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To order phones & accessories from China

Good luck God bless your business

Stock purchase for elli's perfumery

Hello Paul, thanks for the loan. I will use the funds to buy stock for Elli's Perfumery. My dream is to grow my business to become the number one brand for natural perfume oils in Ghana. I hope to acquire a small shop in the near future and I'm building up my stock levels in anticipation of that.

Construction of a food kiosk

Thank you all who contributed towards my loan proposal

Purchase fertilizer for my vegetable garden

Dear Lydia,

Thank you for funding my project!! Stay safe!

New hairdryer

I thank Mulenga, Lillian Mwema and Craig for fully funding my loan. I will help me to purchase a new hair dryer to support my hair dressing business. I thank you all.


Purchase accessories (jewelry)

Best of luck and I wish you much success!

Expansion of my dressmaking business

I thank you all for funding

To buy televisions to sell in my employer's shop

Thank you very much

Hair salon

With great joy in my heart,I wish to Say a big thank you to all zidisha

Hair salon

Divine blessings goes to all my lenders, i love you all

Purchase accessories (jewelry)

I received 590gh cedis .

Will invest it in the selling of jewelry

Thanks to all lenders in the community

To buy more provisions

the loan will enable me stock the shop with all kinds of provisions such as the Sanitizers, Face mask, Detergents, Tea products, Biscuits and more. Thanks for the funds. I am very grateful.

To buy electrical cables and other wiring materials

I want to use this loan to buy electrical cables and other wiring materials for an electrical work for which a customer has contracted me to wire his building for him. This will help me finish the work on time and make some money to invest in my electrical shop.

Loan for my sewing business

Thank you all for your support

Restocking my shop selling general merchandise

God bless you Anoymous

Selling of foodstuffs

Thank you lender God bless you

Business selling potatoes

Thank you to all my lenders

The money will help me buy more stock of potatoes and also pallets were I will be able to store my potatoes this will cost me $217 the remainder will help me order drinks to add to my daily sales

This money will help me stablize my income and also assist me in my education as I start doing my degree programmes

To my lenders thank you for the continued support and for making my project possible

Establishing a pharmacy to provide medicine

Hello dear people.I have received the funds you lend me,a total of amount 328627 KES.I have already completed payment for purchasing a pharmacy shop.i have also ordered purchase of drugs and medicines .Am also in the process of buying a fridge.I want to thank you so much for supporting my project.

Loan to buy fertilizer

Thank you I will go and get some fertilizer and this will hep me .

To buy televisions to sell in my employer's shop

I am so sorry to hear that this bad practice that some employers engage in over there has happened to you, as well. :(

I'm sure that your lenders understand that what happened to you was out of your control, and that as soon as you do find and receive new income, that you will resume making payments here. In the meantime, please try not to stress too much about here, as we trust you that you will begin your repayments again, as soon as you can.

I'm saying a prayer for you to find a better employer soon.

Best wishes, and as always, please stay safe.


Buying a new bale of second-hand clothing for the cold season

Good luck with your business from the Netherlands


Loan for my sewing business

Best of luck with your business.

To buy televisions to sell in my employer's shop

Thanks for caring, That is exactly what happened to me and my friend in the job, we had to quit because we were spending the little money we had saved on transportation and food without getting paid at the end of the month. The employer told us to keep working and he would pay all default months money at once but we can't trust that so we stopped.
i will surely get a job early this month and will start payments.
Thanks and sorry for the defaults.

Vegetable farming

Thanks Dave
It's true that solar is the best and cheaper option to go for at the farm. The initial costs of buying the needed solar system equipments is too expensive in my country Zambia. Yes that is the way to go in the near future.
Great I appreciate your input fellow farmer.
Jonathan Zulu

Purchase laptop computers for my home-supplies store

Dear Craig,

Thank you so much for your generous help and support. Stay safe!


Vegetable farming

Gas generators cost money to operate Jonathan. Consider solar panels, 12v pump, and a holding tank. No gas, no oil, no breakdowns. ...from an old farmer.

