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To purchase a milking machine for my dairy business

Thanks to all my lenders, i have just completed paying my loan. the loan was so helpful to me in sustaining and expanding my business, i was able to increase the acreage of which i grow my vegetables for sale. i was also able to purchase two more daily cattle to boost my milk production which has become more popular among my customers. My the deep freezer is also doing me good by helping to preserve and freshening the milk to my customers satisfaction. all these would not have been possible without your generous lending hand. God bless and happy Easter.

Inventory of photo papers and epson ink

Dear wonderful lenders,
I want to acknowledge that I have received the requested amount Kshs. 9039.
I want to top up this amount with the little savings I have accumulated and the go for a photo printer of my choice.
I will update you of my progress and if possible upload photos for you to see the fruits of your good work in me.
Thanks a lot and God bless you.
Lydia Barasa.

Clothing sale

Dear Lenders
Am very grateful for the loan offered. I received Ksh 8,300 and I used this loan to buy stock for my cloth selling business. The business have been fairing well and I have been able to repay my loan on time. Since the business is growing well am willing to take another loan to continue expanding my business. I hope you will consider my request.
Thanks a lot.

Inventory of onions seedlings and organic fertilizer in farm

Hi my lenders across the Globe.I have been faring well in my small farm and i have already harvested my red onions and sold them out to my customers yesterday.The produce was of good quality (first grade)which enabled most of my customers to rush for it .Since the sales was good compared to the previous one,i will be offsetting my loan as early as next week.Thank you my lenders for keeping me moving and also supporting my project.I love you all.
Patrick Nderitu.

Selling mobile phones

Dear Lenders,

I returned to Kumasi last week, the busy capital of Ghana’s Ashanti region, where I had the chance to meet up with Elijah. We met near the KNUST campus and then walked to his home, a strip of several rooms hidden among coconut, papaya, plantain, and mango trees. “Are you hungry?” He asks. I’m not and I laugh at what I think is a joke. But he offers to knock down a coconut anyway, saying “I don’t even have to go anywhere to eat.”

Elijah studied electrical engineering but struggled to find regular work after graduation, even with a degree. Youth unemployment in Ghana is high and regular rolling blackouts (referred to locally as ‘dumsor’) make his industry particularly unstable. After a year of struggling with irregular contract jobs, he decided to start buying and selling online to support himself through engineering work.

Now Elijah uses online marketplaces to buy a variety of devices. At the moment, tablets are in especially high demand. He then resells products online, at friends’ shops, or directly to the individual buyer. A lot of his customers are not familiar or comfortable with online shopping themselves and are happy to have Elijah deal with the confusing part. He shows me some of his recent purchases: a tablet for his friend’s father and a pair of earrings for his neighbor.

Zidisha has played a critical role in allowing Elijah the capital to buy his products upfront. While there is always a high demand from his customers, getting the money to actually purchase the items was difficult before Elijah came across Zidisha. Now he can use his loans to purchase requested items and restock more quickly. As he’s posted in the comments, he’s used loans to purchase tablets, power banks, mobile phones, and even a few small Bluetooth keyboards.

When he’s not working, Elijah sings in his church choir and performs with an independent male quartet, the Revelation Singers. He also enjoys football, both on the field as midfielder and as a fan rooting for Ghana’s Black Stars and Manchester United.

It was such a pleasure to meet Elijah in his little hideaway apartment (which you can see below) and I know he’s thankful for the support he’s gotten from his Zidisha lenders.

Thank you,
Ghana Country Ambassador

Purchase school stationery for educational supplies business

In a weeks time I complete paying my loan. The loan came at the right time and I was able to service the orders I had with ease. This has put Sterling Learn Services in a better position . The earnings were ploughed back into business. This is why we adjusted our repayment amount upwards.
I February my son joined High School after doing well in primary. Yesterday the rains started we are praying hard that wet enough. Here everything revolves on small scale farming. Good harvest means good business and the other way round. The children I teach are planning to visit Olpajeta Conservancy during the holiday for one day. It will be great fun to see the BIG FIVE in the jungle.

