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Educational loan

Thank you for giving me this opportunity again. It is my pleasure to let my lenders know that my first loan has been so helpful to me. I have been able to continue with my classes during my final year without struggling much with my basic needs. Actually i was able to clear my exam fee in time. Also i expanded my business and right now i have two ladies who help me when i am busy in class

To expand my food retail shop

The loan has help in so many ways. I have been able to stock my shop with a lot of products such as rice, sugar, drinks and many others. As a result my profit margin has increased immensly. I have now been able to employ a worker to work in my store. Thanks to zidisha for all that you have done for me and my business.

Loan to purchase hair drier for my salon

Thank you very much for your great and wonderful support you gave me.The loan you gave me has helped me to move my life from one stage to another.l started from nowhere but with the helped from Zidisha and it's Lenders l am able to used my first loan to set up hair dresser salon in my home .l need hair drier to service my customer well.l hope you will continue to support me to achieve my goal.God bless you.

Expand my stationary shop

i take this opportunity to thank all Zidisha lenders for there support all though since i started .I have seen a big difference in my life.My business have really grown i was in a small shop and i am in a bigger one, which has helped me started other business other than cyber cafe.i have Mpesa business that has boosted my earnings,I have photocopy too.Thanks a lot for your support.My life has changed mostly thank my God because this far he has brought me is Ebenezer.My child is doing well at school and at home we are well.Thanks alot to you .

Copier for cybercafé

Hi lenders, I bought a photocopier machine (Kyocera Mita KM2050) with the loan that I got. This has really boosted my business and I'm repaying the loan with any struggle. Thanks to Zidisha Team.

2 litres of engine oil

Hey good lenders ,the previous loan that i have just concluded paying,helped me alot ,because i was able to supply the engine oil to County Government Yard for their lorries and this has helped me to win their trust for me to continue supplying the Oil ,also the welding work is doing fine and i Thank every lender who participated for the support of my business .Thank You.

Inventory of fruits for healthy living.

Dear Laurie,
Nice to read from you again. What a pleasure. We look forward to meet and see you here in Berekum one day. It will forever be a memorable day. Aburi is a nice place with types of trees and green vegetations. You can also find African sculpture crafted in different shapes and types.
Till I hear from you, I keep praying and caring for you so much. Happy to meet a passionate person like you too..All the best and God's grace for all you aspire...
With lots of love,

Chairs and equipments for my cyber cafe

i really thank the lenders and zindisha team for the loan disbursed to me last week i have been was able to purchase a photocopy and now my business seem so efficient . am able to serve more that 25 photocopying customers and my cyber cafe has more customers . the productivity has increased.

Establishing new borehole pipe for my community

Dear Zidisha Team and Lenders.

I want to thank you for supporting me to establish new borehole pipe for my community. On the date of May 30, 2015, the Manager of Verdey Hole Digger Company Limited was with me in my community with the drilling machine. He was checking again if everything is perfect, so that it will be so easier for him on the day the project will take place.

My wonderful greetings to you dear Yelka Mikolji. May richly God bless you.

Second-hand clothes bales for resale.

Halo my family,
I thank God so far and you for enabling my two year old enjoy farm fresh fruits,veggies and free range eggs and chicken. She loves her chicken thigh on sundays every sunday and she insists to take the other thigh to her grandma before she can eat hers. My mum-in-law the best of the best mothers in law has her own chicken but my daughter says 'mum has the best from Zishisha' She is learning to talk to Zishisha is Zidisha. Thank you soooooo much that the whole family acknowledges Zidisha has some impact in the family. Blessed week ahead

New fashion design materials for my designing shop

Dear lenders
My loan has indeed helped me very well...acquiring all sort of materials for my tailoring shop. Im most grateful. I know with zidisha and lenders, the future is bright

To improve my poultry farm

After the water pump machine which is a long term investment towards my business i am now assured to continue farming through out the year, looking forward to harvest since my products are already have a market i have contract with a certain company, i grow for them and they buy the products from me, i am also assured to always sell my products, after harvesting my earning will go back into the business, take care of my family my daughters fees my family and i we are looking to expand slowly in size of our products as recommended by the agronomist from the organization that we have a contract with

Cement, nails and iron sheets for hardware store

Dear lenders!
I would like to appreciate so much because before Zidisha, I used to fear taking loans, but I have realized that loans lead to success, especially the comfortably that comes with Zidisha loan. The last loan was used to purchase a new pool table and repair the old one. The pool tables have kept several youths busy, particularly my brother and cousin together with their friends. They are in a position to cater for their daily bread, and also make them come together to listen to advice especially on drug abuse. Good news is that they are changing behavior. The income has enabled me to add more money to it and now I have purchased a taxi, and have also started constructing a rental house. Since I bought the new pool table, my income doubled to approximately Kshs. 15000 a month.

