, thank you very much zidisha, looking forward for a new loan purchase

Computer and printer

I am extremely grateful for the loan. It will be used adequately in buying paid ads for my part time job

Distributing solar lights

Thank you all lenders for all your support in my previous loan. I don't how to express my gratefulness but but from the deepest part of my heart I say a big THANK YOU to all. God richly bless you all. The loan helped me double my supply of solar product the well meaning customers and whole salers.

Security fencing for our school

The last loan was judiciously applied to the business of ensuring that the dream of improving the general security of the school becomes a reality.

To purchase hand sanitizes, liquid soap for sale

Final loan repayment done today. I want to say thank you to all my lenders for your support, God richly bless you all

To purchase sanitary pads, detergent and toiletries for sale

Once again I posted another loan application, I'm trusting you the good and the kind lenders on the Zidisha platform to kindly lend to me once again to support my project. I promise you lenders once again, that I will be faithful in my repayment.
To you lenders, thank you all in advance, and God bless

Bulb switches, break circuits, and TV guards for hardware shop

Thank you very much lenders for the loan