Add a new breed of chicken to my poultry farm

I would like to share with you about this needy children at the slums of kware in ongata ronkai Nairobi .After attending to my chicken i go to meet them everyday.they were not going because they lack school fees.

Purchase of New Cellphone Inventory for Business Expansion

When I started this phone business, I never though of reaching the acme of profit but then unknowingly, I had a team of philanthropists here in zidisha community waiting to help me with their donations to boost the sales of this booming business in Ghana. I wish to express my profound heart-felt gratitude to all my able lenders and all that I can say is God richly bless you all to be able to assist me in my next loan application to make life more comfortable for me. BRAVO!!

Seeds & pesticides for greenhouse

I do appreciate very much for the first loan you gave me. The loan helped me a lot since I planted more crops in my greenhouse and I was able to control pests and diseases since some of the loan I bought pestcides. For real it changed my living style.

Expanding my spices trade..

hello to my dear lenders.. i am so happy that finally i have been able to pay off all my loan. i really had a boost in my spices business as i worked with the loan you helped me with. my young heart this day is full of gratitude and appreciation for that great help you offered me with my first loan.
i have save a bite and i invest part of the profit and then also my siblings and parents says thank you too since they all benifited from the fruit of you kind gesture. i really appreciate you help.
it is therefore on this note that after all the lessons of having to work with a loan and remaining truthful to your lenders too that i have decided to humbly come back to you for further help and support but this time around with a higher amount than that of last two months.
i am therefore humbly appealing to you for further help as you partner me to build my business and so also improve my life and that of my family. i want you to know that i will not just site down and call my situation unfortunate, but i am really ready to work harder this time even more. so kindly permit me if you will as i am asking for a higher amount this time around
thank you very much for the previous help and thank you again in advance even for this one too......

Poultry farming.

I take this opportunity to thank all my lender who have put a simile on my face. I received the funds in the amount of 9130 KES ; I have bought ten mature cockerels which I will deliver tomorrow to one of the hotels I supply then buy more stock of chicks by this Saturday. Thank you once again.

Increase of mpesa working float and adding shoes

thankyu so business is responding positively...Godbless YU all Zidisha team .

Increase of mpesa working float and adding shoes

part of the stock I bought through ziidisha funding thankyu so much all my lenders...I was able even to mount a steel stand for best display of my shoe products outside my varandah kiosk.

Baking bread and pastries

i bought baking equipment with the loan i received and now i do produce in a quantity greater than before . And my profit base has increased by 12 % .The profit generated is reinvested into the business for further production. Fortunately my family and i can now afford 2 square meal. whenever there is public holiday, about two thirds of the population do go to any nearby poolside for enjoyment.

Loan to increase stock for my shop

I received ksh 4500 from zidisha that i added to my savings to buy a Toshiba Mini-Laptop ,and one month down the line i have managed to upgrade my writing . I am now able to pursue my writing passion because i am able to work on writing orders that i receive via my article writing accounts - iwriter and Zerys at any time of he day;unlike there before whereby i had to go the cyber to work form there. Thanks my lenders and zidisha for this program.

Stock for grocery shop and school fees for my son

Amaranth A already in progress

Money to buy a deep freezer

Am very happy with Zidisha Community my first loan I bought equipments for my pastry business and it made my business grow overwhelmingly that my fridge couldn't contain my stock any more so my second loan I bought a big fridge and even when I was struggling with my illness kind lenders from Zidisha like djkmoran and jan73 were always there to offer me morale support thank you zidisha you made my life better.

Add leather materials

Thanks once more lenders as I have recruited two young men to help me do the leather products thus improving the man power. This has improved their living standards.

These are the young men I have trained...

Add leather materials

Dear lenders, I have received my funded loan and thanks a lot for the work you are doing. I used $30 to buy a second hand singer sewing machine and the remaining $20 to buy raw materials. This gives me a sense of fulfillment and thus increase the manpower so that to serve my clients effectively.. This has increased my l profit by 6%.