Loan to pay my children's school fees & other educational needs

In fact, the loan I offered by the help of zidisha through you the lenders will help me always pay my children's school fees on time, and they will not be sack from school anymore. This is great opportunity for everyone to help grow his or her family in future and help to achieve other projects so far as we are truthful to zidisha and our lenders.

Bojolie: clothing business

Ma dernière présentation des produits.

Pay university tuition fees & stock my provision store

i used the money to buy new products on market and trust me i have
regained all my customers . my business is moving on smoothly than before.i have increase sales of about 1.9%

Inventory to buy more ankara pieces and jewellery.

Thank you lenders for fully funding my loan on time.with the loan I was able to increase stock in my business.i bought 15 pieces of the latest Ankara designs.I am eager to sell them since they were highly on demand.I believe this will increase my earnings tremendously since I have gotten two calls already to confirm their arrival.This weekend I'll have made several sales which will enable my husband and I to pay school fees for our son.Monday being a holiday,one of my neighbors decided to put up a bouncing castle for the kids in the neighborhood to enjoy.

Affordable 3g/4g phones


I would like to thank you more for changing my life and financial status, I used the loan to get myself a copier machine it has really increased my income. I am now able to partition my shop and add more commodity, I have set a section for photocopy, ladies cosmetics and now I would love to start trading on second hand dresses and blouses.
I am planning to complete mt current loan and ask for a second one so as to be able to get a bale of second hand clothes to sell. Thank you.

Stationery and photocopy paper supply

business is doing great, am soo very greatful to allmy lenders for the good work you are doing. i can testify that indeed zidisha team has taken me to another level in business. soo ease yet soo effective way of getting loan and repaying. kudos!!!!!

To assist in paying my fees

Some necklaces I made for sale

Milk bar

Dear lenders thank you for your support thro zidisha lending. My business has increase its sales and has made it easy for my clients to access the products easily.

Stock of children's shoes for a fashion shop

Thank you so much lenders for the first loan you gave me. Zidisha loan was very timely- my shop had a few items at a time when the demand was so high in December. The loan helped me increase the stock of children wear and I appreciate the support.
Right now I am planning to introduce shoes within the same shop.

Increase stock & security for my mobile-phone business

I take this opportunity to inform you that I have gladly received a loan kes 19,147.
I will buy more stock including phone housing, cheap regular phones and USB data cables.
I thank you so much for offering me this loan,this will enable me expand and give my family a better life from the expected higher profits to be accrued from the business.

Inventory to add farming materials

Thank you so much lenders, This Loan I will Buy Fertilizer for Top dressing maize crops. this will cost me 100 dollars. This will improve and increase production of my 2 acre farm that I have planted this season. Thank and be blessed.

Bar/restaurant license and start selling both food & drinks

Hello Lender/Zidisha,
This is the front view of my counter. It is evident it has variety of both hard and soft drinks. You have played a great role in stocking these by funding my previous loans. Please continue funding my current and future loans to make it even better. Beside the counter again as you can see there is a fridge. This serves the customers who like cold drinks. Welcome for both warm and cold drinks.
John Mariga.

Bar/restaurant license and start selling both food & drinks

Hi Lenders & All Well Wishers,
These are other customers also enjoying their drinks. As you can see, they are very happy and this shows that they like the pub since they are handled with a lot of respect. They mean a lot to us since we have to rely on them to realize any sort of income. Long live our Customers, long live Zidisha Team and long live Lenders.
John Mariga.

Laptop, screens, and screen-separation machines

Lenders I'm happy for your generosity in funding my business. This digitizer and lcd separator machine is of much benefits because I have managed to get other technicians who come to my business to have their gadgets fixed.This has increased my profit and looking forward to add one or two soon to ease my workload.
Thanks a lot.