Establishing a pharmacy to provide medicine

Thank you so much.yes i will pay it forward

Establishing a pharmacy to provide medicine

I would like to acknowledge;@Razvan Roman,@Joseph Hwang,@Bert,@Dixie Davis,@Melkmom,@Daisuke,@Jesus Figueres,@Hanshell,@Luka Phiri,@Eric Gichane,@Zidisha team and all the team.
I will now be able to complete payment this pharmacy shop i had already established.I will also buy more stock of medicines,a computer for monitoring stock and keeping records.And lastly i'll buy a fridge for refrigerating drugs and drinks.
This loan will help me in such a way that my revenue and income will increase by approximately 20%,i will also be able to meet my clients needs and create employment to other people .
I thank you all very much for supporting me and now henceforth i will also be contributing to PAY IT FORWARD to other members of the zidisha team.


Vegetable farming

Jonathan, I wish you good luck!


Establishing a pharmacy to provide medicine

Kipruto — good luck and pay it forward! :)

To buy televisions to sell in my employer's shop

Thank you for updating your lenders about your current situation.

I'm curious, Agnes, did you quit your job because your employer didn't pay you on time or maybe even not at all for weeks or even months in a row? I know people in your country who have had that experience, in some cases even with big and so-called "reputable" companies, and also with no explanation or apology to the employees at all, and even with no indication told to the employees of when the companies would be doing right by them. These individuals now are searching for a reliable employer, and at least they currently are financially ahead because of not having to spend money five to six days per week anymore on the costs of transportation to and from a deadbeat employer, or the costs of meals from food stalls near the company at lunchtime, too.

My very best wishes to them and to you, too.

Please stay safe.

To buy picture frames for my artwork

This is what I do as an artist

Purchase bags of fertilizer

Dear Craig,

Thank you so much for your kindness. I appreciate it so much.

Fashion design and mobile money business

Thanks very much for funding my loan request in a second.
God richly bless you.
I can now buy more of African print materials for my design and also add some amount to my newly opened mobile money shop for more earnings.

Buying more organic fertilizer for maize crop

Am here today knocking to you requesting for financial support, I want to use the loan to buy farming inputs for my crops such as Compound D, Urea top dressing and pesticides to help improve the soil fertility and chase away dangerous pest destroying the crops. However it help me produce health crops for sale.
I have also vegetable gardens were I sale tomatoes, onions and a variety of other vegetables. Therefore I will be keeping some money to repay towards the loan on each weekly instalment I have chosen to repay the loan.
Thank you to you all my lenders for support me am so happy and short of word all I can say is that may God bless you all.

To buy televisions to sell in my employer's shop

i quit my job and trying to find new one, would start payments soon

Hair salon

Thanks for your support.

Mobile phone payment center

The previous loan has helped me to increase profits am so happy to you my lenders for supporting me. Thank you so much

To buy materials and a new sewing machine for making dresses

Am requesting for this loan to help me buy a new sewing machine, I have a number of orders that could help me generate good income very fast, I have an order to make more school uniforms , shirts, skirts, trousers, and Church Uniforms. This will bring me more profits as I have more demand and orders from customers.
The business that I do from the service I provide, I generate good income every day. Therefore I will ensure that I save some of the money to pay off the loan. Thank you my lenders for supporting me.
Thank you so much my lenders for your and support, may the good lord bless you.


Buying headsets

Hope your business prospers. Please share your love and profits with others -God bless us all :D
Genesis 26:12: Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the LORD blessed him.

Popcorn machine manufacturing

The prices of our raw materials for production have increased tremendously in Ghana and keep increasing. Each day there is a change in prices. It has reduced the profit margin we make on our products. However, we are trying our possible best to pay back the loan in due course. Thank you

Grocery business

I thank you all for your support stay long.


Extension of business into selling menswear

good luck. Choose a photo next time that is not so dark, as it is hard to see what you do. Best of success.

Stock of cotton bedsheets

Thank you Zidisha and Paul Graham for funding my loan and making it possible to start this project.
I will use the amount to purchase half bale of cotton bedsheets for selling.
The profits earned will assist me to repay on time and continue moulding my online retail business.
Much appreciated.

Thanks and Kind Regards,

To buy more of food items to sell in my area

Thank you lenders I receive my loan and I promise I will pay it back on time

Purchase beauty products for my salon

Dear Paul,

Thank you so much. My business will become better with your support.

Painting my building materials shop

I really appreciate your help my lenders

Expansion of my dressmaking business

Thank you lenders for the loan I just repaid

Purchase warmers for my business

Dear Paul,

Thank you for funding my project. Stay safe!

Selling slippers, groceries & other home supplies

I will buy goods to stock my grocery so that after I sell the goods I will have more profit and pay back the loan on time without fail, it will help my business grow, my I take this opportunity to thank all lenders for all your support and help my business grow