Attached is the sewing machine I bought...
Thanks once more

Electric sewing machine to increase dress production

Dear lenders,
I have received my funded loan and thanks a lot for the work you are doing.
I used $36 to register three(3) old women and one(1) old man on national health insurance scheme which put them on a year free health delivey at a cost of $9 each. This gives me a sense of fulfillment.
I used the remaining $56 for purchasing of fabrics for my work. This will increase my l profit by 5%.

Loan to buy training materials for my coaching business

helloo zidisha community i am gratefull for your suppport untill the far i have reached now, so far my business is doing good. Sales are to the optimum and i ma expecting things to run this way for the next 3 months. i have beeen sellling my electornics successfully and the reason for a boost in sales is due to the advertising channels i took to promote my products. i have also received a boost after manay freshmen in my college were refered to me and so i am able to adjust my loan repayment size now, thanks to you all guyz. i will be posting the pictures soon :)

Inventory of metal roofing sheets to sell to local homes

I am happy to let the lenders to know that i have been able to pay my first loan on time. the amount requested has helped me to stock my warehouse with more paints and nails. this has raised my profit margin than before. due to the variety of paints in my shop people come in all the time to buy a product. i can confidently say that i can now cater for my family by providing meal for them each day. thank you for your help

Selling prepaid mobile phone airtime vouchers

My m-pesa business is now picking. I thank all lenders for trusting and empowering me.

To expand my cashew nut business

I requested for a loan of GHc 335 to expand my cashew processing business. thanks to lenders that i was granted the loan for my first time. with the amount involved i have been able to buy more raw materials (thus semi-processed cashew nuts). this has enabled me to increase my daily production than previously. My profit margin has eventually increased as well to about 30%. My cashew product is liked by many people in my area. I can also now sell some of my products to other people in some supermarkets at large. i have been able to employ two other people to my business which will help to reduce the rate of unemploment in my community. Now that i am able to buy more raw materials for processing i will need another loan to buy another gas oven which will help me to roast more cashew nuts. this can go a long way to create jobs for other youths in my community. i give all the credit to the lenders and i hope you will grant me another loan to expand my business.


We now have a chance to exploit al the dreams we've ever had.the extra unit is now fully functional and i have thought of rearranging the place to accomodate 2 more units.thanx lenders

Electrical products

Thanx my lenders.with profits i made i was able to pay a computer course for my younger brother who just did his national examination and is joining university since he did well.Am forever almost through with payments and will give you full report soon.Thankyou.

Ladies & children shoes,handbags and jewellery

Hi Zidisha lenders! I was able to buy earings at wholesale price and made a huge profit. Bought each at 120/- and sold between 200/- and 300/-. The cost was 3600/-
Was able to add more inventory and to date am going on well.
My son just joined form one at Chebisaas Boys, it was tough but God saw us through the preparations of taking him to school. I spend part of my profit to shop for my son's necessities. He went to school happy and I was at peace. Thank you Zidisha lenders

Two alpine goats for my farm

Dear lenders I take these opportunity to thank you for your incredible kindness.The fridge I bought has really increased my sales due to improved quality of product and cleanness My sales increased by 25% and I am so greatful.

Stock for grocery shop and school fees for my son

I am so grateful to Zidisha family for the trust, confidence and support I have received from you.
My current loan enabled me to buy the correct feed for my chicken. From the pics you can tell how healthy they are. Notwithstanding the efforts by Uncle Delmas (as fondly called by my sons), my farmhand, to ensure they are well fed. Right now a good number of them are laying eggs regularly and I look forward to having a boost in the coming months. 3 of the hens are brooding and in 2-3 weeks I will have my chicks.
I also managed to buy amaranthus seeds together with the needed herbicides, insecticides and fertilizers. We planted round 1 and tomorrow section named Amaranth B will have its share of the planting. As for Amaranth A I expect the harvest in the next 2-3 weeks. Next week I will do Amaranth C and the week after Amaranth D. I expect to have a good harvest of the amaranthus every other week once the rotation takes speed.
I intend to have 4 sections to start with as the major purpose of the farming project is the onion. So I am leaving the bigger portion of the land to onion farming.
Pictures of the amaranthus are to follow. I am having a bit of a challenge uploading the photos.