Buy computers for my cyber cafe business

Hi, My appreciations to you all. The printer that I purchased with your loan has brought a positive change into my daily operations. Currently I am able to serve customers promptly and this has led to more customers visiting my place because there are no delays. With increased customer base I have seen my revenue margins grow. Thank you very much.

Additional of bulky oral drugs to my chemist

To my worthy lenders,I am Thanking you all the lenders for your effort in funding my loan.I received the Zidisha loan and invested it by buying more medicines for my chemist.I am now able to serve my customers with the affordable medicines against malaria and the Cholera diseases.Thank you once again for the support.
Joyce Kerubo.

Stocking Phones from China

thanks lenders for funding my second loan i managed to increase my inventory and currently iam geting more customers than before. my profits have gone up and i have managed to send back my two brothers back to school .iam very greatful hope you will continue supporting me as i apply my 3rd loan

Mobile phones, school fees & home improvements

Hello dear lenders, am so grateful as I accept the loan that you have funded me. The loan will help me purchase more stock for my business that is I will purchase cell phone power banks and handsets, I will be able to raise my
income by the profits and also pay back the loan on time. To you lenders thank you for your kind and generous lending, my two invites have also received their loans and surely you are changing lives of many.

Loan to buy deep freezer for my store

thanks be to lenders for their support all this while. i have been able to expand my provision store and now enjoying better sales each day. thank be to zidisha and lenders.

Pay for my college education

Hi Roy,
The money helped me buy binding and lamination equipment thereby increasing my clientele and with that more revenue of course.

Computers to start an IT training center

hi lenders the money you loaned to me has made a difference in my sisters' education fee at St. Peter's. this is due to profit increase in my business, thank you zidisha members. at this moment , i lack nothing in my business, i have enough goods and services to cater for my customers hence more profit generation. i salute you zidisha lenders. long live

Purchase of chairs for pupils

With help of Zidisha, pupils come for classes even when there is light out. Though the generator could not take all the computers at a time but we are still managing hoping to to buy a bigger on later. Everything is moving on well with us by the grace of God. Thank You Lenders and the entire Zidisha team

Help keep my daughter in class

I received the money very promptly. I got to purchase the equipment and did the replacement. It gives a lot of peace of mind when driving to know that the engine is safe! That was fast and GREAT!!!!!

Thanks a million for the support!
:-) Feeling peaceful and happy!!

Tricycle to convey farm produce to the central market

Thank you lenders for giving me the opportunity once again to bright many others lives. I have recieved the loan and the water pump would be bought over the weekend and also be transported to the village also during the weekend. Would give further details and keep updating you always.

Hp computer and router for cyber cafe

Thank you for your financial help the loan helped tremendously,i bought a freezer which has helped preserve my milk so there has been no loses in terms of milk spoiling.My customer have not been disappointed.Actually now am comfortable paying the remaining amount fully.
thanks you.

Increase stock for my food kiosk

To my dearest zidisha lenders,
I wish to sincerely thank you for the loan I have received on 27/5/2015. The loan amounted to Ksh18,861.00. I have really boosted my stock and I am hopeful that sales will improve and I expand even further.I have been able for the first time bought items in large quantities.This directly reduces the buying price from the wholesalers. Eg a carton of cooking oil and not dozens, abale of peas and not in dozens, a bale of baking flour, abale of cooking flour,cooking fat.

Surprising,the time I received the money on my phone I had gone to purchase some of the items. I amezed my supplier when he saw me adding more stock.My wife was so existed and there was a lot of joy in the house.
Thank you very much for being there for us.I promise to work hard to repay this loan on time and apply for more
Thank you proud to be associated with you.
Moses Ichingwa Muhatia
Email, [email protected]

Loan to prepare cocoa seedlings to sell to customers

I am really appreciate the work of Zidisha lenders.with the amount($179) given to me,i was able to employed five workers who are helping me on my farm.infact,the farm has improved marginally.people always visit my farm for some enqueries.i can always spray the planted cocoa every two weeks.this is all because of the help from Zidisha lenders.infact,i cant live without these lenders.they have brought feather in my head.
whn i got the money,i gave $45 to four orphans .that money helped them to finance tuition for a semester.
Since some of the native here are mostly cocoa farmers,they have come to my aid to nurse sixty thousand cocoa seedlings for them to buy.this is becsuse,when they see what i have planted,they have grow interest in my work.
With the help from Zidisha lenders,i hope i will be able to prepare that one for them.Am nearly to finish repayment and i hope they (lenders) will help me to achieve that.
The picture there is me working in my farm. LONG LIVE LENDERS,LONG LIVE ZIDISHA!!!