Stock for grocery shop and school fees for my son

My chicken in their improved status and Delmas feeding them.

Stocking my shelves

First I wish to thank my lenders. I purchased maize flour,20litres cooking oil,wheat flour,sugar & biscuits,carosene.
Since that day i have had more customers in my kiosk,but wish I had more commodities because still customers ask for some items which are not in display.
As you know that loan is minimal the impact in terms of daily income is small but it is worth it. it has kept my customers.because the most important items are available.
I do recycle my income to increase my stock.
Zidisha is the family word because to my family and friends it is a miracle to get a loan from m pesa more so without filling&signing a form from a bank counter.
Mtwapa is a resort town, we are always on a holiday mood.Our economy is 24hr,however we have churches also during night&day.
Pls bear with me I will post my photo next time.
With regards

Help me make English classes accessible to lower middle class

My students are in action with British English Speaker. They practice english directly with him. What a beatiful day !

Loan for the expansion of my business

Dear All,

Thank you for your continued support, For my past loan managed to fully stock my small shop. I have gone further and purchased a more effective and reliable printing and photocopying machine. Am now able to deliver quality work on a timely manner which has made me earn a higher reputation and referrals from satisfied customers. Am also stocking more computer accessories than before. Thank you all my lenders. I couldn't have achieved this without your support.

Engineering survey equipment

Purchase of the survey equipment has made my life better, this has kept me in a better position since at the moment am in able to hire the equipment as well save the amount I could have spent on hiring to render services.

Capital to begin selling mobile phones

I got my first loan with zidisha toward the end of last year. This is the time that business picks up due to the onset of the festive season. I moved very fast and bought an inventory of mobile phone accessories such as memory, batteries and skins. I was able to sell them very fast and as evidenced by my loan repayment record, the cash flow has been very good.

I now feel ready to venture into sale of mobile phones which is more lucrative than the accessories.

Inventory of rice, maize flour and sugar for my retail shop


Here I am weighing the rice using the Counter Scale.

The jerry cans contain the cooking oil which I buy then resell to the customers in smaller affordable quantities.

I am looking forward to increasing stock and grow this business.

Thank you lenders for your great support

Barbed wire and poles to fence my farm

Thank you so much Zidisha stakeholders for the support you gave unto to me. Agricultural sector is quit unpredictable but I always invest lots of time on studying the market and that seems to be working for me.With the foot pump the business is expected to do much better in future given I will no longer depend on rain fed agriculture. I salute I thank you all.

Purchase of solar-powered cooler box for fruits & vegetable

I want to convey a very special thank you for Zidisha Lender's. With the Loan amount of KES 8,130, I bought essential food products like sugar, maize flour and cooking fat, now my shop is doing well and clients appreciate my services. My profit has increased and my 2 daughters are going to school uninterrupted as I raise enough money from the shop as a result of increased sales and profit that I use to pay for them school fee.

Purchase of inventory for my retail shop

Am glad my loan was fully funded on 18th of March.

After recieving the amount i managed to purchase the following:-

1. 100kg of sugar at cost $66.66, expected profit
2. Maize 160kg at cost $44.44, expected profit
3. Rice 90kg @ $40.00, expected profit $30.00

i am currently recieving many customers from the variety of supplies i got for them.

in the past 4 days i have seen my daily sales hit $ 30. this has improved from the $20 i was recieving. i do know however after a week my sales will still continue rising for me to make more in terms of profit and therefore be in a position to pay my loan on time and quickly.

i am currently in my plans and as i see i might start a mini supermarket come next year. this is my long term plan for my business and maybe after two years open a big supermarket like Nakumatt then may be expand openning branches in new places offering employment.
This will increase peoples living standards for those who will get employment.

It just requires my patience, determination and support from many of my friends not forgetting my lenders and the Zidisha Inc.

i look forward to paying my 1st installment and all others in time.

Thank you

Purchase of animal feeds

Thanks so much zidisha lenders, i did my exams well, the remaining amount i used to increase my vegetables in farm and bought some feeds for cow. Currently am selling little milk from my cow and the vegetables i.e kales spinach and cabbages. Its giving me some profit

Distributing barrels for water storage

loan has helped me get enough to cater for my ward and myself,business doing great...all thanks to lenders

Buy malaria drugs for my clinic services

thanks to lenders for the support you gave me l bought the malaria drugs and now lam selling to patients at affordable prices

Expansion of sales of cane products business

Amazing, i have been known in the town as the supplier of cane product.
This have make the business very simple to operate.
Because i pre-financed my producer, i make profit from every item he sells. Thanks to all my Lenders and the Zidisha Team.
God Bless you all. I have the chance to do other business.
My VM is always happy with me.

Two laptops and stock of stationery for my cybercafé

Hi lenders i have recieved Ksh. 20908, i have been able to purchase a laminating machine which costs $ 60.
I have used $20 to buy plain photocopy and printing paper which is approximately 5 rims of 500 A4 sheets in each rim. That’s 2500 A4 plain papers.
I have also purchased a hardy stapler and a binding machine that costs $ 33 and added stationery like pens,rulers, mark pens, exercise books, blank CDs and plastic bag folders which are common with the university students. I hope these additions should make me a good profit.
Once again thanks Zidisha and thanks to the lender may God bless you.

Brush fire protection for my orange farm

As promised the rains are down and the seedlings have been transplanted as well.The whole process has been great since the seedlings had already been ordered at the nursery I didn't have to go through the hardship I was used to over the years.With the loan support from Zidisha and oue noble lenders, we have had an enjoyable and delightful planting season.

Educational books for all

Thanks Zidisha , Thank you all my Lenders.

Educational books for all

Dear Lenders,
Thanks very much for your support. I have received the loan.
Water has being bought for the children to drink, and washing of hands. Also for cooking. Some learning materials are also being bought and I will keep you all updated.
Thanks once again.

Comprehensive insurance coverage & heavy, reflective jackets

Dear my lenders and the entire zidisha staff team, Thank you so much for the loan i recieved yesterday morning; please note that i have recieved ksh 8857 which is equivalent to 100 dollars. This amount is enough to enable me buy atleast three heavy reflective jackets and a brand new motorcycle umbrella. this umbrella will enable me to be able to work even in rain season like now very cormfatably; Please note that i have already bought the umbrella and i am now working on the jackets. My lenders; i dearly salute you for helping me in my business, I was not able to buy the said items, but now through your help i have them, Thank you. This is the reason that powers me to enjoy repaying all my loans with gladness. Zidisha staff team has always been on my side solving all my problems wherever i request their help.This being my seventh loan to take from zidisha, i find it necessary to say Thank you. having said all those remarks, i hereby wish to let you my lenders, the entire zidisha staff team and the volunteers in the team that, i will not only pay my loan as i have always done, but i will also pay and pay in time as usual, Thank you.

Money to construct a zero grazing unit

many ask me where i drew my inspiration from and its data like this that made me fell that my business was needed i may not transform the whole of Africa but i can change one life and create a ripple effect.
1.8 million people die every year from diarrhoeal diseases (including cholera); 90% are children under 5, mostly in developing countries.
88% of diarrhea disease is attributed to unsafe water supply, inadequate sanitation and hygiene.

Equipment for my fitness centre

My dear Zidisha Team and respective Lenders, You deserve more than thank you. My shop is now running impressively, because of your support, some of the items are added to my shop. Thank you very much.