Add M-Pesa service to my shop

Lenders!! you are amazing,
Your loan has really boosted my business, I bought stationery for my cyber cafe in bulk, hence bought at a reduced prices because I purchased in bulk. Thanks again. Since I received the loan no customer has gone away due to lack of a certain services. My sales has increased, I pay my rent easily without straining, internet bills, electricity bills and other minor bills are cleared easily.
My family is also grateful, my brother is going to college, and am planning to join University of degree course in Business Administration, as part time student.
Thanks again Zidisha family. Thank you and be blessed always

To buy new computers for designing and printing service

I would like to thank all the lenders very much for your funding. I have used it to buy materials for my designing work and it's helping me. May the Good Lord bless you. I have attached some of the work l have designed and printed here.

To buy popcorns cooking machine for selling popcorns

hello zidisha family, it is my great pleasure to inform you of the great success of my business through the loan I was funded, i bought a freezer for selling ice creams to university students which increased my income to twenty-two dollars per week, for instance am now the leading ice cream seller as well as popcorn supplier at the university as we as the nearby market, it is my great appreciation to the zidisha family for expanding my business as well as my income through the loan i was funded. thank you zidisha family

Farming and shoes business expansion

i used the loan money to purchase the fertilizer i needed to top dress my potatoes. the crop is doing well and am thankfull to the lenders who invested in my farming.

Buy more clothing materials and pay my masters degree fees

I want to thank all the Lenders and zidisha team for the loans you had given me. It was of very great help and lifted my life very much. I managed to open up a small branch where i employed my orphaned nephew who is in college and who i adopted to sell shirts and this is providing him with pocket money and money for books as well and i also managed to pay back my loan on time because of the profit i got. The only thing i do is to pay his college fees. Next loan if given i will buy shoes for sell and put it in the same shop and employ another orphaned nephew of mine who i also take care of and is also in college so that they help each, and he too can also get pocket money from there and books so that am left with paying fees only.

I appreciate you very much and am very grateful.


Judith Lukaka

Tea farming to boost my electrical installation business

Thank you Rembrandt for your concern and support. Because this is my main occupation, I have the time to travel and do the work. the main limitation is unavailability of capital. I am not able to purchase all components that customers ask for and I have to balance what I stock with the money I have. In most of my electrical installation projects, I am required to purchase the materials required before the customer pays. A customer may pay a percentage for commitment. Therefore, I am required to have enough money to buy these materials. If I lack that I may loose a project to a competitor. Jobs in my country are few and many pay very little that one is not able to meet basic needs. However, electrical businesses that have capital do well because there is demand, especially now that the government is supporting rural electrification. So I wouldn't say the challenge is number of customers. It appears to me that most things are pegged around money. For instance, getting some tenders reserved for the youths requires some money to show ability to service. Because as I told you earlier, I have to purchase materials before I get paid.

Storage cans for distributing milk from local dairy farmers

Hae zidisha,
I thank you sincerely for the funds you lend us because ut is through them i have managed to reach where i am. My business is progressing on well and for the last two weeks i was able to ake a profit of Ksh. 6000, which i used to pay for my sibling's fees and saved an amount of ksh. 2000. With the savings i make, i plan to add up to the next loan i will apply after repaying the current one fully so as to buy a deep freezer fpr my milk shop.

Re-stocking of electrical parts and tools

Zidisha has increased my customer base,after increasing my stock of good quality double pole switches,customers are more delighted with quality of those switches and are doing the advertisement for me thus inreasing my sales volume and profit margin.Thank you zidisha.

Buying finishing machine for dressmaking

Halloo Zidisha Team, i just want to thank you once again for the loan you gave me has really boosted my business.I really needed money because this was the time i was to make African wedding attires and i did not have enough money to do that in time .But now i can smile because my customer put faith in me because i finished the dresses in time because of Zidisha loan.thank you ZIDISHA

Stock my mobile herbal clinic

Hi my lenders,thank you so far so good Iam still managing my clinic with time and am hoping to expand more I managed to drugs with the profit am making my business profit has increased with a 10% and i say thank you